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Aquapro Systems

United States

Consumer reviews about Aquapro Systems

Mar 20, 2012

these con artists will trick you to get your money

These people only care about the money and would do their utmost to get it from you! They do door-to-door selling and promise you wonders just to get your cash and to never deliver those wonders. Their boss Kennedy Davis also treats his employees like garbage by not paying them! Avoid them!!

Mar 9, 2013

Aqua Pro

Aqua Pro and specifically their representative, Bob C., have been doing fraudulent business in the low country for several years now. They prey on recent home purchasers trying to sell them a "whole house water treatment system" to remove chlorine, purify county water and save the buyers the price of the system through lower water and electricity use. The truth is they are selling a water softener at two to two and a half times more than it is worth. To agrevate the situation, their finance company, Castle Credit, will place a lein on your property without your knowledge. Don't fall for their promises as they are all lies. Beaufort County softens their water before it leaves their water plant. The system is not worth what you will charged. If you doubt this post check with Mr. Danny Collins of Consumer Complaints at S.C. Dept. of Consumer Affairs at 800-734-4200.

Sue Carlson
May 21, 2014

Failure to honor warranty

AquaPro is very unethical Company. After signing a contract which included a 5 year warranty on the system, they have now failed to honor their contract. The system was not initially installed correctly, which the system overflow was draining into my yard ruining my shrubs and grass. I spoke with Jason Holman, the owner of AquaPro, who admitted that the system was initially installed incorrectly, hence the overflow into my yard. Holman refused to honor their warranty and stated that I would have to find someone to correct the problem and that I would have to pay for it. I am concerned that the system is of no use to me now and there is some black mold looking goo that collects in the sink and makes me sick to look at. I am afraid to use the water now in fear of becoming sick from its' use. I now have to purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking. I would strongly advise that anyone thinking of purchasing this product from AquaPro think twice before doing so. They have not honored anything on the contract or their warranty. I wish AquaPro would come get their sorry product from my home and stick it where the sun never shines. Sincerely, Brenda Sue Carlson.

May 27, 2014

An awful company with NO business ethic

I purchased an Aquapro sand filter from my local pool supplies store last July. It worked okay for the 2 months I was able to use it. I stored it, and took it out a couple of days ago. I connected it, and went to turn it on. I noticed a leak coming from a crack about 6 inches long. I lifted it up and noticed the whole bottom was cracked as well. I didn't panic because I knew it wasn't yet a year, and it would be covered under warranty. I called Aquapro, and was connected to a very snotty woman. She told me to email them pictures of the crack. I did, and got a response back saying "we've determined that crack is not covered under warranty". They gave no reason why. Bottom line is their products are poorly made, cheap, and the company takes no responsibility for their crappy products. DO NOT give this company a dime! They deserve to go out of business ASAP!

Jun 22, 2015

Aquapro presentation

Scheduled a meeting with one of their reps,sat thru of what was the "short" version of his presentation, when given the bottom line cost of the system, we turned him down,i ask for a business card and he had nothing,what salesman tries to sell you something with no business cards,after reading the reviews makes me wonder how they sleep at night knowing how they are ripping people off,preying on new homeowners and elderly, he was wearing a belt that said Jesus, so sad that he would use Jesus's name in such a way to try and make people feel safe thinking they are a trustworthy person.a true example of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Very sad.

Jul 21, 2015

Very Unhappy customer

I was very interested in purchasing a water softener . I had just purchased a condo and let a lady working for Aqua-Pro come into my home and test my water. She seemed honest and was a church goer, so I trusted her. I have never received a copy of the contract, nor the free gifts they promised. It is now nearing the 1 year mark and my system is not working. No one will return my calls. I am paying over 6,000.00 for this piece of crap. I wish I had done my homework or someone had warned me.

Jul 29, 2015

its very bad companey

they make me motivated before sale Aqua pro . when they sold they never respond my call .they told me we service soap every month , i have paper work, when i call they told me we service once a year they said me .i bought since 2 years ago still i didn't get soap. . this is crazy company i will go to court about this case ..

Sep 24, 2015

Stupid 1st time homeowner

I have the same story as the other victims of these unscrupulous product pushers. I even went as far as going to the office of the representatives' who sold to me, only to find out that they had skipped out on their lease and disappeared. Better Business Bureau was of no help because even they could not get any to response to all the names and numbers I supplied them with. I talked to one of the news stations to hopefully stop anyone else from getting suckered-no go. Called the Aqua Pro Systems corporate, Jason, original setup faulty, had it moved but still can not get anyone to test it to see if it is Really working, or ever has worked properly. No soaps as promised, no coupons, no service, and I am also in the hole $4k with Castle Credit Corp for a system that doesn't work. I am a retired city girl, first time home owner, and totally embarrassed to have fallen for such a rotten deal.
Class action suit ?

[email protected]
Feb 1, 2016

gullible homeowner

I purchased an aquapro water purification system a few years ago. It was the worst financial decision I have ever made. The guy came to my door telling me this thing was the greatest invention since sliced bread. He told me I had to have it as it works wonders for my health and skin if I get this water purification system to clean my water. I move around a lot due to my job and I was also told that this system can be installed in my new home wherever I move. This is also a farce. I have not been able to use it for a few years now. I recently tried to find them asking for a refund or at least to return this stupid system and I cannot find them anywhere. Does anyone have a contact number for this company? I got ripped off. Don't give this company a dime.

Jul 21, 2016


Our story is similar to everyone else story on this thread. We were lied to and decurved and I really wish for a class action. We have experienced black stuff coming out of our faucets, and sand. We were told a life time supply of product, only to find that we would have to pay after we ran out. They also neglected to tell us that every year we would need to purchase a $200.00 filter are you kidding me, on top of a $6000. Purchase. 😨
We were also told that the interest would be at 1%, trusting the rep after being in my home, We initialed in places we should have never. That one place says 1% for the first year and then it goes to 13.99%. To top it off...we are stuck paying on this loan, without any benefit of the system. Oh, and every so often water is being flushed through the pipes near the wash room at odd hours(1am, 2am, 3am, 4am) NEVER during the day, waking up the house.


Aug 6, 2016

AQUAPRO (not in California)

Those reviews are related with a NO California Company
and they are ruin others reliable Aquapro name companies all
over the country

Please, when looking for a review, write the Whole name, not only "Aquapro"

Its like judging "soda"
and blame all of them

Mike Kelly
Aug 13, 2016

Happy to be a Skeptic!

Aquapro Elite Water Systems sent a post card for a final notice for parcel pick up with no company name, you can only find out if you call the phone number listed; red flag #1.
I call, learn the name of the company, and forget to ask more questions once free stuff is offered for calling; #2.

Jon, no last name, makes unbelievably long pitch about how much money I'll save, the free products I'll recieve, how unbelievably happy all his customers are, and ends with a "so when should we install? " Do you mind if I sleep on it and call you with a decision tomorrow? Which sent him into a spiral of offering more, made up stories about Psychologists, and ultimatums. I said "if it's Now or never I chose never." OK call me by noon tomorrow he says. Field of Red Flags!

TLDR: 5 min on the internet unraveled a 90 min pitch. Do not trust anyone ever.

Fun Fact: for someone who has been supposedly doing the same job for 20 years he was awfully flustered while packing/unpacking his case. Which popped out the side when he closed it.

Sep 2, 2016


These people got me by putting a test tube on my mailbox to test my water.. me thinking it belonging to my Alabama water company but its not.. they sent a representative out to my house.. They did a long presentation and Bang i signed the contract... they never sent the product the next day... I CALLED AND CALLED NO ANSWER... FINALLY THE OFFICE MANAGER TAMMY SHE TOLD ME IN ORDER FOR ME TO GET OUT MY CONTRACT I HAD TO SEND A CERTIFIED LETTER.. WELL I DID... LETTER NEVER MADE IT TO THEIR OFFICE.. 237 OXMOOR CIRCLE #108 HOMEWOOD AL... WELL I GOOGLED THE ADDRESS AND ITS LISTED UNDER MDI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT... THE ADDRESS DOESNT MATCH THE COMPANY... THE POST OFFICE SAID THE ADDRESS IS UNDELIVERABLE.... NEVER NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS.. THEY ARE A SCAM TO GET MONEY OUT OF U!!!

Almost had me 1
Sep 10, 2016

Rita Edwards

Well well
OK I agreeded and then read reviews after salesman left. Thanks to all who put them on blast. I called 1-844-584-7336 and cancelled. Called the salesman Wade 423-762-1942 and cancelled with him as well. Now the install guys are to be here @ 6pm and they will get the same story. Will keep all posted.
Thanks for saving me.
P's is there anything else I need to do?

Sep 21, 2016

Tied into sprinkler lines!!!

Aqua Pro Elite systems came out to my home and did the most horrible job ever. 1. They destroyed my grass, cut out my entire mature bush in front and left a huge gap. 2. They didn't tie into the correct line. They are softening my sprinkler line as well. 3. The crew was a mess. Drinking on the job and left me and my husband to clean up everything including beer bottles. They left all their leftovers. Very very bad experience, very unprofessional. Looks like they get whoever to throw a system in. The drain looked like it was on top of kitty litter. Mud is everywhere!! I'm so disgusted and disappointed! One plus is they did have a guy name Paul come out to try to fix it and he was very knowledgable, friendly, and certified. Makes me wonder what I got myself into because he is no longer with them and I wouldn't want to be represented with this crap work.

Jaeann Farnum
Dec 17, 2016

Ripped us off

Early March 2015 my husband and I got a phone call that we get a $25 gift card to red lobster a representative for Aqua Pro will test our water and deliver the gift card. Vandale Wright came to our home, tested our water and did all the fancy tricks showing how it goes from dirty to clean and so on. He tell is about Aqua Pro how good is it, it comes with water softner, reverse osmosis, softens the whole house. Tells us about providing us with 5 years worth of dish soap, house cleaner, shampoo, body wash, bar soap, laundry soap, and hand soap. It'll be enough for my family of 5. Well he gave so many false advertisement, I don't know where to start. He said total amount for 5 years with no interest if paid within 5 years is $5,490. Our monthly payment will be $83. We did our math total came out to $4,980 he says the interest is included so it's $510 interest totaling $5,490. We said okay we can do that, pay it within 5 years so no more interest is included. So wrong, we get our first bill they charged us $47.30 interest second bill $45.30 interest third bill $43.30 interest. I've call the aqua pro customer service left multiple messages no calls back to me. There just ignoring the fact that they're ripping people off. We wold have been better off purchasing the water softner and reverse osmosis from a home Depot or lowes for way cheaper. If I had really done research and looked up all reviews I would have never believed Vandale Wright and purchase the Aqua Pro system. This is such false advertisement. I've read all my paperwork again from Vandale and nothing matches the bills I'm getting in the mail. Ivery asked Vandale multiple times are you sure there's no hidden fees everything your telling me is true, he said he wouldn't lie to his customers. Apparently he did. Fidel the guy whole came to install my system told me to always remember that every year I have to replace the reverse osmosis, I said what? I wasn't informed that. He said yes, it $100 every year. So Vandale came back for me to sign paperwork I told him what I was told he said oh yeah, I'll get you a 2 year free change of the reverse osmosis. People please before you purchase anything from aqua pro do your research. You're just throwing money away. You're better off just buying your system at home Depot or Lowe's. Don't fall for their false advertisement. Don't be a victim of their scandal.

Dec 30, 2016

Xtreme Clean Solutions...

As like everyone else's story, mine too is similar! My husband and I just bought our first house in the city. Where we grew up people don't come out that far just to scam you. So we get a letter saying we had a undelivered package, so we called and the lady says we can get a free $50 dollar gift card if we just let someone come out and test our water, of course we didn't see any harm in that so we scheduled a time for the next day. So the guy came out the next day like we scheduled, of course I was super friendly, the guy seemed young. He even gave us his full name and he was only like 19 or so. He started his presentation and he did do a very good job of convincing me. I have a preemie and he used my child to his advantage by saying it was good for her skin and a bunch of other stuff. So we signed, not knowing the consequences of what we were signing. He didn't tell us anything about the cancellation. He called scheduled for them to come out the very next day to install it. They came and installed it and at that point I was questioning everything. So I decided to get the paper work back out and reread everything. Although he didn't leave the paperwork with us about our house we asked why we had to tell the price of house and he lied. Anyways I was reading and just shocked by what I read and angry that he used my child for his scam. So I read how to cancel we called the BBB and they told us as long as we cancel within 3 days which we cancelled the very next day, got a certified letter mailed it out to the address that the BBB had, plus the address they left us! We received the letter back from the address the BBB had and the other letter had been delivered. They then send us mail with an invoice saying we have to pay 35% of the restocking fee, we of course know by then that they are total scammers and will do anything to get money! They said if we don't pay they will take us to court. We contacted them and told them we do not have to pay we filed a complaint with the BBB and based on the cooling off rule, we shall receive a full refund and owe nothing. The lady then continued to make her argument saying this is like a car and you have to pay. My husband said no ma'am this a door to door sale it is nothing like a car contract because we were not on yalls lot when we signed. She then asked for our reference number and the ladies name that we contacted at BBB with our complaint and put us on hold, I guess to call and make sure we actually were serious. When she got back on the phone my husband told her to come get the filter that we do not want it and she said we can't until you pay. After he got off the phone with her we contacted the Alabama State Attorney office and sent in our complaint to them and they sent a copy of our complaint to the business and then within the next day we received a call about them coming out to get it. Of course when they got here he tried to get us to keep it by saying he could get us a better deal and they didn't have the settings correct that's why it didn't work well. And of course I finally told him there's nothing you can say that will convince me to keep it, I want it out of my house now! So far they have not contacted us back yet. I felt like an idiot.... scammed in my own house, but then I was like wait that's where I'm the most vulnerable at that's why they do what they do! The name of the business is Xtreme Clean Solutions; however, I've noticed they change their name a lot so it honestly could be anything now although that 6,000 product is mostly the same!

Michael Davis
Apr 27, 2017


AQUA PRO is what this review list is for. AQUA PRO ELITE SYSTEMS is a totally different company. AQUA PRO doesn't even exist in Las Vegas. I'm so happy I got my AQUA PRO ELITE system, I did however see these reviews and asked my sales rep about it. He correctly informed me that they are in fact 2 different companies. I don't want anyone else being misinformed.

It's like looking up reviews on a Honda when you're buying a Mercedes.... go to AQUA PRO ELITE SYSTEMS on yelp to get your real reviews. You'll notice matching pictures and logos on the page that are on your paperwork and system, also on the business card. Hope this helps :)

May 23, 2018



Like ALL the other stories written mine is the same. I feel fooled and conned. After the system was installed I realized this company was a scam and I asked to have the contract voided and they would not comply. I contacted my sales person Hividar who said we were FRIENDS for life now and he wouldn't respond.

I'm contacting the BBB, the FTC and an attorney. If you have already been scammed please contact me as I'd like to start a class action lawsuit.

Sep 2, 2018


A year prior to our marriage my wife was conned into purchasing an AquaPro 5000sxt system. By conned I mean she paid twice as much as I have found others have quoted online and the $300 annual maintenance was never mentioned.

To boot, the company insists the filter must be replaced annually but WILL NOT provide information regarding filter change. Another company taking advantage of old veterans. Completely without moral or ethical values. I am sick that they have not been shut down but it sounds like no one has challenged them so they continue their rip off scheme.

I would like to join taradevillove in taking them to court.

Jan 15, 2019

Please clarify who you are talking about

Question. Are many of you talking about a Dealer that sells Aqua Pro Products or are you reviewing the products? i am considering a Aqua Pro sand filter for my pool.

Oct 16, 2019


As a first time home buyer one of them came to m house convinced me and my husband about this company telling us we are wasting money buying bottle water,aundry detergent and so on.They tested the water putting chemicals in their so it can look awful. Your skin becomes white and flaky after taking bath with the water ,I called them they promise to come no one showed up.We fell for it ,signed the paper works not knowing we were signing fraudulent contract.They supplied us with the free products they promised just once since 2017 when I called them they told me I have to fill the form each time I want the supply which I was supposed to be receiving continuously as promised.I regret ever dealing with these people and now we are stuck with the program.The are charging us to change the filter which was supposed to be changed yearly but had not been changed since 2018.I wish I went to these reviews before signing up with these liars.

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