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Allianz Capital Holdings


Consumer reviews about Allianz Capital Holdings

Apr 17, 2014

Consumer complaints and reviews about Allianz Capital Holdings

Hi Deon,
they cook up story.
Was any of their name and ID put in the agreement.
It using the limited company as a front.
Please check with ACRA on the business profile.
S1 TRAST HOLDINGS is not a Singapore registered company

What is the name of the guy disappeared.
We need to seek MOM help ,will have record of the people working there.

Go to Small Claims Tribunals to file your claim
,12months time limit for filing. If not, you cannot file.
Claims on below $10k only.
I went through with all kinds of excuses and insult.

Milton Marshall Hawk
Apr 21, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi readers,

I am currently writing to the MP and I also put in this link in to help government on the investigation. I would like to ask if the new India guy name is SAISWARAN s/o RAVINDRAN M. If this matter are being bring to court or media I wish you all can stand forward tell your story and stop this kind of scam in Singapore. Thank you.

Apr 21, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi Milton Marshall Hawk,

Yes, All of us please come forward. Previously, I had reported to CASE.
You will enter the company that you complained in the computer system. I have also file in
Small Claims Tribunals. All of us, please to go ACRA to read their business file.

May 7, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi, i am also a victim on the time share with Allianze Capital Holding. And i have Similar experience with Milton Marshall Hawk.
I just went to The SCT and have obtain an order of tribunal . So the Allianze Capital Holding was suppose to pay me my refund on 02/05/2014. On Monday I call them asking on the issue. At first they told me to go down to their office to collect the payment. But less than one hr later they msg me saying that due unforseen circumstance they are unable to pay me and need one more month. Since they were not able to pay within the period stated in the Order I can choose to enforce the money. Any advice on what i should do ?

May 18, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi Tyson, Milton, Deon, and other victims

I am a victim of ALLIANZ and has obtained an order of tribunal from SCT for the refunds after a lengthy period.
ALLIANZ has refused to pay even with the tribunal's order. Many of us have court's order.
Can we and other victims meet to discuss to stop this scams.
Hear from you. Thanks

Jun 6, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Hi, Tyson,Milton,Deon,Tsvic55, and other victims,

I am a victim of Allianz. How to obtain a SCT?
S1 trast is at Labuan and Solution 1 which is related to S1 is at Jalan Sultan Road.
In Allianz, there are a few indians, Mohan, Gabrief , the other don't know their names.
I wonder how they can get the Service Excellence award.

Maybe we need to talk to Mr Lee.
Hear from you. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Hi all, me too a victim...
This lady from solution one is also promised that I will get my funds back within a month since Aug 2013.
Till now, I still haven't get back my funds.
Any advice from anyone?

Dawson Teo
Jun 13, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings and S1 Trast

Hi all,

I believe I am a victim too...

This lady call Belle and the guy called Azmi from S1 Trast Solution had promised that I will get my funds back by April 14.

They had not answered my calls and emails. Till now, I still haven't get back my funds.

What should be the next course of action? I still need to service a (most likely bogus) laywer service fee for the the supposed Timeshare membership transfer.

Jun 13, 2014

allianz capital holdings

Hi my bf is also a victim of this allianz and s1 trast. About 20k gone. Pls advise wat can we do. Already reported to case and cad.

Jun 13, 2014

allianz capital holdings

Will anyone be going cad?

Jun 15, 2014

allianz capital holdings

Hi Everyone,

I am a victim of Allianz and S1 trast too.
Will going to the CASE and CAD to make a report.

Jun 16, 2014

Allianz capital holdings

Both Allianz and S1/Solution one will ask ask you to pay money by cash advance and cash cheque. Be aware. Don't hope for them. They cook up story. Straight away report to CAD next to outram park MRT station north east line and east west line. I was so stupid.

Cheryl Goh
Jun 18, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

So sad to know that so many people have become victims of this Allianz Holdings and S1 Trast.

I am also one of the victims. Before I act, can anyone tell me whether you followed up with CAD after lodging a case?

Did CAD inform you of the action they take or what action had been taken?

And Milton Marshall Hawk, may I know whether any reply or action after you wrote to the MP and provide the link to the government, to assist them in the investigation?

I want to hear from all of you before deciding whether to write to the Commissioner of Police!

Jul 2, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Hope all the victims of Allianz Holdings and S1 Trast report to CAD .

Milton Marshall Hawk
Jul 9, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Cheryl Goh,

I have go down to CAD and report this to the police office about 2 months ago. They say they will look into the method but have not reply me in another form. I recently went down to Allianz company, they have close down and also an note in front of the door saying they have own the rental and did not pay and flee the place.

Jul 10, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi All

All the staff of Allianz seem to avoid reviewing their particulars even their contact phone numbers.

When a contact number was given, the staff is not contactable.

SMS also failed.

Strange thing is most of the staff claimed to be legal trained, some also claimed to be lawyer.

Very fishy.

Please state the time and venue for a meeting to deal with them.

Jul 11, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi Deon, Milton, Cheryl Goh, Kai and any victims.
We are not going anywhere individually.
A few of us has gathered meet up already.
Please write to my email so we all meet together
to discuss about it. Please report to ACRA not to let them closed.

Jul 11, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Dear all victim,
I belive it will be better if we all go together and report to cad together. As this will make a stronger case. Also any who can go to the acra ASAP to prevent them from closing if they did they may be able to escape law.
I urge all victim to come together to make a reoprt as one to cad.
U can pm me if u like.

Cheryl Goh
Jul 13, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Dear All

I have lodged a report to CAD and urge them to take action immediately. Hope to hear from them soon!

In the meantime, those who have not lodged a police report, please do so asap and those who have, please follow up with email or phone call so as to show them the urgency and importance otherwise, they will give this the lowest priority!

If they receive more cases, they will know many have fallen victims to these scammers and noted the seriousness of this.

Dawson Teo
Jul 14, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings


I believe strength in numbers make a better case as well. Is there anyone who wants to go CAD these few weeks? Can we meet up to go together? I am think somewhere end of this month 31 Jul 14 perhaps.

Hope to hear from you all soon.


Cheryl Goh
Jul 15, 2014

Allianz Capital Holdings

Hi Dawson

Don't wait till end of the month. Just file a report on line NOW. Everyone who have been scammed should do so without hesitation. Show the police the seriousness of the issue so that they can give priority to this otherwise more people will become victims of this heartless and cruel people who cheated people for a living!

Anne-Marie Lee
Jul 16, 2014

Allianz Scam

Hi everyone. We are also victims! How do we file the report - just go down to the police or do we file this complaint to Case? Please advise. Let me warn everyone that there is now another company called NEX Capital who claim that they are now the Trustee who signed an agreement to take over these claims from Allianz and S1Trast and they are the only option to recover money! However, same method - they need you to buy in as Shareholders so that they can then make the payout after 3 - 6 months when the Timeshare has been transferred!

I think we should also lodge a complaint against the Lawyer who supposedly did the papers to terminate our so called timeshares. According to this company, nothing is terminated and all out memberships are still in force so this lawyer should be reported for being a party to this and we need to notify the Law Society asap!

Feb 5, 2015

Complains against NIXDORF-AX

I am a victim of NIXDORF-AX Venture company. Bought US25k of preference shares in May 13. Said I could do redemption 6 months later and surrender my timeshare to them with their legal team. Expected return - US61k. Annual bonus shares would be given as dividends worth US1k each if redeemed as well. Follow up constantly, did everything that I was told, finally was told that I am in the queue for redemption by end 2014. In Oct 14, I receive a call to do redemption. This company called themselves HPA (Holiday Program Association), said they acted for NIXDORF. Requested 15% stamp duty to be paid, some forms were given to fill up from Philippine government. I should expect SGD78k, plus refund of stamp duties, plus 3 x bonus shares given, in total about SGD93k. Papers were signed and I should expect a cheque by mid Jan 15 for that amount after surrendering all original shares certificates. The call never came, all calls to them went dead. HPA was a bogus company!
I return to NAX Capital who sold me NIXDORF Shares and asked them what happened and to help with my redemption. Bad news! I have been held in contempt for breach of contract and liable to be sued by NIXDORF! If I want to avoid this, I must pay USD50k to buy more shares to reinstate my contract. So here I am, the original promise return of US61k + 3 x bonus shares, had been declared null and void and on top of that I need to cough out another US50k! NAX Capital said 7 others had went to see HPA too and fallen into their trap and had paid the US50k to be reinstated. I am the last one remaining.
How to pay when I have no more money? How did HPA knew all my details of redemption? The timing of their call is so uncanny and timely....how on earth did all this disaster happen to me? Can anyone help?

Jun 4, 2015

Nax Capital - Timeshare transfer/sale

Dear Gideon,

I have been approached by Nax Capital claiming their subsidiary in travel line buying timeshares from various owners. I am hopeful to sell and transfer my timeshares. Once the agreed price is confirmed, the cheque will be paid on the spot.

Once when I see the cheque, I will update you the status. If this is a genuine buyer, then at least we can recover some of our investment.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I could recover 90% of my investments.

Dreaming & hopeful.

Jun 23, 2015

About Nax Capital

I have just went to the office at Maritime Square .. Was pressured by scare tactics ... Was told that they have checked with the resort my timeshare is from and said that I have owed the resort S$9K plus in Maintainence Charge .. And that this year, 2015 the Trust company, Hutchinson & Co is going after those who have not paid the maintenance charge and accumulated up to S$10K in maintenance charge arrears by legal ways .. I have just checked with the resort and was told that there is no such thing !!! Luckily, I have just paid a deposit ... I am just worried about the stuffs that they have asked me to sign !! What happen if I do not pay the balance ??? How do I get back my deposit ??? I have called the bank and they said that they can't reverse the charge !!!

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