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Allianz Capital Holdings


Consumer reviews about Allianz Capital Holdings

Apr 12, 2012

timeshare issue

Hi , i have recevie a letter from this Allianz Capital Holdings, they have told me that will help to resolve my hand time share. they request to pay then $5000/- ++ and i have put $500/- deposit to ask then to help clear alway my hand timesheet. can i check is it another scam company. please advice

Joe Daniel
Apr 15, 2012

Vacation Club Membership issue

Hi there and to everyone,

Nope. The company is not a scam. They are legitimate in assisting members with those having issues with their vacation clubs memberships. They personally will bring the clients to meet up with the lawyer for the proceedings. Pls, not all companies are a scam to you guys. And nothing is free in this world. There will be charges for services rendered. If you guys want a free service, pls go to Salvation Army instead. And a company can sue you for defamation for calling them a scam company. Please be careful with what you comment.

I am a client of them since February this year.

Thank you n regards,
Ng Huat, Jimmy

May 7, 2012

Vacation Club Membership issue

Allianz Capital is not a scam they are a legitimate company who will help you appraise and tell you the procedure of reselling your accomodation or timeshare membership.They are a legitimate business and not a fly by night company.I am their client
and I am satisfied with the way they handle my concern.

Aug 6, 2012


I have been to their office one week ago at Selegie. They wanted us to pay a sum of $1000 and some penalty fees of US$7000, to their lawyer, as we are rushing off for dinner, we did not accept any agreement. Can someone tell me of their experience if they had successfully got back their money selling their timeshare through this company.


W. Jason
Aug 11, 2012

Timeshare resale

Hi to every Timeshare owners,

I am one of their clients since dis yr Jan 2012. I hv gotten back my investment losses of abt SGD58,170 with Allianz Capital Holdings expertise and their professional services last mth July in a form of cheque from the co. The company will bring ua clients to see their panel of lawyers for this service. And of cos there wi be abot of cost from us clients for the services rendered by them. And there is only 10% comm payable to the company upon successful financial claims.

Thank you.

Jason Wu

Aug 14, 2012

Timeshare Resale

May I know who is the person that you liaise with and who are the lawyers that you are meeting with? Can we get our own lawyers to do the sale ?

Aug 18, 2012

Timeshare Resale

Hi Jason Wu and Jimmy,

I am very keen to know who you have spoken to and which lawyer you have gone to? Can you advise and thanks a million.

Oct 18, 2012

Scammers or Not

I was called by their telemarketer about Allianz Capital Holding willing to buy over my Resorts membership. Made appt with them and visited them yesterday,17102012, at Selegie. Spoke to a guy name Hussain and Paul who later called their manager, John .
Memberships status valued and asked to pay a lawyer fees of about 2k which is payable in instalments of 12mths and the process of buying and transfer will take between 6 to 9 months . This sounded good and TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE !

Still with doubt , I take the gamble hoping for a "miracles" .

I m hoping for anyones who actually experienced the same to feedback the matter to me at
[email protected]


Lawrence Chew
Apr 16, 2013

Allianz Capital Holdings are the best!!

I've been down t so many companies like AsiaLink, titanz assest management, herold's, JCG credit hse.....All these scammers squindle all my money!! yeap its true, once bitten twice shy, but despite bitten many times i still took the gamble hopin that someone would help me!! I gt a call from some telemarketers of Allianz, they told me theres no upfront fees and they are having ready buyers t buy my resorts, i trusted and paid a visit to their Selegie officelast year feb but it was a total reverse vicer of what was being conveyed by the telemarketers and all of them were indians not that i'm bein racist but most of the companies that i visited were either europeans, indians and malays... so i gt scared and i simply walked out cause they told me to paid something upfront!! After a few mths later i keep receiving many calls from Allianz and AX holdings, despite me rejecting their calls and all, they were persistant.... so i decided t make a trip t AX Holdings first on January, but it didnt worked out well for me cause they said i need t invest with them, which i think its bullshit, despite they telin me that they will get their lawyers t provide a power of attorney and all!! Than i decided t make my visit t allianz t give them a piece of my mind cause their telemarketers were extremly annoying and the best part they were located at Shenton Hse this time round...... The same building where i bought my Garraway Membership 12 years back but it was different level and they are closed now!! So i made a visit at Allianz and was throwin out my tentrum to the allainz staffs for the non-stop calls and than i was approached by this gentle man , Mr Mohan.... He spoke t me and he put some sense t me and he was very promising so i decided t gamble for the last time all based on the trust with Mr Mohan and not the company!!! i didnt pay my maintenance since the day i bought my membership and he helped me t waived it, but somehow or rather i was still required t pay some tax stuffs.... i trsuted him and i paid 21k from my uob and citibank card, was extremely worried and my wife was scoldin me and yet i put my faith and trust to the god and mr mohan and like he promised i just received a cheque of 97k for my resort which he initially promised me that it'll take abt 6t12mths and within 4th mth i received my money!! Seriously bless him and his family!! i'm so happy that i finally gt bacak my money!!! ALLIANZ IS NT SCAM, YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY ENGAGING WITH THEM THAN YOU WILL KNOW THE RESULTS,,, pls look for Mr Mohan!! He's the best person you can trust!!

Jun 2, 2013

Bogus clients of Allianz Capital Holdings

To all victims,

Looking at e recent posts by W.jason, Ng huat Jimmy n Lawrence Chew, i cn double confirmed that dey are bogus "happy clients" of Allianz Capital e co. Pls e posts were so fake n plastic.....from CASE in Spore Director Mr Seah had confirmed there are no history in timeshares or resorts memberships that consumers getting back their monies, recoveries of claims etc....pls be aware of posts by their empoyees themselves as they were also monitoring this forum.

More infos abt ALLIANZ CAPITAL HOLDINGS; pls google in www.hardwarezone.com.sg

New set up resale timeshare companies in Spore just set up or still around;

1 Philip & Chang pte ltd (150 South Bridge Rd)
2 Khoo n Krishnan Associates pte ltd (kramat Lane)
3 Goodwill Ettikon ( Far East Shopping Ctr)
4 Fine Harvest pte ltd
5 Allianz Capital Holdings Ltd (used to be in Parklane Selegie; now moved to Shenton House)
6 Bric Solutions Ltd (Beach Rd)
7 JCG Credit Hse (Middle Rd)
8 Global Securities (formerly at OCBC Ctr now moved to Suntec City)

Peter Doraemon
Jun 8, 2013

Bogus clients of Allianz Capital Holdings

Yes, Underworld, you are right. Don't forget Joe Daniel as well, another "Happy Client" of Allianz Capital Holdings.

Jun 26, 2013

AX Holdings/AX Treasures

I invest $23k and sold 2 timeshares to AX Holdings about 3 years ago. Although the annual contractual dividends were slow they finally paid up. Everything was ok until last year when they decided to set up a trust company in Labuan and adviced all investors to transfer their investments to AX Treasures. I was reluctant until theor legal officers gave me a verbal assurances that all the terms in my original contract will not be changed. Trusting them I agreed to the transfer. It was when my dividend was due and no payment was forth coming that I called them and learnt that the terms of my original contract was totally changed. I wanted to speak to their legal people but instead got a call from the rep from Nixdorf-AX Ventures. Today I met up with their rep from Nixdorf-AX Ventures who wanted me to transfer my investment to the new company and invest more money to buy preference shares in the company. She also confirmed that my contract with AXT was totally different from the one I had with AXH, unfortunately to my disadvantage. I was very exasperated with the misrepresentation. She also told me that they made some money out of the transfer.

I would like to meet up with people to discuss the possibility of taking action against the company, legal one otherwise and also warn others of the unscrupulous modus operandi.

Dec 1, 2013

AX Holdings/AX Treasures


What's your current status? I am also the same


Dec 10, 2013

AX Holdings AX Treasures

Hi RCKI, you mentioned that AX paid up your investment $23K plus the sales of 2 Time Shares. Sorry don't quite understand your issue with AX Holdings. I am keen to know whether you take back all the money from AX today. Could you please update your case? Thanks!!

Lancery Lak
Jan 20, 2014

AX Holdings AX Treasures

Hi Ricky and all,

I am 1 of the victim "i believed" it is a con job in the work.
We should come together and see if a collective effort yield anything.

Lancery Lak
Jan 20, 2014

AX Holdings AX Treasures

Hi Ricky and all,

I am 1 of the victim "i believed" it is a con job in the work.
We should come together and see if a collective effort yield anything.


Lancery Lak
Jan 20, 2014

ax Holdings AX Treasures

Anyone keen to better their situation, please PM me.

I am "victim" myself and trying to see if a recourse is possible.

Jan 22, 2014

Victim of Time Share Scam

I also a victim and had paid $12K by credit card to Allianz Capital Holdings who told me that they will arrange for 36 months interest free instalments but never did. Then arrange a Labuan company S1 Trast Holdings claimed to be the trusty and demand money without giving you any invoice or statement of her asking for money and told me that money with come in 2 to 3 months time but never did. She claimed to be a lawyer and with a MBA degree. She never answer your SMSs and Calls then after chasing her several times, she SMS and said she cancelled my time share claim.

They claimed that the money required by them are for taxes, perhaps refer to IRAS for guidance.

Anyone wish to join force to get to the bottom of this and we all can collectively go to CAD for their action to prevent damaged to fellow Singaporean.

Jan 27, 2014

Victims of Timeshare scams

To all victims and potential victims,

Allianz Capital Holdings pte ltd is 100% scam company. Even the offshore trustee company is bogus. Report asap to CAD before more victims affected and they might close the company...do not part any monies to these scammers...and pls google about ACH pte ltd...total scam!!!

Feb 6, 2014

Allianz capital holdings

The lawyers they are using is messes kishan llc located at 111 north bridge road #08-30 Peninsula plaza S179098. Call 63378028. Not sure if this is a scam or not

Feb 6, 2014


Hi Deon

It's almost a month for you. Have you resolve your issue? I just sign up today and am worry after seeing the above chain of complains.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Feb 19, 2014

Allianz capital holdings

Hi Crystal or Deon,

I just went to the place at Shenton House yesterday. The indian guy spoke of all these money and they wanted me to pay 10k over 36 months installments to get $57k for my travel loyalty program. This is definitely a scam.

1. The guy presenting didn't know what he is talking about.
2. If all this is legit, why would he simply charge me $10k for installment when the correct figure is $10,507. He said he just round it to 10k. Professional services do not do such practices especially a holding company.
3. They even showed me names and details of other people that they have scammed. Thats unethical and unprofessional behaviour.
4. They showed me a evalutaion of my loyalty program's market value from a company called CreditScore. The address shows a address in Brisbane and he told me they are from UK.
5. There is no such company called CreditScore!!!

Allianz Capital Holdings is definitely a BIG BIG SCAM!!! Please contact the CASE or some other organisation to try and get your money back.


Milton Marshall Hawk
Apr 8, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Hi recently I have a deal with Allianz Capital to sell my timeshare to them. They request me to pay a front payment for capital gain tax : S$13,118. After few months, they call and told us the money is ready to be claim and bring us to another company which one of you mention S1 Trast Holdings from there the company ask us pay another further fees for whatever reason. That when I know I have been scam, I stop all transaction with them. I have went to Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and also Small Claims, they are require to refund us S$10,000. But now they decide not to refund us and say the company do not have enough money and also they only do a service for us and they should not pay us.

I want to ask where did you all file the report and also did you all get back your money.

I hope you all can drop me an email or message so we can fight against timeshare scam and rise the awareness to the public. I also feel that government should protect us citizen and bring down this kind of company.

Apr 14, 2014

Allianz Capital holdings

Dear Readers,
I am a local Singaporean and also being scammed.
I have the same case like deon and Milton Marshall Hawk.
After taken my money and after one year, the representative just said that they do not have money to refund.
We need to approach the Government authorities for help because they think that they can scammed by hiding behind the company with limited liability.
Please all gather together and file a collective appeal to the Government.

Apr 16, 2014

Victim of Time Share Scam

Hi Crystal & Dawson

My case is not yet resolve. A new Indian guy is now following up with my case. He told me the previous Indian guy dealing with my case whom is not contactable had being transferred to don't know where. (Suspicious).

The mishandling by the Labuan company S1 Trast Holdings had transferred my deposit to Allianz for getting another so call "Trustee" company to follow up my claim. He also told me that S1 Trast Holdings had messed up my claim and need to resolve the issue in order for my money to be released to me. A new Trustee will be appointed and deal with my claim.

He later told me that they need to go to India to clarify my case. Sound very strange. I will up date any further development.

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