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Consumer reviews about 411.ca

Oct 27, 2015

Liars, unresponsible, scammers

End of September 2015 Carla from 411.ca called us and offered to try for 30 days their service for $70/month to be put on the top of searches. I had agreed to try. In a few days I looked at my Google Analytics and did not see any improvement - so I have sent email (August 2, 2005) to Carla asking to cancel my account and thought that it will be taken care of.
In about a month I have received the email from Team411 informing us that they have created a mobile version on our website and the fee is only $20. I have immediately send them a reply that I did not order any websites or any services and reminded that I have asked to cancel my account. No responce.
Yesterday (October 26 2015) someone called me from 411.ca offering to upgrade their services. I told the girl that I have cancelled the account with 411.ca, but she replied that is was still active. Now I am angry - will go after them and sue if they do not return the money.


Oct 27, 2015

Liars, scammers

End of September 2015 Carla from 411.ca called us and offered to try for 30 days their service for $70/month to be put on the top of searches. I had agreed to try. In a few days I looked at my Google Analytics and did not see any improvement - so I have sent email (August 2, 2005) to Carla asking to cancel my account and thought that it will be taken care of.
In about a month I have received the email from Team411 informing us that they have created a mobile version on our website and the fee is only $20. I have immediately send them a reply that I did not order any websites or any services and reminded that I have asked to cancel my account. No responce.
Yesterday (October 26 2015) someone called me from 411.ca offering to upgrade their services. I told the girl that I have cancelled the account with 411.ca, but she replied that is was still active. Now I am angry - will go after them and sue if they do not return the money.
PS - when filig a complaint here register first - otherwise you notes are lost. Another scam.

Oct 31, 2015

Worked for these guys - Stay far away!

Decided to give these guys a shot after looking through their great employee reviews online. Now I know they are just made up.. lol

Did 2 DAYS of training (not 2 months.. not 2 weeks..) TWO DAYS and we were out on the phones calling people who were small business owners and probably couldn't afford the rates we were putting out there

That's why I purposely tried to not get a sale and just sat back as long as I could and get paid until they fired me.. which took way longer than I thought

Just letting people know that this is a group of people that would throw their own kids under the bus let alone fellow agents to save their ass.

Stay far away

Nov 2, 2015

411.ca Client Services

Good day,

I am the Manager of the Client Services Department at 411.ca. The team and I are very concerned about the reviews posted to this site and would like to ensure each concern has been addressed.

As a company we aim to resolve each and every customer concern as quickly as possible. Due to the format of this site, we are often unable to connect a review to a particular customer record. We understand that people may prefer to remain anonymous when leaving a review so if you would like to contact me directly, please reach out to me at [email protected] .

We appreciate all the feedback and are certainly using it to improve the experience for all of our clients.


Je suis le manager du département du service à la clientèle au 411.ca. Mon équipe et moi-même sommes préoccupés par les commentaires postés sur ce site et souhaiterions nous assurer que le problème ai été reporté.

En tant qu’entreprise nous visons à résoudre chacun des problèmes de nos clients le plus vite possible. Le format de ce site nous empêche bien souvent de relier un commentaire au dossier client auquel il se rapporte. Nous comprenons que chaque utilisateur souhaite préserver son anonymat en postant un commentaire, c’est pourquoi il serait préférable que vous puissiez me contacter directement à l’adresse suivante : [email protected]

Nous vous remercions de votre retour qui nous permettra d’améliorer l’expérience de tous nos clients.


[email protected]
Nov 11, 2015

just Fukking your bussiness

15 years in CANADA and Experienced, This is THE WORST ,REALLY THE WORST !!!!
please talk to your Lawyer and follow EVEN PAY some DOLLARS to PUNISH and Hopefully CLOSE it.
My Lawyers are on their CASE !!

Jan 21, 2016


411.ca doesn't stop! I have been unable to contact 411.ca through phone and multiple emails to cancel the service for 4 months!!! I had to change my credit card number to get the payments to stop. Filed a complaint to the BBB and they answered that, but not me. I demand my money back but still no response. A google search shows that 411.ca does this on a nearly daily basis. BEWARE of 411.CA!!!! They will scam you and you will need to change your credit card number! I am still stuck with the service to this day but next payment will not go through because of the credit card change. "

I was referred to another company called Mobile Bandit cell phone marketing in the Vancouver area and that works big time! Seriously if your looking for something that works you should look them up. I have tried some other platforms with direct mail and Facebook but none of them gave the results i see everyday with this app company.

Feb 2, 2016

They've changed

I initially signed up for a paid listing with 411 to help boost my google rankings on my website. Off site citation is important for SEO and I was willing and ready to try out some new marketing avenues to help boost sales. They assigned me an account specialist who spoke to me for nearly an hour one day giving me valuable information about how google's search engine works and how to get better results. This type of information is useful to anyone who has experimented with building websites and doing their own SEO. We bounced a number of ideas around about how to better market my product and ultimately he had some very useful information. The price for my paid listing was $300 per month and I decided that this amount wasn't quite worth it to me given that none of my competitors are on 411 and I couldn't see myself generating many sales in this way. 411 does get A LOT of traffic, which is exactly what you want for a directory, but I decided that a free listing would do as much for my rankings as a paid listing would, given my situation (i.e. product, location and competitors.) 411 does have a sales team, and that means that they will "pitch" you on their services. Whether or not you decide to go for it is up to you and requires some forethought about how much it will benefit your particular business. Seeing these reviews makes me think that 411 must have changed a great deal in recent times, as I did not have any issues with cancelling my paid listing. In fact, my account specialist advised me on more cost-effective ways to promote my particular product and told me that I can contact him at any time to talk about marketing strategies. I think that I definitely will do this as it was obvious to me that he had a great deal of experience and knew what he was talking about. They are definitely a partner with Google, and their services are of value. How much value they have to you and your business in particular is subjective and you need to weigh the benefits against the costs. I have no doubts that some companies are making a killing thanks to their 411 listing by directing traffic to their website or generating leads. 411 will not abuse your credit card as doing this does them no favors. A disputed charge means they have to pay a fine and that particular person will write a negative review or tell all of their closest strangers on Facebook. I cannot speak for how they were in the past, but I can say with confidence that they are not "scamming" anybody today. In the long run they just wouldn't benefit from it, and they know that. Ultimately, I would recommend 411. Having a dedicated internet marketing expert at your disposal has great value in and of itself, and if you have the right sort of business, product or service then I'm certain that advertising with 411 could generate sales for you. Just don't leave it to a commission based sales agent to decide for you whether or not it is the right fit. Do your own thinking and if it adds up, give it a shot. Marketing is about trying different avenues and 411 certainly isn't a bad one.

Feb 5, 2016



Feb 9, 2016


So I signed up to 411.CA on Thursday and my ad was up on Friday around noon. I received a flood of non-business related phone calls from people saying that I had called them trying to get their credit card information. Coincidence? The moment my phone number goes up on 411.CA my phone number gets used to make fraudulent phone calls. I called my 'rep' Gina and she said 'it's a coincidence and your the only one with this type of complaint' and basically it's not their fault or problem. They didnt seem too concerned or care that because of these phone calls, it made their company and employees look like criminals. And not stealing candy from a store crime, FRAUD. I reported it to the RCMP to protect myself incase someone tries to accuse me of making fraudulent phone calls.I asked for my money back but they said I already paid for the month and it takes 30 days for your ad to come down. How come it takes 12-24 hours for your ad to go up...but it takes 30 days for your ad to come down? I took a chance to build my business and end up getting frauded instead. Waste of time and my hard earned money. Never again.

Feb 12, 2016

Re: Samantha1965

Hi Samantha,

We're really sorry to hear about your negative experience. We're committed to resolving issues with our customers and would like to work with you to remedy the situation. Please email us the details at [email protected] so we can discuss the situation. We hope to hear from you soon.

-411.ca Customer Care

Mar 19, 2016

Almost impossible to unsubscribe their service

Be careful, They don't offer on-line unsubcribe. You have to wait for few weeks for them to call for your cancellation. And they will NOT STOP charging your credit card. Pure scam.

Mar 23, 2016

Harassing Phone Calls

I agree with all the above statements.

Starting in January I kept receiving phone calls from a Gentleman from 411 wanting me to sign up for a term. I would listen to him for a bit then hang up, this happened for about 2 weeks on the last call he transferred me to another department but before I could speak to that person I hung up the call.

About 2 weeks later I received an invoice in the mail for $600 which I through out into the garbage. Now I have started to received threatening phone calls from their accounts department demanding payment and let me know that they would be sending them to a collection agency for payment.

I have repeatedly told the people who phone me everyday that I did not sign any documentation, nor did I order the service as I hung up each time the person was talking to me.

If you get a phone call from this company hang up immediately don't listen to one word they have to say.

May 27, 2016

Harassment, Pushy Sales People

These guys just won't leave us alone. We've had calls on an almost daily basis, pushy sales people who insist that one of our employees must be "requesting information" from 411.ca or else they wouldn't be calling offering up their rates and services... Yeah right! Everyone agrees that this is a ploy to get our business however they just won't stop calling. We've asked numerous representatives to take us off their calling list to no avail.

And what's worse is they're beyond rude. I know telemarketing is a hard job, I've done it before and it's lousy. However don't speak to "potential" customers like they're dirt on your boot because they're telling you they aren't interested. Don't act like you're doing us a favour, 411.ca. We don't need your lousy services and we don't need your annoying phone calls.

Oh and all the 411 "managers" who keep posting here saying to e-mail them and they'll help you out etc., it's pretty funny that none of you will sign your name. Don't want it associated with such a terrible company, eh? I don't blame you.

Get out of here, 411.ca! Garbage company.

Aug 11, 2016

Don't believe any word from carhillionofthefold posted Feb 2, 2016

DON'T BELIEVE A WORD on the post from carhillionofthefold. I suspect this is from a 411 employee.

This company is a complete scam. They offered me a package and said cancellation anytime with no notice required. Called an agent and cancelled my service, HOWEVER, they never actually cancelled my service then turned around and said it required a 30 day notice. I finally got in contact with a manager in their finance department and told them to listen to the recorded call which should prove the sales agent said no advanced notice required for cancellation and would take effect immediately. THEY LIED!

Had to take legal action because they sent my file to a collections agency. Let's just say they quickly tucked their tale between their legs because they were caught SCAMMING! This is a short post but can say worse experience ever!



Oct 11, 2016

Scammed- Not the Real 411

Scammed... This product doesnt work. I was told over three thousand people looked for a plumber in the GTA in the last 30 days. Was sold a package at $120 for the month. I did not receive one call about work, just 100 calls from other companies trying to sell me more things.
After doing a reverse look up on there telephone number both the 416 and 866 numbers I noticed that they have a long list of unhappy customers. Save your money and dont waste it on this company.

Oct 14, 2016

OMG ! I just signed up yesterday

I just signed up yesterday !
Wish I did more research before I gave the my CC
Anything I can do now ?

Oct 25, 2016


I do wonder how they get away with this scam. Seriously, they should be in jail. It's fraud and theft. The traffic numbers they give are pure fiction and they continue stealing your money despite heroic attempts to cancel.

Jan 7, 2017

411.ca is a scam company

I received a cold call from 411.ca in 2014 .She offered me a three months promotion for $150 per month .I gave her credit card but after one week I called her back and cancelled my advertisement .She confirmed advertisement will be cancelled .I trusted her and I didnt check my credit card details to see if they are withdrawing money until January 1,2017 .We called credit card company and they confirmed 411.ca has been withdrawing $ 203 from our account for two years .I was so angry and upset I called and emailed all the 411.ca and finally one of them returned my calls and emails .He confirmed there was cancellation request in system but they rules only allows them to refund only three months which I was able to get it from my own credit card company .
I am suing sales person and 411.ca if any one interested and is looking to sue this scam company contact me .My email address is nina @rownaghi.com

Feb 7, 2017

Never provided services paid for

This company cold called me saying they had increased searches for my area, I agreed to a 2 month trial with the understanding that if the campaign wasn't working it could be cancelled, no contract. I paid for 2 months, and kept an eye on how many visits my ad was getting, none. My business name was supposed to show up in searches with key words, it never did. I screenshotted this and sent it to them, also left voice mail. Several emails later to them, none of them ever being returned, I disputed the charges as they never provided the service paid for, and made no attempt to explain why or even return a call or email. However, I did receive a phone call from collections saying I was behind in my payments. I don't think so, pal.
SCAM, don't waste your time.

May 3, 2017

Stay away from this company

I have also had a terrible experience with 411.ca it is so easy to sell someone on your service but it is a whole other thing to provide honest customers service. First they were a "NO SHOW" for they scheduled set-up appointment after they sold us on signing up. They never made a single effort to service or re-book the appointment. They listed our name incorrectly. We then had different calls to up-sell our listing add. I expressed my displeasure to which they didn't care (the sales team was only there to sell. I then called a week later to cancel after double checking my google analytics to find I have had zero hits from 411.ca. They assured me my customer service rep would get back to me. He in fact (maybe deliberately?) was calling the wrong number to reach me. I then get an email from him to try and up-sell and keep me. I returned his email and it bounced back to me. I then called to speak to a manager (Stephanie) because by now it is to the point I think they should know what has taken place but they refuse and give me to our customer rep (Krostoff ) who does nothing but justify and tell me "life happens" regarding his no show and that he believes he has done nothing at all wrong.

Good old customer service, integral business practices or internet traffic is not what you will get from this company even though they took my over $200/month for 6 months and are choosing still still charge me one more month before canceling.

Amazing how many opportunities the company had to address my concerns prior to me posting on a review site like this.

Jul 5, 2017


Got a call from a 411 agent after using their free ad service. The agent offered a deal which included cancelling the service with no lead time meaning if I wanted to cancel it would be effective immediate. The call was recorded, this is important for later. Cancelled my service via phone and e-mail. Main issue is no one would answer my cancellation request. This went on for weeks. I cancelled my credit card and got a new one because I've seen this before. Sure enough, 411 tried to charge my non-existent credit card even though I had cancelled weeks earlier. Got a call from their Finance department trying to say I didn't cancel, however I had proof and paperwork to back this up. They would not have a direct call with me, but instead kept leaving messages on my phone instead of calling me. Yes, messages can be left on a phone without calling a person directly. I asked them to review the recorded conversation with the sales agent, of which I had the exact dates it was recorded, and they had the audacity to say the agent never told me I could cancel effective immediate but required 30 day notice. LIARS! They sent me to collections but I'm all the wiser. This will not affect your credit score. 411 keep up the dirty work, you'll never get your money! People watch out for these scammers!

Oct 3, 2017


Cold called by the business. Told rep we weren't ready to advertise until a different contract expired but I WAS interested once that date rolled around (which I gave rep a date to call back to discuss). Rep kindly informed me of the services they would provide and then offered a price, which I again explained we aren't ready to go into a contract. Told me they are short contracts and we can try it for 30 days free, I told rep we would try it for 30 days when we KNEW we could fit the advertising into the budget. Rep tried to tell me how I could work it in the budget, even as far as telling me how much room I should have to spend. Rep continued to push and push for 30 minutes, I should have just hung up however I try to be kind to all sales reps that call us as I know that job must be frustrating. Rep was SO relentless and SO rude and VERY passive aggressive. Told me weather we advertise with them or not it won't make or break their business, and threatened to just remove our free ad if we don't like their services. I have never written a negative review in my life but I have also never been treated so poorly by any sales rep. I still left the conversation apologizing to the rep for getting frustrated and using a harsh tone, I will note that rep also apologized but it was not at all sincere. After reading all of these reviews I will NOT be advertising with them EVER. Not only was the customer service horrid in my experience but if seems as if their business practices are possibly even worse than my sales rep.

Nov 8, 2017

Biggest mistake

I was called by 411.ca in July regarding their service, I had apparently applied for. I never had done that. I had inquired last march!
However they sucked me in. I was told my website would be up and running by August 8th,of this year 2017. And it wasn't

I emailed the contacts there on several occasions to which I received no reply. After waiting over one month! I finally got fed up. I had tried calling them, emailing them etc.... No response. I called my visa told them of the situation. They asked me to submit the evidence to my claim to which I did.

They agreed, I was scammed! They stopped my credit card. I had to get a new one or they would continue to bill me! They issued a refund.

Now it goes down hill further: It is now November 2017, I am receiving daily calls from them threatening me with a law suit, threatening me over all. They call early in the morning, and various times of the day. I had talked to a guy named Roman, who in September said that my account wasn't canceled and was supposed to do it. Well they are still calling. I told Roman on several calls I'm not going to entertain them any longer. They refuse to listen!!!!

If anyone knows of a legal course of action to protect us, please let me know. I'm just ignoring the calls now.

Dec 18, 2017

Aggressive and unclear sales tactics

These people called 5x a week, sometimes 2x a day. They made it sound like I just needed to update my profile as if it already exists, with no mention of price. One can only assume 411 Canada is a free service. Turns out they are NOT affiliated with 411 Canada and this is not a free service. When they called back to ask if I had updated my profile yet (for the umpteenth time) I told them I wasn't interested in their service. Sales rep asked if I would like to "remove" my business then, to which I said sure; she hung up on me immediately. How rude!

May 8, 2018

Government of Canada Anti fraud department is the way to go

Please see the following link to file your complaint with Government of Canada : http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/frm-eng/GHÉT-7TDNA5

The more victims file complaints , the more quickly government will take action against these scammers.

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