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Consumer reviews about 411.ca

Dec 22, 2011

keep charging me after I cancelled the service

Beware of using the 411.ca services.
I used them for half a year and all the bills for using this was paid automaticly with my visa card number. When I decided to stop to work with their services, I’ve sent them an e-mail. I got the confirmation, that my email was readed, but no reply from the company. I wrote second time but result was the same. On the next month they automaticly charged me for using their services and all my trying to stop this was useless. When I changed my visa card number they’ve sent me an e-mail asking for payment. I don’t know what’s wrong with their system or they just don’t read customers e-mails but this is very sad example of poor customer service.

Head Office
1200 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 300 Toronto, ON
M3C 1H9 Canada

Main Switchboard: 416-849-1432
Toll Free: 1-866-411-4411
Main Fax: 416-646-0570

Jan 19, 2013

Was offered to try service for 30 days / BAD SERVICE

I was contacted by a customer rep asking if I wanted to try the sevice FREE for 30 days, saying they would be in contact to see if I wanted to continue with the service. I never got the call back and when I tried to call back they told me they would look into it and get back to me in 24 hours. At this time I asked to cancel as it was not worth my time nor the money they charged. Two weeks later they fineally called back after I called numerous times to find out if she had for sure cancelled my account. They had charged me 3 x and I asked why I had been charged and no one knew what was happening. They are trying to send me to collections right now......Either way for the money they charged me and basically calling me a liar to my face I will NEVER use them again OR recomend any one to use that service....... BE WARE!!!!

Info on Bill:
Head Office
1200 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 300 Toronto, ON
M3C 1H9 Canada

Main Switchboard: 416-849-1432
Toll Free: 1-866-411-4411
Main Fax: 416-646-0570

Mike St.Amour
Apr 12, 2013

Cant cancel ever!!!

I have been unable to contact 411.ca through phone and multiple emails to cancel the service for 4 months!!! I had to change my credit card number to get the payments to stop. Filed a complaint to the BBB and they answered that, but not me. I demand my money back but still no response. A google search shows that 411.ca does this on a nearly daily basis. BEWARE of 411.CA!!!! They will scam you and you will need to change your credit card number! I am still stuck with the service to this day but next payment will not go through because of the credit card change.

Apr 29, 2013

Over charging

I have just read through all of the complaints on here for 411.ca. THESE GUYS ARE COMPLETE SCAMMERS!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!!.

I called to cancel my service 8 months ago and then two weeks ago I received a bill from a collection agency saying I owed them 483.00. After repeated emails to them, they finally called me back. It was a lady named Natasha Bristol whom is there head scammer. She threatened to put me back in to collection and attack my credit bureau if I did not pay them half. I just paid it because my credit score means more to me than a couple hundred bucks. What a scam!!!

I am now suing them for my 200 and some dollars just for the principle of it. I am also contacting the BBB. These guys are the worst of the worst advertising scum imaginable.

I also contacted the owner of the company Steve Curry who never bothered to return my email. Surprise surprise....you should be ashamed of your company.

Jul 26, 2013

Sent my account to collection agency

In April of 2012 I had an account with 411.ca for my business called Nutrishape My Body. I kept the account for three months and cancelled it on July 6, 2012. Since then I have not had any communication of any kind with 411.ca until June 26, 2013 when I received an email from a collection agency called Canada Legal Referral Inc. In this email they stated that I had an outstanding balance of $452.00, which if not paid they would send the matter to the credit bureau. Since cancellation of my account with 411.ca in July 2012, they had not communicated with me in any way to inform me that I had an outstanding balance. Not until I received this email do I realize that they were still generating invoices (even though they were not sent to me).

When I called the office I spoke with someone called Niki who told me that they had been generating invoices for Nutrishape My Body for the last year, and then someone finally sent them to the collection agency this year, all unknown to me because they did not inform me about anything.

I find this very unacceptable and think that this practice is not very professional (or legal) and something should be done about it. I agree with Tyler who says that 411 will make your life as painful as humanly possible.

Future advertisers beware!

Oct 10, 2013

Absolutely the worst experience ever!

I signed up with 411 with the notion of only paying for the first 30 days. After they billed me for a second month I called my "REP" Benny telling him that I did not want the second month and only agreed to the first 30 days. He informed me that I needed to cancel 30 days in advance... I told him that I only signed up for 30 originally. I was told that did not matter because I never cancelled???
Makes sense right? Not really.

When I was charged for a third month I saw red!! After multiple attempts. I mean calls, emails, VM's, I finally sent an email to the info@, sales@ and any other email I could find to get some type of response. Benny then called me and informed me once again that I did not cancel on time, but my account is now closed. I demanded a refund and was told there is nothing he could do, I was no longer his client since I had closed my account...

I run a reputable business and have no time to complain about bad service, but in this case I had to make an
Not only does their service not work... (did not receive even one phone call through their service).
They are thieves!

Dont use them, don't give them your CC# and expect nothing from them.

Absolutely the worst company I have ever come across.

Asim Ullah
Jan 16, 2014

411.ca is a scam - Cannot cancel

411.ca is biggest scam ever - They are still charging my Visa credit card -

I was told that its $50 / Month, and i was charged way more than that..

September 2013 - $89( WHY $40 more then said price)
October $141.75 ( WHY $90 more than Said price - i asked for explanation and was ignored)
November 98.70 - is when i asked them to Cancel it for me but was ignored - no reply and they continue to charge me.
Dec 16 $98.70 (Sent email to refund at once - but was ignored)
Jan 16 2014 - Charged again -98.70.

Today i sent email to thier billing and came on google to see what others have to say about it. and wow... found this thread. This is fraud - why are they still in business. and any of you were able to get refund ?

please help as to how i proceed to get refund and stop these charges.

Feb 12, 2014


I also agreed to try there service for a month and I never received any calls from there service. I was billed for 2 months after and never was issued a bill to pay. I CALLED AND TRIED TO CANCEL BUT I WAS TOLD I WAS PUT INTO COLLECTIONS AND YES COLLECTIONS CALLED ME TO TRY AND GET MONEY. I AM NOT PAYING NOTHING EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE 411.CA EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 26, 2014

Impossible de canceller

411.ca c'est de la vraie marde. Ca fait 3 mois que j'essais d'annuler mon abonnement inutile. J'envoie des e-mail et j'essaie d'appeler et je tombe toujours sur la boîte vocale. Une vraie gang de crosseur. Si ça continue, je vais me présenter au bureau à Montréal. Sinon je vais changer mon numéro de carte de crédit

May 8, 2014

continue to bill after cancelling service

Cancelled my service and they kept billing me... very unimpressed!!

Jan 18, 2015

411.ca is horrible

They are indeed money grabbing scammers. I DON'T advertise on their site, I want nothing to do with their site. Yet they added me anyways. My phone number is UNLISTED and PRIVATE, yet they have my phone number on their site with my FULL PERSONAL HOME ADDRESS. I did not authorize this at all ever!!!! They will not delete it as per my request. They are totally ignoring me. This is an invasion of my privacy and they do not care.

Pat Turner
Jan 22, 2015

DO NOT get involved with 411.ca

I wish I had seen these posts before I took the call. Do NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT get involved with these people!

I got a cold call and they said they could advance my search engine listing (SEO) in engines like Google for only $220.month. A listing at the top of the list! (They mingle conversation about the top of their 411 list with the Google list until you can't tell the difference). I signed on for a month. . . after all, they said you could cancel any time! That was on Dec 18th, 2014.

I went immediately to the web to check this company out. There is a now a whole section of the internet devoted to the scary business practices this company and these people are engaged in and within hours I had sent my cancellation for the month following ( I was willing to take responsibility for being suckered into the first month) by email and placed calls to the numbers listed for customer service. They of course did not answer. >Before< they had billed me (the following day). . . I had sent two emails and made a call to their customer support line as well as a time stamped email to the Better Business Bureau regarding the situation. It becomes evident what they are doing when you've had a chance to read these reviews.

The following day, I did get through to their customer support line and was forwarded to my account rep where I again cancelled my account and sent email to both the rep and CS for confirmation of that call. I had also placed a call to the credit card company early on the morning of the 19th December, outlining what had happened.

It is now about 31 days later and I noticed the Visa charge from 411.ca for another month this morning. This after writing 8 emails to them cancelling their service and a number of calls, and a dated letter to the Better Business Bureau on the day >before< their initial billing.

And still they charge. Once you are signed up. I doubt they will ever stop billing you. DO NOT get involved with this company . . .they are bad news.

Feb 3, 2015

411.ca is a real scammer

I was convince to sign up for 75 dollars per month as I do run a private cleaning, august 2014 I did sign up. the guy I spoke with said they will advertise my company and etc. and I can cancel anytime, then 1 month after didn't get any calls from client from them so I called them and cancel the service, the guy said its all good and cancel so I am worry free. today I got an email from Canada Legal referral!! so I did call and the lady I spoke with is a bitch, she threatened me to send it to credit bureau, and that makes me upset because I am doing my best to get my credit back and here they are again? I told her that it was been cancelled she argue with me and said I should get a letter of cancelation? what the heck! I explained to here 100 times she wont listen, and I almost cried because why this people are doing this? I am a single mom and work 3 jobs with no support and now asking me to pay 336.00 which is not my fault. her name is Stephanie Kalaitzidis, maybe she doesn't get enough pay that is why she keep threatening me..411.ca your business is not worth it, you are full of shit and big scammer....

Feb 23, 2015

411.ca Manager

Cory Phillips is the biggest scammer of them all. He tells people to lie and say anything just to get the credit catd number, and that he will cover it up when shit hits the fan. But he then turns around and throws the agent under the bus. He uses company incentive money for personal use. Cancel, "they can never cancel", says Cory in a sales meeting. Be aware of the sales tactics. If you have money to waste, waste it somewhere else.

Feb 26, 2015

411.ca Manager

Bart Gogarty should be fired. The only reason he has a job there is because he is friends with the past CEO. He is not qualified to run a kindergarten, let alone a Customer Service Department. He tells the reps to lie to the customers, and anyone that tries to be professional and actually help the customers are either reprimanded or fired. You have to be his puppet to succeed and get ahead in this department, eg Charmaine Berridge. He will throw anyone under the bus to further himself. He doesn't believe in customer service, just get the credit card and make the sale. Cancellations are not allowed. Let's hope the new CEO deals with him soon.

Mar 13, 2015

My worst customer service experience

I wanted to change the address of my company on 411.ca (as the one they display on their website is outdated). I got Joshua on the phone and after his *very* pushy sales pitch I explained I'd speak to my CEO and would call him back if we were interested in further advertising. I politely asked if he'd update our address in the meantime, and he flat out refused until we'd either signed up for advertising with them or he'd spoken directly to the CEO. He then made a few snarky comments – "You aren't interested in getting customers I guess, eh?" and "Really? You don't have the authority to authorize $60/month?". He then hung up on me while I was speaking.

I was left frustrated and angry – something no one, especially current or potential customers, should ever feel after speaking with an organization's "customer service" department. Would highly recommend no one deal with 411.ca if at all possible.

Mar 17, 2015

RE: My worst customer service experience

Hi MstDrm,
I am Jessica, Coordinator of Marketing and Community Management.
I'd like to apologize to you on behalf of Joshua, who is one of our sales reps. I assure you that he will be disciplined accordingly.
Please send an email to [email protected] with the phone number of your listing as well as the new address information and I'll be happy to get that updated for you right away.
Kind Regards,

May 12, 2015

BUYER BEWARE... Don't waste your money


411.ca is not only the biggest rip off it is run by a bunch of unprofessional people who's only goals are to collect your credit card and then you never hear from them again. All the reviews below are completely accurate and a clear indication that this is a pattern. They make all these promises then they send you some document and when you try to cancel they say we sent that to you in the fine print. When you try to cancel you have to jump through hoops to do so and in addition the reps outright accuse you of lying to them. Definitely not a reputable company and certainly not beneficial.
Not only would I recommend not using them I wouldn't waste my time reading any more of these... because they are all the same...

Jul 6, 2015

411 ripped me off

411 is robber and irresponsible..............I have horrible experience with 411. I was running a window cleaning company. A marketing lady from 411 used to call me every other day to advertise with them but latter when I want to cancel it, she was rude and totally non cooperative. I requested their customer care on 30th June to cancel my account and she told me, its done and I will receive a confirmatory mail in a day or so but I never received that. After couple of days, I called back and get shocked that my account is not cancelled and I have to pay an extra month (August) because they just deduct payment for July yesterday. I told them whole situation but they were totally non-cooperative.......
F***rs, They will kiss your feet when they want to start your business and then kick on your ass, if you want to cancel your account. They are robbers

Iraj Babaei
Aug 2, 2015

411.ca is a 5 star scam company

This is truly a legal scam company apparently located in Ontario. If you sign up with them you are hooked for a long time, and if they know you are going to cancel your subscription they sure know how to ignore you and drag your membership for a few more months. If you try to cancel your membership by Email you are out of luck. They will send you a read receipt, but do not cancel your membership unless you get your credit card company involved. Once they receive your Email they acknowledge that they have received it, but do not contact you or cancel your membership. In my case, I forced CIBC Visa to reluctantly contact them and resolved the issue after 6 extra months. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY. THEIR SERVICE IS ALSO HOAX.

Aug 5, 2015

LOL @ Jessica, Coordinator of Marketing and Community Management

LOL Jessica!

You picked the one guy who didn't lose any money in this whole thread and respond to him!!! LOL you are a joke just like the company you work for (Or the one you did work for it looks like you quit)

Anyways I am also getting scammed by these guys, when I have more time I will post what I am doing to get my money back. I just had to post because I found it funny that they offer right away to fix some guys phone number right away but don't give a shit about the people they have ripped off.

Aug 9, 2015


OK so I finally have time to post as I am done dealing with these people. Like many other people that post here, I fell for this stupid scam, after 4 months of no calls and or and business I phoned in February to cancel my service. I was on the phone it was a hassle but the person said I had to pay this month and that would be it. So March roll around and sure enough I get charged.

I phoned my bank and canceled my card and did nothing, I didn't call them I didn't email nothing. A few months later I got a email saying I had a outstanding bill and to call so I could update my payment info. I sent a email back saying "I phoned and canceled in June I don't owe you anything." and that was it, that guy never got back to me, so I was under the impression everything was good. Again 2 months later I get a email from another guy asking me to phone in because I now owe $400 with fees and stuff. I emailed the same email to this guy saying I canceled and don't owe anything. This guy actually got back to me saying he couldn't find the call and that the best he could do was cancel it from when I emailed the last guy, but I still would owe $200. I emailed him back and said I was sorry I would not be giving 411.ca a dime as I feel his company ripped me off already for $200.

Again this was it, he didn't get back to me nothing. Then I got a email/phone call from Canada Legal saying 411.ca put me in collections and I need to pay this right away. I emailed her back saying I would never be paying this and in a few days she will get a letter of dispute, I also said any further dealings would need to be done by mail as I have a app on my phone and already blocked her number. She did not call or email after that.

I then email that last person I talked to at 411.ca. In the email (I did not swear or tell him or anyone at 411.ca to f-off during any of this) I told him that I see he has sent me to collections and that I was disputing this and would require the following information.

1) The contract
2) The call log as well as click data used during my sales call as I feels the number the sales rep used were fabricated
3) All the calls (Printout is fine)
4) His managers name and phone number
5) Something in writing showing that after my call no other ad was sold for my area as the sales person said I was going to be the only one 411.ca would list
6) The click data on my ad

I got a email the next day saying they reviewed my account with his manager and they decided to remove my account from 3rd party collections and wipe my balance.

So that it! That worked for me!

Aug 16, 2015


This company is a HUGE SCAM. As everyone else has said, they will keep charging you after you cancel. They also increase the monthly cost WITHOUT TELLING YOU. Even if you change your credit card number they start blackmailing you to get (steal) your money. Absolutely horrible people. You have to be a really unhappy, insecure person to go to work there every day. Low life scum bags.

Oct 2, 2015

Stay Away From 411.ca!

The title of this review says it all and so do the previous comments to mine. If you give them your credit card, they will not refund you even if it's their fault and they will continue to debit. I cancelled my credit card for failure to deliver on the advertisement. I'm out $100 as a lesson well learned. They're a scam.

Oct 16, 2015

411.ca Client Services

Good day,

I am the Manger of the Client Services Department at 411.ca. The team and I are very concerned about the reviews posted to this site and would like to ensure each concern has been addressed.

As a company we aim to resolve each and every customer concern as quickly as possible. Due to the format of this site, we are often unable to connect a review to a particular customer record. We understand that people may prefer to remain anonymous when leaving a review so if you would like to contact me directly, please reach out to me at [email protected] .

We appreciate all the feedback and are certainly using it to improve the experience for all of our clients.


Je suis le manager du département du service à la clientèle au 411.ca. Mon équipe et moi-même sommes préoccupés par les commentaires postés sur ce site et souhaiterions nous assurer que le problème ai été reporté.

En tant qu’entreprise nous visons à résoudre chacun des problèmes de nos clients le plus vite possible. Le format de ce site nous empêche bien souvent de relier un commentaire au dossier client auquel il se rapporte. Nous comprenons que chaque utilisateur souhaite préserver son anonymat en postant un commentaire, c’est pourquoi il serait préférable que vous puissiez me contacter directement à l’adresse suivante : [email protected].

Nous vous remercions de votre retour qui nous permettra d’améliorer l’expérience de tous nos clients.


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