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Crocodile James
Jun 25, 2012

lying company

I wanted to open an account at Securus tech.net, but the page led me to Jail Solutions, and I thought it was the same thing. I have received a phone number which I thought I could use to phone my grandson, who is in jail. But it turned out that the jail did not use this company. I called the Jail Solutions to cancel the account, however, I was told that I do not have an account there, but I have been charged for $80.00 from my Visa card for their service. I want to receive my money back, and I want some justice.

Jun 28, 2012

Securus tech.net

The same thing happened to me that happened to Mr. James.....I opened an account through securus....was put through Jail Solutions..they gave me a number to which Broward Jail does not honor Jail Solutions and I was chareged 80.00 for a number I could notuse...when I compalined to customer service they ignored my complaints.....I want a full refund ...I am writing to the Broward County Jail Sytem to let them know that the phone service they use is bougus..........Singer...

Nov 26, 2012

cant recived calls have money on

i cant get calls. i call u all last week the guy put a work order in to see what was going on

Apr 2, 2013

Securus Tech

Securus Tech is a rip off! Its not nothing that really gives you more with setting up a phone account to speak with your loved ones!! I added 60$ and it only gave me two phone calls from it! It charges 14.57 to even accept the one phone call...which is the same amount that it is..if I just accepted his collect call!! It doesnt do any better..and it took a chunk of my money!! Your best off just by accepting and paying for the phone call!!

Jun 10, 2013


My son was in Fayette Co Detention Center in Feb of this year (2013). Either the mother of his children or the young lady who was his girlfriend at the time set up an account for him to make pre-paid collect calls. Apparently they also added my number so he could call me and his children who I have custody of. He got out of jail but is back in again and there was money leftover on the account. He has used what was left on the account, now I'm getting a pre-recorded call every day "reminding" me that the funds have been depleted and calls to my number have been blocked. One of these young women is now in jail herself and the other has since changed her phone number. So not only am I getting annoying phone calls from this company every day, my grandsons can't speak to their father. The last time they called me I followed the prompts and got through to a person who was oh so polite and rather condescending. He said that since the account was not set up under my name or number, in order for them to basically stop harassing me every day that I have to have my phone carrier send them a fax to prove that my phone number belongs to me. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and I told him that and asked to speak to a supervisor. He said since he had told me how to resolve the problem that it was against company policy to escalate the call. So iorder to end this cluster**** I will raise my blood pressure even further by having to deal with another annoying person that I may or may not be able to understand because Cricket choses to send jobs off-shore and who most assuredly won't comprehend what I'm asking them to do. And why would they, it makes no sense. I guess this company doesn't know what customer service is. I didn't commit any crime, my son did and they were paid for their service. The person I spoke to said his name was Cameron and the supervisor is Chrisy Caro.

linda lou
Jun 23, 2013

adding funds

I purchased a prepaid debit card from walgreens, when I called secures, it informed me that it would take 15 min, I call back in 20min. automation wouldn't accept my card number, kept saying it was wrong, 3 times I tried finally accepted. I went to work,came back to add funds to MY account,no dice!! got ahold of cust.service rep. on line and was told, because I tried 5 times to add money, MY ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED FOR A WEEK!! Are you kidding me!!! I will be complaining as soon as the people that answer the phone get to work! This is a crock of s....!

p mitchell
Jun 24, 2013

phone services is bad a lot of static in the phone

my boyfriend call from mcrae georgia i accept the call the phone connection was awful i could hardly hear what he was saying a lot of stastic in the phone.by the time i kept saying i can hardly hear u time as pass by then the phone cut off.i dont mind paying for the call,but as least i could get a credit or a free call whenever he call again.thank you very much.

Jun 26, 2013

Bad Service

I set us an Advance Account through Secures Tech and it cost me $17.55 per call, if I just accepted the call it would have been 11.98. The phone call are suppose to last 15min......good luck with that!!!!! my calls last 8-10mins....I would just accept the phone calls and hope and pray that your love one's situation will be resolved soon!!!!!!!

Aug 10, 2013


This company is ridiculous. I will do whatever I can to take any legal action against them. I will also protest in the mean time and let people know just how awful this company is. I get over charged my calls are constantly terminated for no reason what so ever. This company thinks that they can just take your money and run - news flash securus I got copies of everything and sad for you - you do to. I actually complained in a live chat with a sales rep today because I had just put $40.00 on my account last night I recieved two phone calls for $2.75 a piece. My account balance is now 31.50 and could be 34.50 (this is the last straw I have been robbed blind for the last month) Ill copy and paste the sale reps response here. He also would not give me his last name.... Freakin ridiculous!!!

RACHAEL: i had 40 dollars in my account i had two phone calls 2.75 each I now have 31.50 in my account - it should be 34.50
and thats not even mentioning all the times your company has ripped me off before
Matthew: There was an owed balance of $6.45 when the last payment was made.
RACHAEL: no there wasnt
RACHAEL: and that wouldnt even make sense
Matthew: Yes ma'am, I am sorry you disbelieve that, however that is the case.

Can i just be captain obvious here !!! THIS COMPANY CANNOT EVEN COMPLETE SIMPLE MATH to lie properly!!!! I I had had a negative balance of $6.45 then my account balance would be 28.10 These people are morons and extremely rude and they are ripping me and many people off!!!!!!! I dont care how far this has to go if my loved one is in jail out of jail. Maybe no one else went past a sales rep. or the supervisor but I am going to expose them big time. They are crooks. I plan to protest and do whatever I need to. Anyone else that can think of useful ways to get them shut down or running better and not ripping people off - then let me know. I am thinking about making a facebook and possibly a site "People Against Securustech.net" Anyone who wants to join the site or facebook feel free I will post more information about it later. I am not one for injustice or being ripped off and treated poorly especially by a place of business . Not while I am breathing.

Sep 28, 2013


Is there any government agency who regulates the functioning of this company? They are so terrible and they are good at harrassing the families. They want the families to pay heavily for receiving calls from the family member in prison, whether they can afford or not. They partner with other companies and help them make money. They illegaly block the numbers if one tries to get a number which is a legal number showing as a local number for one to recieve calls for less money. For example if the number is more than 100 miles from the prison 20 minutes call costs almost 10 dollars versus if you get a number which is in the same area code as the prison is it is termed as local call and one ends up paying only a dollar, the total cost is two dollars. So what they do is block that number even after you submit the proof of ownership as per the information on their website. No one contacts you but they go on blocking the number... if one calls no one comes to phone the phone for atleast an hour. They are so busy in harrassing people and ripping people they don't have time to take the calls. Can someone tell me is there any agency who regulates and oversees there work ethics?????????????/

Sep 30, 2013

billed on my debit card dont talk to anyone here

on my bank statement i have a charge of $16.95 i talk to no one with you guys i use global-tel i want my money refunded and not get charged any more! please contact me. ycorrea1960@yahoo.com

joyce walker
Oct 9, 2013

not receiving service

I can't add money nor receive calls with money on account.

Nov 22, 2013

Cannot get help adding a phone number

I was unable to add a phone number to my account using the web site. Also tried to add the number using the phone system. However, when I could not add the number successfully the system stated I appeared to be having difficulty told me it would disconnect the call and invited me to call back again. When I sent a request for help through the email system on their web site, I received a response stating my message stating no response was necessary because they perceived I had a long list of complaints, and I could reopen my request in 7 days. Is this a customer oriented business or an extension of the penal system? The web site abysmal, the phone service not much better. All I want to do is add another number and add money to the account.

Nov 27, 2013

Time To get back at Securus

I too have had issues with Securus and their customer service.. Here is what you need to do and what I have done:
1. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Securus.
2. File a complaint with your states attorney general's office.
3. File that same complaint with the attorney general's office in Texas since that is where Securus is head quartered.
4. Take that same complaint and send it to the U. S. Attorney General's office.
5. Send the states governor a letter of complaint for the state that your loved one is locked up.
5. and lastly file a complaint with the FCC (Federal Telecommunications Commission) They are currently looking at these companies that are charging way to much money to talk to your loved ones that are in jail/prison.

Securus's is a bully company.. They think that they can do what they want and when they want.. Time to take action.. It's not going to happen unless YOU take a little time to report them.

I hope that this helps you!!

Dec 1, 2013

Securus Technologies

Securus is the WORST. It should be criminal for them to charge the long distance prices they do. I am in CA and my loved one is in a correctional facility in TX. A 20 minute phone call costs me almost $30, and that doesn't include the minutes on my cell phone. There are ways around this, get yourself a local google number for free, and have it forwarded to your cell or landline. OR, use http://inmateaid.com, they will get you a local line, for a reasonable price. Securus will lie to you and tell you you can't do that. You can.

Securus pays the state a kickback in order to have the monopoly that they do - so it's a win-win for Securus and the jail, and a lose-lose for the inmates and their families. Before we figured out a way around it, my family spent nearly $2,000. on phone calls. Securus knows you're desperate and will do whatever you can to see that your loved one has a friendly voice. Most families cannot afford to call often, if at all.

The FCC made a ruling on August 9th to cap the long distance fees - this has taken a DECADE of fighting. http://www.huffingtonpos…

These people are scum. Taking advantage of people who are already suffering and struggling financially.

Securus is a monopoly, as are the other prison phone systems. The phone equipment in the jails that the inmates use are made by Securus. Securus records every call and cuts you off at 20 minutes. The connection is TERRIBLE, and often disconnects you for no reason. They claim their "technology" saves lives and thwarts crimes. Bullshit. The technology is called "recording," and you can download a free app for that, that works much better than anything Securus has. If they detect that you are using a number that is being forwarded (through google or InmateAid or anything else) they will flag the number and "block" it. They will try to intimidate you and tell you you could be charged with a crime. Total. Bullshit. If your line gets blocked, call Securus and tell them your loved one can't get through and they'll give you some horseshit story about why it was blocked and then they'll unblock it. You may have to do this multiple times. Securus RECORDS EVERYTHING. No matter where the number came from, all calls are recorded - so there IS NO compromise of security. Besides, I'd really like to see the actual numbers, the facts, about their claim that they're preventing crimes and saving lives (this is why they say their fees are so high). Its preposterous. You can barely hear who you're talking to and get cut off half the time - that would be a pretty ineffective system to use if you're seriously trying to save lives.

Securus is an evil, Evil, EVIL company, that cares about profits above all else. Their customer service is a joke. They are rude and inefficient and unhelpful. Every time I call them I ask when they are going to comply with the new FCC ruling. Sometimes they say they don't know anything about it. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, they say I can't. (That's not true because before the ruling, I spoke with a supervisor on request.) They give you a standard template response that you have to write (snail mail) to the company if you have questions about their procedures. Two guesses if anyone ever responds at all, much less with something informative.

Google Securus complaints, google about the FCC ruling, about the other prison phone companies, and about the original lawsuit that brought about the ruling. You will be appalled at what you find.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this evil company by sending your complaint and contact info to ClassActionSecurus@gmail.com.

Ron McQueen
Jun 15, 2014

Greedy government & corporation

There are simple reasons why the public is getting screwed over by the Securus system. It is a cash cow for not only the company itself, but the federal and state governments that attach usage fees. In the end, they are all taking advantage of we, the public who simply want to talk to their loved ones. Look at the Securus website. It list job careers, investor opportunities, etc. Securus is nothing but a corporation that has talked state correctional institutions in turning a desperate inmate phone call into a money making business venture. If state governors and the President, who so vehemently claims he is for the "hard-working" American, would take a hard look at how this money-grubbing business takes advantage of honest citizens trying to reach their loved one, maybe things would change. Whatever happened to the no-brainer process of allowing an inmate to simply pick up a phone and make a collect to their family. Greed happened! Nothing will ever be done to correct this because most of the public thinks everyone in prison is a loser or mad killer. Most of us know that isn't true. People make mistakes. Some of them are caught and pay the price. Enter the government and greedy corporate entities to take advantage. In the meantime, we cannot communicate with our sons and daughters.

Jun 30, 2014

No 3 way calling

This so mess up as soon as you answer the call the phone hung up and talk thus phone is being discontinued do to 3 way call only be on the phone for 41 second. And you try to call and do the right thing to get you money back but the people over piss you off ever more because you have a cell phone and they can't put money back on the phone. They don't understand we send I where hard earn money on the phone to talk to I where relative and then the phone hung up we don't have money to keep putting on the phone you people that try to write by calling to let you what but we get no justice.

Jul 15, 2014

Expired money?...

I sent 40.00 ck to save over 9 dollars charged to use card to add money on acc. My stepson was moved before it even got posted. Now he is in a correctional complex that uses Securus. I call and was told my money expired after 6 months! Rip off , scam, greed off of loved ones that done nothing but want to know that person is ok. Turn them in, see if we can file against them. Enough people complain enough , maybe we can break up this money making racket !!!

Feb 10, 2015

Elmer Rodriguez

I need call to my friend Aniba Ortiz

Deanne Randle
Apr 21, 2015

Rude and Greedy

This company is the absolute worst company to go through they will steal your money!! It doesn't even allow you to receive your calls . I've had multiple calls that hang up before I can even accept it (the call), yet I still got charged for everything! Finally when I was able to accept the call it said my balance was low. I stayed on hold for 2 hours the first time I called customer service. The second time I was placed on hold for 47 minutes! I ended up having to "act" like I was putting more money on the phone to get directed to customer service in a respectable time of 1 minute!!! That lady was rude, accused me of lying and being a thief then told me that she will send a paper to disput in the mail! Tf, the mail?

Keep in mind this all happened in two days!
I placed the money on 04/19
received 4 calls that hung up before I could even accept.
The following day I got one call I was finally able to accept with them telling me "my account was low"
when I just put money on my phone yesterday ..
Someone please explain this!

May 26, 2015

Feasts on inmates' friends and families

This is about as low and rotten company as you can get and it'd be safe to call Securus borderline to a scam, basically adding insult to injury. If having a loved one incarcerated isn't bad enough, these crooks have inmates' friends and families at their mercy charging outrageous fees for communication outside correctional facilities.
They know families want to talk to their loved ones, so they use vicious prices as another way to profit correctional facilities. As far as I know, visitations (another nuisance within itself to deal with) are free, but they make up for it by telephone. I'd compare taking their calls to going in for a visit and making a $15 donation to the facility when you're there.
It used to be the calls would appear on your phone bill, however, that had to go due to facilities' greed of not profiting from it, leaving calls only able to be taken by credit or debit card anymore.
It's debatable whether their messages aren't conveniently chopped in half as a way to trick you into taking the call again if it's handled by answering machine or voicemail. On a playback message, all you'll hear is an automated "sorry, I didn't recognize your response," and instructions that are too late to work. Only if you take the call live will you know who's calling you and where from and you're blackmailed into giving them a CC number to talk to the inmate. You can easily blow $100 in days dealing with Securus, two 20 minute calls cost nearly twice that.
If already paying taxes to house inmates isn't enough, facilities can punish their friends and families by signing up for communication services that offer the highest commission. As terrible as it is, the best option for dealing with Securus is not getting mixed up with them in any way.

May 26, 2015

Greedy and Heartless

This company is the most ridiculous one I have dealt with or, let me rephrase, tried to deal with. You absolutely cannot get a live person to communicate with or at least I never figured out how to. My son is incarcerated and I am not going on his bond; however, it does not mean that I don't love him or don't want to communicate with him. The call from the facility was $14.99 for up to 15 minutes, or $9.99 to a cell phone?? I was reluctant but after 7 days, I pressed '1' to put the call on my charge card. I entered the number and then got a response that it was invalid, then that the call had been disconnected ? what's going on there? Hoping that I didn't get charged the $14.99 but will have to wait and see when I get the bill, which I will dispute if there. Of the $14.99, $1.85 was the phone charge and the balance to them .. $13.14 in their deep pockets. There are numerous complaints out there, BBB is full of them. Why are they allowed to get by this behavior? I was told they could buy a $10.00 phone card and make three calls from it, so I deposited a $20.00 bill and was charged a $3.95 fee ! Therefore, he will only be able to make approximately 5 calls, probably not enough remaining to make the remaining one. I am totally disgusted but they totally have the upperhand. You have to use them if you want to communicate with your loved one.

Jun 19, 2015

White collar criminals

For the past four months I have invested over $2000 in communicating with my love one. It began to get too expensive since many times my calls were disconnected at one point I was even negative it's hard to understand why you would be negative . I called them they made some bogus excuse whatever the case was I needed to communicate with my loved one. I later found out that adding phone time through the jail was cheaper, but then the call would drop. It's truly a scam to squeeze every cent out of families. Boycott Securus and the jail phone system. Visit them or email them (depending on jail) until this issue gets resolved if you don't do anything about it you will continue to pay those high fees. Let's try it and hurt the thieves were it hurts, pockets.... Enough is enough. I haven't spoken to my loved one in over 3 days, it's sad but I'm saving money and not enabling securus.

Jul 10, 2015


This dont make no since my calls steady getting cut off i dont even get a chance to say hello and my call get disconnected

Jul 18, 2015

5 falls have dropped

5 phone call have dropped only allowing me a 9 minute phone call how do I get a refund

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