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YOR Health

United States, New York

Consumer reviews about YOR Health

Dec 27, 2011

Pyramid Scheme

My big concern with this company is their REFUND/RETURN Policy. It is almost non-existent on the customer side of the matter. Refunding the amount of products still sealed in its original shipping box is very frustrating.

Due to the AUTOSHIP option they have on their website, I was charged $304.00 for the second batch of YOR Health Weight management. Notice, by DEFAULT that your account is set to this. So, as soon as you become a client you have to have access to this site, and proceed to making adjustments. If you don't and you are slow savy when it comes to the internet and net protocols, then it does sound like a scam. Your account should not be set to DEFAULT (AUTOSHIP) without being actively involved. They will charge you recurring every month. The amount they took out is similar to the amount as I first registered with them. It's ridiculous! I was told that it was the shipping cost that made it similar. I paid $50 for the membership (lifetime). But it cost $60.00 shipping of these products from California. I weighed this box and estimated cost for this is $10.00 the most.

Now that I am trying to get an RMA# (Returned ID?) that the site state that I MUST FIRST ACQUIRE before sending the product or they will not process my return at all. I have sent email through their admin CUSTOMER CARE, filled a Shipping return request, and was answered that, SORRY WE CANNOT PROCESS ANY RETURNED BECAUSE THIS WAS THE 2ND BATCH AND ONLY THE 1ST INITIAL BATCH THAT HAS THE 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

Here is the Email:
since the order has been shipped we are not able to take it back. this is part of our refund policy.
we are sorry for the inconvinience this has caused you.

thank you

So I asked for an RMA# to have this returned. It has been SIX (6) since my request and still no ANSWER. No live person to speak to. I tried contacting my Niece who initially introduced me to the products and the scheme.
And she wouldn't answer my calls. LOL this is almost too funny.

I have already told my credit card to disregard any payments to YOR HEALTH. If in a couple of days this issue is still pending, I will call the ATTORNEY GENERAL for clarification and legal options in recovering my money.


Dec 29, 2011

Pyramid Scheme

I can thank this site and others for helping me resolve my issue with YOR Health. I was able to make contact with someone alive and reassured me that the matter will be taken cared of ASAP. They even went beyond by offering me a Shipping Label, making my return FREE of charge.

I can understand the delay in their response due to the Christmas breaks and perhaps the back files. I believe YOR Health care about their product and their customers. Having written all this, I will not be completely reassured until I get confirmation that I have been completely refunded. I also believe that no scammer will go beyond what is expected of them in making things right with their customer, or would not care what ratings and complaints are pressed on them. Just a thought there.

Once again thanks to this site and those that read.


Sam Quintanilla
Jan 25, 2012

Pyramid Scheme

I was involved with 2by2 from when it first started. I actually brought my friend Lazaro Gutierrez into the business and him and his brother took of with the business. I myself received residual from 2by2.net, IXP.net, and Yor(voip) service. I stopped receiving residuals because they felt I shouldn't be earning free money. I thought this was all about first movers advantage??? You can say that's a different story.

1. Network Marketing is a true business
2. These companies that were mentioned are not pyramid schemes
3. Nework marketing allows product or services to be spread out there quickly
4. It's the average persons best chance.
5. The most economically way of starting a business
6. Self development is the best

1. Some companies out there are pyramid schemes and are shut down quickly
2. No product and no service usually that's a pyramid scheme.
3. People are shading and not the industry (Big issue in Network Marketing)
4. People can get to aggressive. (Not companies fault)
5. It all starts from the leader. There are no short-cuts teach people correctly. Don't teach them bad techniques.

All in all the industry is legal. If companies are illegal they get shutdown right away. All I can say for reps that are reading this DO THE RIGHT THING. If it feels wrong it probably is wrong. If anyone wants more information I can give you the real deal, because I was there from the beginning. I am not a Yor health Rep. E-mail me [email protected]

Apr 13, 2013


Wow.... Dennis Wong again how come no one stop him from scam ppl? 2by2, IXP, NOW YORHEALTH I hope nothing wrong with YOR health product 'cause it's YOR health that taking the risk. I hope all ppl out there using yorhealth should ask YORSELF a question what a tech dude know anything about supplemental product? I have to admit Dennis is a good opportunistic back in the 90 when Internet was a big deal Dennis was like THE Asians Bill Gate. When Dennis was in 2by2 he had his goofy hair nerdy looking, Now he's portray himself as a good looking botox guy with a smirk on his face....
As a 2by2 rep back in 2002.....I know their scheme preying on young people especially the one still in college(I Was one of them) think make money is easy the more ppl you have the more money you make. Dennis's sale rep. sale the American dream by saying making money EZ, and retire at age 30 and still collect residue money for the rest of your life. Actually how many of the rep can do that? I am lucky to have a career now unlike 1 of my recruiter from New Orleans I heard now working as stock boy at walmart and live with his parents in his 30s. The guy bought into the 2by2 dream so much that he drove an NSX car, fancy watch, all the expensive things any college guys would want just so he can recruit ppl to buy into his 2by2 dream. Most sale rep target Asians kids because they know the kids can get the money from their parents.
If you read this get out before it's too late, You will have to sell your friends and family to get to nowhere
All I am saying is no millionaire out there ever claim to get rich by residue money, I am from Omaha,NE if I know any of Dennis prawn here I will come and talk to them to get out before it's too late.
email me if you have any question about how they recruit or any of the rep want to talk to me [email protected]

Dec 10, 2019


This is definitely a scam. They sell the vision and the dream. It also depends on who is “sponsoring” or recruiting you. Some will share the income they make. What’s important to ask before joining (which they should tell you first hand but they don’t) is how many people in their team, are currently active and what’s the average income as well as hard hard the business actually is. I didn’t ask my sponsor until after I joined (bad idea). She signed up 10 people but only 4 were currently active, which included me. Well not me anymore of course.
They sell the dream and the “opportunity” to join. They get more money that way. In any real business people are invested in the products first. These people were interested in the recruitment. The products may work but they are over priced. Just because they’re prepared in shakes (for the weight loss) while also using “natural ingredients,” they’re able to charge more for it. Organic is usually more costly, but you could very easily also change your ways of eating at home and invest in better quality food without thinking you have to spend this kind of money for this kind of “business.” The only reason it’s not being ruled as a scam business, is because of the autoship that occurs every month. I was told it was a “maintenance fee” to keep my account “active” but in return get products for them. what if I don’t need the products? Anyways that how they keep people purchasing the products. But also what would happen if more people joined the business rather than actually really buy the products? They’d be bankrupt and go out of business in just a few more years. Just like Telexfree.
Also before you join you should ask to read all the business pdf, guidelines, refund policy, how to represent the business, what to and not to do etc. after reading that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to join. The refund policy is the most craziest ever. If this was a real, honest, long term career business that’s based in Irvine,Ca... the USA, you’d expect the refund policy to be about 1-3 business days. Well no. It takes almost a month and a half to get your refund. And the refund policy they have doesn’t really go in depth how long it’ll actually take either.
So how I got my refund: I read the policy guidelines. Went onto my online account, and had to go to the support tap and enter in my order number I purchased for the package and select to cancel it (even though I already received it). I asked for the RMA and was given that number. Went to the post office (or which ever of your choice), and paid 3 day priority shipping. Tracked every minute of it to make sure they got it. Never heard anything for a week and a half. So I messaged them in my online account through support again, and they said it’d take 10 business days. I told them they should’ve received it on a certain date and they asked me to provide information on the tracking which I did. All they did was apologized and continued to basically tell me that regardless, I’m still getting my refund on a certain date they had stated. So I said okay. I’m expecting it. What’s more absurd was that the person I regretfully sponsored (a family member) returned his package about 3 days after mine and was also given the same expected date of refund. That just goes to show that they’re just more interested in taking your money vs. rightly refunding in a respectable, organized, and urgent matter. Your money comes first before you do, to them. So on the day of my refund I get an email stating that I’ll receive my refund, but will need to wait up to 5 business days for it to show in my account ... which I at this point don’t know what to say. I understand refund policy with our personal bank have that sometimes I’m not sure how the process is, but over all not one word was ever mentioned about this. I have bills due of my own. This is a lesson learned. Also don’t invest in this business if you’re desperate for money.
They literally focus all the attention and energy on you when trying to recruit you, they don’t really put themselves in your shoes and struggles. My sponsors were telling me to open up a new credit card just so I can afford the entrepreneur package which ranges 1k-2k. I didn’t want to because that’s crazy. They told me for sure I’ll make my money back in 3 days. Well that didn’t happen. Honestly if someone Really really cared about you and wanted you to get going with the business because “I’ll make money and you’ll make money and we all can make money,” and wanted to help you See the vision, they’d sure as hell would’ve paid that package for me and then just deduct it when I made income because they said they’d mentor and walk me through. All I had to do was find people. Or prey on people desperately needing financial help. As long as someone joins the business, the cash keeps flowing. If you’re in it just for the cash and that concept (which is considered a scam), you can make bank. But if you care about people enough, you wouldn’t go through it. Some have used the products and it works for them and they use that as a platform to sell it, sure you can make money. That’s a better way going about it but over all the only way to really really make anything is to recruit people. And if this business was so great and easy, the whole world would’ve joined it by now and everyone would be filthy rich. They say the business ain’t easy. Well that’s true. It ain’t easy lying to people and trying to listen to all their personal problems and have them solemnly rely on this broke business to do the magic for them. You’re selling the dream here. You have to talk big and inspirational. It’s for those that dream so big that they’ll do anything to reach that financial freedom and that is, to make people join. Everyone just join join join (consider a scam if that’s all the business is). When the payout is more than the product purchase they go bankrupt.

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