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Xymox Percussion

United States

Consumer reviews about Xymox Percussion

Tiny Tina
Mar 22, 2012

confirmations dont work + had to wait 4 months for the package once

After each time I order a snare pad from them I receive an order confirmation which doesn't work. Cannot pay as well for the purchase. Their business is quite slappy. Once I had to wait 4 months for my purchase to arrive. Do not use their shop!

Mar 25, 2012

very fishy company, can't even complete the order

This company never complete my order. I tried to order a new snare pad from them and I tried it several times but they just confirm it and that's all. I hope they won't charge me later for all order I made. They also never reply on e-mails or messages so it seems like this company is a scam.

Mar 27, 2012

its a fraud, stay away

I ordered a few items from them a free one and a paid one in the begining of February and didn't receive it. Ask them about the matter and they replied that they are going to send it in the end of February. After God knows how many emails I finlly got two packges in the end of March but both of them contained the free items and the one I paid $156 for was missing. Since then I never receied a single email from them! They're just a fraud.

Mar 29, 2012

they charged me and im still waiting for my pad

I have purchased an ID snare pad from this company and they have sent me an e-mail it'll come on 1st of March. They charged my card and the pad hasn't come yet! It is really hard to contact them, buyers beware!

Apr 28, 2012

never received anything!!

I placed an order more than 2 month ago and never received it! They promised the shipment in the further correspondence and all I received is a free item instead of a paid one! I want my money back!

nancy altshuler
May 31, 2012


I did not get my order for almost 3 months after it was promised that it was already mailed. When it did finally ship out they were offering a buy one get one free order which they promised me and never fulfilled. When I stopped my credit card payment and only gave them half of the money until they would send me out the other item this is what I got in return... Only there were not any letters missing from their words. YIKES! How can a company treat customers this way??

From: Kevin Heuerman
To: ------------
Cc: Jen Plumhoff
Sent: 2012-02-23 01:15:06 +0000
Subject: re: thank you

You are a f---ing c-nt. We have deleted you from our base. Do not ever even consider ordering from us again.

I love how after you get the order you want to change the rules.

Go f--k yourself... and we will still fight this.

Wrong company to do this to....


Kevin Heuerman

Oct 31, 2012

100% scam Beware!

Purchased a pad from them and paid straight away. I never received any emails with confirmation and of course I never received my order. tried to contact them but it appeared that their phone is not valid and they never reply on emails. Beware and don't buy from them!

Nov 5, 2012

They did not send me my order and no refund!

I have complained to the company that I did not receive my order from them. It’s been more than one month and I was tired of waiting. They cancelled my order and decided not to offer to give me back my money!

Nov 13, 2012

avoid Xymox Percussion

Beware of this fraudulent organization called Xymox Percussion! These guys have charged me for my order the same day I placed it. It's been several months now and I am unable to reach them. Beware of this fraudulent organization, they are not sending anything to anyone!

No One
Jan 12, 2013

Xymox Percussion

First, I must state that I have to remain completely anonymous for fear of retaliation from Xymox's own Queen of Petty Comebacks and Empty Threats: JEN PLUMHOFF.

Second, I must state that if you are currently, or have ever had an experience with Xymox Percussion in which they charged your credit card but failed to ship the product within the promised time, you absolutely need to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission. You can file directly at:


After that I urge you to file a report online with the city of Ontario, California where Xymox is supposedly located.


Giving an account of my experience with Xymox is pointless since it's the same story the rest of you have to tell-- Xymox charged my credit card, failed to ship the product, and I am now being harrassed by Jen Pluhoff.

Jan 12, 2013

avoid all deals with this company

This company is just another credit card fraud! hey fraudulently overcharged my card without a reason after they got my private information and refused in a refund until I contacted my lawyer! Beware and avoid any deals with them!

Feb 1, 2013

Never again

I regret that I did not discover this forum until after I received the message below. Funny that the proprietor states he's not big on threats or demands after threatening (in the previous sentence) to cancel my son's order if HE does not receive an apology.

On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Kevin Heuerman <[email protected]> wrote:
Maybe you should back off from being a jerk and apologize. Otherwise I am having the tenor sent back to us and refunding you your purchase.

We're not big and threats or demands. Sorry we are not the kind of company that gives constant updates during the process and production of your items purchased. Not our forte... and not our desire.


Kevin Heuerman

On Jan 26, 2013, at 11:14 AM:
Your lack of response is unacceptable. Maybe I stand a better chance of getting a response if I post my request via Facebook and Twitter?

On Jan 23, 2013 at 10:36 PM:
Please respond.

On Jan 19, 2013 at 11:54 AM:
It has been 13 business days since we placed our order. Can you please provide an ETA?

Product ordered on Jan 1, 2013
Site states: "allow up to 10 business days for your items to ship"

May 22, 2013

Paid for tenor pad, never received

Despite bad reviews online, we ordered from xymox anyway. Our son REALLY wanted this brand of pad. We waited the 4 weeks for delivery, as stated on their website. After the 5th week and no product, I tried calling. No answer. I tried emailing multiple times. After the 4th time, I got n email saying it would ship out the next day. WELL, here it is 4 more weeks later. Repeated attempts to contact them with no return communication from them. Finally, after telling them I was going to contact my credit card for product not delivered, I received an email saying my product had shipped. I asked for a tracking number......NO answer. I'm sure I will never hear from them. We ordered the pad on 3/28 .....today is 5/22. No pad..no communication....but I DO have $188 charge to my credit card. Bunch of frauds.

Jan 16, 2014

This is a complaint outlet, not a valid source of reviews

If you're about to buy a Xymox pad and are wanting to see reviews, just keep in mind the page you are reading now is ONLY an outlet for those who have complaints. the numberous, NUMBEROUS success stories and fantastic products and happy customers are found on their facebook page and on websites that offer the ability to submit "reviews" instead of just "complaints".

you'll have to look elsewhere. everybody knows custom products take time to ship. Xymox is still going strong and expanding RAPIDLY, so let that be comforting to you after reading all this garbage about people losing hundreds of dollars. Xymox is not in trouble with anyone and has broken NO laws whatsoever, nor have they ever stolen from anyone. just because people don't come back to their complaints to explain that they got resolved doesn't mean they didn't. If Xymox was really stealing money from people every day, they wouldn't be around. they'd be paying lawsuits and showing up in court all the time. but that's never happened, so obviously people who are claiming they've been stolen from and that Xymox is a terrible terrible mean company and the like are not coming back to rectify these egregious claims after they get their money back. Xymox is well known for refunding orders of customers who complain constantly. if that scares you away, then good. they probably didn't want your business anyways.

Jul 1, 2014

Not a Valid Source of Reviews? Remains to be seen...

My son placed an order for a tenor pad in Oct. 2013 and to date (July 1st, 2014), we have still not seen any evidence of the product. He has several email exchanges with Jen at Xymox. All empty promises at this point. I have made one final attempt to get this resolved today by sending an email message to them through my son's account that they have been sending to. I did also, just today receive a response from a complaint I filed with the BBB that they believe the item was lost and would be replacing it and shipping it within 3 days. So, as I said...remains to be seen...especially given the countless claims of shipments that have proved to be untrue. If they do in fact finally get the pad to us, I will make it a point to come back to this site and report that they did finally come through. If not...well I will report that as well here and you can definitely assume all the claims above are very much true and I would definitely advise that you DO NOT do business with them. If the pad is still not delivered, I feel with all the consumer complaints filed online (this site and others) with the same exact issues and the email documentation we have, it shows intent to commit fraud if we indeed never receive this product. Keep an eye out...I will most definitely report the outcome!!

Jul 15, 2014

Reporting back...as promised!

Well it's now been 2 full weeks since Xymox replied to a complaint I filed against them saying they would be completing our extremely overdue order and sending it out within 3 days. We have yet to receive the practice pad or so much as a response from the company. So...BUYERS BEWARE!!! From what I have gathered from the huge number of complaints against this company and my own personal experience...this is business as usual for them and they are nothing short of a BIG SCAM!!! Save yourself the legal battles and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! Also...if you have been robbed like me and would like to share your story to help me build my case against them or if you would like my testimony for your case, please contact me via email: [email protected]. Thank you!!

Sam Moncman
May 30, 2015

Have patience

I have ordered my reserve snare pad about a month ago, and although it has not shipped it is still within the possible manufacturing timeline that was given, I'm patiently waiting for a product that I know is very well made (I've played on a few and loved every stroke) and worth the wait. Also, I've emailed them and have gotten very polite responses back, very quickly. Bothering them about your pad and constantly asking questions just wastes their time that they could be making it. They're a small company making quality hand made products. It's their passion and perfection takes time. Think about if you questioned constantly about every job and single thing you do? That would drive anyone crazy. Just let them do their thing and be patient. I'm very confident that my pad will be everything I want and more.

Apr 7, 2016


These are a bunch of crooks scamming people out of money. The wait the 60 days for the credit card to clear than they make up a bogus tracking number. It's all a scam. Don't send your money!

Dec 11, 2016

Is it worth it?

There are many, and I mean MANY complaints because their shipping, I even hear it from friends who own xymox pads, but they all say "It was worth the waiting".
From what I heard, it usually takes around 4 months for one to receive their pad once they order it, although it may vary if one's lucky or pays for faster shipping. But again, they're custom made and get little to no negative reviews when it comes to the pad's quality. But completely the opposite, they are VERY popular in the TOP drum corps, especially in the Blue Devils and Blue Coats. It's a must have pad for "TRY HARDS".

Haley Berry
Jan 31, 2017


My son asked for a snare from Xymox last Christmas. I placed my order 12.12.16 and the money was taken from my credit card immediately. A week goes by so I email them for a tracking because they have zero communication with their customers about orders. Didn't get a response. When it got closer to Christmas I emailed again pleading with them for an update. A couple days before Christmas they told me that they took on too much and were spending time with family during Christmas. I tried to understand, but when this was one of my son's Christmas presents that he requested and he wasn't going to receive until after Christmas .....Anyways, weeks go by and I decide to try again and email them to give me the statis on the order. I get an email back saying that it takes 6-8 weeks. Mean while, they are having 50% sale on all snares in the warehouse! Gosh, just send me the one I ordered. Why in the hell are you having a sale when you can't even get the orders that you have out. Long story short. it took the whole eight weeks and when it came in....the top laminate on the snare wasn't the color we ordered. Disappointed!!!!!!

I'm a nobody
May 18, 2017

No answer, no reply, no respect, no need to do business with these people.

First and foremost, from what I've read and experienced, everything about these practice pads is phenomenal. These pads are hand made in the US. They are custom built to order. These things take time. With that being said customer service seems to be a week point. Understandably with a lengthy time to produce them people get anxious. When emails, phone calls, and more are ignored people will get more and more anxious. I know this as I'm speaking as an owner of a company myself as well as a former retail manager.

My experience has thus far been the worst experience in my life ever. Not one call has been returned, not one email answered in the period of 3 months. I feel I am correct in assuming that during this time an immense amount of company time and effort is put forth into fighting fire after after. These fires could be effortlessly extinguished by simply getting the job done in a timely manner.

I myself have been involved in the daily business workload amongst other ventures. Not once have I opened a bar in my company to satisfy my associates or clients. I have not spent daily time out at the gym with my other half. I have not boasted about a vegan party held at my shop. Again, we are fighting fires while simply tossing fuel into them. When replying hatefully to clients those clients will spread that fuel causing a larger fire. This less than ideal way of putting out the fire never work.

There may be only a few select employees at this company to which I do not know. There may be issues with suppliers, again I do not know. What I do know is in 3 months time of waiting I have put forth much effort into my business. I have been plagued with supplier issues as well as deadlines. Most of the fires I have had to put out have been my own doing too. I have contemplated closing up shop. I have contemplated suicide numerous times. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing I have to fill my clients orders and I have to ensure that my son gets the pad that I promised him.

So take this to heart Xymox family, you're a fine company that could do amazing things if you only tried as hard to produce product as much as you try to produce your image and reduce your fires.

Feb 25, 2018

Shipping promises never fulfilled

I ordered my drumpad back in October of 2017. They said it would ship by November which still seemed a little too long. I never got the shipping confirmation so I emailed in December and they said that it should ship in a few days. By January it still wasn’t shipped. I emailed again and they said that it would be shipped in January. It is now February and the lady said it was packaged and ready to ship last week and I still haven’t received the shipping notification. I emailed her again and she hasn’t replied

Apr 1, 2018

Not Worth it!!!

I ordered my Xymox pad December 6th and haven't gotten it back yet...It's April freaken 1st!!!!! Almost 4 months of waiting. Tried emailing to ask about when It would arrive but they don't respond. Even asked for my money back and no response. Total loss of $113 and was not worth it at all. Someone needs to do something about this!

Jun 26, 2018

pls calm down everyone

hey everyone just wanted to say that these pads are custom made to order and they have a massive client base and these types of things take time. when it says 2-6 weeks on the website, it's referring to the shipping after the pad is completed. trust me, i understand the frustration, i've been excitedly waiting for my pad to come in for around four months now, but they're a business who custom makes each of there pads. try to be patient with them, you'll get the pad yo

Aug 25, 2018

I hope it’s not a scam

My son ordered a custom tenor pad in June, and they said it would ship July 10th. He followed up with an email at the end of July and they made up an excuse about the paint delaying the pad and that it would ship Aug 20th. It is well past Aug 20th and nothing from them. Well, this could be a valuable lesson for my son to learn, to always look up reviews before buying from a company you don’t know.

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