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Xulon Press

United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about Xulon Press

Richard Ablondi
Dec 11, 2011

Jason Fletcher

I cannot comment on Xulon's practices to be non-christian. I never had a negative feeling about them except two issues. One was addressed in another person's comments. They admit that they have grown too fast to handle the business they have. According to their rep., they were in the process of hiring more staff.
However, we have major disagreements about royalties and the retail price of my book. It is hard to believe that if they drop the retail price to a more considerable cost to consumers, that I have to buy my own book (which I own the copyright to) at their original price. Yes, greed may have a part of it. But I know God has laid this book on my heart to publish and felt that Xulon was the publisher to do it.. So ultimately He is the one who controls it's destiny. So, I must trust Him to bless it no matter how the forces of evil try to discourage it. Maybe if we complain enough something will be done. If we pray more, We will receive the results God desires. Brothers and sisters, lets commit to pray for Xulon as we struggle with this company that those in authority will be convicted of the "less than Christian" business practices. That our books will reap all that God has intended for them to reap in-spite of what Xulon does or does not do for us. And that we trust Him more to know that He is ultimately in control.

Sunny Smiles
Jan 10, 2012

Jason Fletcher

I too have been had by Xulon Press. I have kept a positive attitude and TRUST they would be up front, honest and match their hype.
Today, nearly 5 months later; I am sooo disappointed, disgusted, frustrated and regretful that I went with Xulon Press.
I jumped through all the hoops to get my book published to meet the Christmas sales deadline. Through numerous neglectful, unprofessional, to the point of being nearly laughable if it weren't for the reality of : "This is my book and I want to get it done, and done RIGHT, and PROFESSIONALLY. . . . " . I can't find the words to describe how unbelievably disgusted, disappointed and frustrated I am. Yes, they insist the client PAY fully up front, before the book can go to press: Once paid. . . FORGET ABOUT IT!!!
And the ridiculous excuses they make!!! sounds like the same excuses they made several years ago. . . this clearly shows the company is not even trying to walk it's talk. "the company is growing too fast."
Well, with any luck at all; that won't be a lasting response. . . . as it has been for the past couple of YEARS!!!
and the employees, can't even do an adequate follow up!!!
CLEARLY, the left hand doesn't have a clue what the right hand is doing.
HELLO, is there any management who cares????
When I got Jarad, supposedly management: I question HOW he got there: but he keeps telling me "He's the one that makes the BIG BUCKS!!!" like that's what I want to hear . . . after 5 months of screw-ups!!!
Please, do yourself a favor and Look ELSEWHERE if you're wanting to publish your book!!!
It is not to my liking to post a complaint, I feel in this case, the company drove me to this.

'Preacher Joe'
Mar 1, 2012

Jason Fletcher

My published book possesses all the tangible assets I wanted, (ie. graphics, binding, etc.). Unfortunately, after the publishing (which I paid for up-front), seemingly, there's nothing else they desire to, or can do without additional monetary charges. That's where my disillusionment began; the constancy of, 'book fair inclusion' or 'insertion into publications', etc., notifications, but all for a (hefty, in my world) price. Again, the quality of the finished book was thoroughly acceptable, the publishing process was smooth with helpful representatives...and then it ended...and I sense a disconnect, unless I have money in hand. It's unfortunate when Christian companies don't strive to be revolutionary among their competitive peers...instead of mirroring prevailing secular practices. I'm not in the publishing business, however, I'm inclined to believe there's more to be afforded Christian authors that don't threaten the bottom line. Do I seek a free ride ?...perhaps in my dreams, but, No! Albeit, I DO expect a Christian publisher to think/act outside of the fettering, and proverbial 'this is how we've always seen it done' dusty box. I rest assured there's the most needed, mission filling, informative, entertaining, and quality books available today...not being read because of that ol' chainer himself, ...money.

gloria swift
Dec 2, 2012

Nothing done after they took my money

I bought the highest package they offered and have not received a dime. In addition, I couldn't even get a sample of their press release so I could create one. I did get a list of hundreds of bookstores. And, yes, I had to purchase copies of my books at a high price. I even asked that they reduced the original price of the book but no luck.

The Old Lion
Feb 2, 2017

Terrible Organization

Company is a scam. Anyone can make a website and ask for your money upfront to publish your book . . . and then not deliver. This company won't get any book out in a reasonable amount of time, but they will charge you in the process.
Look elsewhere to self publish.

Aug 6, 2017

Don't Do It!

I had my book published by Xulon and the individual that did the editing didnt have a clue in terms of what she was doing....My book came out on 1/17, and I stopped it due to numerous grammitical errors. I paid in access of $600 in editing and becuase I sent it back on three different occasions, the book just came out last month(July 2017) 6 monhs later than scheduled. In addition, I have numerous friends that purchased my book and today I checked for royalities and thus far only made $3.00 when many of my friends purchased the book. Where's my royalities? Lesson learned...What they dont realize is that I have a large law firm looking into my royalities. If you are thinking about using Xulon, save yourself the headache. DON'T DO IT!

Sep 24, 2017

This Company is A Fraud

I have had s "gut" feeling with this terrible company from the very start. However, they pull Yoy , suck You into their lies. I signed for a "August Special", had to meet this deadline by end of month,2016. I and 3 other people had proof read my final. Manuscript. It was Perfect; no errors. Well, I paid $28.00 to overnight this manuscript. The month of September, I am happily thinking they are working on my book! Wrong!!! Near the third week, guess what?? I go to ck. My mail, and, they send me my manuscript back to me! I phoned them, I was told by Jose Medina, it was an error, re- send he says. So, I lost thee entire month of September because of thei incompetence and stupidity. I was still CHarged the $177.00, and they did NO work on my book. I have never seen such awful people that continue to lie to us good paying people! Plus, they make so many type-0 errors; Yoy would never believe the mistakes they made. I was promised my book to be finished before Christmas, guess what! 4 months later, still not finished and it's not done correctly, I had to pay wat over$200.00for a few additional works. Please, DO NOT choose this company, You WILL be sucked into a truly rough roller coaster ride!! If You choose to do so, get Yourself ready for total BS.. they tell You Yoyrbook will be on the Barnes and Nobles web sight; another Fraudulent lie!

May 16, 2018


THIS COMPANY IS A ### FRAUD!! ITS A SCAM. DONT DO IT! I REPEAT DO NOT DO IT!!! They do not care about their customers. They do not care about the quality of their work. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MAKING MONEY AND DOING AS LITTLE WORK AS POSSIBLE ON THEIR END. The way this company is run is terrible and there is not accountability to their lazy and incompetent workers. My mom worked extremely hard on her book and they did nothing to make the publishing process easier. They never made all the recommendations and edits she did. She always had to re-read (and pay more) and there was always something else wrong because they continued to make changes that were not even asked for. They sent books where the ink was faded, the binding wasn’t right, there were ink marks on the inside of the covers. And then at some point THEY TOOK AN ENTIRE SENTENCE OUT AND REPLACED IT WITH A “w”. And to top it off they removed all the drafts off their online portal so, customers can’t even go back to show that the errors that were made were the companies fault and not their own. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. If i had the money, i would take legal action because it’s absolutely ridiculous that this company is still running. I also see that Jose Medina was mentioned in a previous comment...well he’s THE WORST!

Feb 26, 2020


I have read these reviews of Xulon Press four months too late! My experience has been like that of those in the previous reviews. They always want more $ for any work they do. They make A LOT of mistakes that shouldn't be made - very unprofessional. Basic common sense and asking questions of customer if there are any questions is not used or done. One delay after another. I paid RUSH PACKAGE price (45 days) to get my book published before Christmas. They could have made the deadline but they used the wrong text to add my final 6 corrections (mistakes mostly made by them when they made 100 corrections I was entitled to (my mistakes) but made the 6 corrections to the original and left out the 100 corrections previously made! Four months later - 30-days past their "normal" deadline of 90 days to get a book out and they are still making corrections. Three major errors and one QA error on printing, each causing a delay of two weeks or so. They are very slow to get back with you and returns your calls at their convenience. DON'T GO WITH THIS COMPANY! Having said all of that, I am hoping the book will be nice and the binding does look like good quality. Upper Production management was supposed to call me. He got his third message today delivered to my main contact person. Still no call. They have an author bookstore but you cannot discount your book on it and they charge shipping costs - your book may get free shipping on Barnes and Noble so who would buy your book from Xulon bookstore? Keeping all of the royalties (whatever that means) from sales at Xulon bookstore means no money if no one is buying them from it because they go to where there is free shipping. I don't think my book is in any bookstore and I paid a lot of extra so it would be there. Their policies

Perhaps these people need a class-action lawsuit from dissatisfied authors.

Jul 17, 2020

Horrible horrible Company!!!

I guess what I'll have to say will be like signing to the choir. I wish I would have read the reviews first!!! My goodness this is the most horrible experience I've ever had!!!! I had to change reps until I got to the top dog. And even then it still has no effect. I was told one thing about the royalties and now that I'm to the point of publication it's totally different. I was told that I'll recieve all my royalties being that I was charged almost 5,000 to do everything. Only to find out that my royalties only consists of maybe 20% of the money from the books that's sold!!! This is ridiculous. I have other books on Amazon that I published myself. If I had known they were going to do this I could have published my own book. At least I would have been getting most of my royalties. Then the won't do any marketing until I'm finished paying them. So I have to market myself. They told me that my books were ready to be shipped so I started taking preorders. Then I was told I'll have to wait 3 weeks to get my books!!! This company is very inconsistent and unprofessional I would never ever ever publ8with them again. I have so many other books that they will not get!!!! This was very disappointing.

May 11, 2021

Is anyone there

Like others, I wish I could have read these reviews before I published with them. There are several things that I would like to discuss with them but I have emailed the reps and left messages on their phones, and nobody calls back or emails me back. This is terrible because they should talk to the authors as we keep their company going. They are more interested in selling me my book at high cost than trying to sell my book. I am not sure about my royalties because I had lots of people buy and I got a $65.00 check. I even referred a friend and now I am sorry. I won't use them again. This is a nightmare. WHY WON'T THEY CALL ME BACK.

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