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Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares

United States

Consumer reviews about Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares

Airline Ticket Scam
Dec 15, 2011

Scam promise!

My wife and i have been through these presentations before, so when she mentioned going to the Wyndham Resort presentation, I was skeptical. I asked her to verify whether there were any blackout dates or restrictions on the tickets. The person assured here, there were not. We went to the presentation, thought hard about buying, but in the end didn't. When we got home and looked at the airline ticket vouchers, I found that they were almost useless. You could only fly to certain destinations, we were okay with this, because it included a few sites in Europe. The catch was that you not only had to stay in specific hotels, the cheapest being $100/night, BUT you also had to stay for a minimum number of days at the hotel. The least amount of days was 6. I know people who have and enjoy timeshares, but I recommend you read every detail and think it through hard. I'll never go back to Wyndham because of this bait and switch.

Ticked Off M
Dec 31, 2011

Scam promise!

After reading many of the Wyndham timeshare complaints, yes, we have experienced most of the complaints. We even went to a meeting with a company that helps you get out of the timeshare. Bottom line, they wanted $9, 000 to get out the time share. Another scam! Wyndham representatives are liars and very deceptive. We pay a lot of money each month for the infamous maintenance fees. Each month we continue to kick ourselves for signing into this deception. Thank you "English Ian" for the very useful info.
Every time that we go to a resort, we are barely checked into our room and they are on the phone trying to have a representative meet with us to do a "survey" and give you a free restaurant voucher. This is a ploy to get you to make another appointment so they can sell you more points. These meetings last 2-4 hours. We are on vacation!! We do not want to be in an office on our vacation!!!
We continual to use Wyndham but it is difficult to make reservations. Most of the time if you want to go to a popular location you have to book at least 6 months to a year in advance. Occasionally, we get lucky and get in on a cancellation, but that is rare.
We are getting close to retirement and we do not want to be burdened with monthly maintenance fees on a fixed income. For the money that we pay annually we could go, with a little more money to an exotic vacation spot.

Jan 20, 2012

Scam promise!


Aussie Jumper
Feb 27, 2012

Scam promise!

Totally agree with all victims here, and it happens in Australia too! I got scammed by the representative at the Sydney office - name is Roy Chen - and manager's name is Stuart Harvey. Got the runaround from many people working in accounts, finance and customer service. Totally sick of it!!! And, not once did I deal with someone with an Australian accent!!! Trying to figure out how to get out of it, selling is probably the best option... Biggest load of crap EVER!!! Don't do it!

Mar 19, 2012

Scam promise!

With all of these issues against Wyndham, why hasn't an attorney picked this up for a class action suit? We bought through Fairfield, in Newport, RI. We have a week, not points. We have traded that week for weeks in various places. We are constantly harrassed that we will not have any trading options unless we buy points. From this forum it sounds as if points don't work all that well either. Why don't all owners join in a class action suit? If the federal government can regulate ladders and baby cribs, why haven't these unfair trade practices become an issue? We are consumers; we should be afforded some rights.

Kriz Carcamo
Apr 3, 2013

Wyndham Complaint

Wyndham timeshare presentations are hardcore and very long-lasting, people are usually pressured and bullied into buying a timeshare. The company has been sued in federal court several times by many wyndham timeshare owners for committing wrongs in their vacation credits, such as breach of contract, violation of California’s Timeshare Act and breach of fiduciary duty, among others.

Another common complaint is that maintenance and assessment fees increase very constantly; to the point lots of timeshare owners are no longer able to keep paying them. Many of them decide to stop paying, which is a huge mistake, being that their debt is taken to a collection agency and it ends up affecting their credit score very badly.


Jul 29, 2013


This complaint is in regards to "Wyndham vacation resorts asia pacific" i just realised after reading the customers feedback forum that there was a 7 days cooling off period if i only knew. i have been in dispute with this company for nearly 4 years, i have gone to the extent of changing my credit card details to deferring payment for 3 months with no luck they keep coming back with up to 6 calls a day five days per week, i am not interested in this timeshare crap, i was hung over on signing something i have no knowledge of and will never use so why should i pay for something i am not using. Is there any body out there that can lead me to the right path on how to rid my self of this cancer. My last resort is to go into default with them and i am also thinking about creating a video of my experience and posting it online.

Any suggestion people


Jun 22, 2015

Use an attorney to get out of your timeshare!

My parents had a Wyndham timeshare and they lied to them about everything imaginable. My parents are pretty nieve so they sort of believe anything unfortunately. First of all after you pay them, you can never get ahold of them again. NO PHONE CALLS, NO EMAIL. Its like they dont exsist. They stole there time and there money. It was an absolute nightmare situation for them! I felt so bad for them and so mad that they were being taken advantage of that I took it upon myself to help them get out of there timeshare. So luckily I found Austin at Aronson Law Group and they were wonderful. They fixed all my parents problems in a timely manner and for a reasonable price. If you are having the same nightmarish experience like my parents were, I HIGHLY recommend you check out www.Aaronsonlawgroup.com and get yourself an attorney and out of the nightmare!

Sep 17, 2015

No refund

I told wyndham representative that I'm having financial problems so I couldn't continue applying to be a owner and told me I will receive the refund within 7-10 business days but still haven't the refund more than 10 days. But I talked to another representative that I'm going to receive the refund within 48 hours but no refund in my bank account.
I'm totally unhappy how they treated me like dirt.

Jonas Bernholm
May 27, 2018

Wyndham Back office

My Wyndham failure
Newly arrived in the Florida seaside resort of Panama City Beach in early December 2017, I took an evening stroll and saw a sign saying Tourist Information.
I got information about sights and forthcoming events and then the male clerk said that he had an interesting offer to me.
If I wanted to attend an information meeting with breakfast at the nearby Wyndham hotel then I could have a free week at one of their facilities. The only thing needed was to pay 75 usd in taxes and fees. I negotiated these to 50 usd and paid it.
The meeting at Wyndham was led by Tom Aiello and Dustin Leonard became my assistant during the day.
Tom said that Wyndham had revolutionized the time-share industry. It was no longer about sharing an apartment with other owners. But to have access to a hotel room or apartment at maybe 70,000(?) different locations at the world's largest hotel chain - Wyndham. They had recently purchased RCI, where owners of apartments could submit their apartment and instead get access to everyone else's apartments all over the world. (Wyndham owned a number of other hotel chains such as: Ramada, Howard Johnson, Days Inn, Caesars & Harrahs and many more and they were highly rated ethically, etc).
A 1,5 hour information meeting soon became a full day sales session.
And by the end of the day, I was the owner of a Club Wyndham Silver membership that cost 58379 usd. I paid it through my American bank account.
I was given a contract that included 40 plus pages. I read it carefully. But it never said that I was also a member of RCI – which had been promised. This member ship was important as RCI had many vacation facilities outside of the USA.
I had ten days to cancel the agreement without penalty. And a day or two before the expiration period I met Tom Aiello and asked him about my membership with RCI. He said that I was a life long member with RCI.
I wanted to have more information about web pages, booking and how to find a way in the complicated network of Wyndham. It seemed to be a kind of patchwork where Wyndham had thought of everything except perhaps to make it easy for the members. There were also a lot of added fees that I wanted to avoid.
Dustin Leonard did not think I needed any extra training. After all, I had taken notes from the meeting, and seemed to know it all, he said.
He also said that spirits were high in the office and that they recently celebrated the success of recruiting many gold and platinum members in the past year.
Dustin helped me to book a week in Nashville in January 2018. (Only 6 days were booked initially and I had to extend it by one day….).
In Nashville, I was invited to attend a Wyndham “Owners Update” information meeting. I said yes because I did not yet feel fully learned.
This meeting was almost immediately transformed into a very intensive sales session. An Afro-German woman (born in Germany on a US military base) was in charge.
Many with military experience or raised in military families appear to work at Wyndham. They have experience from foreign countries and of large, hierarchical organizations. (Dustin Leonard had just finished military anti-pirate activities outside Somalia).
She thought I had an insufficient membership. For travelers with a focus outside USA the "Rewards" system was the best. And a gold membership would get me everything I wanted.
It became a long day. The light breakfast started at 10.45 am. And it was over circa ten hours later – without any more food being served meanwhile.
My US bank account had been almost emptied for the Silver Membership. Now the hard working Wyndham staff tried to find different ways to sell me 300000 points (Points is the Wyndham currency) to get an "everlasting" gold membership. My assistant this day was Jennifer Starkey. And the one who arranged the final contract was Joey Spite. 300000 points cost 46,779 usd. And after making a downpayment of 4704 usd I owed Emerald Grande/Wyndham 42,074 usd.
It became a loan with 16.99% interest. (or 735.67 usd/month) . They had done a "credit survey", but without contacting a Swedish credit research institute – (I have all my funds in Sweden). I was not satisfied with the “loan shark” terms. When I picked up a check from my American bank in my hotel room, to make a first installment, Jennifer Starkey followed me there, obviously worried that I would not come back but instead departing before the negotiations were completed.
However, if I made a full down payment of the loan within a month (latest February 9th 2018) there was not going to be any interest payments at all.
Back home again on February 1st, I immediately sent Wyndham, Las Vegas a 25,000 usd personal check and bought a “bankers check” of 20,773 usd that was sent by Deutsche Bank to Wyndham Las Vegas. (This included a final down payment of the loan plus 10 months of Wyndham Home Owners Association maintenance fees as my USA bank account otherwise might be emptied or even overdrawn).
The letter to Wyndham in Las Vegas with the 25,000 usd personal check also included information about my membership number and contract numbers from Panama City Beach and Nashville. And info about the 20773 usd check that was arriving by separate mail from Deutsche Bank.
On the 13th of February 2018 the 25.000 dollar check was cashed.
I had bought my 300000 points to get the Gold membership from the hotel Emerald Grande in the seaside resort of Destin, Florida. According to the contract, the debt would be transferred the same day (Jan 10th, 2018) to Wyndham, PO Box in Las Vegas. And Wyndham Las Vegas was supposed to collect the interest payments as well as the downpayments.
I was very surprised to see that that Emerald Grande on the 26 of February and March 26th and April 26th via an automatic payment plan took 735.67 usd per month in interest. Without deducting the 59 % down-payment of the loan (via the 25.000 usd personal check).
I was paying interest to Emerald Grande who no longer had anything to do with the loan / debt / interest according to the contract.
And they even took an interest on the full amount (42074 usd) without reducing for the 25,000 usd that had already been cashed in.
It was a total back office failure.
There seemed to have been no communication between Wyndham Nashville (that had written the loan contracts) and Emerald Grande and Wyndham Las Vegas.
And when I tried to contact Jennifer Starkey and Joey Spite in Nashville office via email, their email addresses had stopped working......
I had to start an investigation about what had happened to the 20773 usd check. I learned that this check had not been cashed. And Wyndham Las Vegas confirmed that they could not find this 20,773 usd check) - via a very short 3-line unsigned email message. In fact this was the very first sign of life after waiting for 2 months for a reply from Wyndham…. (This check had so far cost me 141 usd; (buying, investigating, killing).
3 parties were involved:
1) The Nashville office that was responsible for the terms and conditions
2) Emerald Grande who should not have any interest payments – but did.
3) Wyndham Las Vegas who had not booked my 25,000 usd down payment.
Meanwhile, I had to blacklist Wyndham / Emerald Grande at my US bank (E-Trade), and stop all interest payments. The money went to the wrong recipient. And it did not take into account the downpayment of my debt.
And even worse was that the interest payment of 735.67 usd/month was not at 16.99 % but at 20.98 %!! (12 monthly payments of 735.67 = 8828.04 usd and the initial debt was 42,074 usd. Which makes 20.98 % yearly). Someone in the Nashville office didn’t even have a basic 4th grade knowledge of math! And Emerald Grande and Wyndham Las Vegas hadn’t even noticed it.
The fact that Wyndham's back office was dysfunctional was further confirmed by RCI when it turned out I was not a member of RCI.
A helpful Wyndham employee at "Owners Care" promised to fix this immediately. But nothing happened and I had to remind him again. Finally after three reminders No. 1; in Panama City Beach in December, and No. 2-3 in February-March 2018, I became a RCI member.
I also tried to register my Nashville contract number to receive Electronic Statements. But it was impossible. But I could register the contract from Panama City Beach. (Is this another aspect of the “cover up” of the Nashville contract situation?)
Wyndham's business model disadvantages the Wyndham Club members. Wyndham receives all payments in advance, or charges a very high interest rate. All effort is committed to selling membership and, afterwards, Wyndham's commitment has disappeared. All back office functions since then appear under-dimensioned, insufficient or avoided.
In addition, there is an unpleasant lack of respect for the customers. When Wyndham sellers have been successful they seem ashamed as they know the promises given will not be kept. So they avoid further contact with the customer. Like never respond to an e-mail. Or sending unsigned replies only, after months of waiting.
I also question Wyndham’s ability to be able to supply what the customers are expecting. Comments on the internet talks about long waiting lists and that it’s almost impossible to get what is wanted.
Has the business turned into a pyramid game where all employees are focused on selling memberships and get bonuses? And where the most popular resorts are never available.
After 3 months of waiting for a reply to my letters and messages I was finally contacted by Wyndham Las Vegas (Patrick Wolford) and Emerald Grande (Ed McMullen Jr). But it has been messages without substance. No promises or a plan. I have asked that the Nashville Contract should be terminated and money returned because Wyndham has broken so many of the contract terms. Instead I was recently transferred to “Owners Care” (Christopher Dzierbicki).
What I have experienced with Wyndham is similar to what I experienced when I examined Swedish listed companies as a financial journalist. The Swedish companies showing the same type of back office failures or customer dissatisfaction were usually bankrupt within a short time. Or the share price had collapsed.

Jonas Bernholm
(Stockholm, May 26rd, 2018, Sweden)
[email protected]

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