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Why Not Lease It

United States, Alabama

Consumer reviews about Why Not Lease It

May 22, 2013

beware of Why Not Lease It

Why Not Lease It must be avoided. A local store offered Why Not Lease It as a payment method and everything looked ok. Everything actually was ok until the end of the contract where they asked a buy out fee which was half of the total price for the things I bought. I paid this fee and never received a buy out agreement. Here are the details of this fraudulent organisation:

Why Not Lease It
1750 Elm Street Suite 1200, NH 03104
Mobile, Alabama
United States of America

Jan 12, 2014

False advertisement

Kmart Lease and go, say no credit required take home today. Age and income requirements, So how does one get turned down if they have both plus a checking account. Explain that to me, I make over $1900 a month and was gonna make a down payment of $200 and pay it off early. This is sad how companies operate.

May 11, 2015

bad company

Is sad when it is stated no credit needed, no credit check and you meet all the criteria listed and you get turned down.

If you try and call any number that you can find, it is same automated number that turns you down. I have searched and searched for numbers, found numerous ones, and still is automated number that turns you down.

I have e mailed this company to no avail. You know if I had credit why one would need a lease. I make good money, have bank account in good standings, been on my job for over seven years, and not be able to speak with a "Live" individual I find that very, very shady.

Oct 2, 2015

poor customer service reps

Was mislead about payoff--were told that when the lease was up we would be contacted about the payoff.--they never called, and when I called asked about all 3 items we were leasing a tv, sound bar and dishwasher..was told several times, and I asked several times if all 3 were included in the pay off, was told by 2 different customer service reps that yes all 3 were included....then they charged me for the dishwasher again, and was told no they weren't all included...won't stand behind was was told to me. won't pull the phone conversation to verify. I was transferred to a supervisor, who said she was putting me on hold, she hung up on me, and I waited a week before I called back---they made no effort to reconnect with me....One rep said they would credit me several payments, now they won't refer to that.

be very careful dealing with this company--very deceptive and poor customer rep training--T Seng

Paul Turcotte Jr.
May 15, 2016

Head ack

One rep. Don't know the other rep. Is doing besides that I pay by card they said did not pay and that why I couldn't do a by out. So my card company is refusing to pay them now and send me a report on card. Until I get paper work I'm not paying.

May 16, 2016



Jul 19, 2016

mad in ohio

I have been rip off so much its not funny paid my account in full they also took payments and told me it would 7 to 10 days for my refund and then. But from day 1 i have had nothing but trouble i will never use the lease it program from KMART....

Aug 1, 2016


This lease it program is a joke. I spent more than double of what the original purchase price was for the item I bought. The purchase doesn't tell you that there is a "buy out" payment. The stores make it seem like its a lease to own.

Nov 12, 2016

Triple the amount of purchase

Purchased patio set in April 2016 for $139.99... have paid so far $207.00..when I call to find out why their still taking payments they tell me I don't own this and that I need to pay another $88.00 to buy this out....over $300.00 for a table that was $139.99....This is a total f-kin ripoff.. Don't ever use this company!

Nov 22, 2016

Store went our of business

Prior to Kmart (why-not-lease-it) going out of business, a payment has been set up voluntarily for the business to retrieve automatic withdrawal from my account on serveral occasions, yet why-not-lease-it did not retrieve any payments according to the payment schedule. Payment arrangements were set up three times on three different occasions in an effort to make sure that no payments would be missed; yet in still, why- not-lease-it did not take any payments from my account but instead transferred the account to a collection agency and to the credit reporting bureaus. Kmart (why-not-lease-it) business in unjustified with their actions especially if a customer is willing to make payments by providing the appropriate information that's needed. No personal information, address, or bank information have been changed. This company had every opportunity to retrieve the proper payments from my account but did not receive any payments. It is the business responsibility to do their part when payments have been set up accordingly, not the customer's fault. This account has been handled inappropriately and I'm not satisfied!!!

If any other person is currently having this problem please respond to my email: [email protected]

Nov 30, 2016

Another Victim!

I thought I was making the last payment on our washer and dryer and went to confirm last payment date, only to find out I had to pay an additional $825 to buy out the lease! SEARS lied to us! I will never shop there again! I hope they go out of business with their Kmart buddies!

Dec 31, 2016

What rip off

Don't get caught using this greedy lease program. I bought a washer and dryer, still paying and it is more than 3 times the original price. Kmart and Sears need to be ashamed of themselves. Maybe a class action lawsuit suit needs to be iniated.

Jan 10, 2017

Will Never use again

I purchased a TV through Sears on their why not lease it program. I decided to pay it off early and when the time came to pay it off, the company handling the lease attempted to overcharge me by $100. I caught the overcharge and told them to void the first transaction and to please take out the correct amount. At the end of the transaction, I asked the representative if the initial overcharge had indeed been voided, as I didn't want to run into issues had it not been voided correctly. I was assured it had in fact been voided correctly and there would not be any issues. Do you see where this is headed? Of course it was voided incorrectly and the financial institution that the money was drawn from is holding my account until the incorrectly voided amount does not get withdrawn from the account which takes 6 days. I contacted the WhyNotLeaseIt people twice, and maintain there is nothing they can do. So my money in my account is unavailable until it basically falls off and is not collected. My motto is, you mess something up, you fix it. Especially when it's someone's finances. I will NEVER lease anything through them again, I will also stop shopping at Sears. It's almost dead anyway, but kind of sad considering it's one of the oldest stores. Wise up Sears, and WhyNotLeaseIt, this type of service is why you're closing down.

Apr 3, 2017

Why not lease

Hateful rip off. Did great with a lawn mower, but bought tires and went thru hell. Real crazy. If payments are set for a day of the month that falls on a weekend, the computer doesn't process it at all. Not the next business day either. Therefore, it puts yout account 30 days delinquent. They never call you about the problem either. REALLY crazy. I had surgery, and had to go back and forth with a supervisor to get the account straight-I hope. Very stressful folks to deal with.

Apr 14, 2017

Sears Brandon Mall

I too fell for this deceptive practices. I was lead to believe that I was purchasing exercise equipment only to be told at the end of the 5 month lease that I would have to enter a buy out program and pay an additional amount of money to own the equipment. I've already paid over $1000 for the equipment and now I am being told that I would be required to pay $600 extra in some buy out program to own the equipment. Never was this policy discussed with me and I am forced to give the equipment back or pay the money. What a scam

[email protected]
May 31, 2017


I was told and the contract says if not paid off in 90 days can lease for 5 months and then buy out item for small % of depreciation value or return its. Nope not the case. After paying a bit over $500, they now want additional $700 to buy items. The original cost was $816. The rep said the $500, was interest. They said if turn in items still have to pay the money regardless. They want $500 by end of June and remaining $200 in July. They won't budge even though contract and site says can turn in if don't want to buy out. Been fighting with them for months.they won't let me talk to a supervisor. Horrible horrible experience.

Jun 14, 2017

They run your credit

Checked the website and stated no credit check required that if have low credit or no credit no issue only age and income requirement. I'm over the age of 18 and make 3000 a month and still was denied. When I called to find out why the automatic machine said I didn't meet the requirements. To speak to a live rep I had to block my number when I called. Finally spoke to a supervisor and stated that they don't do a credit check but they do look at your market behavior. I asked him if that pretty much a soft credit check and he said "yes something like that". I told him that they are lying to people and running their credit without their permission. Then the supervisor said this is the end of our call then hung up on me.

Eric Olmstead
Aug 17, 2017

Shut it down

I can't believe the BBB let's this shady business keep going. I also can't understand how I've read 100 negative reviews and not 1 positive review and sears still aligns themselves with this loan company. The execs at sears must really have their heads up their asses. Someone at sears HQ really screwed the pooch on using this shady finance company.

Sep 15, 2017

Sears is misleading

Our fridge broke so we went to Sears to buy a new one but didn't have the full amount so they told us about this great leasing program they had and that it was only 10 payments. But never told us after the 10 payments you either need to sign a new contract to continue paying over and over never to own it or buy it at almost what it was new. We were mislead into thinking this was a lease to own program. No wonder Sears is going bankrupt. Bunch of scumbags

Forget me not
Nov 2, 2017


Have it set up where my payments are suppose to come out automatically. Had to call after 1st payment they charged me a nsf fee. Called them it never went through my account and it would have been paid any way because I have over draft protection. Said I would have to fax them a copy of my bank statement. They have never refunded the fee. Now they haven't taken my last 3 payments out. This is a company that has people working for them that do not know what they are doing!!!!! Ready to tell them to come and get the dam refrigerator.

Nov 10, 2017


Purchased a few things after signing up for this leasing scam. Purchase totaled at ~$400. On my receipt it listed 10-11 payments of only $40. The following day I received a phone call from the leasing company telling me I had 17 payments of $99! I rechecked my receipt from Kmart showing the 11 $40 payments, HOWEVER, there were a few pages to this receipt, mostly stating the terms & conditions of the lease, but on the LAST PAGE there was a different payment plan of 17 payments of $99 on a $400 purchase! I called Kmart and the leasing company on conference call and informed them both that they need to cancel me out of this leasing scam and that I will be returning the items I purchased tonight, and that I need printed proof that it is in fact canceled and that my account will not be debited $99 a month. If this is Kmart's way of trying to stay in business this is pretty pathetic. They need to drop this leasing program as it is doing much more harm than good.

J j
Dec 4, 2017


I got approved for $1500 in Feb 2017, put down $283 and paid $250 each month. It’s december, i have paid over $2900 and they say my buy out is $734.00. How? Just a rip off. I wish i put my W/D on a credit card. Tempoe is the biggest rip off!!!!



Jan 19, 2018

Complete scam!

I used this to lease patio furniture and a grill. The total was $850 and my bi-weekly payments were $73.34. It seemed perfectly fine until I realized I had already paid through the cost of the items and was still being charged. I called to see what was going on and the rep told me I had to pay for the purchase option which was $462. That's over half of what the items originally cost. If you do not pay the purchase price all at once, they will continue to charge your account every other week with no end and those payments DO NOT count toward your purchase price. You will just keep paying and paying for no reason. Doing this to people should be illegal. When I signed up, I was never informed about the purchase price at the end. I was given no information about it until I called about being charged still. They didn't even try to contact me about it. They would have just kept happily charging me every other week.

I know with leasing, there are often purchase prices at the end (I've leased other things from other businesses) but I've always just paid my regular payments and it counted towards it. And it's never been over 50% of the original cost.

This company is a scam and not worth the BS. Do not use their services. I promise you, you'll regret it.

Feb 22, 2018

Why not lease it

I ended up paying more than double. I tried paying it off several times and received the run around. I have never had so much trouble trying to pay something off in my entire life. DO NO USE this company. The customer service reps barely speak english and can't assist you. I have tried sending emails from their website and not once did I receive a response. They told me I didn't have the option pf paying it off, that i would need to move it over to a loan and that it takes over 7 days, then i can pay it monthly. I just wanted to be done with it and pay it off, is it really that hard?? I learned my lesson and closed my bank account.

May 9, 2018

Why don't you read the receipt and past the 5 payments outlined

I see all the negative reviews and can understand and relate it happened to me as well but in all honesty after viewing the information on the original receipt everything was there on the paperwork it just happens I chose not to read passed the 5 payments SEARS told me I had to make and at the end of the day it was sears who lied and us who didn't read what we signed and was in front of us as we should've but shame on sears for lying I WAS frequent shopper not any more that's for sure!

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