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Weight Loss Grants Organization

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Consumer reviews about Weight Loss Grants Organization

Apr 28, 2019

Weight Loss Grants Organization

2300 Yonge St. 2002, Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Weight Loss Grants Scam

Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group (OAAG) operates the Weight Loss grants Organization (WLGO, aka WLG Program) and CDG - Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG).

They ahave been accused of operating Dalewood, now Trillium Weight Loss.

Accredited partners pay to have clients referred to them, but they forward everyone to a Dalewood location, which they own.

They could be all connected. Marc Morgenstern, Shelley Barnes, and Ethan Roberts were operating the "Leadership Grants Organization of Canada" on the past, and Marissa Mayles Morgenstern owns Dalewood, according to BBB. She is married to Darren. Former employees and other knowledgeable people informed that Darren and Arlene Greenberg are the heads of both Dalewood and WLGO, although the OAAG president is Lola Snidman, also know as Lola Kochman or Lola Snidman-Kochman, and it is unclear at this moment why she is never mentioned, but she is clearly benefiting, as her husband, Dr. Mark Kochman, is a dentist that takes patients from CDG. Those occurrences in the past are too similar to the current complaints.

George Scodras works for both WLGO and Dalewood.

The Weight Loss Grants program promise 80% rebate (not a grant) of what you will spend in a weight loss program if you reach the target. After complaints, they said the word grant must not be understood as a grant, but did not stop using that word.

Although some people were given money at the beginning of the program, they refused the grant at the end for most participants, if not all, for bogus reasons, such as claiming the Doctor's signature was not matching or applying new rules retroactively to the cases they delayed to adjudicate.

Participants were not warned about the change of rules they enforced retroactively in advance and only knew after the rejection.

Alleged victims report that they deleted compromising messages (documentation acknowledgment) from an app or message board used as official communication.

Lola Snidman, or Kochman, or Snidman-Kochman, the founder of Oral Aesthetic Advocacy group, operated the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants, CDG. One of the beneficiaries of referred clients is her husband Dr. Mark Kochman. CDG complainants sais the implants are overpriced, and grants are barely a rebate or rejected.

Dalewood is also known as Revverie Inc.

Lola was the president for Sound Bites for Kids, Inc., where Jonathan Graff and Gerald A. Slan were corporate members. Jonathan Graff can be related to the people listed below.

The people or businesses below were never convicted, but it seems to be related.

- The Leadership Grants Organization of Canada
- Insight Marketing and Communication, a.k.a Business advice
- Leadership Grants Foundation Inc.

- CDG-Cosmetic Dentistry Grants

- Haverhill Staging Inc.

The only business and individuals that were settled in court are:

- Two numbered Ontario Inc. (those looking like "1234567 Ontario Inc." ) where Darren J. Morgenstern was implicated in a domain name sales scam, halted by the FTC (search the Federal Trades Commission website).

Heads and important names:

- Marc Morgenstern

- Darren J. Morgenstern

- Marissa Mayles Morgenstern

- Arlene Greenberg

- Lola Snidman Kochman

- Mark Kochman

- David Mandel

- David Cui

- David Stein

- Patti Coleman

- Robyn Sklar

- Glenn Graff

- Jonathan Graff

- Katherine Bowes

- Sara Jafari

- Jessica (Jess) Wilcox

- George Scodras

Those names come.feom BBB or Dalewood website.

Other corporate members and employees: Shelley Barnes, Ethan Roberts, Darka P., Arlene Anderson, Jacob Pearl, Rick Thompson, Rick O'Neal have showed up in the past.

Arlene Anderson was listed as manager of the Leadership Grants, a previous period, and so were Marc and Darren (search James Wegg page on "Leadership Grants"). It could not be found with the Morgenstern, But it later changed to remove Marc and Darren Morgenstern to add Shelley Barnes and Ethan Roberts.

They operate businesses at the 2300 Yonge St. suites 1100, 2000 at the Yonge Eglinton Centre.

All information can be obtained and confirmed from BBB and news stories. One can search the stories on Weight Loss Grants already published using search engines.

Search for:

REVVERIE INC. d/b/a DALEWOOD health and wellness



Dale wood and WLGO are managed by the Chief of Operations and manager George Scodras. David Stein is also a manager. The other name available publicly is David Mandel, but David Stein has an important role.

When these communications were sent to Dalewood, it was not uncommon for George Scodras to reply using his WLGO email address. When WLGO was contacted, the answers also came from Dalewood and Trillium emails.

Grants, red tags, and promotions varying from scams to simply badp practiceswill always exist. They are old and have hit big businesses previously. Around three companies a year are fined by the Canadian Competition Bureau. Beware of false promotions, such as 50% off a product that was overpriced to have the discount applied.

The weight loss grants number of complaints called the attention.

Websites involved:







There are other businesses and websites that may be involved or operate something similar, share employees in common, or individuals that still work or have worked together with each other in the past.

There is not much that the justice can do about it. The best remedy is education. Canadian laws are still obsolete for the digital age.

You are advised to stay away from grants, scholarships, coupons or offers for business they refer to, and request documents to clarify conflicts of interest. Pyramid, bundled sales of services, and hidden fees are not always easy to identify.

No names or businesses here have been charged for misconduct. This is an educational document disclosing potential conflicts of interest. Exercise good caution as you would do entering any transaction or agreement.

Aug 5, 2019


I signed up for the grant and was directed to Dalewood. I paid almost $3000 for this and had a target date of 18 mos. I broke my ankle 2 weeks before my final weigh-in and called to see if I could extend. I was in a huge cast and was ordered not to weight bear. When I called to request an extension I was told I could only have changed my weigh in date within a few days of signing up. There was no leeway for having a cast and being imobile!!! I was extremely upset but was fluffed off by the receptionist. I also emailed the administrater but was re directed to the receptionist. Very very poor service. It's a svam!!!

Evelyn McKenzie
Nov 10, 2019

77R95 - 298,957

Have followed all of Weight Loss Grants Organization's rules. They have placed two email addresses in their portal and I can't access either one to insert my information - please correct to my original email address only. I appreciate your assistance to help me retrieve my $2000 which I need greatly.

Dec 2, 2019


Stay clear of these criminals. Why they haven't been criminally charged is baffling. They changed the rules often to make sure no one complied with them and most were ridiculous. One example is if you don't own a cell phone borrow one and take a video of you at your doctor's office weighing out. As this is clearly a violation of the privacy act, what doctor would allow it. They also had in print that you had up to 30 days to weigh out after your deadline. If you did this they came back and said you couldn't do this because you probably lost more weight in the meantime. It was their rule. Then they wanted to see your personal medical file from the day you weighed out to prove that you did on the day that the doctor told them you did. It is so asinine, they should all be in prison and their homes and cars taken as proceeds of crime. Why the police haven't moved in on them is baffling. It is a scam operation and they have arrested others for less.
DO NOT get involved with them. Remember all those names that have been listed as associates of this scam organization and avoid them at all costs.

May 14, 2020

Darren Morgenstern and Marissa Morgenstern

I was referred to a weight loss company named Dalewood (now calling itself Trillium Weight Loss) in 2018 through the Weight Loss Grants Organization. Both of these companies are organized by the same people under the notorious founder Darren Morgenstern. Darren Morgenstern and his wife Marissa Mayles Morgenstern

I'm wondering if you know anyone who joined their shady program?

I paid $2950.00 for the worst diet and fitness plan I’ve ever had! They put me on a 1000 calorie diet and the exercise plan is generic, everyone gets the same plans! I lost the weight, weighed out on time, and submitted all documents. Then 1 year later WLGO tells me I didn’t qualify for the program, however, Darka from Dalewood had told me I did qualify when she took my money. Both companies are connected and all along they have said they are not, everything came out in the news stories recently! I won’t give up the fight for my money back.
I know many people who didn't get their money back, we're all suing them now.

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