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Wal-Mart / SmartStyle Hair Salon

United States

Consumer reviews about Wal-Mart / SmartStyle Hair Salon

Marilyn Pitz
Jan 7, 2012

No customer service!

I just went to SmartStyle at Walmart last night. And I am very happy with my service. My stylist did a great job! He listened to what I wanted and did it. And did not rush at all. He checked and double checked everything, to make sure it was right. I have went to other exspensive salons and not been this pleased. Matter of fact, one time at Regis salon, this guy had the shakes real bad, and I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was cutting. I don't know how he ever got a lisence!

Kim - WalMart Cashier
Jan 9, 2012

No customer service!

All you people neeed to use the spellcheck !

Jan 21, 2012

No customer service!

i do not go along i have had my hair done there so many times and that is the only place i go for my hair they have done a great job on my if u want better service go to a different salon!!!

Feb 18, 2012

No customer service!

people graduate from cosmetology school, join salons, leave salons, every day. There are also, HUNDREDS of smart style salons in the usa. to say that they are all bad is absurd. I just started working for smart styles and if i dont feel 100% confident doing something, I say so. the only time where i'm not passionate about my job, is when i do an awsome hairstyle, fade, color, and dont get a tip, because they are too ghetto, or drugged out, or young to know you're sapose to tip. If someone walks in who I know tips fairly, they will get my respect, free extras, samples, beverages, coupons, whatever. it is indeed minimum wage, and we rely on tips. that is my perspective.

Feb 21, 2012

No customer service!

I just have to say, I am currently up for a job with a smartstyle salon & I am reading all these negative comments thinking that when I worked at Ulta I had many people come from Mario Trocci across the street to fix a $200+ color job that the stylist working in that high priced salon messed up! I can honestly say even when I wasn't a stylist & I went to the same lady for many years there were times I wasn't as happy with her work as others. There are NO guaranties that the cut will look exactly like you picture, there are too many factors & color is definitely NOT guaranteed! Don't be so quick to condemn an entire shop over one stylists mistakes, there are many excellent stylists working in lower end salons! I also do hair @ home & I don't charge a lot because I love what I do & want everyone to be able to afford to look & feel good! Because I love what I do I am contently learning better ways to do things & strive to do a great job every time no matter what you paid for the service.

Disapointed in Baytown,Tx
Feb 24, 2012

No customer service!

I went into a smart style salon at bAYTOWN TX, walmart today.. The hair cuts were on special for 5.99 which I thought was great since money is very short at our house right now.. She did not have to shampoo cause I had just done my hair that morning.. OK she charged me the 3.00 also for drying .. She was throwing away the receipt and I said may I see that? My 5.99 cut was 10.oo by now. I looked at the receipt and I was charged a 1.00 for conditioner that I did not GET. I asked about it and she went to her cut station in a HUFF and grabbed a buck off and gave it to me.. SO now they must be charging you a buck for a TIP that you don't know you are paying!! WHEN she handed me the buck, she said WELL YOU GOT THE CUT FOR 5.99... SO does it mean when they have a special that they can charge you a tip ??OR do they do this all the time to everyone and we just don;t know it cause they wad up the ticket and throw it away without you seeing it ?? THIS woman is the manager over the salon .. SO if they charge a buck for each person that they cut that day. if it is 30 people they just gave themselves a 30 dollar tip for the day!! SEEMS to me that is stealing from people, what do you SAY WALMART??

Feb 24, 2012

No customer service!

@Laura LM, thank you~your was such a refreshing comment to see. I just left a "high end" salon & took a management position at a SmartStyle so that I could help to turn the reputation that we are not a real salon or we don't do great job, have bad customer service, etc. I believe that if you love what you do you will be great at it & if you don't than you won't be great. That is with any job! I have just started & so far I have been told often that making the client happy is our main goal! I agree. For those saying that SmartStyle isn't a real salon, I am wondering what you consider a real salon? A salon where you are paying a much higher price so that the store can have a receptionist, stylist assistants, stylist who ONLY do color or cut but not both, where you are paying top dollar so they can afford pricey advertising? Those high prices are not for the stylist having a better education. In fact a lot of those salons don't offer continuing education it is up to the stylist to go out on there own & get the extra education. SmartStyle has paid education to keep their stylists up to date & constantly learning!
So please people before you judge ALL reasonably priced salons by a few bad eggs, take your complaints to Regis customer service so they are aware of the issues...you can't fix what you don't know is broken! I assure you they want to make sure you are happy.

Disapointed in Baytown,Tx
Feb 25, 2012

No customer service!

I agree that they should be better supervised than they are. I have always had this one lady do my hair and she is a manager of Smart style.. I went in and got my hair cut don't know if she was having a bad day or what. She cut my hair WAY shorter than normal and when I went to check out, she had charged me 3.oo bucks for a blow dry. I said I did not get the shampoo cause mine was clean and she said well that is what they charge for a blow dry.. OK so then she was fixing to throw away the receipt and I said may I have that? She handed it to me and I asked what the extra dollar was for ? It said conditioner, I did not have conditioner!!! She walked over to her station and grabbed a dollar off her area and handed it to me. They were having a special on hair cuts for 5.99 and she said WELL you got your cut for 5.99.. well does this mean that she was able to charge an extra dollar for something that we did not get in order for her to get a TIP? If she had 30 customers that day and charged them all a dollar that is 30 dollars in tips, not counting what people might give her as a tip.. WAL MART this is stealing from your customers, IF WE STOLE THAT FROM YOU, YOU WOULD BE READY TO PUT US IN JAIL.. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS STORY?

Feb 26, 2012

No customer service!

OK, I have read all the complaints & honestly a few parts of some of them are legitimate. However there are many complaints & even some of the things being complained about in ALL the comments are a bit excessive.
I have worked in a high end salon, a mid end salon & now I am a manager for SmartStyle. I have to say that some of the things you are complaining about you will find in most salons; For example the extra charge for blow drying your hair, I know several extremely high priced salons that charge well over $35-$50+ dollars for a hair cut that does NOT include the blow dry, that can range anywhere fro $5-$20+ just for the blow dry. Not to mention that one of the middle of the road salons I worked for charged an additional $50 to use a flat iron & over $50 to curl it! Another thing to keep in mind is SmartStyle offers almost everything other salons do at lower prices because you are not having to pay for our advertising, a receptionist, assistants, etc. You are paying for the service & product & that is all!
Judging a company by a few questionable employees is not fair to do! I have mentioned this in my other comments however it deserve repeating. It doesn't matter if you go into a salon that charges $5, $15, $25, $40, $50 & up for hair cut, you are not guaranteed a great cut just because you paid a lot of money because it doesn't matter what you paid, if you get a stylist who doesn't like her job than chances are you will not receive the best service you could possibly get! However if you get a stylist who really enjoys what they do than you are most likely going to receive a great cut.
As for some of the complaints about waiting for over 30 minutes while the stylist, stylists on personal phone calls, etc. AND most important of all, If you are not advised prior to the service what will cost extra than you really need to ask if you may speak with a manager, (if they are not in that day, ask when they will be in next & if stopping in is not convenient for you than leave your name & number & ask that they call you). This part is very important as complaining on here will not resolve the issue. I know for a fact that customer service IS one of Smartstyle main focuses & they will try to come up with a solution that satisfies the customer. Many of the salons are under staffed right now & that is one of the main focuses to get the salons staffed with enough people to help decrease the waiting as well as other issues. I am proud to be working for this company & I will stand by the fact that my stylists as well as myself are highly trained as not only do we have to take just as much school as anyone else in the industry to obtain a license, SmartStyle offers continuing education so we can stay current with new techniques, trends, etc.
I have gone into extremely pricey restaurants and waited over 20-30 minutes before we even see our server to take our drink orders, I have had them walk up, never smile, take my order, (sometimes they don't even appear to be writing down what I am telling them I do or don't want with my meal), sure enough it comes to me wrong~when I chose to say something about it I have had the waitress grab the plate in a huff & storm off, she comes back with the right order, sets it abruptly in front of me NEVER once apologizing for the mix up! This does not mean I am never going back to that establishment due to one persons attitude. I will however, (if the experience is bad enough), mention this rude behavior so that the manager is aware.
Not only is there the manger to complain to with our company, there is a good sized sign clearly located on wall behind register with the customer service 888# to cal & they will be more than happy to work with you to rectify the situation so that you the client is satisfied.
I guess bottom line is, if you did not complain to anyone with the company than how do we know there was an issue so we can fix it! I know that I take these things very seriously as I live by the motto, "Treat others the way you wish to be treated"!
Please don't rule out ALL SmartStyle shops or stylists just because you received a bad job or hair cut!! can be done anywhere.
Lastly to those of you stating that we are a Walmart salon so you shouldn't expect quality! We have NOTHING to do with Walmart, we simply rent space from them!
In conclusion, if you are in IL near Round Lake Beach, i would love for you to come in to get your QUALITY service from myself or my other great stylist.
Blessings )0(

Mar 23, 2012

No customer service!

My husband is in the army and needs a buzz cut every few weeks. He went to smart style 3 different times since we were going to walmart anyways. 2 out of the 3 times i had to fix spots she missed! I mean come on, its a buzz cut and they charge $15 plus you have to tip them. I now do his hair myself or go to a local hairstylist. Everyone who goes to any of these chain hair salons should find a small local hairstylist. They are cheaper and I have always gotten great colors and cuts. I have really long hair and a color (2 colors), cut, and dry usually costs me about $50 and they will do ANY style for me for the same price. You don't need to go to a local "salon" to get good service at a good price. A lot of times they welcome walk ins as well or will at least have an opening sometime that day. It may just be the owner or a 2-3 other stylists but they are usually experienced and do a great job.

Apr 11, 2012

No customer service!


May 15, 2014

Another Bad Haircut

Yesterday (5-14-2014) was the 6th time I went to SmartStyle at the local Walmart. Disappointed again. I have slight curl and several cowlicks. My hair grows fast so I need a fairly short cut but the cowlicks have to be considered. So far out of 6 cuts I have had 2 stylists who knew how to cut my hair the way I asked them to. Either the others don't know what to do to solve the problem areas or they just don't listen. I have to hide out for a couple of weeks now for my hair to grow out a little so I can cover the bald spots left from the bad hair cutting of the cowlicks. I asked for the clippers to be used at the back and a little longer at the crown and on the sides. I got none of that and now I look like a boy with a crew cut. I live on a very low income and even though I think they should give senior discounts I would still go there if I got the cut I asked for.

Jul 7, 2014

Quality at a reasonable price

My first visit to Smartstyle was July 4th. The stylist listened to what I wanted and looked at a few pictures I brought in. The customer service was great, the cut and style excellent, and the price can't be beat. I have paid huge amounts to highend salons and walked out very unhappy. I personally don't need the fluff of a fancy salon with expensive decor that does nothing for how my hair looks when the stylist is done. Smartstyle is clean, the staff nicely dressed, and I highly recommend giving them a try. You can get a terrible hairdresser at a fancy expensive salon. Some people will be turned off at the thought of a Walmart haircut. It is NOT a Walmart haircut! These are educated trained professionals, not Walmart employees. .
I am one very satisfied customer!

Tammy Burns
Apr 4, 2016

5o% ripoff

I received a fab haircut a few months ago (no complaints) & I decided to go back & buy more shampoo etc. There was a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale. I thought I would buy a shampoo for $24.99 & get the conditioner for 50% off the 22.99 price but since I bought 2 styling products for $14.99 & 12.99 that wasn't possible. I received 50% off both these smaller priced products.The manager stated over the phone that I should have made 2 different transactions, if I wanted the 50% off the higher item. That's ok I will go to another salon that I only have to use my credit card 1 time for a single purchase. This is pure B.S. of an explanation to me & Rite-aid, Save-Mart, & everywhere else has ALWAYS given me the lesser price item of the SAME item 50% off . I won't go back!!! I am not a valued customer so I will go where someone needs my business & I will tell my friends.

Lisa Dyer
Oct 30, 2016


NEVER EVER AGAIN,, this karissa left half my head longer than other...she totally left abald spot in my hair that i struggle with everyday to cover up...til my hair grows out..im disappointed and very disgusted....i dont have much money as it is...when i complained they said they would fix it...NO DAMN WAY..i wont be bald...this store is a JOKE!! i know many people that have had same problem...1 other girl complained of to many people waiting and they would have to wait til she smoked and had a break...CUSTOMERS FIRST!! but yet she took off....im going to tell everyone about my experiance nd they should pay more and go else where to get better service...not as if this complaint is going to do any good. but people should know what they are getting for thier money AND THAT IS A BAD HAIR CUT!!

Dec 9, 2016

I will never again go to smart styles Again

The Manager at this location needs to be fired I walked in the salon for a hair wash at 6:00 on 12/8/2016 she was very rude from start she supposably put me in the computer some how two haircuts were put in front of my hair wash including her getting her hair washed while she was supposed to be managing the salon I don't even know how someone could even give such a unresponsible person a position like this after a hour and thirty minutes waiting i decided to not even get a hair wash thanks for nothing smart styles

Apr 27, 2017


I have to say,that I have never been in a wishy washy salon like.this in my whole career. One day you are losing DMs who blatantly worked for the company and served the customer's needs and desires so that they would be happy and return.She was relatively relational and built a good repor with people all in her community and we'll we liked her.She was and is still very friendly,to bad such a loss for your company.The New DM I can't speak for,or her than to say as a paying customer and I have been for many years,and I'm about to take my business elsewhere,because all I have seen is good outgoing stylist leaving since this new DM has come on the scene.I hear everything because I stand at the door inside WAL-MART as a greeting person.I have witnessed firsthand the Drama that has been brought into this particular salon.It also has appeared to be a little bit more favorable on the African-American side of things.Not racist,but I feel that the salon should have more fair balance.All the clientele of people that come and talk to me who are either of Caucasian color say they don't want there hair touched by someone who they feel cannot do their texture of hair.So they don't give it a chance. Its also vise versa with the other color of people as well.Instead of.tge DM hiring correctly,she appears to be favorable to one side and don't have a good balance.The ones she did have in there who were excellent hairdressers I have heard and seen with my own ears and eyes the backstabbing gossip and two faced reaction she gave the other stylist behind their backs.I will not go back into this salon,I don't care if I get a discount.No! The lady I was going to,did my hair and a couple of.others that I know.They will not return.We are dissatisfied with the changes.We haven't seen a manager in this salon either.One day they are there,and the next day they quit.What's up with that?

Jean V
Jul 9, 2017

Very Disappointed

The manager of this location has been styling my hair for some time. I was there about 5 weeks ago for a haircut and made my next two appointments. One for a perm today and a haircut in a month. Because these appointments were made some weeks in advance she promised to call and let me know of any chsnge. Since I did not receive a call I went today for my appointment only to find out that not only was she not there today but never even pit me on the schedule. The timing was important to me because we are going oversea in August and I wanted my hair easy to manage.

cyndy wilson
Aug 18, 2017

was called a theif

I have been a customer of smartstyle for many years. Recently my usual stylist moved on to management so was unavailable to cut my hair. So, I used what ever stylist was available, the hair cuts were deliberately left long so I would have to go back to have it re cut. I was given an appointmet to have my hair recut. Upon ariving I was told I was stealing hair cuts and I didn't come back as soon as I realized it was longer than it should be. The lady who originally cut my hair put me in the seat and said "I am going to recharge you" because if I don't everyone would come in every 2 weeks. I got up out of the chair said your not recharging me.
I went home and cut my own hair to where it should have been cut tin the first place. I am going to small claims court to see what the judge thinks of me being called a thief. I own a moving company and I have many character witnesses, including judges.
see u in court smartstyle

Sexy hair
Nov 7, 2017

Smart Styles Stinks!

I came in only to have a "root touch up" not a full color. The girl asked the regional manager how much a root touch is was and she responded, "The same as a full color." Are you kidding me?!?! There is NOT another salon in New Bern charging full price for a touch up. Let me also mention that she WAS NOT customer friendly at ALL. She sat in the salon the whole time playing on her cell phone. She did not lift a finger to help with phone calls, or customers! Another overpaid idiot! I won't go back!!

Nov 19, 2017


Overpaid! That's funny, but obviously you wouldn't know that we only make $8.50 an hour. We do not get discounts..
I'm sorry that any one of you had a bad experience. Not all styles are bad. Some of us are very good at what we do. If you don't like one then try another. When you find a good one stay with them if you can.

Nov 24, 2017


I have been a longtime customer at SmartStyles and was recently very disappointed by the way I was treated. I had asked for the "shampoo, cut and style" which was advertised on the sign for $19.95. I also had my eyebrows waxed. I was charged $38.91, which I paid for on a credit card and didn't check my receipt until I got home. The receipt showed that I was charged $7.97 for the wax, and that there were two separate charges for my hair service. One for $15.97 for a shampoo and cut, and another for $14.97 for "style-basic", which is a total of $30.94 or $10.97 more than I should have been charged. I returned to the salon and spoke to the stylist who had done my hair, and pointed out that she had overcharged since I had asked for the$19.95 shampoo,cut and style. She said I was charged extra for long hair...my hair is chin length!!! I asked to speak to the manager and was told that she was not there. The stylist refused to refund what I was overcharged or even give me a credit. Feel like I was robbed!

Dec 18, 2017

Bad Attitude

Have been a customer here for several years now....hairdressers keep moving on....have gotten some soso haircuts, and some of the best haircuts of my life. This last haircut went way too short, well over the inch I gave her permission to cut. She cut all the curl out of my hair...made me look 10 years older, and the haircut is just not feminine at all, not flattering at all. Finally got the courage a week later to call the manager, went into see her.....She points out that, yes, my hair is uneven, cowlicks not considered, but besides a little texturing, it is my fault because I have an unflattering haircut going into the highly social Christmas season. And one of the other smartass stylists (probably the one who told my husband when he asked for the managers number - ,Well, it's not like we can put it back on!" - sneaks up to the register to overhear the conversation between me and the manager. What a b*tch!! Manager said that she is not going to be able to do anything else for my hair that is going to "make me happy", as if it is my fault. Talk about gaslighting. Even the girl here at TSC said something about my hair being so "short." Definitely on the hunt for another stylist....hate even walking into Wal mart now....

Jan 13, 2018

Dy Unprofessional Hair Stylist

I had a terrible experience today with Dy. She is a black woman in her thirties probably and I went to the Smartstyle inside the Walmart in S Orlando Dr. in Sanford. I wanted to get a haircut and flat iron. When I asked the price Dy told me it would be 27. for the style and 12.97 for the cut because my hair was clean. I told her that that was more than what she charged me last time for the flat ironing. I told her she charged me around $20. She checked in the computer and there was another employee behind her. She said last time she charged me that amount because it was only a blow dry. I told her she flat ironed my hair! I said it doesn’t matter, I can do the flat ironing myself at home and that I would just do the haircut today. She sat me and she was cursing talking about another employee saying that employee should “#ucking” work at night. Then when we were alone she said that I made her look bad in front of the supervisor and she didn’t want her supervisor to think she was changing prices and sh#t. I told her that I don’t like the cursing. She stopped cursing. I guess she had charged me less the time I went in October but I didn’t know it at the time. I think she got a little ticked off because I probably made her look bad in front of her supervisor today (it was not my intention). I told her I wanted my hair cut to the base of my neck. When she was finished, my heart sank, she had cut at shin length! I told her she cut it the wrong length. She said my hair is dry and has curl and makes it look shorter but even when I pulled down on my hair I could tell she cut it the wrong length. I didn’t make a stink and I even gave her a $1.00 tip that she didn’t deserve. Last time I had come around October, I had tipped her $5 in cash for flat ironing my hair. I hate the haircut I got today and I went straight to a wig shop and bought a wig that ill wear until my hair grows longer. I straight ironed my hair at home. My right side is one inch shorter than my left side and there are some stray hairs that are longer than my right side and my left side. BTW, I asked her for an even simple cut so everything should had been even. My hair so short that I don’t even want to go back for them to cut an inch of the left so is even with the right. Dy was very unprofessional today. I regret trusting that woman with my hair today. I don’t know if ill ever go back to SmartStyle Hair Salon but I definitely know ill never have Dy touch my hair.

Apr 19, 2018

Satisfied customer

Last week I went and have cut hair at SmartStyle by Regis, inside Walmart in 733 Sun Valley BLVD, Hewitt,Texas. Today I went back to same place to have my highlights. I got what I paid for because I am very satisfied customer. I am recommended to you My hairdresser (CONNY)she is working at SMARTSYLE by Regis inside Walmart located at 733 Sun Valley Blvd, Hewitt, Texas

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