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Consumer reviews about vPost

Dec 27, 2011

Non delivery & poor responses/follow up

Agree!! Have been calling them for days- hotline is totally dead, left an email no reply. Called Singpost to raise my issue- no follow up until i call and scream again ( at the end they are pushing fault to Amazon and even demand numerous photos for me to support my claims, lucky been a Singapore- I have capture those photos before opening the boxes etc). Amazon was so ready to help and even allow replacement without any photos, where Vpost is the one whom demand this and that). Vpost is going to charge me $147 dollars for their proclaim volume weight of 16.4kg while actual 3 items weight only 1.6kg plus . Below is my email to Vpost for them to follow up and wait for their decision whether to refund me a $2!! and a free delivery of the broken items. It's my first and last time with VPOST - this is Singapore service standard! By the way is this a government organisation?

Hi Donna

As spoken earlier, i need proof to assure me on the decision why USA- VPOST should charge me a ($12) repack service fee for the volume weight (16.4kg) indicated by USA-Vpost - photos of original Amazon box and shipping/delivery documents from Amazon/Vpost must be forwarded to me as supporting documents for verfing your charges. I have weighted the repacked box along with the 3 items and their actual weight are about 1.7kg, including the box- beside so i was charged a actual weight of 2.1kg. Hence for this order-VS115349339US, i was overcharged for a repack fee and actual weight of the items.

In addition, i have received a broken item-"Diaper Depot" from this order-VS115349135US. Though it was nicely packed by Amazon with bubble wraps. Amazon was kind enough to offer a replacement by sending the replaced item to USA-VPOST, currently pending of my advise on the delivery. I am not going to pay for the delivery charges of the replaced item - shipping from USA-VPOST to my residential address (Singapore). Since the fault lies in the mishandling during delivery and i am not liable for it.

Information of the USA-VPOST orders:

Shipment No.




Weight Charge

Fuel Surcharge

Promotion Discount

Base Charge



Sub Total-Wgt & Fuel












Description :

Baby Products ; Clothing and Accessories ;

(actual Wt 2.1 kg; vol wt 5.4Kg)

Days old: 2 (09/12/2011)

(Chargeable Wt 5.4 Kg; min 0.5 kg)

Repack Charges

Add: $12 svc charges


Original chargeable $147.60 (16.4kg); Savings $87.00










Description :

Baby Products ; Home and Kitchen ;

(actual Wt 2.8 kg; vol wt 6.8Kg)

Days old: 0 (11/12/2011)

(Chargeable Wt 6.8 Kg; min 0.5 kg)

Supporting Photos

- as attached


Jan 1, 2012

Non delivery & poor responses/follow up

Strongly agree. I, m from Malaysia, and I bought a rare CD from Amazon Japan for the cost of USD 27. The item has arrived at their Japan shipping center on Nov 30, but they didn't update my invoice, meaning the product is lost. I've sent 10 emails asking for explanations and refund, but as of now they're giving the silent treatment. They're the worst shipping agency I've dealt with, they don't even bother to reply customer's emails. It's safe to say that VPost is a scam and nobody should use their service. No business ethics and no responsibilities. Today is Jan 1, 2012. Imagine the disappointment.

Mar 14, 2012

Non delivery & poor responses/follow up

Recently I ordered a Kindle from Amazon using VPOST service. First they gave me a wrong email address to forward my invoice. When my package arrived at VPOST USA they told me there's no need to do anything despite I got an email asking me to log in to declare. After a few day, I still didn't hear from them, I log in to delcare and paid up for the postage. Finally, the package arrived in Singapore, from then It took forever to reach me. I called them everyday, they always gave the same reason, item is with the courier, we will follow up etc. When ask which courier, they don't know, said likely is Speedpost. Can they tell if the item is already out for delivery? No. So what do I do now wait forever? Silent.

When asked to speak to a Manager and can they give me a name; they said they cannot disclose name. Call again they gave a name this time, but the Manager refused to take the call and they'll forward the call to a Senior Officer for delivery, the call never went thru, was put on hold forever. Called them again, same thing ta-chi to the Senior Officer for delivery and put on hold again.

So now what? Can someone advise me what shall I do now. I'm lost. Keep quiet and wait forever? Call them everyday and scream?

so annoying
Mar 16, 2012

Bad service

I had the same problem with the BAD SERVICE received!!! I had placed an order of 10 items from Vpost ( China ) just a few days ago.. I guess my situation was not better off then you.. The merchants had sent out the item to the address stated in the website as 深圳市宝安区, 西乡镇后瑞社区新瑞路11号D栋东侧1层, City: 深圳 State(Province) : 广东, Postal Code :518128, contact number as +86 (755) 8145 9239 as an address to receive my goods. I was so shocked when I received messages from the merchant that the address and contact are invalid. And now all the items need to send back to all the merchants. The greatest shocked to my life was, when I called in to Vpost, it takes about 20mins to answer my call. And there were at least 4 times that when I speak half-way, the line was cut off in the middle of our conversions, and I have to do the recalling I called the Vpost regarding this address matters, they just answered, " I am very sorry.. This is the ONLY address that they can provide me. . If the items are cancelled, they will do refunded ONLY UPON APPROVAL and it takes about 3-4weeks!!" It was like.. " HUH?!?! UPON APPROVAL 3-4weeks?!?! Never receive any of the item I ordered and might not able to get refund?? What the HELL is going on in Vpost service?? Omg!!!

Mar 25, 2012

Bad service

VPOST is definitely horrible. Paid a bomb for the shipping to ship over a pair of headphones from the US. I bought it on a Tuesday, shipping to vPOSTUSA was done on the Friday of the same week. What was horrifying was that, vPOST blatantly probably never shipped it in to the US yet. The track and trace is NEVER updated and shows that a plane can take 6 days to leave the US and not reach SG. When I ask if my package is in SG, a stupid reply of "sorry we are not airport at changi. We cannot check plane if landed". What kind of english is this? The cost we are paying for this is so exorbitant they should be serving every customer a drink when they deliver and probably send us food too. Why should we pay so much for a subservice company that costs more than arge shipping companies?

Mar 31, 2012

Bad service

I have forwarded the story to Redress.me. Hope you will get the recourse you needed. Here it is:http://redress.me/view_post.php?pid=2106

May 7, 2013

bad service

I will never ever use VPOST service again. Worst shipping experience ever. First, I have been trying to log in and make a payment. I swear I have typed the right ID and password four times. I even asked my husband to do it twice. However the web page suggests that It is a wrong ID or wrong PIN. What's worse, It has more than one websites which confused me a lot. Not user-friendly and love playing tricks with customers. They said they could consolidate items(Not physically, but customer can save the base charge if you buy things from different websites) for customers. Be alert. They will let you know it's only for VPOST Singapore customers when you are checking out and shocked by the grand total . Why don't you just make it clear to customers on your FAQ section?

Oct 27, 2013

Vpost: My item tagged to another account

I received confirmation of my item delivered to Vpost USA and after 3 days the item has yet to appear in my vpost account. Hence I called the customer service and to my horror I was told that my item was tagged to another account. I tried calling the customer service again and I was told to wait for another 3 days. After this truly horrific experience I will totally ban using vpost for my overseas shipment.

Apr 11, 2014

Vpost lost my parcel and customer service is terrible

Initially I used vshop4u to purchase items from USA and was advised a total, which I paid in full almost immediately when I received notification on the total cost. Almost 24hours after, I received an email telling me that the total was incorrect as the prices have "increased" although this was not the case! The customer service email indicated that the total that they have given was for quantity 1 (I order qty2) for several items. This is wrongful representation when they could have admitted that they have calculated wrongly. Instead they phrased the email to say that the prices have gone up!
I was mad and canceled my order to shop on my own.

I ordered several items of which 1 parcel with USPS tracking is shown to have been "delivered" buy was not showing in my vpost account. I emailed customer service with the tracking details and after several messages back and forth they are beating around the bush about losing my parcel at their vpost USA address. First they claimed that USPS must have scanned wrongly so the item tracking shows delivered but actually they have not received it. I clarified that my vendor had electronically labelled the parcel and scanning is all automated, it is not a manual keying in of codes. The margin for error is absolutely unlikely. They came telling me it's my vendor issue. Then pointing fingers again asking for proof of delivery and documents to be sent to them to prove that it has indeed arrived at their address (I inserted the final destination address confirmed by USPS, which is the same as my vpost USA address).
To date this is not resolved and all my other parcels are on hold in USA. Unbelievable! I don't see any hope of them ever finding my USPS parcel which they negligently lost!
This level of service is just not acceptable!!
I'm keeping fingers crossed on the charging (after seeing all the bad reviews above) I'm expecting to be severely disappointed with some parcels already showing 6x more than the volume/weight advised by my vendors.
This is a scam!!

Aug 17, 2015

Vpost service sucks big time

I am still waiting for my package after they did not even send me a notification after 8 days upon arriving at the post office. I called up and was asked to go collect it as it is the last day of holding before package will be redirected back to the main post office.
When I made my trip to the post office during my office lunch time, only to find that it has left for the main post office.

Tried to arrange for a redirecting back to my post office and until now more than a week, nothing has been done.

This is not the first time they claim is technical error but it will be the LAST TIME that I will use Vpost. Highly not recommended for any customer. They suck big time and can't get their act together. The customer service are useless as well.

Aug 19, 2015

SingPost Customer Care

Hi Orangespacer, I sincerely apologise for the unpleasant experience, we would be glad to help you and gain your trust again.

Please drop us your feedback to http://www.singpost.com/corporate-enquiry.html?view=booking&flag=enquiry with the details.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

SingPost Customer Care

Oct 1, 2015

Lost package, no service, no resolution

I am a new customer to VPost and it will be the only time I ever use their service - that is if I ever get the packages from the US. They've lost one of the two packages which were both delivered together and shipped by the same merchant. I've now sent a dozen emails, been on the phone for over three hours and have zero resolution to anything. This is a scripted call center where nothing is done except for dozens and dozens of apologies. They've requested the same proof of shipping and receipt on five separate occasions but never seem to have it. This service is a joke. Do not use it. Impose on a kind friend in the US to ship your package and send then a bottle of wine. You will save yourself time, money and the chance of getting the package will most likely be greater.

I will not use this service again and actively discourage others from ever starting.

Oct 26, 2015

Terrible Service

If all goes well, you will get your package. But, if you have a problem, the folks at VPost will screw you around for weeks or longer. Their processes seem to be a mess and often there are problems. Their call center people have no visibility into the status of the shipment and will only offer to take the details of your case and pass it on to the people in Singapore. After a week of no response, you follow up and have to explain the whole situation to another call center person who says they will pass it on to the "team" in Singapore. And again and again and again.

There is no one else to blame but the management of this lame company. They should be thankful they are operating in Singapore as they would be crushed in any real market by the likes of Fedex. VPost is run by a bunch of losers.

Sep 8, 2017

bad experience and cust service

first, its expensive.
second, items already arrive at their warehouse but they took days to put it in the account.
third, way too many restricted goods that arent even dangerous. now i have items that they consider dangerous which it isn't so and i think the money spent on it will go to waste and it upset me.

forth, unclear information given regarding the items that they claim to be dangerous. the cust service can't even tell me which items are the dangerous ones. he could only read from his bloody message and don't bother to help me find out.

fifth, the customer service agent don't seem to willingly sincerely wanted to help their customer. he said i have to provide the item safety sheet to prove the items is not dangerous. i contacted my merchant. they are so willingly helpful. they wanted to help me send it to vpost directly. but vpost or that cust service agent refuse to provide a email address for my merchant to send. they don't sincerely wanted to help their customer at all.
They don't sincerely wanted to help their customers to save their package at all. all they suggest is discard your items away then the rest of package could be send.
until i ask for other options available that agent then told me the option of returning the package to merchant is available. but it cost SGD23 (postage) + 6.50 (admin fee) to do that. so expensive!!! who would bloody choose that.
see my point?
they only want you to discard your items away as if it cost nothing. and until i ask the agent for the other options, until prompt him then he give. if not all he suggest is discard it.

vpost sucks!!! dont use their service! make their profit go down then they will start to improve themselves!!

Dec 13, 2017

Dont ever use Vshop4U from vpost!

First and foremost, I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN! Let me warn others who think that this type of service will be convenient, its a f*****ng waste of time! I ordered a doll from a merchant in the US hoping that this would arrive before christmas. Order was paid and confirmed in Nov. 27. Fast forward 2 weeks -- THERE ARE NO STATUS UPDATES, no INFOS and to make matters worst their customer service people gave me different and misleading infos in every call. HOW UNRELIABLE!!! Two of their representatives told me that my package was in transit and should get here by Dec 13, today is Dec 13 and guess what -- NOTHING. Called again and another info was provided! Some told me they have forwarded my case to the team. Others told me we will give you a call back. I got NO call back. No updates and when I reply their emails, I GET NO RESPONSE! After paying 221 sgd youd start wondering, why the F*** did I use this LOUSY SERVICE. This is 2017! Service is IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE WHO PAY! If you order items through this service, make sure you have no TIME FRAME and make sure you are okay that they wont give you any updates on where your item is! This is unacceptable, I chose them because I thought Singpost/vpost were very reliable! But hell no! They just lost me as a customer! I should've just ordered it directly from AMAZON itself!!! Now its too late! Christmas is next week and this was supposed to be the most important present this year!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and find better options!

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