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Vitamins Because

United States

Consumer reviews about Vitamins Because

Oct 12, 2012

Join to file a case!

People, join me! I have already filed a case against this small business. If there are enough victims, then the court will consider making them pay back! I have bought their products after I saw an add BUY ONE, GET TWO FREE, and after I purchased, they told me it would take one month delivery instead of one week. I asked for my money back, and they refused to send it.

annele bank
Mar 1, 2013

never send me purchased goods

This company is a scam! I purchased vitamins from them ad they said that delivery supposed to be 5-6 days. I paid straight away but in two weeks I received nothing. Tried to contact them and I was ignored. Beware and don't make the same mistake!

Mar 21, 2013

Make thing right

I am sorry for the bad experience you had with our company, I would like to make this right, We started out as a small vitamin store in homossassa florida, its not a rich area, so we did buy one get 2 free out of our store, and built a FDA cGMP approved manufacture facility their, so we could open more stores, and make the product as pure as possible for our customers, we built the website for our customers that go up north for the summer, so they could order online, from us, the website took off, because of the prices and the buy 1 get 2 free. We handle around 500 to 700 orders a day, we have had some growing pains, but we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee we use to mail the check back, know we can do it online, our customer service center is open Monday-Friday 10:00 to 5:00 pm EST after hours use to go to a mail box, that would sometimes be full we fixed that. Please give us the chance to make this right, please contact us at 1-866-578-6852

Apr 18, 2013

Vitamins Because LLC

I have ordered Garcinina Campogia April 4th and still have not received the product. I have emailed them and they stated it was back ordered and that they are a small company and due to the DR OZ show that have many orders to fill. I believe the airing on the Dr OZ show was last year. This is a poor excuse. this company also goes by DoctorVitaminStores. BEWARE. I agree if the item is back ordered, at least the company should reach out to their customers and let them know.

Edith D Thurman
Mar 7, 2015

Vitamins Because

I have ordered from them about 4 times now, and I always receive my order in a week if not sooner. I do have one question...all the vitamins look exactly alike. I have never seen this before, and I'm not sure about it. I'm not a chemist, but I'm not dumb either, I know different formulas require a different process. Like some can be in a capsule filled with powder, but others are not. So I'm wondering if there is any actual difference in the vitamins I'm getting? I have about 7 different vitamins from them, but they are all identical! If it wasn't for the label you couldn't tell which one was which. Is there something wrong with this, or am I just being overly cautious???

Mario Pinto B.
Nov 11, 2015

Quantity of Resveratrol

I bought Resveratrol 1000 mg from this brand. The label says that the serving is 1000 mg, and that you are supposed to take two capsules per day. I have a question: how much resveratrol each capsule has?, 500 mg or 1000 mg?

Sep 24, 2016

I receive my order in less than5 days

I ordered some supplements from this company just to try if the BOG2 was real, so far that part is true I pay for 1 and I get 3, that is really awesome,.

now I have to see how the quality is, if I feel good with the results as the known brands I will for sure comeback and buy from them, if supplements won't work I just stop and follow to the next company, I always looking for the better prices without sacrifice the quality

I really hope the products work because is so economy :)

BTW. ship from florida to California and receive my goods in less than 5 days that's awesome!!!

Mar 7, 2017

product certification

I take a lot of vitamins so the buy one get two free is a real money saver for me. My only concern is verification of what's in the pills. They are all white powder which is unlike the supplements I have been buying. Other vitamin companies have third party certifiers that attest to the quality and quantity of ingredients. There is NSF, USP and Consumer Lab that do that. I am always cautious when something is too good to be true and the crazy deal here kind of feels that way.

White powder
Aug 20, 2017

tasteless White Powder-SCAM /rip off f

I purchased Vitamin K2 from "Vitamins Because " and it was almost half price of others. The capsule was only half filled

I tasted the contents and it had virtually no test to it.

It says Vitamins Because has" assayed" ( never heard this word " assayed" in 30 years-assayed applies to minerals/not supplements)

This NOT verification of what's in the pills

I strongly feel this is SCAM /rip off fraud ≈ Aug 1 ,2017

Nov 29, 2017

Deeply Concerned

Vitamins Because is the cheapest source of supplements on the internet. It is also the least credible. As a poor person I buy their products but am very suspicious I'm being ripped off. Where do I start? Every capsule of every supplement looks the same. Same size, same color. Some products, ie Quercetin, appear to be in capsules too small to fit the claimed amount, compared to many competitors. Pterostilbene is labeled an herb. It is not. I just discovered I've been taking half as much as I though I was paying for. Most of their products claim the highest potency usually available in much more expensive versions, ie Black Bean and Jiaogulan. Their Rhodiola is an exception. It claims nothing, ie it's plain herb, not an extract. They use the misleading, albeit common tactic of doubling the strength on the front label and then write on the back: dose two capsules. The Resveratrol is misleading. 1000mg? Yet only 500mg is the active ingredient, trans-resveratrol. And on top of all this I have great doubt the ingredients are genuine. Why is it this company can sell everything at under half the price everyone else does yet show no proof it's the real thing? And yet I buy it. Poverty sucks.

Nov 29, 2017

Deeply Concerned Part II

Since reviews apparently can't be edited, I'll add that the Resveratrol 1,000mg really contains 250mg of active ingredient per capsule, not 500mg. They advise you to take two (on the back), but you'll need 4 to reach the dose implied on the label. They play on your ignorance or innocence, but that deception is allowed and so more and more companies do it to compete. Resveratrol isn't cheap, so they make it look 4 times cheaper. Is there any proof it's even genuine?

Nov 30, 2017

Also Concerned

I really didn't think about the vitamins I purchased from Vitamins Because Your Worth It until I read some of these reviews. Its true, all the pills are white... How is that when I have purchased the same vitamins from other companies and the pills are different colors? I have purchased from Vitamins Because Your Worth It... Lutein, Biotin, Green coffee extract, Phytoceramide, Saffrin, etc. Don't really think I have seen a difference and I was faithful in taking them. I just purchased Lutein from Natures Truth and the pills are different. I would like to know if anyone knows if there has been a company that has tested the pills from VBYWI and see what is truly in them. Like another review said.... The buy 1 get 2 free is pretty questionable and I fell for it.

Winnie Rutabaga
Jan 9, 2018

Chemists Who Can't Spell?

Would you name your company "Vitamins Because Your Worth it"? I really believe that virtually anyone with enough intelligence and savvy to organize and build a supplement company would surely be able to spell and proof-read because mostly all people who aspire towards good health and use health supplements learn about it by way of reading about it/them with all of their five-dollar words and names. Come on, if you can remember how to spell "tri-chloro-nitro-methane and the pseudo-halogenic compound cyanogen" then you know that there is a difference between "you are" and "your". NOBODY would make that blunderous, glaring typo, print company labels with that on them, and expect the public to have faith enough in the product to overlook something so unprofessional as that, right or wrong? "My dog ate my homework" is a classic, so how about "My dog designed our labels"? I, too, feel that it really IS NOT Vitamin E Complex in those capsules. "Powdered Form", "Wheat Germ Base", or "Dry Formula", yeah, but, "Non-Oily"? That's just like Nancy Grace when she caused the entire media world to start using the phrase "went-missing".
FYI - - if you look closely you'll see that in most capsules there is a tiny empty space inside because each dosage is applied to the carrier medium, the powder, individually so that accuracy can be maintained. If you try to scoop the powder up with the two capsule halves, too much powder will get in and you won't be able to shove it all the way together. To solve that, because you can't pour the liquid supplement concoction (or drug) over the entire powder medium and scoop it up randomly into the capsules which would ruin any consistent potency, then a measured amount of product is introduced into a measured amount of medium and this is then inserted into each capsule by controlled measure. Otherwise and quite obviously, you would end-up with all different sized capsules and/or a completely variable dosage. They can't fudge on the dosage and go unpunished because of the risk of the inherent side-effects. Notwithstanding their inability to write proper English or their uncanny ability to produce entirely full completely shoved- together capsules that all look exactly the same irrespective of the compounds they supposedly contain, each form of Vitamin E has a certain smell and there is no familiar smell in the bottles. What I do smell here is smoke and, like they say, there's probably fire. This came from Ebay which is infested with thieves, liars and con-jobs so I am not surprised in the least.

Feb 5, 2018

Address Previous Comments

I have been ordering from Vitamins Because for years. The same white capsule saves them money in processing. That makes a lot of sense. As to the number of capsules in a serving, the complete label is on the internet for the consumer to see before they buy the product, as are the ingredients and disclaimers.I usually get the product in about 5 days to IL. After the hurricane it took longer. If it does not suit your needs, don't buy the product. I find them the nicest company to deal with. They have always addressed my needs. I can't say anything about the purity, I've never hired anyone to check it. What I get seems to work for me. A lot of herbs are not backed by the govt. agencies, so who knows if they really help. Research on line, it helps. If you want proof, I doubt it is out there. They say their facility is approved, so if you are in doubt call the approving party. That has nothing to do with purity. That means it is up to standards as to manufacturing standards for a pharmaceutical company. Since all capules are the same size, some may be half filled depending on the product. I've never seen any claims from this company. You have choices and order the potency they offer. I alway compare with other companies. I also use Swanson and am also happy with them,except they are more expensive. The label has clear disclaimers. Who knows if herbs really work. The FDA does not test them as they do prescriptions. They have been in use for thousands of years and passed by word of mouth what does and does not work. So explanations of what they are used for are just that. You have to decide if it works for you. I have always found that if you are nice to people when you have a problem, they will go out of their way to help you. If you are nasty, the problem lingers. I would like to see longer phone hours what they have is lousy customer service.

Feb 12, 2018

Lycopene-White Powder

I ordered a bottle of Lycopene and opened a capsule to test the product. It was pure white powder. Lycopene cannot be white as it is naturally red because it is the pigment of tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables. I wanted a replacement bottle to see if I just got a bad batch but they refused to send me one. So I think the white powder may be intentional and is probably rice powder.

Feb 13, 2018

Graviola 900mg

I purchased Graviola. These are large white capsules and I did not think about it. Then I ordered some from a different company because I was informed that they can not ship to California. Well, that got me thinking. When I got the Graviola from the next company they were brown color. After reading up on this I found out that they have to be brown if the Graviola is pure leaf. Well I guess I have been taking rice powder all this time.

Jun 27, 2018


This company is a total fraud. I placed an order and their website indicated availability. I paid for it and received confirmation. I called 9 days later and was told that they product is not available and it might take up to 30 days to receive it. They failed to mention this fact on their website at the time of my order. I am very unhappy. Call this company before you order it and make sure they have your product in stock!!!

Jun 29, 2018


I would like to re-tract my negative review of this company. I received my order two days later. I'd like to thank you Mitch who is a sales supervisor there for taking good care of my order. I guess the had huge and anticipated demand for their products. There were not ready to handle so many orders at once. Thanks Mitch!

Jul 13, 2018

Ha Ha I got fooled by this company. Jokes on me

I purchased sea moss from this company. I had ordered from other companies and my product was green.....of course just like sea moss. I thought since I talked to the wonderful customer service agent at vitamins because this was a legit company. OH MY GOSH when I got my capsules they were PURE WHITE. Aint no way this is the real sea moss. I got a bunch of capsules with who knows what in them. I opened a capsule and put a bit on my tongue and this company sells CRAP!
I should have ran.....but I wanted to trust that this was a wholesome company that was attempting to benefit people’s lives at a price that was honest. The jokes on me. I definitely take responsibility for trusting a company that was too good to be true and that takes advantage of people’s health

Jul 29, 2018

Scam on magnisium citrate

I bought the 833 mg of magnisium citrate. It is not magnesium citrate. In fact it is not anything but a non describe powder
Please shut them down!!!

Oct 25, 2018

Company will be put out of business.

I'm having the product I purchased tested when I have the chance and extra cash. Then I'm reaching out to an attorney after I get the results. Then I'm going to reach out to as many people as possible who have also been ripped off. Or the attorney will after they fork their sales records over. This company is bad business. Company's in Wal-Mart were just taken off of the shelves for the same tactics. Not giving people what they paid for. Class action lawsuit I believe... rip people off and you go out of business and back to the slave train. Scum. Test your products regularly and stop being a cheap bumb that rips people off. I have deer antler velvet that is nothing but rice powder. And other times it's gray and what I paid for. 3 whole bottles 180 caps of rice powder. Ridiculous.

Oct 28, 2018

White activated charcoal

I bought a bottle of Activated Charcoal 900 mg capsules.
It soon turned out they were 450 mg only, on smaller fonts the label specified that 900mg is the amount for one serving, and a serving consists of 2 capsules.
Yet it got even stranger, and really hard to comprehend. I opened a capsule, and they contain a light grey powder. Charcoal is black, and aggressively so, a 450mg capsule of other brand, if broken, makes dark your hands, the counter, the sink, everything around (I happened that). -- The VitaminsBecause capsules obviously don't contain more than 9 mg of charcoal! It's a clear scam, but I am wondering why? Charcoal is the cheapest material a drugmaker deals in, why do they cheat?

Nov 2, 2018

Been a faithful customer 4 years.

I am so sorry for the people that are having trouble waiting for their Orders. I usually get mine right away. But do to their Company has inlarged the time for delivery can take 3 to 4 weeks. It says that RIGHT ON THERE WEB PAGE. .I had ordered Bacopa from them many times. And one day I seen a place have a special on this same Vitamin . So I ordered it .BAD BAD IS ALL I CAN SAY ,IT DID NOTHING FOR ME AT ALL ! "Just Because♡♡ thank you for letting my life be alot better with your Bacoba . ♡♡♡♡ WELL BACOPA CAN BE USED FOR PEOPLE WITH M.S. WE GET WHAT IS CALLED "BRAIN fog " .... the new one did Nothing for me at all. SO I JUST ORDERED MY NORMAL ORDER BACK AT VITAMINS BECAUSE. I ORDER MANY OTHER VITAMINS FROM THEM AND HAVE NEVER HAD PROBLEMS AT ALL. GIVE THEM A CHANCE , INSTEAD OF RUNNING TO COURT. YOU MIGHT BE TRYING TO CLOSE DOWN A PLACE THAT IS FAITHFUL AND HONEST.AND VERY HELPFUL TO OTHERS . ...TAKE CARE ALWAYS Cindy

Jun 17, 2019

moringa extract and jiaogulan extract

I feel the same as most of the peoples reviews. I ordered both of these products a couple of months back and as of today they have done nothing for me. Because I thought I was getting a quality product and a great deal I quit ordering from the companies I normally ordered from, BIG mistake! I know these don't work because now I get leg and toe cramps and sometimes my heart will skip a beat, usually that could also mean low on potassium, but when I was taking the good organic moringa leaf I didn't have those issues!! I will now go back to ordering from a company I can trust, this company I do believe is a fraud and suck people in because of the great deals that they provide, of course they can do that by filling their capsules with some cheap filler and buying empty capsules online. If a lawsuit does come about please know that I would be on board!! Just be warned and do not spend your money with this company. A good company to order from is Pipingrock, they have good deals also that people can afford.

Jun 20, 2019


Ok, this is an update on vitaminsbecause. A couple of days ago I did a visionary and taste test and I have to say that both the Moringa extract and the Jiaogulan look and taste the same!! I also had my boyfriend taste them both and he said there is no difference in the taste or the color of the powder which both are a grayish color. I know they are fake because the issues I had before are coming back, cramps in the calves and feet, not sleeping and the heart jumping a beat sometimes. This company needs to be taken to their BBB in their state and also the FTC to file a complaint. I have a lot of unused bottles I will keep in case a lawsuit comes about.

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