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Vacation village voyages

United States

Consumer reviews about Vacation village voyages

Derek 3
May 10, 2012

this is the biggest scam ever!

This company is a lie, there is nothing but lies, they lie about everything to their customers, they never keep their promises and their customer service is a joke! This company ruined my vacation!
Don't deal with them otherwise same thing will happen to you!

Aug 2, 2012

very unprofessional

These guys said the presentation would take 1 hour. In truth it took them 2 hours to reach the point when they told the initial price - $11000! Then the price actually went down to $6,5K. We refused again and it went down to $2500. They were really unprofessional and got rude when we refused again. Beware of these guys.

Nov 12, 2012

Awesome Program bad marketing company.

We were on our honeymoon when we purchased with Vacation Village Voyages. We were invited through a package that we won. that side of the company was terrible. We stayed at a Ramada slum in the hood. Although, we went to a presentation with Vacation Village Voyages, and hesitantly purchased in 2009 I am quite a picky traveler now and will have to attest I have had no problems in the slightest with getting even the hardest of bookings. example in 2010 we stayed at the Manhattan Club for New Years. We were also in Vegas and The Cape in that year. We called in last year and were asked if we wanted to go-to Key West as they had Halloween week avail. Little did we know that is Fantasy Week and it was an absolute blast. For $299 that was a steal for the week at the Galleon. They were fully packed and the rooms were going for $400-500/night.

I did have a minor complaint for a cruise in reference to a price. My military rate best them by a few bucks,but knowing the customer service we would receive we still booked it through Andy our concierge at Voyages. We ran it by him that the military price was better he couldn't beat it but did give us $200 onboard credit and a bottle of red wine. So all in all our complaint dissipated.

Happy Overall
John and Marge Johansson

Jan 27, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised!!

A friend of mine has Vegas timeshare and offered to sell it to me for $3000 last year. She paid $29,000 for it, I saw the paperwork.

I asked to use it once, to experience it, and so she made an exchange for me, into Fort Lauderdale, during October. I wanted Spring break or Summer, in Hilton Head, SC, but there was no availablity. I paid her maintenance and exchange fees, which totalled $1500. So we took our kids out of school and drove down to Fort Lauderdale in hurricane season, because I promised my friend I'd go try out her system and pay her in monthly installments if we liked the way it worked.

When my family checked in at midnight (we drove), I double checked with the front desk to make sure that the regular rates were not less than we paid my friend, and I wasn't getting ripped off. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the room I got was actually a $369 a night suite, so for 7 nights, I would have paid $2583 plus taxes on my own. So far I was happy with the price, but not with the fact that we were travelling in hurricane season.

On day 1 of our trip, the weather was horrible; the pool was closed, but we really liked having 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 flat-screen tv's. We made spaghetti and watched movied and watched the lightening over the ocean from our balcony. I can't remember the last time we had fun as a family; my kids think we are losers and don't spend time with us at all!

On day 2, we went down to the lobby to get some brochures and the girl at the booth offered us a free gift card and lunch, if we'd go upstairs and see a Voyages presentation. We told her we didn't want to buy timeshare, because we were going to buy one from my friend. She was very persuasive and assured us that Voyages was not a timeshare.

So we went for lunch and within 2 hours, we left with a membership. My husband warned me that my friend would be upset that we wouldn't be buying her timeshare, but honestly; why would we want her leftover debts? We quickly were made aware that her fees were mandatory, even when we didn't want to use it, and availabilty for exchanges depended on way to many things. Voyages had no mandatory fees, We got a bundle of resort weeks, with no maintenance fees at all; and 10 times the amount of resort weeks as the timeshare book that my friend gave me (RCI). We could book 2 days in advance if we wanted to, and we paid less for the plan than it would have cost us to pay her fees for the next 5 years. We have used it twice this year already, and paid $299 for a 7 night stay in a 3 bedroom, five star resort in Orlando; booked last minute; and we paid $799 for the same size unit in a Wyndham resort in Hawaii, booked 6 months in advance. My friend who tried to sell us her week, actually used one of our weeks this year, and will be coming to Fort Lauderdale next year to buy her own Voyages, so I can get the referral points.

She ended up donating her timeshare to charity, because she was hit with a Special Assessment.Very happy that my original plan of going to Hilton Head and they buying my "friend's" leftovers, didn't work out. I love my Voyages and I recommend it to families who are on a $40-$150 a night budget, but require large, private accomodations with onsite amenities; last minute bookings as well as organized advance vacations. The concierge service has been priceless in advising us of cruise and hotel deals too.

Mar 14, 2014

Run From This Company

The above positive reviews were written by employees of the company. You will be hard pressed to get by the hard sales tactics and deceptive flat out lies to come out with anything positive left over to say. SAD!

" "friend's" leftovers, didn't work out. I love my Voyages and I recommend it to families who are on a $40-$150 a night budget, but require large, private accomodations with onsite amenities

they pitch TIMESHARE as LEFTOVERS ---odd to see it here. RED FLAG NUMBER 1!

private accomodations with onsite amenities - RED FLAG NUMBER 2! too sales pitchy to use sales lingo?

http://www.flbeachresort.com/ has the highest price of their 2 Bedroom unit listed @ $275 which leads me to RED FLAG NUMBER 3! >>>>> I was pleasantly surprised to find that the room I got was actually a $369 a night suite, so for 7 nights, I would have paid $2583 plus taxes on my own

DO yourself a huge favor and RUN! if you just purchased you have 10 days to cancel. You can find better deals by going to booking.com or expedia.com or even by going to skyauction.com if you want strictly timesharing resorts take a look at redweek.com or ourvacationstore.com


Apr 25, 2014

Fake Reviews

My above review is fake. I wrote it while I was employed with the company a few years back and am ashamed of doing so.

The one written by supermom has third party story and sales tactics in it likely fake too written by a salesperson.

Run from this company read ripoffreport.com reviews they have lost BBB accredation due to scam like behavior.

Apr 29, 2014

Fake Reviews

See my review above it is fake. written when employed by the company to lower cancellations.

Jun 13, 2014


Proud to have that product!
I went 6 years ago on vacation to Daytona beach for a long weekend. I was staying with my family in that crappy and dirty place! I just hated myself to be there!!!! It was not even that cheap. We paid almost 100$/ Night. knowing that we own two weeks of timeshare. We just didn't want to use the whole week. it was more a gateway than a vacation.
At the lobby of that resort a gentleman suggested to me if we can go to a
90 minutes presentation and get a 100$ visa card. He said that we didn't have to buy anything all what we were supposed to do is to go and listen to the salesperson's pitch, and that was a new product and all what was matter is to go back home and to talk about what we were going to see to our friends and family! just our words out of the mouths was the target!!!!
We went the next day early in the morning. It was more interesting than what we thought. We thought first that it was a timeshare pitch!!!! but we were nicely surprised that it was totally different and more interesting than a timeshare presentation. We were this os too good to be true!!!! We were a little nervous when we first were offered to join this club. We made the right decision and we do not regret it. We will recommend this vacation Village Voyages to any person who loves to vacation and travel all over the world. We have this package for six years. We have been to the most beautiful resorts. The resorts that even with your timeshare you can not go to!!!! we visited too many places and took at least 15 cruises…. I will say thank you Jesus for providing me that great AND quality vacation time!!!
When I saw the negatives reviews I was Laughing so hard!!! I was I can't believe that people are talking that way and how they could be so negative about something they never tried before can even dream of in the real life unless if they have tones of money and they would rather pay what the websites are providing them!!!!!! In that case let them spend the money they've got and let people who chooses to save to go for the package and get the quality and the luxury!!!!


Mar 10, 2015


We found this company to be beyond belief in their salespersons lies and misrepresentation. They assured us there were no maintenance charges. With our RCI program we have a specific property that we bought into. With VVV there is nothing, only monthly payment after monthly payment. I called them and tried to cancel my program and was told that after ten days of signing there was no possibility of cancelation. Only after Barclaycard questioned the payments for me they sent a note to Barclaycard that cancellation must be done in writing. The Better Business Services of Florida gives them a very poor rating. Beware!
. . . D.Wilt

May 25, 2015


We signed up with the company like 3 months ago. After paying the initial deposit of 10%, we realized how much of a scam this was and cancelled our credit cards. They reach out to us but we don't respond to them. I'm wondering what we should do to get out of it, we don't want a lawsuit in a few years.

Jul 4, 2015

Not worthy

My husband and I thought this would be a good option to 2 other timeshares we have for vacationing. Well what a surprise, nothing has turned out to be as it was promised at the time
of our purchase. We were clearly told that we could at anytime purchase anywhere we would like to go for $299.00 if we waited up to 45 days of travel. We have tried so many times to
book where we would like to go at a particular location and time and nothing, I mean nothing was and has ever been available. I have paid my money and feel it was and is a total loss
of my hard earned money for something that I thought we would be able to enjoy for retirement. WHAT A SCAM. Why would we (had we more time to think about it) or anyone else
want to pay large fees to buy into vacation villages and then pay out more money to travel and have a vacation. Sure doesn't make sense, truly regret that we purchased 5 years ago
and have NEVER been able to use it. BEWARE false sales tactics.

Jul 13, 2015

Vacation Village Voyages Scam

My wife and I purchased timeshare through vacation village and I have tried twice to call ad reserve our time share but they never answer and/or the phone number that they gave never works. I have been paying a year and a half into a 2 year contract and have cancelled payment with them since I have not gotten anyone from their team to answer. Beware of this scam....VACATION VILLAGE VOYAGES...

Aug 10, 2015

Complete waste of time

They start being very polite and friendly, they give you a lot advantages making the product look so nice, when it acctualy isnt... I was in orlando and they took 4 hours of my day
trying to sell me the product with false afirmations and putting so much pressure to buy. When they see that you are not buying, they start to be rude and get the price down more and more...my advice is : if someone offer you to go to see the resort, have a breakfast and get a discount in your disney tickets, SAY NO, they will try to get money from you ofering a product in a infair way, your time worth more than that. Should not be legal what that company does.....

Oct 28, 2015


Got this in April with my ex Fiance and he left in june been trying to get out if it ever since. He hasn't help me pay or nothing. I get better discounts at my work do not I mean do not get it. They don't care I am a single mother to three and can't afford it on my own..

Dec 28, 2015

Timeshare Scam

Timeshares are never a good purchase and timeshare owners need to be cautious about this. There are lots of timeshare scams. I recommend you to read a good article with good information about timeshare issues: Timeshares are never a good purchase and timeshare owners need to be cautious about this. There are lots of timeshare scams. I recommend you to read a good article with good information about timeshare issues: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/121-how-to-get-rid-of-a-timeshare/

Mar 27, 2016

I feel your pain.

Reading the other reviews I can feel the pain. I knew better than get hooked into the deal I sadly paid 8k for together with annual fees. They did offer me a ten year buy back at half price that I'm counting the days/years on. My wife really wanted to go to Hawaii and they seemed to have good deals for there and some other places.But I guess even if you are lucky enough to get the short notice rate the air fair would make it impractical. Live and learn the hard way for me. The old saying if it seems to good to be true....... you know the rest.

Apr 18, 2016


Horrible I paid them the 10% DOWN IN CASH wich was 688.00 then let them take 2000 off my card they took the 10% off my card also after i paid them in cash i didn't catch it right away I wanted the cameras reviewed they said they did but I no they didn't or they would have seen me giving them.cash wich they say I never did also they even gave me my change back from the cash 12 bucks every single vacation I try and book is almost 2 or 3 thousand more then just booking it yourself so your pretty much paying other people to look for a vacation for you I highly recommend not 2 waste your time with this you'll b there 4 at least 3 to 5 hours no matter if you buying or not I didn't even want this I already own other times shares and have no other problems but nothings ever available when u want it to be with voyages everything over priced I just tried to book a trip to Hawaii from June 29th threw July 13 they want 4500 per person to stay at Hawaii Hilton in hondululu I went to go book at same place with air fair and car rental for 5400 all together for 2 people same date I been trying to get ahold of cooperate any suggestions let me no

Apr 26, 2016

I purchased

Complete waste. Have tried booking hotels and every single one was over price of all online sites.
As for Caribbean resorts to book for a week at 299-499 ...you better read all resort information as extra fees add up to normally 3 times more.
Oh then I wanted to at least book the 3 nights free at a featured resort for buying...hey mail it in 3 months in advance (no calling to see if available). Then wait for a response by mail and maybe u can get your free days. What a joke

I am usually so on top of this...boy did we get suckered.

Hoping I help someone say NO and run.

Jul 9, 2016


My husband and I were promised 3 day 2night stay at a luxury resort, but ended up staying at a hotel located across the street from the resort we were promised we would be staying. After stopping at several businesses in the same area were told the company reserves rooms at this particular hotel for the winners of the promotion. The hotel were being repaired, it was musty smelling and had water stains on the walls and ceiling. once we finally found the event venue and waited to receive our voucher and meet with our tour guide/salesperson, I told him about the hotel and that the info we received said we would be staying at the Vacation Village Resort. He said there had been a mix-up and the hotel we had checked into he would handle it and they would honor the voucher. On the tour of the properties, they show you all the beautiful resorts and amenities they offer, making it seems this is what you will be entitled to if you sign up with them and receive a substantial savings. All lies. We were there 4 hours, they were not letting us leave without signing. We were told we could go anywhere in the United States and several places abroad, and pay $299.00 as long as you booked 45 days ahead of time. I did not have the full down payment so I gave him what I had and paid the rest at a later date. I was told I would be able to access the website immediately but not able to book a trip until all the money was received. The website has numerous options to go for trips. You are unable to speak to a sales representative until they have complete down payment. Once I was able to speak to a sales representative is when I found out everywhere I wished to go was all booked up, even though I was booking far, far ahead of the 45 day deadline. I was trying to book a resort in Myrtle Beach 4 months ahead of time and was told everything was booked. So I decided I would book something for December, thinking this is far enough ahead of time and surely there would be availability. No such luck. I found an area in Georgia that you could reach access to via an All Terrain Vehicle, due to roads were not accessible by car, I called the 800 number to speak to a representative. I told her my dilemma, and was told "Well you just need to go someplace else to vacation", I asked her for the phone number and address to cancel the membership. I was told they do not have that info and all they do is schedule vacations. I tried calling the numbers on the info and contact the salesperson to no avail. I then researched the internet and ran across this website of complaints and saw where someone had found out you have to submit in writing to request cancellation of membership. I have nothing good to say about the underhanded sales tactics, blatant lies, and numerous promises made by this company, none of which they any plans on honoring these people use. I feel every dissatisfied customer should come together to file a class action lawsuit against them. This is truly an unjust company.

Dec 23, 2016


A very organized scam. Force you into a sale refuse to get you out of contract sighting Florida statute.
Make you sign and deny you access to their product until you pay them the 10% deposit. If unable they give you a payment plan by the time you finish paying the 10% you are far beyond the 10 days of cancellation.
Legally they are wrong and scam artists. You cannot own property when you don't have access to it.
Be ware don't be fooled. They will take your money and not refund it.

Kurtis Sternberg
Jan 5, 2017


VACATION VILLAGE VOYAGES is a #SCAM! The 3+ hour presentation is painful as everything they show on their website you can get online as they link to what the public can get for free. In fact the link on their website for vacation packages does not even exist!
you can get the same or better rates on hotels, cars, airlines thru free travel websites. Be sure to check the backgrounds of the sales reps as #buyer beware!

Jul 30, 2017

Loan Payment

On handling the affairs of an elderly relative I find that he is paying about 200K per month for some deal which he has never used or is ever likely to use. It is shown as a LOAN PAYMENT, correspondence with the Mortgage Department.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what on earth this payment can be for?

[email protected]
Dec 19, 2017



Jan 5, 2018


Well, I’m reading these horrible reviews and quite bewildered by the comments! We have used vvv for 4 years now and have never been unhappy with our choice to buy into the program. The one thing that helped us was my not willing to fall for their high price plan, we kept saying no no and no until they came down to something that fit our budget. We purchased a two week plan for us and have used with no issues. I can see how unhappy they are when you don’t fall for the high end plan, but it’s your hard earned money and your choice to buy or walk away. We also own a timeshare which our maintenance fee is $600 for our one week and have added a second week with vvv and stayed for half the price of owner fees. We will continue using vvv

Sep 17, 2018


This is the biggest scam and full of liars. Ms. Cookie Hughes is the lady who puts the nail in the coffin. I made an arrangement to pay the down payment in two payments, was told by all three (the agent, sales manager and Cookie Hughes) that my plan did not start until the second payment was made and that the 10 day cancellation period started when the second payment was made. They trap people who are on vacation with lies. I cancelled my plan and disputed the charge on my credit card. They countered with more lies. I suggest that everyone who has been scammed file a class action law suit and prevent these people from scamming again. If anyone can, will you please provide names of the people you spoke with at vacation village?

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