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Consumer reviews about tv land

Oct 9, 2014

tv land sucks now

Your lineup for the shows suck! You take away threes company for shitty that 70's show geez gtfo need less of camera need less of cleveland show the exe's half of the shit you got or adding it sucks!

David Robinson
Mar 10, 2015

tv land

[email protected], United States

Wanted: Insight into the brains of TV Land programming execs

I'm dying to know just how severe the TV Land ratings must have fallen off with the recent bouts of Walker Texas Ranger and -- wait for it: Family Feud!!! Forget for the moment the insanity of four or five episodes of the same program back to back which even used to air two days in a row until recently -- but I've noticed somebody is wanting to slide back into that dark place here lately -- as well as airing soooooooooooooooo many commercials that only three 30-minute shows can fit into two hours so they have enough money to finance all their ridiculous new sitcoms.

Okay, so you had a hit with the Betty White show, but then you forgot the moderation rule and went nuts for a while there, i.e. Retired at 30, The Soul Man and Kirstie (which by the way led to one of the biggest and most offensive blunders in your station's history when you aired so many of the same commercials for Kirstie -- even in the same commercial block -- viewers were surely clicking away by the thousands just to escape such complete and total insanity. I wonder if the programming person during that dark period still works there -- and hint hint, you're knocking on that door again with the Marie Nutrisystem commercials that have been playing every day multiple times for how many years now? I used to love her, and now I just tell her to shut up when I don't get to the remote quick enough to make her go away. Yes, TV Land, you are responsible for ruining Marie for me and I wonder how many thousands of other peope (gosh, maybe it's only hundreds now after Walker & Family Feud).

And about those marathon commercial runs, I've found a work-around I'd like to share with other satellite subscribers. When there's a TV Land show I want to watch or even if it's just Andy Griffith in the mornings because I love the old ones no matter how many times I've seen them -- as long as it's not two days in a row -- I put it on pause and do something else for a while. Then when I come back in the room to watch the show, I just fast-forward through the commercials, all eight or nine of them in a row -- the only station on the dial that dares to air that many consecutive commercials, I might add. If you're anything like me, it will give you a sense of euphoric freedom.

So now I'll go back to the bizarre programming which often conflicts with my idea of what the station should be all about. I think part of the problem is that TV Land is attempting to cater to two different types of viewing audiences. When you're going after a viewing demographic, 25-54 is an age range that makes absolutely no sense, and all the TV Land missteps trickle down from that very problem. So if you're done watching your ratings nosedives and scratching your heads because all your viewers seem to do is complain, you should probably be paying lots and lots of attention to Me TV (and COZI to a lesser degree), which should remind you of your station's roots.

And as soon as I can figure out a way to get Me TV on my television, I'll probably never darken the TV Land doorstep ever again. I've been wanting to write this down for years, and even if nobody at TV Land ever reads it, I feel so much better that I think I need a cigarette.-- and I don't even smoke.


Apr 2, 2015

Walker Texas Ranger

Walker replaced by Family Feud, what idiot made that decision?

[email protected]
Apr 13, 2015


TV Land has stooped to all lows with their newest show
YOUNGER. It is smutty, disgusting, and inappropriate. To top it off TV Land advertises hours when kids can hear and see the perversion as well as hear the comment " it is OK to lie as long as you don't get caught". Really? Who writes this garbage anyway? Someone has a sick mind and needs help . Do us all a favor and take it off!

Jun 20, 2015

Sleaze TV

Never thought tv land would sink so low.

Tina M. Risley
Jul 1, 2015

Removing Dukes of Hazard

Ridiculous. Removing the show due to the confederate flag on the General Lee. This show is not about racism. Far from it - they hated no one and helped everyone - including blacks and despicable characters Boss Hogg and Roscoe. Get a Grip TV Land. It is a show and a decent one.

Jul 1, 2015

Allow Dukes of Hazard

Very disappointed that you canceled reruns of the Dukes of Hazard just because of a flag on a car. So now you've offended WAY more people than you would have by leaving well enough alone. Somehow you seemed to think the show was acceptable all this time because you put it on the air in the first place. I won't watch your channel until you have the courage to air a show that has no reason to be canceled.

Jul 1, 2015

Total crap.... Bring back dukes of hazard or I will never watch TV land again...

This is total bull that you are taking off a show that has been on for years and years and some ignorant person complained about the rebel flag because they are uneducated about the true meaning of the rebel flag.
I will not watch TV Land ever again. I will buy all the Dukes of hazard shows on DVD and TV channel can go to hell...
TV Land you need a serious history lesson.......
So maybe I'm offended that you play the Jeffersons an all black show that constantly rags on white people.... But you won't show a great show about some good ol boys.... Wake up TV Land

Total crap.... Bring back dukes of hazard or I will never watch TV land again...

Sunlight Ghost
Jul 5, 2015

Dukes Of Hazzard

I think it's very very sad that y'all canceled "The Dukes Of Hazzard! That show has been on TV for 36 years!! And now that everyone is now so offended by the confederate flag you ban a great show?!?!?!

Dukes Of Hazzard

Jul 19, 2015


The fa t that you took away the dukes and replaced with GAY pastor rely its horrifying and outrageous and offensive to the Christians so you're saying its okay to offend us but not okay ro offend liberals who know absolutely nothing its garbage. Im starting a petition to take TV LAND DOWN.

Aug 3, 2015


You better get ready because a lawsuit is coming for that Impastor show. You have another thing coming if your going to not only allow that but for that to even have been something thought of. T.V land say by to your riches you money hungry, greedy, horrible people.

Aug 6, 2015

tv land schedule

TV land has became a JOKE.....I RARELY watch this channel anymore. U need to get real....pulling the dukes of hazzard because of one crazy incident. Then taking off shows like Andy Griffith and putting on the #@$%&$# STUPID SHOW IMPASTOR......WHAT A JOKE THIS NETWORK HAS BECOMR

Jan 10, 2016

Clear the Air

As with diapers, previews aired on tv land have to be changed every so often, or the odor becomes offensive.

Jan 25, 2016

tv land shows

Unethical shows moral decline your network Is what's wrong with the world

Rhonda Balch Atkins
Jan 25, 2016

Younger, Teachers

I complained to FCC about these shows and the terrible openly sexual and exploitation of children, women and teachers on these shows. Plus we have to see the advertisements all day, while trying to watch our favorites!
Someone needs to hire some adults and let the middle school boys go back where they belong, detention!
The actors should be ashamed of themselves. Bet their parents are cringing! And what about the parents of the child actors? Is anyone from Social Services around??
May be my next complaint

Jan 28, 2016


Just wanted to say that TV Land should be ashamed of showing such a trashy show as Teachers. I have not watched the program and don't need to in order to know how over the line it is. The ads alone are enough to know that while working with children, there are adults using sexually explicit words and doing sexually explicit things. The language,(even though the harsher words are beeped out, there is no doubt what is being said,)in front of small kids is disgusting. To have a group of small kids sitting around a table while chanting "stab stab stab stab" and making the motions of stabbing something or someone tells me that TV Land along with the writers, producers, and directors, and the PARENTS of these children are guilty of the crime Contributing to the delinquency of minors. Subjecting small children to behavior and words they would not be allowed to see or hear in a movie theater due to the rating of the movie. TV Land was a great thing so many years ago when it first came about. My family loved watching all the old shows like I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Little House, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, etc. And even though you still show some of these great programs, the new shows like Teachers, (which is the worst) among others really cast a black shadow over your network. If anything, please stop showing the offensive ads for some of these shows. At least wait till small children are in the bed and can't accidentally hear or see this trash, while I'm watching Andy Griffith. We are living in a time where the last thing we need to be teaching children, even if they are actors, is how to stab, how to laugh when some adult is screaming profanity at the top of her lungs, and encouraging a little girl to tell her teacher her breast look "bigger" after the teacher uses makeup and a brush on them. If this was happening in the real world, and it does, whoever was doing it in front of kids would probably be facing jail time. All this I have seen and heard just from watching the advertisement for this show. Someone needs to report all of you to child services, as you are committing crimes against children. I encourage you all to rethink this show in particular. Just plain trash!

Feb 3, 2016

TV landfill

Your programming has become a cesspool. Filthy and not funny in the least. The cast of teachers are some of the least talented bunch of bafoons I've ever seen. Your network has lost its way. I guess when Larry left he knew what was coming.

Feb 4, 2016


Why do you have to have such sexually explicit and raunchy shows? The past several years every show made for TV Land has been very inappropriate for family entertainment. Hot In Cleveland was about sex. The new Teachers is a disgrace. The content, the language, etc. is completely inexcusable to be shown during the family hours...and Younger is just as bad. We will no longer be watching TV Land. It is such a shame, as we really like some of the older family sitcoms, but cannot watch them without being bombarded with commercials about the terrible shows. Please, reconsider airing this kind of trash.

Feb 9, 2016

Old Fashioned

1st of all I cant believe you air shows like younger and teacher, You started out as a family oriented channel playing family favorites . now you show the commercial for your x rated shows during the day when kids are watching.
Has the satellite viewing become competitive that you would lower your standards. Shame on you

Feb 14, 2016

TV Land commercials

Too bad you have to keep interrupting the commercials with those annoying programs!
Trying to watch New Adventures of Old Christine, I counted 19 - count 'em 19 - commercials in just one of the many, many commercial breaks during the half-hour show. It's utterly incredible.
It's a real disservice to your viewers. If you're so greedy, why don't you just air half-hour infomercials instead of breaking up the shows with so many commercials for so long that it turns viewers off - or rather viewers turn you off. It's really not worth it to be bombarded by all these commercials to get 4-5 minutes of program and then 10 minutes of commercials ad nauseum. What a way to treat us - and your advertisers, for that matter. Their ads are just lost in the endless advertising barrage. They and you should know I've deleted your channel from my lineup.

Feb 25, 2016

TV Land

TV Land had some goid shows on, The Exes, Hot In Cleveland. Don't understand ehy they cancelled them.

Mar 3, 2016

very upset

TVland the last show of younger on March 3 2016 really really upset me . I could not sleep the whole night really with animals involved at the end of the show was going to far. Younger is so disgusting and also teachers what happened to all the good shows
I am sure animal lovers did not like the ending really really hurt us animal lovers shame on you for putting trash on the air.

[email protected]
Mar 5, 2016

TV Land programming

I agree with many of the complaints about the change in p.m. programming on TVLand from family friendly to adult content. But, if that is the direction you want to go, you must have many viewers interested in that type of programming. My request is that you refrain from advertising in the morning and afternoon hours with sexual inuendos or images. As a parent doing her best to monitor what her children are watching, it is unfair for me to select a program which is perfectly appropriate only for commercials be laden with inappropriate content. Many of your commercials are about your upcoming shows so you can pick and choose what content to include in daytime previews. If this continues, we will switch our viewing pattern and my family were huge followers of TVland since its inception.

Please take this into careful consideration. I have never done something like this before. This should tell you how bothersome it is to me and the many people who have shared the same opinion.

Mar 15, 2016

TV Land programming

Please go back to classic programming and get rid of stupid shows like Younger and Teachers and cut down on Gunsmoke and Reba and commercials

Mar 17, 2016


Why must you use Gods name in vain on so many shows and on your tvland commercials. It is so very offensive to Christians. Tv land should be a family station, but it is not. It is sac religious, vulger, and discussing.

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