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The History Channel

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Consumer reviews about The History Channel

Dec 21, 2011


There is something far more devious going on with the History Channel, (H C) than meets the eye. The H C use to give us the history of Western Civilization. During the 1990's they use to run the history of everything meaningful to American Citizens. Unlike the crap we see now IT COULD BE WATCHED OVER & OVER and it was still good and most importantly it was ENRICHING. About a couple of weeks to a month before an American holiday the H C would run everything they could about the holiday. I loved it. For a whole month we would get the different stories about Christmas, Easter, Presidents Day, and movies/programs on the holidays. This immersed us in our history. It fully reminded us of the purpose of our history, and our holidays. This immersion mysteriously disappeared around the early 2000's. I believe that the History Channel INTENTIONALLY alimented History from the HC as a way to separate Americans from their history. The H C provided support to Americans. I believe that there is a connection between the Multi-culturalist Invasion of our country & the elimination of REAL AMERICAN HISTORY that made the illegal and legal aliens feel UNCOMFORTABLE. I have written the H C but they ignore the issues; there new ridiculous, programming that's remotely connected to history.

Jan 13, 2012


whoever is in charge there please quit. Swamp people? American pickers? Top shot? That new shrimp thing? Come on, I really used to enjoy watching things about history on the history channel. It's truly embarassing what you put on there now.

Jan 24, 2012


Sadly, I agree. Years ago, this was my favorite channel on cable. For about 5 years I got rid of my cable tv due to financial constraints. About three months ago, I started subscribing again . . . very anxious to start watching the History Channel. Unfortunately, I have found NOTHING on it that interests me. It's always movies or "how to" reality shows that have nothing to do with history. The "military" history channel has some good things on it, but it's not my primary focus. It is so sad that the History Channel is reduced to the same JUNK that you can find on every other channel. I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in the History Channel.

Feb 6, 2012


The show swamp people is disgusting and embarrassing to see! Reptiles on this earth long before us and have toothless ignorant hillbillies killing them! I will NEVER watch the so called history channel again till I know this program is cancelled! I have spread the word as well for others to boycott! who's great idea was it to put this crap on tv?

Feb 6, 2012


One man's crap is another man's caviar.

Mar 5, 2012


Yes the history channel should not be allowed to call itself the history channel...this is what is wrong with america today. people watching canned "reality tv" lousey actors and lousy plot lines...its not history! i dont get it. those retards then behave like the tards on those shows in real life...and my god we live in a society of retards. Reality tv sucks! it offers no value. The executives running the channel need to be fired...you suck! money gruber nutfucks.

Teresa Ward
Apr 7, 2012


The History Ch. has become just another perverted, one way, slanted view, totally against the God of Israel, junk show !
I watched a show this morning called Bible Battles, that had a prejudiced author called Richard A. Gabriel, (Military History of Ancient Israel). He was disgusting & clearly prejudiced against Israel. The History Ch. showed horrible battle scenes that made the Israelites look like barbarians, instead of portraying them as people being lead by God & killing people mercifully wiping evil from the land, that He gave them ! They barely showed any scripture !!! The title was "Bible Battles" !!! This isn't the first time I saw this slighted view of God's people on this channel. They are clearly, anti-God & anti-Semitic & their shows are full of hate against God's people & misleading a multitude of people.
Filing complaints against them w/the FCC, is probably the best way to go. Hate crime ? You bet ! Against God & His people. Pray that the deception is revealed. Also, write & call their public address of record (I have yet to find this). Take a stand against evil, like God says to.

Apr 11, 2013


I am sick and tired of watching a bunch of hillbilly's kill gators. The repeats have gone on for 2 days in a row this time and because it is basically a very boring show, someone tries to make up a story line. It's an insult to the people living in the gulf coast. Using a rifle to shoot the gators before getting them in the boat is truly the stupidest part of the show.

freda johnson
Jul 30, 2013

foul mouth

this is te second time i have complaned about the f--- words being heard on the history shows. some people would like to watch the shows but is too harsh ..you can certainly read their lips and hear them. why do you allow this..nothing funny about how the guys act when there are mad and or just having conversation..please have this taken care of or no history channel for us. thank you

Nov 11, 2013

Bible Secrets Revealed

Do not watch the upcoming program Bible Secrets Revealed, unless you want to be totally misled and confused about what God's revelation to us actually says. As a student of the Word of God for more than 50 years, I can tell you that it does not contradict itself. All of the books of the Bible are divinely inspired, just as it claims to be and all have one unified message. Archaeology is constantly proving the Bible historical account to be accurate. Just as any four witnesses to an event might give slightly differing accounts, based on their own perceptions, the four gospel writers vary slightly in what they choose to share. We are warned in God's Word about any attempt to change or distort it. I would be very, very worried if I was the writer, producer or any other enabler of this assault against Almighty Cod!

Mar 1, 2014

pour quality of variety

I watch this channel when i choose to watch TV and every time i turn this station on it the same shows over and over. And most times its the same episodes iv watched over and over this is why i don't watch TV. WHERE ARE THE DOCUMENTARIES ABOUT HISTORY THIS!!!!! SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CALLED HISTORY CHANNEL SHOULD BE CALLED RERUNS CHANNEL .I WILL FIND NEW ENTERTAINMENT

Mar 22, 2014


I barely watch History Chanel but not for any particular reason except for personal preference. I enjoyed the shows that I watched and I have to admit that I have learned a lot every time when I get the chance to watch any of the documentaries on this channel. Nonetheless, the documentary I watched on this past Sunday (3/15/2014) about the first female creature before Eve (Lilith) caused me to speculate the credibility of the information in the documentary. The reason that caused me to say this is one of the evidences that was showed in the documentary was a writn document in Ge’ez (one of the language spoken in Ethiopian). I did not hear the name Ethiopia or the language as Ge’ez. It was presented as a literature from some other place which I don’t recall now. I was astonished by what I saw. I am a native Ethiopian, and as far as I know there is no nation in the globe that speaks or uses the Amharic Alphabet. There was no nation in the history that uses this Ethiopian alphabet other than Ethiopians. I wonder what causes the producer or whoever was in charge, to present such misleading information. I would love to hear if there is any explanation for it.

Jean Druck
Feb 25, 2015

Troy Landry with BAD Language

I I have a real problem with Troy on Swamp People. I am done watching the show and so are my grandchildren. Is Troy the
alligator King ? NOT !! I have lost all respect for him and his BAD language. Last week's episode he very bodly took the Lord's name in vain. NOT even a beep was heard. If he was here in front of me I would tell him he is a very, very poor example of a
man. I am DONE with the show. I am sick and tired of beeps and bad language. What is the deal ? Not everyone in the world
feefeels the need to use bad language. SWAMP people needs to clean up or get off the TV.

A former fan

Mar 5, 2015

Animal Cruelty

There is enough barbaric things in our world. Showing the swamp people slaughtering is barbaric! There are too many people on the earth and we can't go around bringing down the number of people. Maybe we should start doing that and start with the ignorant and ugly swamp people!
History Channel, your shows are terrible lately. You are teaching the young ones, violence.

Casey Riley
Mar 11, 2015

Ax Men/All Programs

What a joke this channel has become, would be different if they were actually descent actors but that sucks too. I can't believe how bad they have made the shows, Ax Men especially. Everyone has sold out pretty sad.

Apr 7, 2015

History channel needs some history shows

Hi there,

I am a big fan of world war I and WWII history, military history in general.

However, the History channel is showing more of Pawn stars, this restoration stuff, pickers and storage wars. I understand that the items in those shows have some history but it's not really relevant.

Shows that focus on world war one or two could include all those stuff. History about our solar system, animals, plants, volcanos will be much more educational than the history about a coke machine or some bicycle.

I was a big fan of the History channel in the past but these days I find myself watching more NatGeo, BBC K, DiscW or just Discovery. The history channel used to show things like the old Chinese empires, Ancient Rome, American Civil war, American engineering.

I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed this change, but I thought that I'd just let you know how I feel about it.

Thanks for your time,
South African

May 8, 2015

Why History does this

I agree with everyone complaining.HOWEVER,the History Channel ( HC) will not change.Do you know why? Follow the MONEY! Go with the MONEY? You see, you American consumers, are ignorant and uneducated, which makes all of you perfect targets for the sponsors (commercials) that PAY the H.C. MONEY.The "powers that be" at H.C.can pick and choose which commercials to run based on all the other "crap" on TV that ignorant people watch.That way its easy to pick commercials. Hence easy MONEY. Think about it.............
If H.C. chose to have shows on REAL history,such as P B S does, do you think ignorant, uneducated people (H.C' S) audience would watch? """ ooh no,it's in black and white,golly this is boring change the channel Daddy"""" There you go,doesn't want to watch and LEARN something about REAL history,and of course, dear ole Dad changes the channel,complies
right along with the snot nose brats. (both my boys always watched REAL history with me and enjoyed it and it stuck with them they still watch P B S) Ignorant, uneducated people =
the senate and House of Representatives and "Fox News" we have today.

Jun 2, 2015

Texas Rising - Location is Wrong

For a history channel, you would expect a series about history to be ACCURATE. I have lived in Texas my whole life; we learn about Texas history at a young age. While this series is good, I understand it is a dracumentry. BUT, in saying that, at least film the stupid thing in Texas, NOT Durango, Mexico. The towns, locations, etc... are not at all what these areas actually look like. Take for instance, the last episode, there were scenes outside Harrisburg, which is Houston.. There are NO mountains in Houston; there are no deserts, or red dirt. Houston is, I hate to say it being from there, a swampland. It is flat, there are pine trees and palms (if near the beach) - it is lush not arid and barren. Same for the San Jacinto battlefield - another flat place near the water - there were no hills or mountains or scrub brush. I keep looking at these landscapes and want to know what ignorant Hollywood writer/producer decided Durango, Mexico was a good substitute for Texas. This may be true if heading to Big Bend or the Panhandle; maybe even parts of the hill country but not where most of these battles took place. Do your research before promoting since an important part of our state history. You are no better than those who filmed the first "Alamo"; at least the second one was filmed here in Texas with Texans as extras.

Pete T
Jul 5, 2015

America the story of us ( Metropolis)

You have the worst race baiter on describing the whites against blacks in a racist fight on the beach , I find this insulting go walk into a black neighborhood and the same thing can happen if you get out alive , you show it here as a one way street that only whites are racist this should be delt with and removed from public TV ..

Jul 15, 2015

Sons of Liberty

As a huge fan of history, in particular of the American Revolutionary War, I was thrilled when I realized that The History Channel was releasing a program on The Revolution titled 'Sons of Liberty'. However, when I sat down to watch it I had to go back and check facts about certain details (large and small), and usually discovered them to have been altered or erased by the HC 'historical drama'. At first I allowed myself only to be slightly upset by this, but the more that I watched, the more I was given cause for extreme disappointment and indignation. Not only are historical events painted wrongly, but the characters themselves are tainted. Those famous historical figures who were so imperative in The War, and who were factually virtuous and good and held in the highest moral esteem by almost everybody, are slandered and demoralized in the Sons of Liberty program. Anyone viewing this show who does not know our country's history would assume that it was founded on immorality! That religion and morality had no place in it. This is and never was the case. The USA did not flourish and grow through unethical men and women, but through honest, principled people who believed in the common good over their own immediate good, and who sacrificed everything that they had. The History Channel seems to be seeking to destroy and rewrite the history of the United States of America from its foundation upward. Dramatically, yes, to some this show is entertaining; but the ruin it enacts on the people who watch it, most especially our children, far outweighs the delight found in this diversion. George Santayana said that "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.". Are we truly so careless as to allow our country's history to be changed so easily that our young grow up to make the same mistakes that the old did because they were not properly taught the past? We are setting ourselves up for failure. To think that we live in an age where instead of assisting in the growth of our country by using one of its most popular devices for entertainment, we hinder and stint it. The History Channel could be the most educational and enriching channel on TV, but instead it opts for monetary gain and relies on the ignorance of people to fund its programming. Again I say, we set ourselves and our country up for failure.

An 18 year old

Feb 9, 2016

American restoration rebooted

It was a very big disappointment to see american restoration crew rick dale and his crew fired and replaced by a inferior show that really sucks I will never watch American restoration again. The original show is by far better than new one. Whoever made this decision should be fired you have lost a loyal history channel fan. That show is ruined.

Mar 23, 2016

Swamp people

I can't believe y'all are taking the swamp people off the air y'all must be stupid

Jul 26, 2016

Back ground music

I like to watch a lot of your history programs.
I have only one complaint.
WHY is the background musik so loud that at times you can hardly hear the dialog.
It is the same most of the times so it is not only one incident.

Jan 18, 2017

Curse of Oak Island

I was hoping to see something new on oak island but you show the same exact show every single time I turn it on. It all stopped st the dive, nothing else. I have decided to stop watching it because I cannot stand to see the same old thing time and time again. Drain the damn tunnel of all the silt and see if there is anything in there. Also how did a few guys 400 years ago dig 200 feet down on a rocky island with shovels fight freezing weather. It would take decades with our technology. Even now we cannot do it nor find anything. It is a God made void, not man made guys

betty young
May 26, 2017

no more show of swamp people why ?

I'm very up set and disappointed to see my favorite show not on tv no more due to killing animals if this be the case these animals has killed children etc. they need to be stop the animals do not the show if this be the case then no shows of fishing hunting deers or any -type of animals that's killing animals to now aint it even wild hogs on other shows I want my show back on

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