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Tennessee lottery

United States

Consumer reviews about Tennessee lottery

May 8, 2013

scammed me out of $500

Tennessee lottery is nothing but scam!
I purchased a Tennessee lottery scratch on a gas station and I won $500. I contacted them and send all details as was required but I never received any reply and of course no winning. I tried to contact them many times but i was simply ignored. Beware and be careful, this is just another scam which must be avoided!

mike horton
Jun 19, 2013


is there a computer error, there has'nt been a double # or the # 1 selected in over 2 weeks, is that unsual ?

Mar 3, 2016

the odds listed on ticket

the odds listed on back of tickets are sham. we have found that are six to nine no winner tickets in a row but there is no better of odds than listed.

Mar 11, 2018


The TN Lottery sends email reports to retailers either weekly or daily, and the report lists all names of stores with winner, and the name of the scratch off ticket the money was won on. WHY? SO THE RETAIL EMPLOYEES CAN LOOK AT THE REPORT AND KNOW WHICH TICKETS ARE HITTING? The employees should NOT be allowed to even purchase tickets where they are employed, much less play them while they are on the clock!!!!! WHY does the TN Lottery not send the same report to lottery customers email? After all, we are the ones that spend the money to purchase tickets! This is a RIP OFF for sure!!!!!! TN Lottery has their priorities mixed up!!!!! I say BOYCOTTING the TN Lottery is a GREAT idea! Spend the money in gas and drive to play KENTUCKY LOTTERY!

[email protected]
Jul 15, 2019

I agree. Tn Lottery is a rip off

There was a time when the lottery first started in Tennessee, that if you purchase 100 in scratch-off tickets, you would at least win a little something, even if it's just a few tickets. Nowaday, you can buy hundreds of dollars worth of tickets and not win nothing. I know because I did just that. It makes you wonder who's pocketing all of that money and don't lie like there are winners because for the money that people pay in there should be a lot more money being won ...

Jul 17, 2019

Tennessee Lottery Commercial Stupid

The Tennessee Lottery has some of the most consistently inane, stupid television and radio commercials. They are overproduced bad ideas and incredibly lame attempts at humor. Plus their "announcer" who reminds lottery customers to play "wesponsibwy" is quite annoying. I guess Elmer Fudd was unavailable.

[email protected]
Mar 10, 2020

Seems like the VIP rewards drawings are rigged

Been entertaining the VIP rewards drawings for months now, and following the winners, out of the whole state last month they had five winners for the$5,000 giveaway and two of the winners were from Cordova TN, which has a population of 60000, it's hard to believe out of the millions of people that are in the state, the two of them will be from Cordova Tennessee, it's easier to believe it's somebody's Uncle Bob and Aunt Terry was giving the winnings on the sky it's total BS don't spend any money here

Jul 29, 2020

New App

Since the new app was launched on 07/02/20, we can't scan and enter tickets. today is 07/29 and they have had nearly 4 weeks to fix it. Don't tell me they don't have the resources to fix that problem.
The VIP drawings have been reduced. No more big prizes since the March drawing. The Play it again drawing would normally be held by 2nd week of August but no announcement. They just now added on to the 802 game to delay paying the top prize at the VIP drawing. Something is happening here that needs public disclosure. I'm personally not buying any more until all this is corrected.

Larry Dooley
Sep 2, 2020

Tn Lottery

Something is very amiss with the Lottery. They destroyed a solid working system and wasted money and time for system that does not work at all. They should fire all the coders and ask for all there money back.. Something smells with there Management at the Very Top.

J man
Dec 28, 2020

Instant lottery tickets not paying out

I have been playing the instant lottery for years and I would win periodically from time to time. Then this year I have been playing on and off like I regularly do. But for some reason I haven’t won once I can’t have that bad of luck. I just wanna know if it’s just me or other people out there feel the same way about the Tennessee instant lottery tickets.

It seems like this year has been the worst for winning an instant lottery tickets. There might be something behind the scenes that’s my hunch. Maybe it’s just me but I usually win once in a while at least a free ticket.

Jan 21, 2021

Scratch Off Tickets

Scratch off tickets have become a joke, I’ve never scratched so many tickets in a row and win absolutely nothing.. that’s the way it’s been for months now, eventually you might get a “free ticket”... I know it’s gambling and play at your own risk... But something has changed in the last year, and it’s ridiculous

Sep 16, 2022

Rip off

Need to be investigated by federal government. Bogus odds of winning.

Feb 9, 2023

Something's got to givev

The Tennessee scratch lottery has gotten so much worse at paying out anything over the past few years and for what reason other than old fashioned robbery is beyond me. Now claiming to be a maths genius but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that after spending north of $8000 bucks buying $5 dollar jumbo you should have won back somewhere around $3500 back but nope that's not happening. I don't even entertain the idea of winning the $150,000 dollar prize hell not even a $25000 dollar prize and to be 100% honest with you I've been trying to win the $500 dollar prize and after somewhere close to $8000 bucks spent I've still not ever won a $500 dollar prize. That should be damn illegal as hell and in fact I'm 100% for having the lottery made illegal again in Tennessee. They lied to the people of Tennessee to get the lottery to pass into being legal by telling everyone that the proceeds would go to the kids wanting to go to college and have the grades they'll get at least 2 years paid for but that's a damn lie. My daughter is almost $4500 bucks in debt after 2 years at a state college and she makes good grades. That's also debt after she's working so many hours a year for the college. They also said they'd fund our streets and highways and will that's a lie the roads around where I live will beat the suspension out of your car if you don't drive carefully. In my opinion there's several individuals working or affiliated with the lottery who are manipulating the figures and pocketing tens of millions of dollars a piece and it wouldn't take a dedicated group of financial investigators too long to figure out exactly what's been going on and who's to blame if anyone at the lottery office really wanted to find out. Put 5 forensic accountants on it and let's say give them 10% of any corrupt money they find and set back and enjoy watching the thieves sacrifice each other as they try and save themselves. Of course I may be wrong and it could be all straight as an arrow and I'm just unlucky as can be because I've really spent close to 8 grand on the 5 dollar jumbo and I've never won anything more than a 100 bucks probably 3 maybe 4 times and in fact I've never seen a $100 dollar winner on a 5 dollar jumbo the times I've won 100 was a 20 dollar jumbo prize or I've got 5 numbers right each prize being 20 bucks I've never won a $50 dollar jumbo prize in fact more times than not the winning prize is a ticket or 1 dollar jumbo or a 5 dollar prize and the worst prize ever on a 5 dollar jumbo is that stupid 7 dollar prize WTF! Anyway the game is rigged and far beyond what the odds say it's supposed to be and this is my opinion but if I have to start sending every ticket I buy in to the lottery commission then I'll be more than happy to in fact I actually offered to do just that when I reported a store was selling what appeared to be fake scratch tickets but they told me not to worry about it because they could not be faked even though they can be especially considering all the out of business printing companies in East Tennessee

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