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Consumer reviews about TAKL

Jul 27, 2017

handyman services

Scheduled an appointment with a workman through Takl, took the day off from work only to receive a text from Takl at the agreed upon appointment time; stating my appointment had been cancelled, and the workman was a no show. I was told I would have to resubmit another request.. Seriously, ?? Why would I want to pay a firm that caused me to take a day off for nothing, did not offer any customer support, just continued to harass me to resubmit my request. No apology was offered nor did the company man up and find a replacement so my day off wasn't wasted. Their attitude was Oh well, up to the consumer to fix the problem. Arrogant attitudes, lack of organization and a severe lack of internal communication. With service like this I doubt the company is around for long.

Oct 15, 2017


I have had three friends including myself work for TAKL as a provider. What this app is providing to customers is a cheap way to get a lot of work done. I had an issue on a bid for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home - got there and it is a 4 bedroom 4 1/4 bath with three stories - and they wanted it all cleaned for $80 bucks - BEFORE TAKL took their cut. Disputed the job and requested the customer to accept the proper "set" TAKL rate for the correct house size....waited there for 45 minutes for customer to respond - no response and I left. When they finally approved the new rate I advised I had left the home. TAKL reprimanded ME for not doing the job - really?? What kind of client intentionally LIES about the number of bed and baths? But I was the one suspended.
My daughter and I did a job for a "LIGHT" clean of house. We went above and beyond a light clean - and the client asked us to do 2 loads of laundry and clean out fridge with throwing out old food as well. We submitted the new bid for these chores but client would not accept or acknowledge - we had already started the laundry and I had already spent quite sometime checking expiration dates on EVERYTHING in the fridge. The client was available via text when they were adding all these chores but conveniently dissappeared when it came time to accept and authorize the payment. Who has stuff in the fridge from 2016 - really??? We completed the job and the extra chores despite the client avoiding our text about accepting the new chores. By the way during this entire time the TAKL app was not working properly and we tried to reach out via chat to no avail. So end of day we did a thorough clean plus these chores. Guess what - client opted to not pay the additional "set" TAKL rate for 2 loads of laundry and cleaning fridge. Asked TAKL to help - nope no help for the provider. In fact they stated the client complained and we would OWE $20 back to them - are you kidding me????? Less than $100 for a 3 bed 3 bath full clean - 2 loads of laundry start to finish and cleaning /disposing of food in fridge. My daughter reached out to TAKL 3 times to get help on this matter - one employee actually just decided to stop the chat - you can't talk to a live person. And due to the client complaint that a floor was dirty - keep in mind her daughter was still going in /out of house while we were cleaning - I'm not going to continue to clean up after an adult child that can't wipe their feet - my daughter was SUSPENDED from being a TAKL provider. We have all the before / after photos of all work completed but TAKL wouldn't even look at those - just so worried about this cheap customer.
If TAKL continues to treat their providers like we are there slaves they will have NO ONE to complete the chores that clients want to pay 1/3 of what the cost would be to hire the traditional way.

Apr 2, 2018

WORST company ever

Worst company ever. No customer service at all. I hired a provider to hang a closet shelf and he hung it blocking the access to another shelf, so he had to rehang it and 7 extra drill holes were left in my wall. Worst of all, is that after contacting customer support and requiring them to fix and paint the wall, the customer service rep decided to close the ticket without solving my issue and leaving me very unsatisfied. Now I understand why the company has so many bad reviews. Stay away ! There are much better companies out there!

WORST company ever

Apr 27, 2018

Don't expect much as a provider for takl

As a former 5 star preferred takl provider for app 1 year and no complaints from any of my clients and with many personally customer repeat requests for my services,I was removed as a provider over an issue with an abnoxious drunkin customer and because takl stands behind the client base only my provider status was revoked without cause or any explanations or any opportunity to challenge to get reinstated
If you are an experienced professional don't get involved with takl and spare yourself the problems you will inevitably encounter and YOU WILL LOSE MONEY AS THEY DON'T PENALIZE CUSTOMERS FOR NO SHOWS BUT AS A PROVIDER THEY WILL SUSPEND YOU WITHOUT ANY GOOD REASON!

May 22, 2018

Providers aren't taken care of

I was a provider for Takl and had all 5 star ratings. I had accepted a job the day before the scheduled 1pm appointment the following day. I had an unforeseen circumstance cause me to cancel the job but it was 5 hours before it was scheduled to start. Takl informed me that my account was suspended as a provider. I was told I needed a Dr's note or proof of why I cancelled. That is ridiculous! It's none of their business what I needed to cancel for. I had never canceled on anyone before. There are very few providers in my area and they just lost another one. I told them I would just use another app.

Jun 12, 2018

Takl seems to have it both ways

From these reviews, it seems that Takl has it both ways: if a Provider is terrible or ruins something of the client’s or is a No Show or Cancels, the client is out of luck, too bad for the client. No apology, no replacement person to do the chore, nothing! Yet on the other hand, they’re not nice to their Providers, either! They don’t pay for services rendered, they don’t listen to explanations or to reason, they fire you if there’s one complaint, justified or not. So Takl is horrible to Providers and horrible to Clients, and neither side ever gets to speak to a human being on the phone! If you can’t ever speak to a human being on the phone, I will never do business with such a company, as a Client or as a Provider! This TAKL sounds like a truly HORRIBLE shady rotten business, and I will NEVER USE THEM!!!

Jun 16, 2018

TAKL doesn’t no check

That don’t check any provider skill set, just take the Providers word to let them do electrical work, plumbing work structure work to house. They don’t care they take advantage of the home owner by misleading and the provider with price for skilled labor and there customer service is really bad to, they just tell you whatever to get you off the phone. They even straight lie to you, I called them out on it , and proved it and they closed my provider mode.

Aug 18, 2018

Takl hides behind a contract that no one knows they've signed

I used to work with Takl. I have choosen to walk away from the relationship. The problem I had centered around a payment that Takl owed to me but withheld. The reason Takl withheld payment, not because I didn't do a good job. Because they claim the customer didn't pay them. When I responded to Takl, demanding Takl pay me, I was repeatedly told I wouldn't be paid because they couldn't get the customer's credit card was declined.

Oct 11, 2018

Takl doesn't care about their providers!

As a 5 star provider for over a year, today I had a job canceled while I was on the job. I found out that do to safety concerns, Takl canceled the job while in progress. The customer nor myself was NOT in "danger" and the project was progressing nicely. For my troubles, they offered $10 (mind you I've been on the job for less then 2 hrs + travel time, about one hour, for a total of 3 hrs). I complained the the total amount was due since I had not done anything wrong nor was I in danger. Per Section 23 of terms and conditions, I was deactivated from their app. At this time, i'm hoping to receive anything for this job.

Per other reviews, I find it hard to believe a company exists where they treat the providers this way! Sooner or later, the providers will dry up and the customers will leave. Wow, what a great business model. As a Professional contractor, I would not waste your time downloading this app. But don't take my word, read the other comments/ratings and judge for yourself, GOOD LUCK....

Nov 25, 2018

Terrible communication with bids

Was quoted 3 different bids and extremely unclear. Don’t expect to talk to anyone, they hide behind a computer. I was trying to get the correct amount there is no phone number to call. Only a chat. The customer service rep had no idea what they were doing, they kept increasing the bid and insisted that the bid was higher for a ground level pick up then it was to go up/down a flight of stairs. Biggest waste of an afternoon and $134 to take a mattress from the front porch.
Provider was prompt, professional and nice.

Dec 28, 2018

Provider Skiddish

I happily signed up and scheduled a provider to hang a mirrored closet door.
Because I live in a gated community and the arrival time was scheduled for 7pm, I sent a text to the provider seeking
his vehicle information for security. He gladly provided the make and model of his vehicle, however when I asked for his liscense plate information he abruptly cancelled.
Seems quite a reasonable request....
Background checked ?

Feb 3, 2019


Monique Willoughby
Feb 2, 5:37 PM CST

Chat started: 2019-02-02 11:07 PM UTC

(11:07:51 PM) Monique Willoughby: My Provider is not replying. My job was scheduled at 330 and it's 5. If shes not her with in 5 minutes I'm going to cancel because the location I'm going well be closed.
Why isn't the app showing me exactly where she is on the map!?!!??
(11:07:57 PM) *** Kirk joined the chat ***
(11:07:58 PM) Kirk: Hi
(11:08:10 PM) Kirk: one moment please while I contact the provider
(11:09:13 PM) Monique Willoughby: I think the provider is trying to go to a previous address I ordered a job at in Dallas
(11:09:46 PM) Monique Willoughby: But I specifically said this job is from 2922 bison bluff to Costco Pearland
(11:10:13 PM) Kirk: Thank you, I have contacted your provider
(11:12:16 PM) Monique Willoughby: Costco closes at 6 and it's30 min from my house
(11:12:53 PM) Monique Willoughby: Went doesn't the app show the location of my provider so I can determine where she is and if we cancel or if she'll make it
(11:13:06 PM) Kirk: They have not responded, if you would like to cancel, please do so.
(11:13:22 PM) Kirk: Use the code TAKLTEN to receive 10% off your repost
(11:13:37 PM) Monique Willoughby: The app shows her much further away than the 12.6 it said she was when I chose her
(11:14:02 PM) Monique Willoughby: 10% for Ann hour and a half seriously
(11:14:27 PM) Monique Willoughby: My job was for right away it's after 5 it's 514
(11:14:43 PM) Kirk: Have you attempted to call your provider?
(11:15:22 PM) Monique Willoughby: I'm texting w get bit of course she says her phone keeps going dead. Wtf not very professional
(11:15:26 PM) Kirk: 904-235-5242
(11:15:44 PM) Kirk: Please call this number, I do see that they attempted to send a number
(11:15:50 PM) Monique Willoughby: How far is she right now???
(11:16:14 PM) Monique Willoughby: Who is they??? Why call that number?
(11:16:22 PM) Kirk: That is the provider
(11:16:50 PM) Monique Willoughby: No reason to call I'm in text w her she's trying to drive and having cell problems
(11:16:52 PM) Kirk: I am also attempting to get in contact with them
(11:17:03 PM) Monique Willoughby: Why did the app give hey the wrong address
(11:17:34 PM) Monique Willoughby: That's what she said it probable dealer to the lady job I scheduled in Dallas
(11:17:58 PM) Monique Willoughby: I specifically said 2922 bison bluffs to Costco Pearland
(11:18:00 PM) Kirk: It appears that it was caused by a glitch in the app. We are just being made aware of the issue within the app. I do apologize for his
(11:18:04 PM) Kirk: this*
(11:19:03 PM) Monique Willoughby: Aha THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. IT'S NOT HER FAULT.
IT'S Takl fault. And now she's driven a long way and hate to cancel now.
(11:19:09 PM) Kirk: You have not been charged for this chore, we still haven't heard back from the provider. I would suggest canceling the chore. We don't want to waste anymore of your time
(11:19:33 PM) Kirk: We have contacted the provider and will be making sure that she is taken care of for this issue.
(11:19:57 PM) Monique Willoughby: Is she coming
(11:20:12 PM) Kirk: No, please cancel the chore
(11:20:29 PM) Kirk: We can cancel it for you as well.
(11:20:37 PM) Kirk: Once again, you will not be charged.
(11:21:22 PM) Monique Willoughby: I'm very very unhappy. I have already cancelled plasma movies the furniture by myself to garage and wasted from 330 to5 15 and didn't accomplish anything.
(11:21:43 PM) Monique Willoughby: Hell no I won't be charged
(11:22:11 PM) Kirk: I definitely understand your frustration. As as I previously assured you, you will not be charged.
(11:22:13 PM) Monique Willoughby: What are your going to do to make up for it tomorrow when I try to rebook
(11:22:57 PM) Kirk: Please use the code TAKLTEN to receive 10% off the chore. I will also make sure that this address issue does not occur.
(11:23:00 PM) Monique Willoughby: I've used your service at least twice and talked it up to several people. I expect professionals
(11:23:46 PM) Monique Willoughby: 10 % SERIOUSLY??? For an hour and a half of my day and the job not done.
(11:24:19 PM) Monique Willoughby: It's not an address ISSUE IT'S A BUG IN YOUR DAMN APP
(11:24:43 PM) Kirk: I will send your information over to the management team to see if we can apply an additional discount. Someone will be following up with you in 24 hours.
(11:26:08 PM) Monique Willoughby: 10 percent is $5.20 . I will find a better service and very negatively impact your business reputation online of u can't do better and I don't receipt to wait 24 hours for an answer
(11:26:48 PM) Monique Willoughby: I suggest u escalate this to hmgmt team now!!!
(11:27:00 PM) Kirk: I understand completely, I have forwarded your information over.
(11:27:51 PM) Monique Willoughby: Put them on this chat now I want resolution now
(11:28:17 PM) Kirk: I am transferring you over to my team lead.
(11:28:35 PM) Monique Willoughby: I have moved my furniture to my garage now have company coming and no hello i it back
(11:28:52 PM) Monique Willoughby: How do u save this transcript
(11:29:16 PM) *** Jestin joined the chat ***
(11:29:55 PM) Jestin : Hi Monique. One moment while I get your information pulled up please.
(11:33:19 PM) Monique Willoughby: Pull up the entire job order the transcript etc. Your rep offered me 10% or $5.20 for a HUGE HOUR AND A HALF H GOING ON 2 Hours hassle and then cancelled the job and all of this could have been avoided had your APP NOT HAD A BIG BUG IN OUR THAT DETAILED BACK TO TO THE LAST ADDRESS IN DALLAS I USED TAKL.

I SPECIFICALLY ORDERED THIS JOB FROM 2922 Bison bluff Missouri City to Costco in Pearland. Look at it.
(11:33:49 PM) Monique Willoughby: The app sent the processer to 7228 Lakehurst I suspect in Dallas
(11:35:41 PM) Jestin : I sincerely apologize for the less than stellar experience on this chore. I assure you this is not the norm. At the time the highest discount I am able to offer is the 10% promo code. I am forwarding your information along with an increased discount request to my management team. You will be notified within 24 hours once my management team has completed their review.
(11:36:11 PM) *** Kirk left the chat ***

Jan 9, 2020

The worst!!!

I’ve used this app for a very long time. I would say my success rate is about 80%. But when they’re bad, they’re really bad, and the company takes their side every time.

This last time I had 11 windows to be cleaned in a one story house. The girl was there 3.5 hours, complaining, and did a poor job. She also left all the windows unlocked, and screens up, down or in the middle. Her way to clean the outside was to lean out from inside. Then a boy friend with a black eye shows up and they start fighting. I finally told her to leave, I had other things to do. When I explained to Takl, they wanted more pictures for a $25 credit on a $100 job. Then they paid her and did not allow me to provide a rating. Just so you know, any provider with 5 stars, and no numbers next to that, could have started that day. Yeah, they start them all at 5 stars without knowing a thing. Also, if you have a no show, you are not allowed to leave a rating or review. Lots of much better apps out there. Don’t use this.

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