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St. Croix Pellet Stove

United States, Nebraska

Consumer reviews about St. Croix Pellet Stove

Dec 11, 2011

Customer support

I heat with an 11 year old St Croix Pepin and it works great. Just bought a used St Croix Greenfield corn stove to burn pellets. The biggest thing with ANY pellet stove is keeping it clean. You MUST do a through cleaning after every ton of pellets... that includes getting all the ash out of those areas behind the firebox. If you have a #2 light blinking and an overflow in the burn pot you have a plugged stove. I suggest you sign up at www.hearth.com and go to the pellet stove forum ... read and learn. In defense of Even Temp the entire industry runs the same... the selling dealer is your only recourse for warranty service. Bad dealer=bad service. Try to get Harman stoves to answer their phone... impossible.

rob N.H.
Dec 30, 2011

Customer support

DON"T GO NEAR ST. CROIX PELLET STOVES. MY CONTROL BOARD FAILED ON MY PRESCOTT, THEY DO NOT MAKE THIS ANALOG PANEL FOR REPLACEMENT. GREAT. HERE IS WHAT THEY WILL DO, SELL YOU A DIGITAL CONTROL BOARD FOR $ 300.00 plus, charge you for a wiring harness, plus, charge you $200.00 plus to rewire your stove. This company SUCKS beware consumer, keep away, or open your wallet to be ripped off by these thief.

stcroix stoves
Jan 2, 2012

Customer support

Hi Rob,

We look forward to hearing about your issue, and how we can help to remedy it. For the record, a stove with an analog board at least 7 years old, which is out of its warranty, so there certainly will not be free parts, but perhaps we can help. Please email us @ [email protected]

Thanks and have a great day!

St. Croix Stoves

Jan 3, 2012

Customer support

I understand your frustration but I too believe you folks have to learn how to clean your stoves and exhaust system the proper way or you will continue to have nothing but trouble. I have owned 3 different St Croix pellet stoves and have had no problems with any of them. It is all about proper cleaning and maintenance. Most stove companies do a crappy job cleaning your stove, you should learn to do it yourself just for piece of mind. That way you know it is done properly. I vacuum mine out every morning with a Loveless Ash Vac and shut it down and tear out the fake back wall and pound on it with a rubber mallet once a week. I then take a piece of electricians metal fish tape and stick it from the ash clean outs up and get all the fly ash out from behind the back wall. I then vacuum it all out again and I am good to go. Go to Hearth. com and look through the Pellet Mill section and learn about your stove. I also clean the vent system with a brush and vacuum once a month. Sound like a lot of work but I am happy to do it for all the money we save to heat our home.
Bill W.

Jan 15, 2012

Customer support

ST. CROIX Revolution ... Control module replaced, burn pot replaced; all with in 3 months since new. Now the pellet auger feed is ... not feeding. Any thoughts besides burning lemonds.

Jan 15, 2012

Customer support

Any blinking lights? We need more specific info.
Also, go to hearth.com, pellet mill - tons of info and helpful people.

Jan 17, 2012

Customer support

Well i have read every issue on here and have this to say i have 2 pellet stoves in my home 1 breckwell and 1 stcroix thay are both over 8 years old and running fine my breckwell runs 24/7 its shut down once a week for cleaning the only problem i have had was last year had to replace exhaust fan and the age of stove is the only reason my stcroix i have had no problems at all in the 8 years of owning what it comes down to people is CLEANING, after the burning season both stoves are broke down cleaned and repainted yes repainted i belive if you take of of anything you own it will take care of you. And for those who are new to pellet stoves do your home work and learn everything you can about your stove before buying

Feb 19, 2012

Customer support

I have owned my St croix afton bay for 3 years now and have had nothing but problems. Every year I have burnt out an ignitor now and on my second fire pot. The board is junk as far as I'm concerned. Every once in a while I have to move the board in and out to get it to work. Now a couple weeks after I had it tested the auger doesn't work at all. Wish I would have read these complaints before I bought mine cause I would have gotten something else. The warranty is a joke. 5 years covers nothing, well maybe the base it sits on. Electronics are junk and that fake brick panels are a joke. Very poor all together.

Dec 22, 2012

Pellets mass feed

St.Croix EXP. When the power goes out and then comes back on (typically within a second), the blower turns off, the pellets mass feed (about three - four cups within seconds) and the house fills with smoke. The fire is still active of course so the mass feeding of the pellets with the lack of a fan creates a huge fire with nowhere for the smoke to go. The controls are rendered useless. My only recourse is to unplug the (red hot) stove, open the doors and windows (most recently during a blizzard) and hope the smoke clears. This unit is five years old. The problem is not maintenance - I am obsessed with safety and therefore keep the unit and vents very clean. I also own a Breckwell, also five years old, have had no issues with it and it is much easier to clean. I contacted Eventemp, Inc. and they put the onus back on me. No surprise there.

Oct 30, 2013

blinking lights

we have done everything the manual says to fix the blinking light son our St Croix stove. both the 2 and 3 lights keep blinking at the same time then the stove shuts down and fills the house with smoke. we have cleaned it twice hit the reset button but it keeps tripping. it is only 3 years old.

Dec 5, 2013

won't automaticly feed

bought a new ignition board and a control board for a 1999 st. Croix Prescott 2. it will feed when we manually press to feed but will not feed automatic ,have checked wiring with multimeter.what could our problem be?

Dec 28, 2013

stove shuts down when I fill my stove

Lately every time I fill my stove it blinks the #2 light and shuts down, same sometimes when I turn the stove up or down. Suggestions? I don't want to start taking apart my stove and not know what I'm looking for...help...or who would I call and ask it come look at it, the p place I bought it from?

Jan 4, 2014

Shuts down and blinks #2-st. Croix auburn

I clean my stove well....ash pan, back wall, etc and lately I start the stove and get a great flame, but all of a sudden it shuts down and blinks #2. Sometime the control board freezes up and then it shuts down. HELP!!!!! We use this as our main source of heat in the basement.

Jan 25, 2014

Blower sounds like it shuts off then turns on

My st croix auburn pellet stove while running it sounds like the blower shuts off and then a few minutes later starts blowing again. What could cause this? Is it normal or is there an issue?


Shorty Medlock
Feb 1, 2014


The #2 blinking light usually means your stove is plugged with ash and lack's enough air to burn the pellets. You will need to THROUGHLY clean your stove… remove the ash traps and use a brush, coat hangar or similar tool to dislodge the ash that get's trapped behind the firebox. You also need to remove the combustion fan and throughly clean the ash from inside the fan housing. Remove and clean/oil the room fan, too. I know your dealer never told you these things (most only care about the sale and could give a crap about helping you keep your stove clean). THEN go to you tube and look up "leaf blower trick" and you will find several videos demonstrating how a simple, inexpensive electric leaf blower can help you keep you stove clean and happy. A clean stove is a happy stove.

Feb 17, 2014

On button

Turning off stove no problem but when I restart I have to hold the on button several times. What is the problem?

Mar 1, 2014


my auger feeds way to often which causes the pellets to overflow. Don't know how to adjust if there is a way. Just had it installed just over a month ago. Bought it used but it worked great until about a week ago.

Nov 23, 2016

st croix ashby pellet stove

we used our stove for 4 months one winter and the motor blew. They brought a new motor within 15 minutes it blew.Now they are bringing a new motor and control panel. If you ask me they are a piece of crap. You have to disassemble and reassemble just about the whole stove for cleaning.We also have a problem with the switch on top it had to be adjusted 3 times already.And every time they come you have to pay for labor. No good.

Dec 21, 2018

Room fan doesn’t come on

Wondering why when the # 4 LED blinks and I reset the high limit switch , the room fan doesn’t come on.

Jan 3, 2020

Fan speed staying on low

I have a 2006 st croix auburn stove that has run really well the last 4 years. I bought it used and replaced both fans and gave it a good cleaning and it has run really well for me, but the day after christmas when I start it up, the fan speed does not increase, it just stays on low. The on/off light keeps blinking. Can someone tell me whats wrong and what I need to do to get it working correctly again?


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