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Consumer reviews about Shoppers Drug Mart

Mar 23, 2012

Lack of Professional knowledge and Negligence

In January I received a prescription for Asthma puffers for my 2 year old daughter. The pharmacist showed me how to use them and I thought everything was fine. My daughter has been on them for 3 months now and received a refill prescription the other day....on one of the puffers was an advisory, which was not on the first set, nor was this advisory given to me verbally by the pharmacist. The advisory read "Rinse mouth after each use." I was curious as to why the first puffers I received did not bare this advisory but thought nothing of it....until my daughter, due to the lack of rinsing which I was not instructed to do for the past 3 months has causesd her to develop and Oral Thrush!!! This poor little 21/2 year old girl now has a white coating over her tongue, fowl breath, a fever, a throat ache and has to be on more meds now due this lack of information from a person whom I thought I could trust in keeping my family healthy!!! I am absolutely disgusted and I will never be giving my business to the Shoppers Drugmart on Broadway in Orangeville next to the McDonalds ever again! They obviously do not know what they are doing and giving them business is putting yours and your family's lives in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 5, 2012

Insulting promotion

It was a GIFT, not a purchase, princess - and you sound like a pissy person to me, so the pads were appropriate. Next time, ask Shoppers Marketing to send you an enema to flush out the pole stuck up your ass.

Apr 5, 2012

Insulting promotion

Complaining about something you got for free which everyone else is. Childish. If they were to send free gifts based on the age you acted they would have given you infant formula and diapers.

Apr 5, 2012

Insulting promotion

Also if they knew what you would be like they would have given your parents free condoms a long time ago.

Apr 5, 2012

Insulting promotion

Tasha the troll. Go away if you can't behave like a gentleman.

Apr 5, 2012

Insulting promotion

First of all I am female. Second I am just telling the truth.

Oct 4, 2012

Price accuracy

Shoppers Drug Mart "Olesya Kaliy Pharmacy Ltd.":
565 Sherbourne St.,Toronto,ON, M4X 1W7.

Poor customer service:Very often-one price on price tag,another-when you pay,i.e.price accuracy;
long "tails"-afternoons and evenings,but personal does not care.

Nov 3, 2012


to whom it may concern,,,i was appauled to walk into shoppers drug mart on nov 1st,,and hear christmas music playing,,comming from head office,,,,it is so very disrespectful,to play xmas music,,befor rememberance day,,,,you should stop this right away,,,and restart on nov 12th,,,have some respect

Dec 21, 2012

Constant changing of optimum points

The only way to explain how much I used to spend at Shoppers, is 'hardcore spending'. I have redeemed a lot of points but every single year Head Office would 'claw back' rewards so it is no where near the good deal it used to be. I was extremely disappointed in Christmas redemptions this year as I purposely spent a lot thinking there would be $250 redemption like last year. Surprise, surprise, not so good anymore. :( So not only did I feel ripped off about leaving with only 2 small bags of freebies this year, there were NO good sales on that 'special day'. Totally not worth how much I have spent there!
My husband will be happy to know that my SDM addiction is now over as I do not wish to buy unecessary items all in the name of points. Only absolute necessities for me thanks, hopefully SDM will notice consumers have curbed spending because of these changes. I will no longer advertise to people about SDM, as it is not worth it like it used to be.
I am going back to Wal-mart so I know what I am paying instead of the mystery of redemptions and of course overspending.

Dec 27, 2012

prepaid Vanilla mastercard

My wife bought a $100 prepaid vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart in Mississauga on December 22 2012
I received it as a gift for christmas. |On Dec 26th i went to use the card and opened the package in the store where i was going to buy a product , the card was declined. I contacted the number on the back of the card and the rep said the card had been used on Dec 23rd for the full amount. Shoppers drug mart say they take no responsibility as they only sell the product. The company
that admins the cards say it will take up to 90 day's to look into the matter. I think Shoppers drug Mart should back the products they sell as there are other complaints on the Internet about this same product which where also bought from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Mary Elizabeth Thompson
Jan 28, 2013

Pharmacy Problems

I have been dealing with Shoppers Drug Mart to get my prescriptions for years. I've never had the best service, but it never was as bad as it was recently.

For the last 6 months, I've been having problems with my prescription refills. I changed from one Shoppers Drug Mart location to another one, that was much closer to my apartment. My doctor wrote on the prescription that it could be refilled 2 days early. Now because of this, every time I get a prescription from the doctor, the date is off by 2 days.

I am on a highly monitored prescription, Oxycodone. Because of that, I can only refill every 30 days without question. I know this, I have been refilling every 30 days for the last 5 years. I brought my prescription to be refilled, and because the date was off by two days (even though their records showed the correct refill day) they said they refused to release the prescription without the doctors say so. So after the pharmacist treated me like a drug seeker (which happens to me all the time, because I am a young person with Fibromyalgia), she refused to give me any information whatsoever, except they will send a fax and see what she says.

Skip to the next day. I haven't heard anything from the pharmacy yet, so I call. The guy on the phone is helpful and says he will send a fax to the doctor again right at that moment. I called the doctors office and they received the fax. Then, the pharmacist calls back and says yes, your prescription can be picked up on Monday, instead of Wednesday. So I think all is good...

Monday I go into the pharmacy, and once again, I am looked at and talked to like I'm a drug seeker. The pharmacist on duty says they still can't give me my pills! I'm so confused, I tell her that another pharmacist called me and told me I could come get them today. I had no more pills left! She reads over the faxes and rudely tells me, okay we can do it, but has to mention again how the doctor thinks it's 2 days early (more comments relating to drug-seeking). I wait probably 30 min for my prescription to get ready, I pay for my pills and leave. When I get home, I open the pills to see only 1 weeks worth of pills, and 14 of them are broken into chunks! We call the pharmacy and ask what is going on, they claim that the pills were not split by them (which is a lie, how did I do it walking home in the snow???) but did pathetically apologize for not telling me my whole order wasn't ready.

This whole experience was completely unpleasant. I was trying to not be in pain, and I was getting judged. I do not sell my pills, I do not overdose on them. I take them as prescribed; I do not abuse them. But the way I was treated today, you would swear I came in smelling of my own urine and talking nonsense.

What has this world come to? Are you going to tease people with cancer next? I think pharmacists need sensitivity training in Canada.

Mar 27, 2013

rude sales clerk

Good afternoon! I am in hopes that this matter be dealt with as i am fed up with this rude sales clerk. I shop at the Oxford Store in Edmonton alot as its in my neighbourhood and i send off alot of parcels as well as its convenient for lotto tickets and makeup. There is a sales clerk in the cosmetic department that for some reason does not like me. All the other ladies are wonderful to me. If she sees me in her store two days in a row she will say to me you back again.Its none of her business how often i am in Shoppers. I spend alot of money in that store and have for the three years i have lived in this city. One day when i needed her assistance and she was busy with a customer she would not even acknowledge me to say she would be right with me so i left the store and bought what i needed else where. I do not know this person and have given her no reason to be rude to me. I would like to ask her why she is so rude to me but concerned she may make a scene. The person i am talking about was working in the cosmetic department today alone, sorry i do not know her name, only that she is short and chunky with i believe blonde or brown hair. I will give this store one more chance and if she is rude to me again i will spend my money elsewhere. Thank you

May 2, 2013

Pharmacy Staff

On May 2, 2013 attended the Shoppers Drug Mart Store #1242 - M Amro to pickup some B12 pills and Iron. The Iron was behind the counter and the Pharmacist call for customer service as it was busy. A man came out of the Employee /Staff room came behind the counter as me what I needed. He found the B12 pills and said the Iron is behind the counter. He was talking all the time about something and picked up 2 small bottle of the Iron rudely said there is this one and this one and walked away. No price no info on the difference and when I asked he said take them to the front cash once again rudely.

No this is not the first time I have had to deal with this guy and I have spoken to my doctor's receptionist who has told me we all know who he is and he is like that all the time. He if he is the owner is running a pharmcy in a hospital and there is no need to be rude to customers especially in a hospital like Rouge Valley Health System

Marilyn Douglas

Jun 6, 2013

Still have nightmares

I had a problem last year, and I would never go back there. The people that work there appear to despise the people they are serving. I just glad I didn't leave my prescription there. And I am sick of all their surveys, I think that is partly why the clerks are so mean to the customers. The last time I was there, the clerk was just as horrible, she shouted at me, she threw a bag at me, another clerk came up to me and started to shout at me that i was being rude, of course they were all bigger than I was, then I complained in the back and was told to get their names, and they hid their name plates. It was like a drugstore from hell.

Jenny Paget
Jun 10, 2013


I recently went to three different Shoppers (Dieppe and Moncton). I was purchasing Johnson baby products because I had a coupon to receive 1,500 bonus points. I also had a coupon to save a dollar off each product. I was told and know of people that was able to use both at once but each time I went to a shoppers they said no and he system wouldn't let me. Am I able to use both or not? Because if I am I would like to be reimbursed for the money that I spent but didn't have to.
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