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Sears Master Protection Agreement

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Consumer reviews about Sears Master Protection Agreement

castillo 1
Mar 6, 2012

Sears Master Protection Agreement is a joke

sears is a joke . Sears sold my parents a samsung frig side by side with in the first day we got it home it would not give water. Called sears and demanded them to replace it which fineally they did. One year later samsung frig quits working and we call sears protection plan and sent a tecnician. Tecnician has been here about 5 times and replaces parts and still can't fix it . Been about 4 months now and still can't fix it I think sears is going to rebuild it all till the tec figures it out.. Been calling sears about replacement lemon clause but keep giving me run around . I am dispointed at sears on they treat there customers...

Mar 6, 2012

Sears Master Protection Agreement is a joke

Hi castillo 1,

I'm Scott, and I'm part of the Sears Cares social media escalations team. I came across your post here and wanted to extend an apology for the disappointment and trouble your refrigerator has caused you and your family. Being without a fully functional refrigerator is difficult enough, but extended hassle and service calls just add to the unpleasant situation we're sure. We'd like to offer you our team's assistance and help get this straightened out for you. At your convenience please contact our office via email at [email protected] and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the refrigerator was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (castillo 1) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,
Scott J.
Sears Cares Senior Case Manager

Dennis Schoen
Jan 18, 2015

I believe in the agreement

Hey I just wanted to say that Sears has been wonderful to me. I thought I was buying those "stupid" agreements for nothing. I have been a customer of Sears ever since I got out of the Air Force in 1970. They were the first and only place to give me a new civilian a line of credit. Started buying those protection agreements then and on every thing since. Never used one until 2008. And to all who reads it was a big-on. I had bought a very large tv. I will not say the brand but the volume keep going out. So they tried to repair it but in a few weeks out again, they then brought out an identical tv brand new after I had used the other for 2-3 years. Well lo and behold guess what the number 2 tv started doing the same thing. Sears called me and said pick out any one in the store I wanted as long as I did not go over the cost of the original one. I did, they delivered, set it up and hauled off no 2. The quality of no 3 is outstanding and used everyday. And oh yea I renewed the agreement. I have a lawn mower that I use and it really gets a work out. One day it just stopped. I called and they said drop it off at the pick up door. I did, they sent it off and I got it back in 7 days. When I went to pick it up I thought I was getting the wrong one. It was clean. New plug, new air filter, new blade and it cut better than before. And oh yea, the self propel works again. I had to pay for parts that cost me about $39. And oh yea I renewed the protection on it. I buy from Sears every chance I get and oh yea I get the protection. Say what you will about it but it works. If you don't get and satisfaction locally, then go higher cause my friends Sears wants these things to work cause if you're happy you'll do like me. Protect everything that needs it. you are gambling that it is gonna break and they are betting it won't. Most of the time they don't and Sears smiles all the way to the bank but if you have happen what did to me you would have been pealing out a big pile of dough all at once to replace it yourself.

Just thought someone might like to know

Dennis S

Mar 28, 2015

Sears Master Protection Plan-awful

Bought a washer and dryer from Sears about 8-9 years ago. Have had it on the master protection plan ever since. After having for a year or so it would sporadically stop working-several technicians were sent out over about a 6 month period to try to fix it. One of them finally got it right and it started working properly. I called Sears several times about the replacement lemon clause but was given the run around again and again. Awful experience with two babies in the house and loads of laundry.
Just about 6 months ago I had trouble with the dryer. Was told it needed a part which was sent to my home 2 days later. It took 8 BUSINESS DAYS to get someone out to fix it. Just to clarify that is 10 days including weekends. 10 days?? Really?? Called several times requesting someone come earlier-was told I was on a "cancellation list" but never got a call. Again, not fun with children and a family that needs a dryer. Going to laundromat and neighbors houses gets old after almost 2 weeks.
Now my washer is making funny noises. To avoid a problem I called about someone coming out to look. 2 WEEK WAIT... My service was scheduled today from 10-2. According to another worker who was at the house the technician came at 9:25. Was home at exactly 10am. Called the service department and was assured technician was coming at the scheduled time. No show after me waiting until 2. I again called and was told I would be getting a call about rescheduling. This is very very poor service. I really feel I am not getting what I paid for!! SEARS-IF YOU CAN NOT STAND BY YOUR SERVICE AGREEMENT PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SELL IT.

Sep 30, 2015

Sears did not stand behind warranty

I bought a refrigerator 12-21-10. I have had the repair person aout there every year since two are three times a year. the refrigerator is never fixed. they just want me keep buying the warranty. every one I have called keeps giving me the run around. I am very upset with there service. I have bought a lot of appliance from sears this is the worst I have bought.

Sep 19, 2016

Carlos Torres

Sear's Master Protection Agreement is a joke n a laugh bought a LG Ref on 3/15 n had it repaired 5 times n it never got fixed. Than they gave me another Ref. n 1 year later the compressor went out on this one. We have spoken to at least 9 persons at the Warranty Center that say they are mangers, but have gotten nowhere, telling me I have to wait for the part which is on back order for 6 wks. My husband n I are Diabetics n need our medicines kept in the fridge.We have been without a fridge for 21 days n yet no parts. Have had to live out of an ice chest since 8/16 n having to buy ice every other day.They sure are taking advantage of us Senior Citizens!!!! Also have been calling them twice a week n every time you get a different person, n they all give you the run around. We are Very Angry n Upset! Never thought I would have this problem with Sears, you need to use another company for you Warranty Protection Plan they are giving you a bad reputation. Rude mangers at this Warranty Center.

Feb 15, 2017

Sears master protection agreement

Our freezer went completely out in Dec. 2016. Technician came out, ordered parts, set another date to come install the parts. Freezer still did not work. Technician ordered more parts. Set another date in January 2017 to install the parts. Needless to say this
scenario happened four times. Freezer still not working. After the third failed appointment, I called Sears to request a replacement
freezer. I was told in order to get a replacement, the tech would need to come out one more time. Tech came out and worked on
freezer for three and a half hours to no avail. Tech recommended the freezer to be replaced but upon calling his supervisor, the supervisor told him to order another part, that probably won't work either. In the meantime we have lost plenty of food and we're
still without a freezer going on three months now. My husband and I are so disappointed with Sears right now. This is Mardi Gras time and we need that freezer. According to the master plan agreement if the product cannot be fixed after three tech appointments, the product is to be replaced. Every time I call Sears, I am told something completely different each time. Next step is the Better Business Bureau.
Belinda F. Lott

[email protected]
Aug 17, 2017

Master protection Agreement

Kenmore Elite refrigerator/freezer was inoperative upon return from a trip on July 23, 2017. I called for service, informed them door mullion was defective and reported a total food loss. Waited for a service call until August 2, 2017. Technician was borderline rude, ordered compressor, circuit board, and stated he was ordering a new door, also. New service appointment scheduled for August 14th. This tech was professional, knew his stuff, however said the previous tech needed to order a second circuit board and failed to order the door replacement. He indicated he was looking at over $1000 in parts plus a long delay and it would made sense to replace the unit in his opinion, but it was not his call. He provided an 800# (800 927 7836) and I have had 2 long, unsatisfactory discussions. Their current plan is for a third service appointment optimistically on/about September, 29 2017,depending on parts availability. That is over 2 months, minimum without a refrigerator/freezer. I'm a retired home builder, used/recommended Kenmore appliances exclusively for 20+ years and endorsed Sears protection plans. Very disappointed, folks. Hope someone from Sears monitors this site.

Terry Burke
Dadeville Al.
256 212 2153

Aug 17, 2017

Sears-Dryer broken since May 2017

My dryer broke May 21, 2017. It was stuck in cooling mode. I called Sears, and I have a Master Protection Plan. Mind you my dryer is a year and half old at best. We were told it would be 2 weeks, so we are a family of 5 including a 1 year old that goes through clothes quite fast. 2 days before my appointment it was cancelled, they scheduled it as a look at service and not a repair...whatever that means! Then scheduled us for mid June. The jerk on the phone refused to allow us to take the dryer in to a Sears or get a replacement while waited. I called again and finally got someone to agree to allow us to rent a dryer, that took 4 associates and 2 transfers. So mind you we are waiting for this appointment.... a couple days before cancelled again....then cancelled again! Then when he gets here mid July, he has to order parts. They schedule him....cancelled twice more. He comes back....still broken, more parts....rescheduled. Appointment time comes, these jerks text an automated message canceling the appointment the night before, reschedule it after we call, only to be cancelled on 3 more appointments! The guy comes and he put the parts in and guess what still broken! So again they order parts. They schedule us and guess what cancel this appointment 2 more times!! I have a broken dryer, I'm paying weekly out of my pocket for a rental, I have been hung up on, transferred, hours spent on the phone....and no appointment scheduled. They are telling me they have no available techs in my area for the foreseeable future....NO August and NO September. So here I sit, pissed that Sears is screwing us over!! Every time the "dispatch" team calls to cancel or sends a message, I call andbthe customer service team argues with me saying my appointment was still happening. They have cancelled twice on days that the tech were suppose to arrive, even once 30 minutes before!! I get transferred to person after person, no one helping me! The worst part is the parts have been sitting here just waiting, and according to our lemon law, if the dryer isn't repaired on the next visit it gets replaced.....Only if we EVER get a tech here!! Over 8 cancellations, 1 family trip cancelled to be here for an appointment that got cancelled the day the tech was scheduled, 4 missed work days for appointments that Sears said a tech would be here and never came! Countless hours of arguing on the phone, explaining over and over to differ different people what has Ppened and can you please help me! Every time I think I found the right person and department to help....we get transferred and no resolution! So Sears if you are reading this PLEASE find a tech to come fix my dryer! I use to buy everything from Sears....and after this experience I won't even let my kids get socks from there. Stuck with a broken dryer that I saved over 2 years for and have a Master Protection Plan, the parts are sitting on the broken dryer.......#FixMyDryerPLEASE!

Sep 24, 2017

Sears MPA sucks

Sears Master Protection plan is a joke it covers nothing useful at all. I buy a used TV, and its used so I want a warranty on it right? Because maybe it will unexpectedly break right? Well it was faulty from the get go, when I bought it, it had a tiny crack in the corner, I thought that would be fine. Well guess what TV cracks can grow and grow and grow, and it did, don't believe me do some research it happens. SO I get a tech out to look at it and he basically says we can't fix it and you are S.O.L. but you could transfer the warranty to a new tv...... Literally right on the MPA page it says "if we can't fix it, we will replace it" THAT IS A LIE. A LIE. What because it was used that doesn't work that way? So if the guy before me had the volume at 100% all the time and the speaker blew that wouldn't count either? If that's the case then DON'T HAVE YOUR CUSTOMERS PAY FOR A WARRANTY. I called back today and the lady told me I could cancel my warranty for a partial refund. How about all of it since you stole my money. This is why Sears is failing as a business, I will NEVER buy a product from them again.

Sep 7, 2018

Broke Tractor and then said they couldn't fix it.

We bought a brand new tractor from Sears and renewed their Master Protection Agreement multiple times. The second time we renewed it, they never fixed it correctly. They would put off visits, order parts late, etc. They would fix it and then it would break again. I got very few mowing hours out of it. I was leary to renew the policy one last time and rightfully so. Since I didn't have enough money to buy another mower, I went ahead and renewed it, but it was even worse this time. They again put off fixing the lawnmower. Excuses ranged to missing bolts to pieces that needed ordering to just not making their scheduled appointments. Again we got no mowing done. I began to ask them to replace the mower because they weren't fixing it and my grass was getting very high. They then replaced the oil pan incorrectly, told me there was no oil and that it was my fault. They weren't going to fix it or replace it and just left the mower where it was, and did not honor the contract. I will never buy another mower or warranty from them. Everything is substandard with them. Stay away from Sears--they are useless.

[email protected]
Aug 25, 2020

Master protection Agreement

Unable to get an appointment for a repair on my Kenmore Elite frig. Tried for 3 days AND WAS TOLD BECAUSE OF A CLERICAL ERROR SOMEWHERE IN THE SYSTEM THERE WAS AN OPEN TICKET THAT NEEDED TO BE CLOSED?????? Still no service. Been a contract customer for 11 years.

Sep 25, 2020

maintenance on all appliances

We have had the Master Protection 46 years and was satisfied with the service and response getting repairs. The protection agreement states that we would get a maintenance service once each year on each appliance (20 appliances), etc. in addition to repair on all of the appliances. We have not received our guaranteed yearly maintenance check on any appliance since June 2019. In order to keep our Maintenance Agreement Sears was happy to take our money each year which paid for this maintenance but as of today (Sept. 24, 2020) there has been no maintenance on any appliance. We have scheduled maintenance checks and one or two days later we get a call to reschedule our appointment. The appointments would be rescheduled for 6 months later. Some appliances have been rescheduled 5-6 times and a couple of months later than already scheduled. I finally contacted Sears and they told us that they would be doing repairs first and all maintenance is pushed out and is not a priority to them. Also when we contact Sears we usually are transferred to another person an average of 5 times before someone is "able to answer any question" and even then they transfer us back to a person we have already spoke to. We would like to at least get what we paid for and that they would honor their agreement. Paying for yearly maintenance and not getting the promised service now for over a year and a half is unsatisfactory! Times are difficult but breaching our contract agreement is not the way for a business to act. At the least do the maintenance and repairs based on when they receive the order requesting service whether it be a repair or maintenance.

Nov 14, 2020

Schwinn 270 warranty rip off

Dear Sears,

First, I would like to say that I have been a happy Sears customer for a long time. I always buy all my large appliances form you and always purchase a warranty for the product. I have a case # 6921165 that has still not been resolved. This problem started way back in August. to make a long story short that Schwinn 270 exercise bike broke down and Sears can not find parts for it. I was told that Sears will simply be sending me check of 650.00 to replace the product . I have already purchased a new Schwinn 270 bike from an on-line vendor because Sears no longer sells them and am very happy with it. I was told that an email or regular letter mail from the US postal service would be sent to me and all I had to do is sign and return it and the check would be mailed out. Well that was several weeks ago and I have not received anything via e-mail or regular mail. I called Sears again and again and they told me the same thing, that it will be sent.

Nothing has been sent to me, no one ever calls me back, I have to stay on hold for hours at a time to even speak to someone who will tell me the same thing of course.

Can someone please simply email or mail me the form I need to sign??


Gary Barna
59 Glenwood St
Ludlow, MA 01056
cell 413 262 6952
home 413 547 632

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