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Consumer reviews about SBS Transit

Apr 27, 2015

Feeder Bus 307, Choa Chu Kang

I wish to complaint about Feeder Bus Service 307. After waiting for 15 min, at the opposite Road only to find 3 Buses came Simultaneously today on 27th Apr 2015 at 8.20am and it is a Monday. After just 3 min away, another 307 came, Total to 4 buses of 307 came altogether at this timing and sadly im unable to board it yet because the buses have to go 1 big semi-circle to Teck Whye and back to Choa Chu Kang Central to my bus stop just opposite of Blk 234. I hope someone is looking at this matter because it is firstly a Monday Morning and nobody wish to be late for a 1st day of the week, especially when my meeting starts at 9am. I am very sure others at the bus stop are very unhappy as well. By the timr the 1st bus arrived at my bus stop is already at 8.35am!

Please take some responsible action and discipline your bus drivers on punctuality and urgency or passengers time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mar 15, 2016

SBS Transit

Commonwealth Ave West Bus Stop No 17171, Singapore

Long Frequency Time For Bus 154

Recently, the bus arriving time states that the bus is arriving, yet i waited 20mins and ended up taking cab to work. I think SBS Transit should review the bus frequency for Bus 154. This is not the first time that i'm taking a cab due to irregular bus timings and causes disruptions to bus commuters like us.

[email protected]
Apr 2, 2016

Rude Bus Driver Bus 57, SBS6182U - Raffles Inst 53219 Bishan Rd

Dear Sir/ Mdm,

I am writing to inform of the bad experience my family and myself has encountered with your above RUDE staff who is driving Bus 57 # plate SBS 6182U at 5pm at Raffles Inst Bishan Road.

The complaint was the Bus driver did not stop at the bus stop Bay eventhough I have flagged my hand in advance from the distance I saw the bus 57 arriving as I have checked on the bus arriving timing in the SG Buses App.

This RUDE bus driver has stopped at a far distance away and we need to walk to catch him if not he will goes off. When I board the bus I question the Bus driver why he did not stop directly at the bus stop bay eventhough I have flagged my hand. He start to make unpleasant comments and thats make me boil and I told him I will make complaint to the company of his behaviour.

When we reached to the Bishan bus interchange, I went directly to the Bus Enquiry counter to check on the complaint documents from the lady staff. As I was asking the lady staff for the information, this RUDE bus driver came towards the counter started shouting to her telling her to get my full information and saying he is not worrying of me complaining of him. His action is like a gangster threatening you if you want to complain.He also claims there is a camera in the bus to prove that I did not flag my hand to indicate. I am very difinite and confident to say I have flagged my hand in advance to inform him to stop.This gesture was been taught and habit with me since the day I started taking buses. The camera is the evidence for his action. I have always believe that all Bus Driver will do a slow down went they about to passby the bus stop to look out for any commuters to flag for the trip.

Please look into this matter.

Best regards,
Mdm Lim

Rude Bus Driver Bus 57, SBS6182U - Raffles Inst 53219 Bishan Rd

Oct 8, 2016

SBS Transit

Yishun, Commonwealth Ave West Bus Stop No 17171, Singapore
[email protected]

Late 246

Why always the malay driver late to start the bus 246.
Im a regular taking bus 246 on evening at 7.36. But the driver always came 2 minits to drive the bus.really irrattated.i see chinese indian perfect with timing. Malay bus driver should improve their self.most of the cases when take bus 246 in boon lay int at 7.36 the driver is malay and no punctuality.

[email protected]
Dec 4, 2016

IT Department Management Bully

To those who may concern,

Please kindly keep a close watch to SBS Transit IT Department and staff turn over rate of IT Department.
Some management personal are bullying and treating their staff and subordinate in a wicked way.
Some management have too much office politics, incompetent, insecure and fear of losing their position.

It was just an accusation and no proof is available.

Please keep a close watch on IT department staff turn over rate and feedback from old staffs.
HR practices also need to be watched closely.


Unsatisfied ex-IT staff

Jan 8, 2017

My fault ah?

I took 198 double decker bus this morning (09 Jan 2017) at Jurong point. I seated at the top. Reach the bus stop where i want to alight at 6.30am, I pressed to alight and theres sound of the bell. When i tap my card the driver tsk me and said troublesome. I said to him that i pressed the bell and he scolded me pointing his finger at the alighting red thingy and said 'you see got red or not?' What the fuck man? How am i suppose to know it doesnt turn red to alert the driver someones alighting? I dont wanna argue early in the morning so i said to him 'you want to open the door or not?' He replied me 'gila' and he open the door. Im so pissed off. Sialah early in the morning sia. Is it my fault that the light didnt turn red? You guys better go and fix that bloody hell bell and the red light. Fucking old man. Mati taknak.

Jan 8, 2017

F-king fix your bloody bell

I took 198 double decker bus this morning (09 Jan 2017) at Jurong point. I seated at the top. Reach the bus stop where i want to alight at 6.30am, I pressed to alight and theres sound of the bell. When i tap my card the driver tsk me and said troublesome. I said to him that i pressed the bell and he scolded me pointing his finger at the alighting red thingy and said 'you see got red or not?' What the f-k man? How am i suppose to know it doesnt turn red to alert the driver someones alighting? I dont wanna argue early in the morning so i said to him 'you want to open the door or not?' He replied me 'gila' and he open the door. Im so pissed off. Sialah early in the morning sia. Is it my fault that the light didnt turn red? You guys better go and fix that bloody hell bell and the red light. F-king old man. Mati taknak.

Feb 2, 2017

SBS Transit

[email protected], Yishun, Commonwealth Ave West Bus Stop No 17171, Singapore

Rude Bus Driver (SBS8460D)

This morning I flagged bus 130 from bus stop Blk 22 Boon Keng Road. The bus position is on the second box whereas the first box the bus just move out that I missed. He did not drive straight ahead but move to the right lane, I still flagged for the second time. He than move and stop after the first box and scolded me. I did not want to make it fuss, instead I said thank you to him.

Before I manage to sit, he drove of immediately and I nearly fall forward with that hard jerk move from the bus. He is chinese yound guy but really have no manners and still got face to look at me in the mirror. I did take a snap of it but this page cannot download.

I never face any problem for the pass 4 year taking bus from the same bus stop. Instead most of the bus driver SBS 139 & 130 are very polite and smile. But today is really a bad day for me and to meet this bus driver SBS8460D so.....rude.

I think he need to go for a course how to face and react with public. He is not suitable to be a bus captain and this type of person need to work back office.

Rude Bus Driver (SBS8460D)

Yee wei kar
Oct 9, 2017

Bus 57 did not stop for passanger at this bus stop 52071

I’ve been waiting for bus 57 for 15minutes and yet the bus did not stop at this bus stop 52071 no matter how I wave my hand within the bus stop area. The female driver was looking next to the road and just by pass through me. And I have to wait for another 15 minutes for the bus again. That’s the only bus I can take to go home. And I have to delay my plans today. Bus drivers are expected to be more oberservant and do the right thing, stop when passengers want to board. Please tighten training process. Thanks

Oct 27, 2017

Compliment to SBS Bus 163 Driver Hougang

Hi! I would like to compliment a Malay SBS Transit Bus 163 ,On 24/10 Bus No SBS8676Z Malay driver. He always brings his face smiling and welcomes his customers and smells good.
Which gives a good example to all new drivers and I feel that becoming a bus driver is not actually an easy task because they have to face people from all walks of life every day facing complaints and dissatisfaction from different people. Not accepting praise from the public. However, it is a very high responsibility task that requires a full focus as they need to ensure the safety of passengers, ensuring passengers pay their fares and must remember their bus routes.
I think we should thank all our guides for their commitment so that we can enjoy our journey to work and sightseeing with ease.
Thank you SBS Drivers! Greetings to all of you! :)

Good luck,
Mrs Chua

Oct 28, 2017

Suddenly Brek Harding

I am May Lee. I want a complaint about bus driver 163, Hougang ,bus no. SBS8767U around 7-9am on October 25, 2017. I hope SBS helps me in this case. This incident has made me start my week badly. Please investigate and see your cctv for a clearer picture of what happened as the driver pressured suddenly. Perhaps I was not seriously injured but had caused other passengers to engage and cause dangerous stress especially to parents and children. One I saw there were students who had broken eyes and some passengers fell. That's a very irresponsible act, I also want the management to make sure drivers reflect their attitude. and I want the management to know that drivers need to be responsible including himself. This time I complained to SBS. This is a warning. Please SBS and see the problem and upgrade the service.

Nov 4, 2017

Brake Emergency

To whom it may concern,
In the morning on 25 october 2017,bus service 163 and plate number SBS8767U.I would like to lodge a complaint regarding a Malay driver that was careless and inconsiderate.He drive too close with other vehicle and brake emergency suddenly,that make all passenger felt unwell with this.Please investigate and see your cctv for a clearer picture of what happened as the driver brake emergency.

P/s : As Singaporeans,every single job is becoming multi-tasking to enchance productivity and efficiency regardless of age,race or religion. Why are they not following this direction the government want us to follow ?
The job of a bus captain is to ensure passenggers who are at their bus stop/depots gets picked up in an orderly fashion,have a safe journey and alight them at their bus stop they choose to alght at.Please take action !

Thank you for co-operation.
Jessie Tan

Turtle bus
Nov 25, 2017

Frequency of bus and bus arrival time 161

The arrival time of bus 161 always change during weekends from Hougang to Woodlands although there's no traffic jam. Although it's weekends, but some of people need to go to work also. We hard to estimate the bus arrival time in the morning. Once we miss the bus, we need to wait another almost 15mins.

Nov 27, 2017

Compliment For Bus Captain Of Service 88

Dear Sir/Madam,

I Would Like To Compliment A Bus Captain Of Service 88 Bus Plate Number SBS7497E On 17/9/2017 I Was Running For The Bus From Outside St Anne Church To Blk 126A Bus Stop I Approached The Bus Captain To Wait For My Father And My Grandmother There Were 3 Things He Has Done That I Felt Grateful Towards Him:
1. He Waited For The 3 Of Us At The Bus Stop.
2. He Told Me To Wait For My Father And My Grandmother.
3. When They Boarded, He Greeted Us With A Wide Smile.
I Enjoyed The Ride As It Is A Volvo B9TL CDGE I Like The Transparent Handles. Thanks To The Braddell Bus Park.

Yours Sincerely,

Ng Wei Jie Colin

Dec 23, 2017

Bus drivers

Bus number 60 (SG 5340Z), At 0740hrs on today, 23 DEC 17 ,Jin turi road, in front of Millage, Why the left channel is stuck, the driver will not take the right channel, driver stop there 15 minutes, never take any action, a lot people of complaints , I'm late because of this incident, I will be fined due to lateness.

Jan 10, 2018

printing mistake in tamil language instructions

Pls check the images and take action ASAP

printing mistake in tamil language instructions

Feb 3, 2018


I was waiting for bus num 147 at Stamford hill Street. The bus num sbs 7354j ( Chinese old men driver)
Failed to stop the bus at stop but Abit far I need to walk to the bus but the driver move the bus Abit and I tap the door. He shouted at me saying " I got no brains " how am suppose to show my hand to stop the bus when he is looking at his right hand side to drive. Inside the bus got alot of passenger and i realize SBS failed to train thier staff for commination skills.
He got no right to scold me which such kind of words.
Please send all ur staff for communication skills and teach them to use proper words to humans.

Mar 4, 2018

Rude & inconsiderate captain of bus 374

(Amendment) On 4th of March at between 12pm to 1pm, my wife and my mother, together with my baby daughter, are await for the bus-374 to go back home from CompassOne. Happily waited for a bus.
Upon bus (SBS 5138E) stopped, the captain did not wish to trigger open the exit door for my wife to move in the scroller into the bus after she requested him. The captain insisted to ask my wife to fold the scroller and enter from the front door, as our scroller is quite big, there is difficult to bring it in from the front door. Even a passenger would wish to help us fold the scroller, which is not possible.
The captain INSIST to ask my wife & the scroller to enter from the front door. So angry with him, dispite helping my wife, but unreasonally request my wife to do thing not possible.
Is triggering the exit door of the bus, so difficult for him to my wife request???
The management need to do something to enlighten this CAPTAIN for his inconsiderate behaviour. Appreciated.

Rude & inconsiderate captain of bus 374

Chan Bee Na
Mar 30, 2018


Hi Sir / Madam,

I hope that SBS take serious on this case.

I would like to make a complaint with bus driver’s attitude and behavior.
At first case Me and my friend was waiting for bus 50 at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Techplace II, when the bus reaching the bus stop , the bus driver was driving quite fast ,we have no enough time to flag the bus to stop.
Although the bus are drive over the bus stop, he still stopping and let us get into the bus, when we get into the bus, the bus driver asking and starring on us “WHY YOU DON’T FLAG EARLY”. With heavy tone and angry face.
My friend was told the bus driver is because you drive too fast.
Case no:2, My friend almost fall down before Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 ,when the traffic light turning to “AMBER” should slow down, instead of the traffic light turning to the “RED” and hard braking. This is very dangerous and endanger vehicle at behind.
This is unconsidered to those standing passengers, will cause passengers’ lost their balancing.

Hope this will not happen again.

Thank you very much.

Apr 25, 2018

SBS Transit

Toa Pyoah, [email protected], Yishun, Commonwealth Ave West Bus Stop No 17171, Singapore

Bus 31 slow frequencies in arrivals

Bus 31 has a very unusual arrival schedual I can be early waiting at the bus stop and still be late for school. I can be there late and be even later for school. Apparently it takes 20 mins for EACH bus to arrive. What bullshit is this? And the bus being crowded every single day only adds to the woes. SBS seriously needs a shakeup in their management or replace the sloppy bus captains.(oh did I mention they drive the bus slow as shit?)

May 5, 2018

Unhelpful Bus Driver toward Handicapped people

I would like to complained of the Bus Driver Bus nos109 license SBS3060H at time 2130lt from CHangi point on 05may2018.The reason is His bus was parked away between the pavement and the bus ,which the board for handicapped unable to be the bridge for my mum to wheel her wheel chair to enter in the Bus. He even keep nagging cos he told us of troubling him and due to the problem his late.THE DRIVER was so unhelpful in providing assistance and even rudely requested us to hike the other bus. Im so pissed off with his attitude toward me and my handicapped mum.I think the SBS need to send his driver to Discipline class to brush up their courtesy etiquette. Hopefully SBS could take a action against this driver so that in future he could be more patient n helpful to Handicapped passenger. Anyway thanks for the bumby ride.

Shah Redzwan
May 11, 2018

Bus not stopping despite seeing me flag early

On 11 may 2018 @1500+ i was waiting for bus 50 before ite busstop heading towards punggol . I looked up at mytransport sg app and it stated 1 min. Usually for me i would stand early. I saw the bus around 200m away. I flagged the bus early. I saw the left signal blinking and assumed it was stopping. So i put my hand down and wanted to take out my ezlink card. At the same time it sped off. I could clearly see the bus driver saw me but it just ignored me. Please look this up
Thank you

Super 4
Jun 12, 2018

Bus 102 didn't stop - 2 times!

On 12 June 2018 at 11.44am and 11.52am, bus 102 did not stop at the bus stop 67389 (Blk 317B along Sengkang East Way) heading towards Jln Kayu. My son and I were hailing the bus and we even stood at the edge of the bus stop but the bus driver did not notice. He was looking straight and driving fast. Yes, not once but twice! Over at the bus stop, there were 2 other passengers who were angry as well as they wanted to board the same bus. What exactly were they thinking? Speeding off the long stretch of road and using it as a racing track or what?? This is so unacceptable. We've been waiting so long in the hot, scorching weather just to see bus 102 driving off past us for two times even though we hailed the bus!! This really pissed us off!

Mr. A
Sengkang Resident

Ms tan
Jul 30, 2018

SBS Transit

Jurong east, Toa Pyoah, [email protected], Yishun, Commonwealth Ave West Bus Stop No 17171, Singapore

Act blur ladies driver

A very Act blur ladies driver, she drove 98 bus she everytime saw me running over towards the bus but she juz act blur that she never seems me then don't want to open the door and let in then drove off. This is not the first that she had done. If the person late for work will because of her.

[email protected]
Aug 7, 2018

Bus driver drive less than 50 km slow than cyclist

SMB5037Y bus no 67. Start from cck interchange at 6.09 min. Driver drive too slow less than 50 km. In e early morning no traffic no jam. Slower then cyclist.
Pls understand every one is wake up early take ride to work. The journey already so far yet drive in this slow conditions what time can arrive. If jam or traffic problem there is no complain but almost e road is no car due early in the morning. Understand that every bua have time to reach the destination but can't be slow like tortoise right. Try to stand on commuter who rush to work need wake up early morning to get in to bus to work end up get the tortoise bus. N air con so warm 😡😡

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