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Royal Migration

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Royal Migration

Jan 22, 2019

Royal Migration

302 Clover Bay Tower Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates


They got my details I dont know from where, because I didnt leave any
enquiry with them. One of their "AGENTS" called me and asked to make
payment over the phone, I went to their offices in ROYAL MIGRATION, OFFICE
312 CLOVER BAY TOWER, BUSINESS BAY, DUBAI and the agent asked me for 10,000
for a Canadian PR visa which they will gaurantee in 3 months. One of the
agents was the same guy I spoke to at MCVISAS, so now i know this company
is the same as MCVISAS with the same cheating staff. Thankfully i didnt pay
them. But there was one indian client in the office, when i met him in lift
he was also complaining that he paid them and they will not give his money

mohamed hashem
Jan 22, 2019

Royal Migration

302 Al Clover Bay Tower , 302 Clover Bay Tower Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates

Fraud Company

My name is Mohamed Hashim from India.
One Consultancy in Business Bay is cheating their clients for many years
and I’m one of the victims of them. I paid 5000 AED one year back and they
promise me a work permit to Canada. They just wasted my year and now they
are not giving my money back. We have agreement that if visa is not granted
full money will be refunded, in some other cases only 50% will be refund.
They are now not responding to mails and texts.

Jan 26, 2019

Cheater& fraud company

Their cheating skill is above and beyond. I'm one of the victim of them. I applied just 2 weeks ago and I cancelled it For some emergency reason . Before we had a deal with Mr shakeeel one of the agent of company. As per him that Anytime we can cancel qnf they will give the refund. Unfortunately it was their one of the trick to cheat to clients those who are willing to do. They will try to reach you for money matter only.whem they receive money they will start to ignore you and stop texting and telling mail. I cancelled mine before due date and They reply me back after due date was over and telling me that I was late . I was trying to get back my money but they don't. They took my money withing 2 weeks without doing anything they just have my CV only. Guy please be aware of those agent and company those who are willing to take your money. I will go through all the way to get back my money. I have a avidenc from whatsapp and email that how they will ignore you and how they will call You for money matter

M Khan
May 29, 2019

Fraud Migration company in Dubai

Royal migration DUBAI -Wasted so many poor people’s lives. They select people who are getting low salary. AED 3000 – 3500 and give fake promises, offering guaranteed visa in Canada, Australia, etc.

and never help them with the process and promise them that they will refund after a year if they don't get the Visa. And force to sign the agreement and take their money.

The idea is brilliant, their sales team will find out people who are looking Jobs / Migration for other countries who are getting low salary in Middle East countries. Once they received the money, the sales staff job is finished. Then the office staff will take care the account.

In the beginning itself we need to write 02 -03 mails / calls to get a reply from them. Then further follow up, they will say they are on processing will update in every 02 weeks and collect copies of certificates frequently (educational certificate, experience certificate etc) They will make the feel that they are processing the visa. They will extend the process as much they can telling nice excuses. Finally, after a long wait of 2 years they will simply say the application was not successful , you can request for refund.

Then they will move the file to Refund department. See they already have a separate refund department where they make money. Now you will see the real face of RM. First the refund department will find unnecessary reasons from the contract and try their maximum to avoid refunding the money.

Rarely, they are refunding 25% of the paid amount for some clients after a long struggle where they failed to cheat the client.

What RM is doing ? - They nicely collect the money from a client ( eg. AED 5000) and will invest that money in other business and make profit from that money or just imagine if they invest the money in a bank and simply sit in the office. In one year the minimum bank interest will comes around AED 400 – 450, they will keep us waiting for 02 years and will pay 25 % of AED 5000.

They are not giving any money from their pocket .They will just pay the refund which they make from that money only. Some clients try for a refund and will fail at some points. RM will find silly excuses like.. Certificates not given on time.

given certificate was not original etc. where they make more money.

As per them they are 18 years old company they are not fraud. Some people who are highly qualified with all eligibility who applied through them may get the visa done. Again, after a long wait only and its very rare cases .But 100% sure they are well planned fraud.

All their staffs are trapped and they also know all the facts, but they need job and salary so they are part of it.

Simply ignore them. They will spoil your life. They are not doing anything for us. They simply collect our money and doing other business.

There sales team will find new clients. The process continues.

Jul 28, 2019

Royal Migration

Clover tower dubai, 302 Al Clover Bay Tower , 302 Clover Bay Tower Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates

They are fake

Liars. Be careful with them people. Fraudsters
Don't have anything to do with them. Run people

Sep 29, 2019


All of the above reviews are absolutely true and M Khan on May 29, 2019 has perfectly described the activities going on there to cheat people with hopes of landing in some other countries like Canada, Australia, UK etc.

Mohamed Hashem had previously given a deadly blow by posting the review through which many people were able to save their hard earned money. In short, all the negative reviews anyone would see anywhere in different websites are all true, anyone who has already paid them money needs to try and get it back instead of loosing both time and money and hopes of landing in the intended destination.

The sales people being pushed to get business will go to any extent in getting you signed up and once you've paid, that's when you realize what lies in future. There are better immigration consultants who are registered with ICCRC for Canada and has MARA agents for Australia. Anyone who wants to apply is recommended to look into each and everything before making a payment and signing up, however not under any circumstances to fraud companies such as these and many more that exists here.

For all those who might want to know why this review has been posted, I was an employee over there for over 2 years but left with bitter experience and moved to a different industry, away from all these scams.With no basic benefits like medical insurance and gratuity etc till the time I was there and left, these type of companies shouldn't exist. All people believing in their trade license showing existence since 2001 and immigration services in the license activities, please don't get fooled as all these started only a couple of years back. More than 90% of the positive reviews are posted on their own and the targets are mostly people in other countries to avoid any hassle in refunds.

The refund department is where you get to know how cheap it things can get. For all those already dealing has a very good idea of this. For all those eventually going to that extent, it is recommended to cut short the pain and instead think of legal options which is a better option to try and get back what you've paid.

For all those looking for easy options such as work permits and or AIPP etc, please be informed it all sounds good however that's far from any possibility as it is nothing but a scam. For people eligible for skilled category for Australia and or Canada, it is advised not to fall for the discounts being offered and all the fake promises as there are better options available in the market. Couple of experts in skilled worker visa for Canada has left already and if a few successful cases are shown, only due the client's efforts and guidance received from the processing officers who has left the company unable to bear the dirty scam any longer.

If any one has the option to expose this dirty scam in any way, that'll be a blessing in disguise for many. There's more to be added about these scammers, however I have done my part and would expect some other people suffering or has suffered in some way or other due to them to post a review somewhere or the other.

Oct 10, 2019


I will highly recommend to all of you don't trust royal immigration, based in UAE they are all Indian Basted,
they will eat your money and run away, they have been created more than 5000 People from different country mostly are lower class.
be aware

Oct 10, 2019


I will highly recommend to all of you don't trust royal immigration, based in UAE they are all Indian Basted,
they will eat your money and run away, they have been created more than 5000 People from different country mostly are lower class.
be aware

Lost money
Jan 26, 2020

Lose and keep quite

I lost 3000plus tax. They will humiliate, indirectly threatens and waste your time. Met many victims at police station and their office. Comp at registration and all are legal so DED can’t do anything. They are challenging go and get your money from court.

Apr 5, 2020


I paid 5000 AED two year back and they
promise me a work permit to Denmark. They just wasted my years and now they are not giving my money back.The are best in cheating people . DONT TRUST THEM. NEVER GIVE ANY MONEY TO THEM.
The positive google reviews you view online are actually written by their staffs only.

May 16, 2020

Royal migration solution dubai -Fraud consultancy

Hi Guys, I am sharing my experience with Royal Migration Dubai. I came to know about this fake company through Facebook ads and fake client visas in their FB page. I just called them to get some details about Canadian migration program. After that there Sales team followed me and offered guaranteed work visa within 1 year otherwise 100% refund. I paid them the money to full fill my dreams and to secure my job and family.

Once we have paid the money they keep on asking for documents / certificates unnecessarily on every month to get positive impression that they are working progressively on our case. After the wait of 1 and half years, and a long follow up (mail, calls) they simply say your application was rejected and we can try for other region ( Europe or New Zealand) or you can process for refund.Then the refund department staff will find some silly excuses in our file and simply reject our refund.

In UAE hiring a lawyer is very much expensive that is the advantage of them. So they take victims money and invest our money in other business and will not do anything for our visa.

Once we get angry on them they will simply say your file is closed and if we contact them again they will file a criminal case against us.

So please guys be alert from them, they have talented staff; don’t get trapped in their sweet word’s. They target the people who earn very less salary and dreams for a visa to settle there family, and the crew has efficient multilingual workers to trap and track innocent people. I visited their office also, well-furnished only to impress the clients that they are not fraud.

I know many people are trapped in this. May be Royal migration helps some clients to get some Visit visa to some countries, this is how they manage to stand in this industry for 18 years. But 100 % sure they are NOT able to help you in any work visa or any migration process to any countries.

Now they will say that because of the current situation (COVID 19) there is a delay. But all fake they are not going to do anything.. So those who are currently processing any visa with them, try to get the money back soon or get together all of you and file a complaint in Dubai Police or register in Dubai Consumer protection (it’s free). As I know so many cases are registered in Dubai Consumer protection. After getting so many compliant against the same company they will seriously look on this.

Guys please don't ever go with these fraudsters. If you are still ready to go with this fake company by believing their fake ads and sweet trapped talks, you will regret later. Just google “Royal Migration review” then takes a good decision. Do you think the Negative reviews which we can see in different sites are fake. “NO” they are all 100 % correct and written by the victims and all the positive reviews are fake. All positive reviews are written by their own paid staffs with fake ID’s and name .If you closely go through the positive reviews you can easily find out they are fake.

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Rani aarti
Sep 9, 2020

Fraud by royal migration

this is aarti, we also scamed by royal migration. We means my 2 more friends,we applied together in 2017 ,and now September 2020 ,didn't get anything back. When we asked for refund they said you shared your profile information with your friends so company going to close your application. They are only taking money and then waste time of clients with unnecessary documents that's it.pleae don't apply with royal migration, they are really scamed .

Maria Henshaw
Jun 7, 2021

Royal Migration

Clover tower dubai, 302 Al Clover Bay Tower , 302 Clover Bay Tower Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates


GUYS PLEASE avoid anything that has to do with Royal Migration. Here are my research regarding this company:

1. They do not have any active Google My Business listing. Therefore, you cannot even read any review about their services

2. There is a guy named TAHER from Royal Migration. This guy is a big criminal. What he does whenever you visit them is that he asks you if you have visited any immigration company. if you say yes, this guy will go on different websites and write FAKE reviews about that company while he messages you on whatsapp and send several fake comments just to discourage you from going there.

3. this company ROYAL MIGRATION was previously shut down because of reported scams. that is why they deleted their Google Business listing !

[email protected]
May 15, 2023

Royal Migration

Clover Bay, business Bay, Dubai, Clover tower dubai, 302 Al Clover Bay Tower , 302 Clover Bay Tower Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates


Actually I would not even give a single to this company, They are thiefs!!! Not professional at all...Opened a case almost 4 years ago and they keep telling me that they have not received any update about my Canadian migration status and now I'm already in canada through a different source and the Royal Migration just woke up from their hibernation mode and asking me for my IELTs status...when I told them that I'm already in canada and please give back my money, they where acting ignorant and saying the same story as they have not got any updates (come on for 4 years?)...now they have sent a mail saying that my case has been closed, because I didn't provide any updated IELTs papers (note its our 2nd IELTs paper they are asking as our 1st IELTs has already expired).

They know very well that since our score was way too less, it will be difficult to get us in Express entry, but still they are being very greedy and asked us to pay all the money and giving false hopes...

The same happened to my friend

Please never ever go to Royal Migration!!! Its a Scam...Scam..Scam...

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