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Royal Holiday


Consumer reviews about Royal Holiday

Apr 4, 2016

Royal Holiday Timeshare Scam

In 2009, my wife and I went to our first vacation since we had emigrated to US ten years before. This vacation was in Cancun, Mexico. Everything would have been perfect, but we were harshly lied by Royal Holiday salespersons. Abusing the fact that English is our second language they tide us into a 30 years contract instead of promising 5 years. Being close to retirement age and having a low paying job, we were paying for a two years. In 2012, my wife died of cancer. Since then I did not go to any vacation and try to cancel my account many time without any luck.
I even called a Royal Holiday headquarter and they offer to help resell our contract. They referred us to the Global Resort Services. I paid $599 for a service and after two years of exchanging calls this company disappeared.
Once, browsing an internet, I found a Mexican Timeshare Solution website and I decide to try once more. This time it was successful. Their reply was quick, they always reply to my email, and, what is the most important, finally, I was be able to cancel my account with Royal Holiday. I would recommend it to anybody who appears in similar situation.

Jun 29, 2016

Royal Holiday Timeshare Scam

In 2014,My wife and I went to Mexico, we were talked into going to a presentation with Royal Holiday, After a pressure sales presentation for 6 hours we purchased a membership. They promised a lot of things but they were empty promises and there were many lies.
We realized we had made a mistake and we tried canceling the contract within the 5 day grace period but they made it impossible to cancel. We began researching our options to
cancel the contract .While we were searching on internet a solution, we found several bad reviews about Royal Holidays and we found that we bought into a Timeshare which was basically
We contacted several US attorneys but they told us that they could do nothing for us. So we start to get flustered.
We really had no idea how we were going to get out of this mess. Looking to rid ourselves of it we found Mexican Timeshare Solution to be the only company that didn't charge an upfront fee.
We then contacted them and received counsel. They are exactly what they say they are, and they got the cancellation of our contract. They restored my faith in Mexican culture and the most important thing, we learn the lesson “STAY AWAY FROM ROYAL HOLIDAY !!!”

Jul 25, 2016

Royal Holiday Timeshare Scam

Let me tell you my experience, I was in Mexico enjoying my vacation time, when I was invited to attend a timeshare presentation, as I did not want to be rude I decided to go. Well, that was the worst mistake I may have made.
They kept me there for 8 hours, I was feeling like a I was wasting my vacation time, so I asked the sales man if I sign and then I regret, and I have de desire of cancel the contract if there is any problem? Of course he told me that there was no problem and he continued talking about how wonderful is his membership. Of course all was a lie. He never told me that there was a rescission period and I felt very confident and I signed the contract.
After 10 days of vacations I came back home and I started my research to cancel my contract. As soon wrote Royal Holiday on google I saw all those bad reviews about fraud and my 5 days that I had to cancel the contract. My first reaction was “5 days?!!”. Yes I only had 5 days to can cancel my contract and recover my money. I immediately contact Royal Holiday and I let them know my desire to cancel my contract and his respond was that there was not possible.
I was so furious that I decided not to let them make fun of me and that I would be able to get the cancellation of my contract with or without his help.
I made a deep search on google, I found a company named Mexican timeshare Solutions, I called them and got a free consultation, they told me that they wont charge anything upfront. I took the chance and I hired them. After 5 months I got the cancellation of my contract Of course Royal Holiday made everything to avoid it, but I succeeded.
Royal Holiday is a fraudulent company full of thieves, do not trust them and If you are in the same situation do not give up. I can take a lot of time but it is possible.

Aug 11, 2016

Royal Holiday bad experience

I was ripped off in the cruelest way possible, while I relaxed and confident on my vacation, I was invited to a presentation of "supposedly" 90 minutes which really lasted nearly 6 hours, at the beginning we did not want to buy anything, but for them seemed quite the opposite, like "if you tell us more, we are very interested in buying" finally tired we believed that our only way to get out is buying ,as the seller told us: “ try it and if you don’t want it you can quit at anytime with a refund back “ ,obviously we believed them and as we were very tired and fed up or read anything we accepted. We decided to enjoy our vacation and returning home and with calm we could cancel the timeshare with no problem. To our bad luck when we called to cancel, they said it was impossible at the moment and they are not buying memberships.
My wife and I we cannot sleep thanks to the high stress of knowing that we had to pay all that money ,the situation is becoming increasingly difficult. We searched and searched on the internet and all we found were complaints and more complaints against Royal Holiday. Finally we found a company called Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we feel confidence about them ,everything I read on their website, that they work not only in Mexico but also in USA and they no charge until they cancelled the contract, was a strong point to believe in them. You could read: "Mexican Timeshare Solutions gave to me and my family the peace that we looking for ,all the weight and stress its gone, just to leave everything in their hands as they have succeeded in the cancellation of my contract, Royal Holiday timeshare was not going to pay, my debt was 19,500 Americans DLS ($ 347,000 pesos approximately at that time), but with interest plus monthly maintenance charged by the holiday consortium and translated into Mexican pesos would skyrocket to nearly a million pesos for 10 years was within payment, even without considering that the dollar may continue increasing ,would become an unpayable debt. " Luckily we were able to get out of this BIG problem, the purpose of my comment is to warn all those who are considering purchasing a timeshare or already have and hesitate whether to keep it, CANCEL IT !! timeshare field is the worst scam that may exist ,the only thing they think about is to scrub in people no matter what the situation in which we find


Dec 1, 2016

Royal Holiday Timeshare Fraud

Hi! Me and my wife returned from our honeymoon trip to Mexico. We also signed up for Royal Holiday. Believing this would grant us exclusive and luxurious trips to great places, having great hotels and services to a very low cost. Like many others we also feel like we've been scammed by Royal Holiday. When we got home. I've been able to do some research about them and checking out their trips etc and I can see that the prices, all-inclusive promises, pickup services, VIP packages and airport lounges are all nothing but lies. We had a contract for 30 years with an annual fee of $ 495 US Dollars and we've made a down payment of $ 1,125 US Dollars and a closing cost of $ 910 US Dollars (a total of $ 2,035 US Dollars paid so far). The total price for the membership would be $ 7,500 US Dollars with monthly payments of $ 119.24 US dollars ending after 60 months of payment.
We did not cancel in 5 days. Rather as soon as we got home and read the documents we began the difficult process to cancel. we tried to cancel the membership through the resort but it was impossible. In our membership disclosure it says that there is no buyers remorse and in an addendum it says that there is no termination of the membership. We almost lose hope when we find d a company on the internet called Mexican Timeshare Solutions and after an introductory call, they reviewed our contract and they told us that based on their experience, we had a good chance to get out of the contract.

After six months they cancelled our contract. I honestly highly recommend their services and do not pay anything until the contract is canceled.

Mar 23, 2017

Royal Holiday bad timeshare experience!

Dont invest in timeshare field with royal holiday , they are scammers. When I tried to reserve a vacation I discovered that I have to wait 40-45 days before I reserve a vacation to see if any hotel has a vacancy and then I can go. Meaning that if I want to go to Cancun I have to wait until there is any vacancy and I can't find then the expiration date end and I can't go any more. Also when you are working you can't take vacation whenever you want. A warning to those looking to buy at Royal Holiday: Make sure everything the salesperson says that makes the purchase sound appealing is written down, signed and dated by the salesperson. If it sounds too good to be true, or sounds like this would make a "great investment" and "pay for itself over time".... get it in writing.
They didn´t want to accept my cancellation , I bought the membership like 6 years ago and I couldn´t afford it anymore because the maintenance fees make impossible to do it. Then I try to donate the timeshare but it was impossible. Worst decision ever, I never imagined how complicated this will be.
I hired a company to cancel my timeshare they are called Mexican Timeshare Solutions, luckily they managed to help me and I have no longer any timeshare with Royal Holiday.
Royal holiday was a such waste of time and money , for own experience please dont get involved, dont assit to their timeshare presentations the salespeople is so agressive i f you dont access to buy something with them , just stay away from royal holiday

May 31, 2017

Royal Holiday horrible timeshare experience

My wife and I were pitched, the sale of our existing timeshare was a condition of purchase at Royal Holiday . The salesperson misled us about the guarantee to sell our existing timeshare for $62,750. We didn't get the guarantee until we were leaving after signing the contract. The guarantee was for no more than to list the property for sale for $62,750.
We talked about the RCI bonus weeks we were getting. We talked about the cost of $179 or $189 a week. Nothing was said about having to pay maintenance fees first .We were told we were getting a $90,000 annuity. We then found later it was an "anticipated" annuity.
When you look back to see all the slimy sales tactics playing on our emotions and when good questions were asked about risk and financial commitment or guarantees of pay back the way the sales men to conned us deflected every time.
After many useless calls, We decided to act by our side. We hired "Mexican timeshare solutions" to cancel our timeshare and after 3 months, we were free from all the payments, maintenances fees or any relation with Royal Holiday.
Be aware, do not hire any company to sell your timeshare all of them are scam and they work together with the resort And never pay anything in advance. It was a hard lesson to learn but we did.
We had our doubts because in some websites we read that Mexican timeshare Solutions, charged in advance, but since we had our free consultation with them, they clarified us that we do not have to pay anything in advance until our contract is canceled and that these comments were placed by the resort that wants to stains the image of them and prevent people from canceling their timeshare contracts with them. So ignore those comments, have your free consultation and cancel your contract!!

Apr 27, 2018

Royal Holiday Scam, solved!

I signed a contract with Royal Holiday on Jan 2017 and sent an email within my 5 day period to cancel but they did not accept my cancellation.
After multiple phone calls and messages left no one answered or called me back. I could not afford to pay them anymore and they sent it off to collections saying I owe them 12 thousand dollars. I had never used their services or went on vacation.
I felt Royal holiday was acting bad faith and taking advantage or those like myself. I Hired Mexican Timeshare solutions a lawyers firm and they get my contract cancellation in 3 months. I leave you more complaints about Royal Holiday if you have the desire to buy a timeshare, first read this.


Jul 3, 2018

Royal Holiday timeshare scam, please be careful

My husband and I bought from Royal Holiday on Oct.20, 2006. We paid 8,520.00. We had paid annual fees since then. I have small dogs that I do not like to leave behind. None of the properties accept dogs, so I really don't enjoy my trips we are both 70 and we need to find properties that are not all inclusive and in locations that are impacted by a lot of tourists or not close to the amenities that we prefer. I contacted the resort and I told them that i want to cancel my membership and they told me that it was impossible. I sent them several emails but the answer was always negative. I hired a lawyer firm that achieved the cancellation. It has been a very long and stressful year but very rewarding when our ordeal with this unwanted timeshare was finally resolved. We hope no one ever has to go through this nightmare! Thank Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a successful outcome and it was a pleasure working with them. If you are an old couple, beware of timeshare they are definitely not for you.

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