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Ross Dress For Less

United States

Consumer reviews about Ross Dress For Less

Dec 23, 2011

Customers are always right?

Just made a purchase at Johnson City Tn, $246.12. For 40 minutes the cashier tried to run my debit card. Swipe it again it didnt take it. Then it was, you need to use another card that one was denied. Finally the card went threw and it printed a reciept. Got home and checked my account on line. My debit card was charged 4 times for the $246.12, also a credit card was charged $246.12. In total I was Charged aprox $1250.00 for the purchase. Contacted the store manager and in a very unconcerned mannner she informed me there was nothing she could do about it and gave me a 1-800 number to call. Stayed on hold until the office closed with noone answering the phone, I have to go to a lot of trouble to have these charges removed from my accounts. The store could care less if they have caused me to have to bother with this crap. Ross Dress For Less cost me one hell of a lot. Didnt save any money and it will cost me a lot of time for there screwup.

Ross is Awful
Jan 9, 2012

Mean Management

I went to a Ross store here in Atlanta, GA...the store is located in a very pretigeous part of town called Buckhead. I went in to exchange a Marilyn Monroe Picture that my daughter brought me for Christmas...I did not have a price tag or receipt as it was a gift. I wanted to return the picture because of the Pink background does not match the pink in my room. I talk the manager in charge and he told me to go and find something to exchange for the picture, so i did but when i came back his whole attitude had changed. I guess since he was a regular employee who was acting manager he was on a power kick. He was very RUDE to me and told me that he did not have the same picture in stock so therefore he could not exchange the merchandise. Keep in mind that the picture was only $19.99...I know Ross stores always look empty but after this encounter i see that they really need the money. The employees are low class and so is the store. After i told the employee that i would call corporate he found it amusing. I was so angry that i did not sleep...i called Corporate and i'm still waiting on someone to return my call...Now i see why this guy found this so amuzing. I WILL NEVER SHOP A ROSS STORE EVER!!! and that goes for my family as well...with the way that they conduct business..they won't have any.

Jan 19, 2012

Hired To Be A Slave.

I thought I was the only one that felt this way. They have no respect for you and they feel like they can talk to you anyway they want and it is because headquarters lets them get away with it. I wish there was something we could do to change it. I worked in San Antonio in the loading and receiving and they would only talk in Spanish and I got hurt because of it and told the manager and she wouldn't do anything about it. No one should get treated this way. I could right a book on everything that went on. Everything yall have written is so true...

v0ice 0f reas0n
Feb 7, 2012

Mean Management

You're an idiot, Ross is Awful. Your daughter's inability to keep a receipt is of no concern to store employees, let alone management. I see comments on this site all day about how rude and ignorant the employees are, but what about the customers? Who's fault is it REALLY when the customer cannot fulfill their contractually obligated agreement when making a purchase (after all, a purchase is a contract between the buyer and seller - the receipt is the contract and on the back of said receipt holds the terms). Seems to me that the majority of complaints on here and abroad are just people who have poor management and organizational skills.

Feb 7, 2012

Mean Management

^ Faggot comment.

v0ice 0f reas0n
Feb 7, 2012

Mean Management

Seems like I've struck a nerve, you mad? It's alright, I won't hold it against you.

v0ice 0f reas0n
Mar 31, 2012

They lost several hundred dollars worth of sales from me

Highly unlikely.

Apr 1, 2012

Worst place, rudest people!

This is for everyone complaining about how messy Ross Stores are. It is you the customer who throw everything on the floor and don't bother to clean it up. When you have 20 people in line with full carts it is going to be a long wait no matter what. Just because the store sells things at a bargain price it does not give you the right to treat it like a dump.

Apr 9, 2012

Filthy store, rude employees!

Let me just point out one thing, you want Ross to have numerous cashiers open, and for the store to maintain perfect order, its unrealistic of any store. And you try working there dealing with all the complaints, all of the attitudes of customers, them always wanting a discount, letting their children run wild, and crying, chances are after 15 minutes on a Saturday, you'd be rude too. Customers berate and belittle employees daily. Yelling at us for things we have zero control of. I've had clothes thrown at me for asking them to hang the items on a stand for me to count. I've had customers yell at me for their own mistakes, demanding things, and calling it the law. Threatening to file complaints if we don't give in to their demands. I could care less if you ever shop at Ross again. All of you very rude customers can stay away. That's when attitudes will change.

At my store our manager and assistant manager are very accommodating. Our loss prevention do what they can, even if that's going out around the parking lot to grab a cart to help a customer with merchandise. I end every transaction with a thank you, have a great day or a thank you, I'm sorry about the wait.

Furthermore, your attitude decides the employees. Have some manners! Don't come up to the counter on the phone, and don't linger around the store when we're closing... Courtesy..it goes a long way.

Apr 11, 2012

They lost several hundred dollars worth of sales from me

it's trashy pigs like you being greedy with bags causing Ross to run out of bags

Oct 20, 2012

no refund

Purchased a dress from this store and it didn't fit so I send it back according to their refund policy, and paid for shipping. They never send me a refund even after I contacted their support service. I just received fake promises, they took my details and forgot abut me. Beware, this company and their policy are WRONG!!

Feb 26, 2015

Return policy is very bad

Bought an "ultra soft massage memory foam bath mat (24" x 36") for $14.99 plus tax. In a very short time the mat lost it's soft and warm memory foam feel and also the no-skid backing disappeared too. So it was not only a product performance issue it was a safety issue too.

I tried to return the mat to the Ross store and the manager told me their policy, "you use it, you can't return it. That policy is on the back of every receipt." She proceeded to print one off and show me.

But I said, "you sold me a bad product that did not meet fundamental performance claims on the packaging."

She said; "we don't manufacture the products."

But I said, "I trust you to buy products and resell them with a basic performance criteria. You sold me a bad unsafe product."

She said; you are "not getting a refund. You used the product and our policy says no refund on a used product."

You know if enough people are treated the way I was treated they will stop buying stuff at Ross. At some point, Ross will go out of business and none of these inflexible people who work in the stores will have a job. Maybe that would be a good thing.

Nov 23, 2016

Horrible Management

Ross management specifically Mariajose at the store on the corner of Grant and Cartwright in Tucson,az is a horrible manager. I was let go because I would not leave my children at home alone at night, ages ranging from 3 to 8. So she could have enough coverage. I'm a single mother and I absolutely will not ever leave my young children at home alone for anybody. This needs to be addressed because I did my job without any direction I figured it all out on my own now that happened and she refuses to give me my final pay and acts like a child her self when I try to go collect my owed dues.

Sep 14, 2017

Betsy Johnson towel thief

I have never been so wrongfully accused for something I didnt do. First time shopping at the store on 19th ave Bethanyhome Ross and I was immeidiatley asked to leave the store that they have me on camera stealing Betsy Johnson towels. That's news to me becauseididnt even no she made towels the loss prevention and manager were very rude and embarrassed me where was in tears couldn't believe what was happening and the store was packed with customers I didnt no what or how they can get away with this something has to be done about this they cannot get away with this I am going to make sure of it...

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