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Consumer reviews about PURE HEALTH 100.COM,

John ferretab
May 14, 2012


This company takes money for the purchases but they never deliver the purchase which people made. This is 100% scam, never ever trust them and don't order from them, you will loose your money!

May 17, 2012

Pure health 100.com

I order two bottles of the Pure green coffee extract online after seeing an episode of Dr. Oz. I was not sure where to make my purchase but noticed the best deal was with Pure Health. I normally order through Amazon but found Pure Health at Facebook and that gave false security. After making the order, I got a sinking feeling that what if this company is a scam? and why is there no address or info on the owner of the company? So I called the number on the Pure Health site immediately and got a full mailbox but not only after several calls, I also e-mailed as well. Of course after several days I haven't received any response from Pure Health. I've beat myself up over not doing my research on this company first. Because of my limited income I went with what was cheap and now have nothing other than a lose of money. By the way they take your money out within the first few minutes of your order. I even called and left a message saying I would like to cancel but got no response.

If it had not have been for me seeing this on Facebook I would have never gone fourth with my purchase because seeing it there gave me false security. there needs to be a class action against Pure Health100.com

May 18, 2012


I have also ordered two bottles of the pure green coffee extract after seeing it on Dr. Oz i have not received my purchased also i believe this company is a scam u can't talk to anyone, i tried several times calling and leaving messages no one has responded they got my money right away after 21 days of waiting and no response i am going through pay pal to get my money back this website is a scam so please be careful. they need to be investigdated.

May 21, 2012

Unable to reach

I placed my order via Paypal thankfully and needed to contact this vendor to provide a more current address for delivery since Paypal had an old address. I immediately emailed them and then proceeded to call them at 888-323-9355 which at first rings three times and then the fourth time you receive a voice message indicating the line was busy and to leave a message which I did. I then called them 5 days in row at different times and dates and now it rings busy. I researched the address of this location which happens to be in Henderson NV. It is impossible to reach alive person and there's no local number you can call. I had no choice but to file a complaint with Paypal to get my money back. Next time I will just go with Amazon, it may be a little more but the security is worth it.

May 21, 2012

100% Scam

I ordered this product 3 weeks and go and I haven't heard a word from them since I received my order confirmation. After reading everybody's experience with this company I realize I should have done more research before ordering. I will get my money back one way or another but as for now I'm out $25. I just sent them 2 emails and I tried to call but like all you say it went to a busy signal. Dr. Oz should have gone with a better website.

Sara Scanlan
May 21, 2012


So my situation is like most of these people thinking it is a scam. I saw the green coffee been extract on Dr Oz.Ordered it from Pureheath100. I called them about 2 and a half weeks SOMEONE did answer she said I would be receiving my package may 17th or 18th, but did not get it. Called the 18th went straight to a voicemail saying it was full then hung up, did that about 5 times. I tried today the line was busy or it would ring again and said the same thing. I then wrote a email saying that I would like my money back or if they sent it all ready that I want a tracking number then and I would also be reporting them. I tried calling after the email 2 more times the last phone call I Literally let it ring for 4 MINUTES and SOMEONE picked up I almost didnt know what to say I was shocked someone finally answered the phone! anyways I asked her where my package was and she said it was going to be sent out tomorrow I went on to tell her how I'm hearing that they are a scam! and she said that because of the show they started to get a over flow of phone calls and orders and they just didn't have enough people and that they hired 10 people to pick up the SLACK! I dunno maybe she was just trying to tell me what I wanted to hear! So we shall see if I get a my package

May 21, 2012

Pure Health - No Product

I just reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. I think it is worthwhile to take the time to do so.


When you get in there click on the right hand side brown box and it opens the complaint form window.


May 21, 2012

Pure Health 100.com - Got response

So, I was worried because it's been two weeks since I ordered and I saw these complaints here.

This company has NOT charged me yet. And, I called and got through to a representative who said they are based in Austin, Texas and they have been slammed by the increased interest in this product. All producers have been hit hard apparently. She said they are a small company and are just backlogged and that they would be sending out the orders in 1-2 weeks. I suggested an update on their web-site before they get any more bad 'press'....

May 21, 2012

pure health 100.com

have i been scammed?!! i order two bottles of green coffee bean on may 8, 2012. today is may 21, 2012. i have no product for my money. i only get a phone recording when i call the 1-888 customer service number (that should have been a red flag) stating "this mail box is full" (red flag number two). i have sent two emails with no response. i checks my order status daily to see if there is a "shipment date" for the product to be mailed but it remains blank (red flag number three). Yep! i think i have been "took, bamboozled, hoodwinked, SCAMMED!!

May 24, 2012

Pure Health 100

I ordered 3 bottles of the green coffee extract on April 27 through Paypal and my bank account so they have my money. I got an email May 3 explaining the backlog of product due to overwhelming response (Thank you Dr. Oz!) Since then, nothing. I've called and got the usual message about mailbox is full yada yada yada. Sent emails, no response.

So today, I went back on their website and pretended to order the stuff again. It says the product is in stock and I went through the whole process up until I would have to pay and not once was there any information about a backlog or delay in delivery. How hard would it be for them to put on their website that the product is on back order. Pretty rotten business practices if you ask me.

The website has a customer response link, if I had gone on there first I would have seen 100's of clients blasting them. Would have thought twice about ordering through them.

[email protected]
May 27, 2012

No Product delivery

I ordered 8 bottles of the Pure Green Coffee Bean extract $103.92 paid through paypal. received confirmation number. Now it is showing as shipped on May 12, 2012. Still have not received product on 5/27/2012. I have called and was told it would ship on Sat. originally...May 5th ... I emailed and rec'd an email saying they were a Mom and Pop and would ship within 14 business days. They were using Dr. Oz as their reason but that they had plenty of product. I am feeling very out of $103.92! They have had plenty of time to catch up and make things right but no way to contact.

May 27, 2012


Ordered 4 bottles on 04/26/2012, received email on 5/3/12 that stated order would be received within 12-14 days, checked order status on website on 05/12/12 and it showed that product was shipped on 05/11/12--but did not show a tracking number. I have emailed three times over the past two weeks requesting a tracking number. In one of the emails I have requested cancellation and a refund if they have not shipped the order yet. NO RESPONSE. I have tried to call many times, but either got busy signal or one long nonstop ring. I had decided to give it until 05/25/12 for delivery since it showed a ship date of 05/11/12 then since I did not receive any product or response, I initiated a dispute with PAYPAL against the seller. I will wait 7 days for a response from the seller or perhaps a delivery of the product, then if I receive nothing, I will escalate the dispute to the next level to get PAYPAL to settle the matter. I believe the seller really has been overwhelmed with this, but if she had taken the time to post explanations on the website it would have been more helpful. Perhaps she should have sent out backorder notices (even if she had plenty of stock) until she could get them all out in a timely fashion. Customers would have understood better that they would have to wait or perhaps cancel more quickly if they did not want to wait. It seems to be the customer service side of this issue that makes customers mad. I was willing to wait, but it has been over a month now, and that is long enough.

Nancy L Blessing
May 27, 2012


Same as everyone else here. I am trying to get my money back through PayPal.

Jerry Hanlon
May 29, 2012

now the phones don't work

i ordered 2 bottles on may 6,,,not so much as an e-mail explaining why there was a delay, tried to call them,,phones never are answered,,now when you call ,there's a constant ring...never a break between rings,in other words, they never answer the phone..I found the exact same product in the local natural food store (mustard seed),,ingredients are identical and the capsules are 800 mg, not 400mg,,so a bottle of sixty last me 30 days and the price was under 20$...to make things worse,,I send them 3 e-mails to cancel order and guess what,,they still processed the order today...this is the worst scam ev er...don't ever do business with these people

May 29, 2012

ordered product not recieved

I placed the following order 4/27/12 and have not recieved them yet.

2 Pure Green Coffee Bean - 400mg Capsules - 30 Count @ $12.99 = $ 25.98
2 Pure Red Raspberry Ketones - 400mg Capsules - 30 Count @ $12.49 - $ 24.98
Sub total: $50.96

You have my money, where are my products. Tell me something.

WillieAnn Lytle
5014 Addison Rd.
Capitol Heights, MD. 20743
[email protected] or 301-772-1853

Jun 1, 2012

Where is my order?

I feel like I was scammed. At first I was happy my credit card wasn't charged because I have not received my order to date. Well, today, I look and see my card was charged. I'm annoyed because I don't know if my order will eventually be processed or this is a total bogus company. Same problems, no e-mail response, no phone response. If the company is overwelmed with orders, doesn't it make sense to post a little something about it on the company website? I'm calling my credit card company and cancelling the order because I don't like doing business with a company that does not provide any customer service what so ever. I will also share this information with friends and family... DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH PURE HEALTH 100!

Louis Hickman
Jun 18, 2012

Pure Health 100

Well I felt an obligation to say something about my dealings with Pure Health. I had begun action against pure health 100 via pay pals complaint system to make a claim for my $69.00 raspberry ketone purchase. Well the day following my initial complaint to pay pal I received my order in the mail.One problem: they sent me coffee bean extract instead. I called the supplied #. A few times I got a busy. Later I was on hold for 18 min. when I got a operator. She apologised and told me that recent increased activity (Dr. Oz) has caught them unaware. They had to order temps that had made an error. She assured me they would make it right. Well they did and told me to keep my coffee bean extract for my trouble. Just a few min. ago I received a email double checking that I had received my order successfully. So It worked for me. I was afraid for awhile but all turned out well. I suggest you email them and call. Just hang on the line. By the way, this is the cheepest place to get raspberry ketone. I tried a different place previous to this and got ripped off. Give them a chance. Louis Hickman.

Jun 22, 2012

Order took forever!

I ordered the pure green coffee bean from purehealth 100 at the end of April. I got an email confirming my order so figured I would get it within a few weeks. Time went on and nothing then in May my payment was taken on my credit card. So still I waited and nothing. We are now June and just received my shipment on the 18th. This is ridiculous and I would NOT order from them again. I am not at all impressed with this company and would not recommend anyone buy from them!

Aug 14, 2012

Pure Health100

I bought a bottle at Walmart and wanted to look up the company and do some research, the web address was on the back, I saw all these complaints, I just started taking them today so i don't know how they work yet, one thing for sure is Dr.Oz should check these things out better before having them on his show as well, By the way the 30 count bottle was 9.95 at Walmart.

Aug 15, 2012

Pure Health Naturally

I also bought a bottle at Walmart for $9.95 after viewing Dr. Lindsay Duncan video (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/7/prweb9750647.htm). I just started taking two pills a day, in the morning before breakfast. I have no complaint yet. Dr. Duncan also recommends another brand as well. But I didn't want to spend the 39.95, I opt for the Pure Health because it was cheaper.

Oct 16, 2012

Pure green coffee beans

I bought 1 bottle at walmart a week ago, I took 2 capsules with 10 oz. of water. The next day I had diarrhea, I went 3 times. I continued the next day, I went 3 more times. I continued to take the capsules until I went 5 times in one day with diarrhea. I quit, but i still continue to have diarrhea. This is some bad stuff, take at your own risk. I lost 4.8 lbs. in 2 weeks.

Nov 26, 2012

Pure Health 100

I don't know about ordering through the website but I picked up a bottle at Walmart and there is an address and telephone number on the bottle.3753 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 200 #428, Las Vegas, NV 89169 (888) 323-9355. Hope this helps

Dec 15, 2012

not a complaint

I have ordered from this company, specifically Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and have had much success with them. You have to follow the directions exactly, take two pills with a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, two times a day. I haven't had any problems with ordering the product from teh website either. This product is in high demand, you need to keep that in mind , so sometimes it will be on back order, but you'll always get your order, it's not a scam. And not to mention, it helps if you actually workout too, it's not just some wonder drug.

Mar 3, 2013

Dont take a risk

U can buy these pills at SAMs club for 20.00 for a 90 capsule bottle

Mar 30, 2013

Pure green coffee bean

No complaint, I purchased mine for $9.98 at my local walmart.

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