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PSI Exams

United States, Nevada

Consumer reviews about PSI Exams

Ann Smith 24
Jan 3, 2012

Test Center Customer Service

I could not agree more. I am wondering why they have so much power over testing at the state level. They are not in business to help their customers. When I was dealing with them I felt like I was back in 1st grade and had better sit down and shut up or I was going to get a detention. Long hold time followed by we are incapable of helping you today even though it is an electronic world and everything happens with the click of a button. They operate like a government bureaucracy. I am going to follow up with a letter to my state agency that uses them for testing. Library express has free practice tests online that are similar enough if you like to practice that way.

michael clayton
Aug 16, 2012

Red Tape

The following statements are factual:
PSI writes and grades their own exams, and will not under any circumstance release exam content.
PSI has no appeal or review process. If you fail, too bad.
PSI kicks back money to NRED, that is why they are the only game in town.
Tests contain vague ambiguous questions based on semantics.
They make money on test re-takes at $100 a shot.
PSI does not recognize any outside education or books. So prior to taking an exam, the test taker is studying on mere speculation as to what they think might be on the test. None of the real estate books which are published match the PSI real estate exams contents. Publishers have no way of knowing what is on the tests.
The Nevada Secretary of State does not have a complete list of PSI CEO's, nor do they care. Red tape and bureaucracy run rampant in Las Vegas, good luck cutting through it. PSI, located in some random warehouse in California changes COE info on a quarterly basis. Why ?!
Better Business bureau and Consumer affairs are currently investigating PSI.
There are also numerous pending law suits regarding PSI's test contents. PSI hides behind their self written NRS codes in Nevada claiming that they can do what ever they want because of copy right laws. This is false and untrue.

Jan 12, 2013

PSI Real Estate Exam

I registered and paid online for the real estate licensing exam to be taken the next day. After submitting payment I received an email from PSI stating that to take the test I would need to appear at the facility with 1) photo id and 2) a certificate of completion for the online real estate course. The email also stated that no refunds would be granted if cancellation was not received prior to 48 hours before the test. I had not yet received the Certificate of Completion for my online course, and since I registered for the PSI administered exam 24 hours before the test it made it impossible to cancel with more than 48 hours notice. They have been completely rigid and unreasonable, continuously citing their policy of no cancellations if not more than 48 hours prior to the test and telling me that the prerequisites were available to me on the website. However, the policies are not visible on the website unless you download a pdf document without any prompting that you need to read it. Pathetic company with horrible values, no empathy, and no integrity.

Nov 20, 2015

PSI Manicurist Practical Exam

The Examiners in San Antonio are NOT grading accurately!!!!! I have taken the practical exam twice and performed the EXACT SAME STEPS and was graded completely different in all areas... For example I lost 14 points on the manicure section the first time and lost 2 points the second time, how does that make any since?? My model and I both have these steps drilled in our heads along with sanitation steps, I do not agree with them and we are not the only people that disagree with them there are so many others that have taken this test serveral times and feel that they are just taking our MONEY...This is not a game and we do not have money or time to spend!!! I feel like this is all a guessing game with them!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

Dec 16, 2015

Bad San Antonio PSI examiners

When you ask most of the candidates whethere should take tests in San Antonio. You will be advised to go somewhere else in Houston or Austin to take the Manicurist Pratical Test. The Examiners there are not professionals themselves. They just want to take money from you and grade you whatever they want. They never explained to you why you FAILED. I felt ridisculous when I Failed twice and the second time worse than the last time. You were graded worse even you studied better and follow the steps exactly what you were told from school. They are sucks. Stay away from them. I don't even know if they are trained or they just don't want to lose their jobs so they make you come back over and over

Aug 4, 2016

I feel like I'm getting ripped off!!!

I have talkin this test twice. This is some BS I have studied my book inside and out three time done all 500 questions and got maybe 30 wrong. Flash cards, videos, apps, I know I know this stuff. The test that PSI gives you has nothing to do with what you study and it is so frustrating. The questions are so confusing the way they are written. I feel like they are just taking my money and no matter how much I study I'm never going to pass. It makes me so pissed the amount of time I've put into this. 😡😭

Aug 6, 2016

System shout down nobody cares

I showed up for a written test, the system shut down I patiently waited for 2 hours hoping it will back up again. Next day I call to reschedule they said there was no report of the incident therefore I have to pay again to reschedule. I asked her to call testing center to confirm which she wouldn't . I drove back to the same location confronted the (Gorilla) that sat at the table doing nothing, asked why didn't she report? She said she only call the technical department and since the system down she wont be able to notify scheduling department, hello there's thing called PHONE. Had both of the ladies willing to take extra step to ensure all candidates are taking care of I wouldn't have to waste another afternoon just to reschedule . They just want your money ! I heard a lot about San Antonio Manicurist practical test that they failed everybody in same session how's that possible? The same candidate came to Houston and they all passed. Karma will bite your asses.

Aug 15, 2016

PSI Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson Exam

Here's the rundown:

The monopoly that Pearson Vue/PSI has on state certification testing is repulsive

I just failed the MA Real Estate Salesperson (national retake) and I knew something was wrong. I've done everything that I was supposed to. I studied and I worked with everyone that I could think of. But after reading the comments of people who have been going through the same ordeal in their state certification exams, I'm convinced that this is all just a scam.

I requested a reader. They wouldn't give me someone to clarify the answers but it didn't matter with the reader they gave me. In fact, I have to correct her on several words that she read back to me.

Should I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

Jan 11, 2017

PSI Manicurist Practical Exam

I also believe PSI exams are here to make money off your retakes. I've been told by multiple students that they failed their initial practical exam, and were never told of their mistakes. I believe 100% they are scamming people!

Feb 26, 2017


I have once again failed the business law section of the NJ Master Plumbers Exam. After the last time which I was certain that I passed it had come to my attention while studying the book which they say is the only one I need that according to NJ Law Clearly written in the very book I was studying, if a person fails the exam they are permitted to review the test. After calling several times I was told no and the conversation was over. Some of the questions were right out the book but there was at least 15 that I was never able to find even when I went home and tried. I passed the trade and drawing part first time scoring very high and can't seem to pass the law part no matter how much I try. I know the book from front to back but reading the questions I feel like I'm looking at a foreign language. I have been a l plumber for 31 years but I sure am second guessing my ability.

Jul 11, 2018

Ripped off

I took the CCHT test June 26, 2018, as I finished up with the test at the end it’s stated I had one unanswered question,
I went back to look for the unanswered question and then it popped up no unanswer question as if I answered it when I DID NOT even find it(UNANSWERED QUESTION) I got no assistance, and the secretary(THE ONE WHO WASNT AT THE WINDOW)
stated (ONCE SHE RETURNED) that she would file a complaint.
She was not at the window when I needed help I waved my hands ,I looked around, I got up and looked out the door for her and didn’t see her anywhere.
She was nowhere to be found, PSI say they did an investigation and found I was at fault. I beg to differ...the computer stayed one thing and then Stated something different. (that’s problem number one), problem number two when I needed help no one was around to help me so I didn’t get to go back and review my questions I never answered the unanswered question, and they did a investigation? I was never contacted so I’m curious how they came to the conclusion I’m at fault? Please do a real investigation that includes me. I need to retake the test but I don’t trust this company.
Someone really needs to contact me 502/287/3245 or [email protected]

Jan 30, 2019

PSI: not as advertised!

RE: National Registry Exam for Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin / National Med Examiner Certification.

In order to sit for this examination, must have obtained 'Registration and Account Numbers' to allow entry into exam. Instructions are poorly written and / or navigating online portal to obtain these numbers are terrible. After prolonged trials I finally gave up; kept getting pop-ups that read: " that email is already in use", unable to go back or forward, would find myself in a 'blind loop' going nowhere. Spent almost five hours trying to find correct portal without success.
Called their 'Help Line' which was 'NO HELP'! Representative had a pronounced dialect /speech pattern that made her difficult to understand, particularly on the existing telephone connection which was terrible as it kept 'breaking up', could hear other representatives on the line, rep I was speaking to spoke in low tones, rapid speech pattern with the dialect I noted. Asked to speak to another Representative to which she told me I would have to be placed in the queue. Again wait my turn to speak possibly to this same Representative, not acceptable. However, before I had an opportunity to request to speak to her Supervisor she had already re-directed me to the queue where I must wait again. Again, not acceptable.
Lodged complaint with BBB of Las Vegas.
Problem is I still need to take the exam. Think I should cross PSI off my list of options? Lol

Feb 5, 2019

Total SCAM

I agree I took the test 2 times, the first time I took the test I had over studied by staying up 24 hours...so I was over thinking! Saw failed by 13 points and then was relived because I ran out of time missing over 30 questions and guessing over 20 without looking...so that means I did good right!!? NOT, went back and retook and missed by three point same scores from the last time and decrease In my SUPER strong areas. Math , Georgia Laws, and Contracts...SAME EXACT score so you mean to tell me when I go through and answer all questions that I knew VERY well...50 more on top of that...I ONLY GET 10 more correct!? Come one NOW, this is scam..the ladie looked at me with a smirk like they already knew...very rude and unwelcoming...I am sooooo discouragesd as I really KNOW my stuff there is no way possible I can get the same scores and on top of that...miss by only 3 points! I look at my daughter with tears in my eyes, I can’t belive this!!! This would be different if I had taken the last test completely and got and few more right this time but to not have really answers 50 questions out of 157 questions and only miss by 3 is CRAZY and then to take it COMPLETELY just KNOWING my stuff is like I would been better off not even answering the questions. Not answering did me better! I don’t even feel encouraged anymore, y’all are RIGHT the material don’t match the course AT ALL, yet the correct answer is so obvious you can’t fail...I mean after answering 50 more questions I only got 10 more right, woooow!

Po'd customer
Feb 6, 2019

Pond scheme

Went yesterday for RE state exam, as you can figure FAILED! Missed passing grade by 5 questions, but here's the real problem. There were quite a few questions that, IMO, have nothing to do with the selling of RE. Case in point, 6 questions on titles and deeds that were legal questions and never covered in the studies that I did. These questions are legal questions that are the responsibility of an attorney, or the titling company and should not be done by a sales agent. This after it is encouraged to tell your customer to ask an attorney about legal questions. There were. At the very least, a dozen questions that had 3 answers that are correct, but if you dont answer the way they want you to, it's wrong. As others have said, they give a breakdown of the areas you did good or bad in, and in my case, it was ALL legal questions. If I wanted to be an attorney is go to law school. All this after dealing with the chef in procedure that made me feel like a common criminal. Of course they said I could take it again, at another $80 or so, and of course I could take practice test, at another $25, of course I can. All this has done is deflate my ego to the point I'm done with it, and perhaps the FBI or someone should look into this for corruption, and RICO violations, what a ponzi scheme.

Jul 29, 2019

PSI Practice test

RIP OF!!!!!
Its a total scam and i m surprised after so many complaints there is no other center for Health Insurance exam and people end up at PSI.
I bought AD Banker online practice test for $49, Unlimited test for 60 days and was pretty satisfied with their material. I took the PSI Exam and fail by 3 points so I took PSI practice test for $25. The website was so complicated and finally gave me 50 questions to practice and to take another practice test they were asking for another $25 each time, you want to practice.
They don't specify anything when you purchase and just ready to charge your card.
The customer service is so damn rude and not helpful.

Sep 30, 2019

Real Estate Exam

I am so frustrated. I have taken the PSI RE National exam 3 times. And each time I’m within 4 points. The questions are so out of left field it’s hard to even answer. I passed my Law the first time but for some reason the National I can’t get through. I have bought the practice exam the book and done several free tests. Nothing has prepared me for their National test. I’m so mad about it and have been searching for answers and I keep coming across complaints. Why isn’t there anything we can do. It isn’t fair to take a test on questions that do not pertain to your state, especially when you have been taught over and over it’s illegal or your not allowed to do something it’s the lender. Uhh

Nov 27, 2019


PSI is running the biggest scam ever. But, most of all the states that contract with them are equally at fault. No matter how many times you take a test and fail....you never really get to know specifically where and what questions you failed at.
Many questions may have more than one correct answer. EXAMPLE: Realtors have fought many, many times over permanent fixtures that go with a sale or not. All of the textbooks also clarify that area remains as a non clear item in many situations.
PSI offers questions on this subject with more than one answer that may be correct. But, the almighty PSI imposes their decisions toward only one answer THEM deem correct. Just think how many applicants fail by one point that may be based on this open ended question.

Brian Smith
Feb 26, 2020

PSI North Carolina RE Exam

The testing center itself is not a problem...it was easy to find, the directions were simple, the proctor and other attendants were adequate and accommodating. I was registered on time and in short order I was led to the desk that had the computer. I entered my social security number and my test loaded up perfectly...that's when trouble started.

The font on the screen was tiny. The background was not bright enough to help. I have 20/20 vision and I literally had to move 5 or 6 inches from the screen to make sure I could accurately read the questions and the multiple answers. As you are probably aware real estate license tests are tricky...the devil is usually in the details. In other words questions sometimes lead to wrong answers if you don't read them with extreme care.

After 45 minutes of trying my best to be careful with all 45 questions I developed a massive headache and had to leave the screen without being able to review my answers because of the pounding headache I had developed. It turned out I had failed the test. I am a licensed Broker in multiple states with over 30 years of experience. These tests and PSI is not foreign to me. This experience was unacceptable and impossible to complete because of the conditions.

I left the center, immediately called PSI on their (800) number that they advertise as "Customer Support", told the attendant of the problem and was transferred to a female working in some division named "Candidate Support" or some other name the lead me to believe was an advocate to people like me who had paid to take their test. It turns out that a lady named "Jamie" took the call, instantly told me that I must pay to retake the exam and because I didn't tell the proctor the school would not find an equitable resolution under ANY circumstances. I told her that there were no instructions to tell the proctor and I called her to notify her of the issue. Jamie then proceeded to lecture me that I didn't notify anyone on site that it was now "my problem" and Jamie nor anyone else could refund my $160 fee nor would they allow me to retake the test without paying an additional $160. I asked to speak to Jamie's supervisor...she replied that SHE is the supervisor. I asked to speak to her boss...she said she had no boss. I mentioned the possibility of a charge back to my American Express account and Jamie replied that it has been noted and if I did that I'd never be able to take another test at PSI.

Jamie continued to say I should have notified someone on site. I told her I called customer support to voice my concern. She stated that it was "obvious" that I should have complained on site...REALLY? I have a customer support number. Where is the support. All I got was a lecture from some phone agent who was anything but helpful or friendly.

This was the most amateurish and childish reaction to a real problem for any company I've encountered in quite some time. I can't remember a complaint I've had against anybody or anything in my adult life. All they had to do was call the local testing center and have them pull up the test on the very computer screen, see for themselves and equitably resolve the problem but their "Candidate Support agent Jamie refused to elevate it in any manner. PSI has a real problem here...either with Jamie, their customer service or both.

I will continue to pursue a resolution of this failure by PSI and will post subsequent activities.

Jun 16, 2020

Communication NonExistent

Went to take my nursing exam (CCRN-Critical Care) back in March, but it got postponed due to COVID. NBD, everything got postponed because of COVID, so we rescheduled for April. Kind of soon, but the date was set by them, so whatever. I call in advance and receive emails confirming the IN-PERSON test date, time, and site. When me and my cohorts showed up, we were locked out, as no proctor had showed up. After an hour of waiting and on-hold with customer service, we learn that the test was canceled, but we were never informed. Actually, we had received updates as late as the day before that the test was still on. So the test was rescheduled again to May, but the same thing happened--no proctor showed up, despite all other evidence that a test was taking place! So the test was rescheduled AGAIN, and surprise, NO PROCTOR. And each time, I would call customer service the day-of to confirm that yes, there was still a test, but they had no real information that I didn't, they couldn't contact the proctor or anything. Unprofessional and impotent. After 4 reschedules due to no proctor, I finally passed my CCRN, no thanks to PSI.

Jul 24, 2020

PSI Scheduling Customer Service is a JOKE!

I have been trying to reschedule my CO Broker RE exam for months due to COVID-19 delays. No one is working the call center or responding to emails. I personally went to the exam site in attempt to get in-person assistance and was only referred back to the scheduling number 1-800-733-9237. After waiting 30 minutes each time you call, a message is played with hours to call back on and you are hung up on. 3 emails, 3 calls just in the last week- no progress no response. This is just ridiculous! Why is PSI the only in-State testing company? They need to be FIRED.

Jan 30, 2021


If you take an Exam multiple times and end up with the same amount of points..more than once.simply put its a scam. Nobody will look into this organization nor investigate its practices. The test they give you will NEVER prepare you for the trick questions they will ask. Don't beat yourself up. Just go to your Senators and Legislature to change this from happening. Its a monopoly and people are paying over and over again because of the EXAM SCAM.

Feb 13, 2021

Order No. R2020090847476



I passed the RE requirements in 2018. Upon registering for the exam for the first time, i did the actually test 2months later 10/2018. I failed by 14pts(42) 52%. Ok, that was bad, but to my surprise most of test question is not applicable to RE such as title questions etc . I went home read chapter 9 thru 12 for NATIONAL again. It didn't make sense to me, cause what's in book most not on test.

Eventually, I study my behind off for the next few months. I then register for test February 2019 at this time i missed the 70% by 9pts(47) 58% . Ok now I'm frustrated, same thing areas that show my weak points I focused more on. How is this possible???

I study again took it the 3rd time in March 2019 I failed it by 11pts (45) 56% Now this is really getting frustrated and stressful. I reached out to my professor to confirmed the chapter I should study for National Exam .. It was chapters 9 thru 12. I explained all that happen in my previous testing. He advised me to do practice test. I did I come across prep agent on YouTube - I studied the materials with my book to cross reference then once I believed I was ready again . I went for it .

Now this is the 4th time March 2019 taking the test. I registered 14 days from my 3rd exam. I study so hard, nights, days of studying listening to audio etc. I failed again by 2pts (54) 67% I'm sure you can imagine my anxiety, depression, frustration. I cried all the way home . I just couldn't understand WHY I"M NOT PASSING THE TEST ?????? YES, RE is not just about passing the exam but actually knowing and applying the principles.

Ok, I was determined - I wasn't GIVING UP. I I studied everything in the book for the next 4months . I scheduled my 5th exam 7/2019 only to FAIL AGAIN by 1pts (55) 68% I contacted CT Real Estate board via phone call . I explained all of the above to representative. Her words were she had to take the test years ago and now she's a broker and basically if the computer doesn't say you passed so be it . I hung up searching for other answers at this point. I felt defeated by PSI , their was a lot troubling me about the exam:
1. They give you 90 questions but grade you on 80
2. How is the score computed
3. Why some question is not in text book
4. Why question that is not pertaining to Real Estate on Exam

I called PSI to talk about my concerns and frustration . The rep was very rude and didn't care what I had to say. He just advised me that I need to pass to become a Realtor ,so I would need to pay for another exam until pass with the grade for your State. I was very shocked by his obnoxious behavior. I hang up, I started to cry ,but after a few minutes. I get my mind together and went back at it again. After all this my DREAM not PSI . I took over year to redo test . I took the time necessary to look at my studying methods .

I rescheduled for the 6th time 11/2020 . I missed it again by 11pts( 45) 56% Now I'm like what is going on. I'm getting more and more aggravated , depressed and having anxiety attacks over these results all while dealing with the loss of my grandma and loss of employment for my spouse, plus the pandemic affecting our country.

I held my head high and walked out the office with tears in my eyes. Reviewing some of the questions in my head all while confused of the points . I just don't understand . No matter how hard i try its keep putting me backwards. I went back at it again ,as I persevere toward my dream . I went home and paid for another test within a few days . I studied again while taking free practice test online, reading book chapters , listen to Youtube Prep Agent .

I went back again the 7th time 11/23/2020 Failed again 11pts 45(56%)

Study again did it again 8th time 12/19 /2020 Failed again I cant find sheet but I'm guessing it wasn't bad because I rescheduled the next two days for 12/21/2020

Study again did it again 9th time 12/21/2020 Failed Again 15pts 41(51%) Waited and take Free Practice test online. Also PSI practice test which they charge $25.00

Study again / scheduled 1/6/2021 for the 10th time Failed Again 13pts 43(53%)

Study again schedule 1/9/2021 11th Failed Again 10pts 46(57%) I took time study materials again and again for a month. I scheduled again for 2/9/2021

Now this is the 12th time taking test 2/9/21 .The PSI test center rep was shocked as I open the door , she had her hands over her mouth. She said OMG. I said I know I didn't passed (because the computer gives result as you finished).

Only to see my score that I failed again by 1pts 55(68%) NOW I'm definitely annoyed, confused, stressed and devastated. I was more determined that PSI is robbing applicants of their time, money and dreams, while causing unnecessary stress in peoples lives. This just DON'T make any sense. I can't seem to pass the National Test. However I decided not to GIVE IN or Give UP. I studied the areas I score less in :

Topic # Questions #of Points ( Score)
Property Ownership: 6 2
Land Use Controls: 4 2
Valuation & Market : 6 4
Financing: 8 7
General Principles: 10 7
Property Disclosures: 5 4
Contracts: 14 9
Leasing /Management : 2 1
Transfer of Title: 6 4
Practice of Real Estate 11 8
Real Estate Calculations 8 7

Total 80 55(68%)

I remembered there was one question on exam that didn't make sense: A is purchasing a home at $375,000 with 20% down payment. The home was appraised at $325,000 the assessed value is $320,000 . What is the property tax for one year if the tax rate is 0.2%

A: 440
B 3.900
C. 8,998
D. 5,250

Yesssss, I remembered that question because the answer was not there to choose.

Answer : The assessed rate $320,000 multiply by 0.2% = $640

I called PSI that same day to explain my frustration and that question - rep advised me that they don't see scores or questions. I request to speak with a supervisor on hold 35 mins ( rep came back and said a supervisor will contact me). I went ahead and scheduled a next test - since I only missed it by 1 points again . I was determined to go back ASAP.

I rescheduled for the 13th time a few days 2/13/21 Failed Again 10pts 46(57%) hence the reason for this review - Now I will be contacting a attorney and my state commission board . To get PSI review for all the scams and fraud of conducting testing .

If everyone passed exam on 1st try of even their 4th time PSI will not be getting money from applicants as an one going process. So far I have paid $55 X 13 times $715.00 ( more than the actual course requirements fee ) to keep retaking exam only to be depressed, devasted and having anxiety attacks of missing by 1 pts (2x) 2pts (1x) and to redo the process all over again.

The States must get involved in Exam Requirements ( I am not the only one going through this with PSI) I am not trying to get over the system either , but something is obviously wrong with these strategies.


Oct 4, 2021

Class Action Lawsuit

I had a test scheduled with PSI on Sunday and nobody showed up. I called The CE Shop while I was in the process and was told that there were several students that experienced the same thing. They said I would receive an email with a status update and of course it NEVER came.

Fast forward to Monday and PSI marked me down as ABSENT.

Needless to say that The CE Shop & PSI are giving me the Run around and trying to make me pay for ANOTHER Test. I was appalled to see all of the other complaints.

I'd love to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT these folks are CRAZY! It's extremely ironic that the people they hired to keep us compliant are the most CURRUPT!

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