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Consumer reviews about Preferred Guest Resorts

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Apr 30, 2012

Beware of this scam!

They are also known as Best Vacations Ever. Don't fallfor their scam, what they offer doesn't worth paying $13K upfront. You can get what they offer through travalo. Beware of this scam!

Alice Mayfair
May 1, 2012

the biggest travel scam

I purchased a vacation package from them for the one price, but finally they charged me twice more, many problems appeared and my vacation was destroyed and once you started to deal with them you can't get rid of them.
Stay away from this company, don't allow them to seal your money!

Feb 20, 2013


I have become a victim of this company who advertised their trips on Facebook, so I sent a request, and they asked for my banking details, and I gave them everything.. They took all my money from an unknown account and now won’t admit that they stole money from me!

Oct 16, 2013


We were contacted by Best Vacations ever about resort vacations that were still pending on a package we bought several years ago and extended. At that time they were Summer Bay Resorts. This started a series of calls which went from bad to better to worse and worse. When I called back about the package the first salesman told me that the package was no longer valid and had ended already, but we could extend it for a price. My husband then told me that he had already extended the package so i called back. The next saleslady told me that the package was still good through early next year. So we booked. We were asked if we would like to bring someone else and so I arranged for my mother and a friend to accompany us. We were told that booking them for an extra room would cost in a similar range to our package ($50.00 plus $29.00 booking fee), although it might be a bit higher. . So I called back and booked for ($89.00 plus the $29.00 booking fee.) This all transpired over about a two and a half week period. I didn't hear anything back and so after a week I called back to see if the reservations had been confirmed. None of the reservations had been confirmed and I found out for the first time that my second reservation was on hold. Reason: I was given a wrong price. The price was now $89.00 per night plus he $29.00 for an extra room. Since I had already made arrangements and asked my mom and friend along and they had indicated yes, they'd like to go, I didn't feel that I could back out, even though we were now at $207.00 for them plus the $29.00). They indicated that they would bring the price down to $69.00 per night and throw in a $50.00 gift card of some sort. I was not happy, because this was still $97.00 over what I was originally told. I also told the lady I wanted to make a formal complaint and took an email address and wrote the same day. I finally got a confirmation through a third party vendor, but it was not for one unit with two bedrooms. I received from BVE non-confirmation emails at the same time. The third party vendor verified for me in a phone call, but I felt I should get verification from BVE as well.
I also wanted to find out if the price remained the same since we were all now in one unit, or if they had adjusted it to take care of
my complaint. When you try to talk to these people they immediately begin overtalking you, telling you you are not listening (this, when they don't let you get out a complete sentence), and as you begin to get angry they just keep up this patter and begin telling you how rude you are. They go on and on like this, so that you can't even get out what you are trying to say, and instead of apologizing for promising you one thing and then providing something more expensive, they act like they are doing you favors
hang up on you, put you on hold for your "bad behavior" and generally act in a manner that is insidiously designed to put you in the wrong and them in the right. All this time you are being shoved around so much in their talk that I never really got to get my question out at all about whether this made any changes to pricing or not, since we were now all in one unit. They kept changing their stories as well.

The complaint I sent in, because LaToya, of Data processing told me I had to write customer care with my complaint was handed back to her to deal with by customer care. The customer care manager then told me that she never responded to my complaint because she probably thought it was already dealt with. This, after I had told her I was going ahead with the reservation because I had given my word to others, and that I was still going to send in a complaint--which she said she couldnt' receive. Only the complaint was simply handed back to her without any oversight to do what she wanted. The girl who gave me the first price was "reprimanded", but should not have been, because she checked with whoever was supervisory in the room she was working in.

I asked for the owner's name and a place to write and the man from customer care told me he was "not authorized to give out that information". If true, it speaks badly of the company, and or he has confused his company with government secrets.

He said if I wanted to write the owner it had to go through customer care again, to the compliance department--but the same email. Which means I haven't a clue whether it will ever get anywhere or not since they just send you round and round in ever maddening circles.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I wish I could file a complaint in more places and get this information out to more people.
But I will never do business with these people again, and I do not recommend them to anyone else.

Mar 13, 2015

rip off

brought a package with preferred guest resorts and when I tried to used it I couldn't get on the web page. so I tried to call and all you get is an answering machine with music. no one would answer. I waste a lot of money with them. Don't buy in to their lies. They just want to rip off. One guy gave me his card but the number on the card was not a valid phone number.

Nov 3, 2015

Horrible Experience

Purchased a PGR promo package over phone with this company and have had nothing but more charges and lies. Was told upon purchase I could select specific Mexico resort from their group of 3 resorts. Called, made reservation at resort 1, never got a confirmation email but asked for a confirmation number before I got off phone. The number they gave me, which I didn't realize at the time, was my original purchase package number--not a specific Mexico resort number. After 2 months, I called them back and discovered they had made reservations at resort 2 for me (a much lower quality resort). When I asked why, I was told they have the "option". Also, I asked why I had not received anything in writing regarding reservations or transfers, they told me it was emailed to me one week after purchase. There is NOTHING from them in my email boxes OR on my website account with them. The agent emailed me a confirmation as we spoke on Nov. 3 and refused to admit one was never sent prior. I was then told she was the "supervisor" and there was NO ONE above her to speak with. When I asked for the name of the owner of the company, she told me only the Attorney General's office would be privy to that information. This thing is dishonest, a rip off, a money sucker, and Buyer BEWARE! I've been scammed for over $700. Now on to writing the BBB and Attorney General!

Apr 21, 2016


After touring at PGR resorts I Spent hours online looking for more info on the membership all i found was unhappy customers. High pressure sales. miss information, the product was ok but compared to other travel clubs it was overly inflated .. the highest annual fees out off all travel club... In my search i found a company that allows me to purchase just the software license for the GDS feeds that All expedia priceline and PGR gets their inventory from. the software is a new concept that allows consumers to control their own travel rates by becoming their own travel agent. its a personal license so you can commercialize it but you can use it to access luxury timeshare resorts without buying expensive travel club memberships like PGR.. either way I'm glad i took the tour i learnt a lot more than i previously understood about travel industry.. knowledge is power .. search google for (NEXTGEN TRAV)
Nextgen Trav .. com

May 18, 2016

Preferred Guest Resorts (Best Vacations Ever) Needs to Be Sued for Scamming

I have bought vacation packages from honest companies. With an honest company it's very simple: You have a package to use. You call to get it booked. Someone friendly helps you by telling you what is available around the time you're looking. You already know the general cost because you know how your package works.

With Best Vacations Ever (Preferred Guest Resorts) it became horrifyingly obvious that they had zero intention of "helping" me gain anything of value. I spent over 3 months calling them approximately weekly to attempt to book my vacation. They insist that you need to book 60 days in advance... so when they stonewall, lie, and avoid helping you for 3+ months, it makes it nearly impossible to book a vacation. If you want a vacation in August, and you started calling in April... and in June you're still yelling with them over the phone for service... they don't even try to help.

THE SALE: I was promised all sorts of stuff when I was sold the package. Extra packages. That even though they already knew I didn't qualify for their presentation they would make an exception for me and give it to me anyway. That I would only be paying taxes/fees on the hotel rooms (approx $20-30 / night). That certain locations were available. That there were no black-out dates. I even had a special package that did not require me to be qualified for anything, which was the base feature I was paying for.

THE ATTEMPT TO BOOK: In over three months time I probably spent hours waiting on hold, then being put on hold and being dropped, then being transferred to people who would drop me. I was given an email that told me I was good to go on a booking, that I only needed to call in to confirm... NO ONE I spoke to knew who had sent me the email or was able to confirm the email or booking.

At one point I was told that I don't have free night stays, I only have "special discounts" on hotel stays, meaning I would have to pay what sounded like normal hotel prices. At one point I asked what was the next available date for me to book as quickly as possible, and they said they couldn't figure that out. At one point they told me there was nothing available for the whole year. At one point they told me they have no locations in the area I was looking for, while later they told me they had lots of places in the area. They would tell me that they saw the package I had on my account (free 7 day stay only paying for taxed/fees), then they would tell me that the week would cost me $500 to $1500. I was told that they refused to provide me with service because I did not qualify for their presentation... even though I had already paid for the service promised, was sold the product with the promise I could use it... AND additionally I had a package that didn't require me to qualify for any presentation. I was yelled at about this and hung up on rudely multiple times. They refused to allow me to speak to anyone higher in the company. Eventually I spoke with a single individual who seemed actually helpful... he told me that my special package was something only five people in the entire call center were trained to provide... that I was supposed to be transferred to those people as soon as my account showed that package... but in looking at the notes on my account, in over 3 months time I had NEVER ONCE spoken with one of those people, and that I had likely received false information from others. None of those people were in the office at the time, and I don't believe I ever spoke with them, even after requesting them specifically.

I eventually gave up. I called a lawyer for advice and was told that if someone wanted to do the unwelcome work of looking up all the fine print and writing any distinct, notable breaches of contract that maybe that would trigger a civil lawsuit because he was sure there were others who had been screwed by this company.

My overall problem: I paid for a product/service. My money is gone. They have in no way provided me any degree of that product /service. My choice to purchase was based on certain promises, which have either not been fulfilled, or have been made false. It is wrong, terribly wrong to take someone's money then afterwards tell them that you refuse to provide the product/service because they don't qualify for a sales presentation. YOU ALREADY SOLD IT, YOU NEED TO PROVIDE IT.

I literally had this conversation with their terrible customer support people:
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Do you want a refund, Sir?
ME: No. I would like to use my vacation package.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Do you want a refund, Sir?
ME: No. I want what I paid for. I want your help using the vacation package I paid for.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Do you want a refund, Sir? (increasingly angry)
ME: NO. I DON'T. I want to actually USE my vacation package!!
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Do you want a refund, Sir?
ME: Listen. If you can't help me with using this vacation package, then... yes. Yes, I would want a refund.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We do not give refunds. There is no way you can have a refund.

Mar 30, 2017

Save Your Money

Tried with no results to book a vacation in three states and was told nothing was available all summer. IN THREE DIFFERENT STATES!!!. When I call they say they will call me back but never do. The only time I got a return call was when I told them I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau. But still no vacation after two years!! Now I can't even log into the website to try to book anything online. Save your money and book your own vacation.

Feb 12, 2018

Can book cheaper and not deal with scammers!

My 65 yo widowed mother was scammed into buying a package with these crooks. They never told her she would need a major credit card until she tried to actually book a vacation. Then they told her she could bring us with our credit card. We agreed but when we found out the hotel we were being booked into would be cheaper if we booked without them and with flight we cancelled. Were told we could not have a refund since it was past the time frame and they told her that in a recording. I said they didn't tell her that she would need a major CC and they just said have a nice day and hung up! This is the worst company ever. Please stay away and warn your family and friends. Make this go viral so they can't dupe anyone else's senior citizen parent/grandparent!

Jun 2, 2018

Scam - Scam - Scam

This company called me unsolicited and told me that they we offering me a 7day/ 6 night stay in anyone of three locations in the U.S. because I had previously forfeited a similar vacation package, Well they scammed me. I paid $150.00 and I never heard from them again. When I tried contacting them, they said that they were not the company that I purchased my vacation package through. They charged my credit card through paypal, so I am in the process of trying to get my money refunded to me. This has been a huge headache. We made plans to travel to the vacation destination with friends and now its too late to get a hotel in the area for a reasonable price.


Jul 19, 2018


HATE TO ADMIT I WAS SCAMMED. recieved phone call august 2017, bought into scam for 997.00 promised cancun, costa rico, and 4 3 day 2 nite stays. could not log into website, a couple of weeks ago they called again, i told the agent i was glad they called as i was having problems getting anything booked. originally i was told i had 18 months to use trips. 45 day advance booking notice ageny said i could extend my plan for only 399.00 i told them no way was i giving them any more money. after going back thru my credit card statements i purchased the trips august 29, 2017. so in no way was my package expired. agent that called a couple of weeks ago said the package was for 12 months. originally i was told 18 months, ever statement is contradictory. my credit card was billed to PEOPLES VOICE, why is this company ran under so many different names? originally they were represented as travel time vacations, best vacations ever, preferred guests resort and peoples voice. i just feel stupid. none of the contact numbers anyone ever answers the phone

Aug 18, 2018

Tommy Cooper


I must be the biggest sucker of all time as the con artists known as Preferred Guest Resorts have had me dangling on their string for 13 years. Originally they were called Summer Bay Resorts and offered an allegedly discounted holiday package in Florida for about £650 in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. Funnily enough I was reluctant to sign up at the time (2005) as it sounded dubious even then but my wife was keen. However, we were never able to travel as my wife got very sick but Summer Bay Resorts and then PGR kept ringing back every year and offering to extend the 'deal' adding various extra holidays and sweeteners like all inclusive and free car hire for various large sums of money each time, which they smoothly extracted from my bank account. I ended up with supposedly eight separate trips over the years. I felt I was in so deep it would be a shame to waste all the money I had already 'invested'. At one point I thought I had negotiated a deal to roll up all the different Florida holidays into one (more practical) and had a promise that I could travel whenever I wanted, - crucially without one of their sales people ringing me again as it was bugging me. But of course that never worked out and they kept ringing back and persuading me to spend even more money for more spurious trips long after it must have been obvious that I would never travel. I managed to get them to e-mail me a list of the various holidays a couple of times but the exact terms of the contract were never set out in these - no time limits specified and so on. You would laugh if you saw the list of holidays, bearing in mind that I would have to arrange air travel myself for each and attend a presentation at each different resort. The last time I paid out was in October 2017 when they double teamed me. This was clever - someone called Shannon rang and told me she was going to do me a big favour (for £1500) and when I objected she used the same tactics described by one of the other contributors to this site - not allowing me to finish a sentence, interrupting, accusing me of being rude when she was trying to help me and finally hanging up. Shortly after that her colleague Tony Martin came on the phone. Now Tony I have spoken to many times and he is a sales genius - brilliant at empathising with you and mirroring your predicament - guess what, his wife has been sick too and likes giving him a hard time just like mine and so on and so on.....Anyway I really like him and having sympathised regarding Shannon's manners he somehow managed to persuade me to part with another £1500, promising me that he was offering me a deal that would personally cost him money but he was going to do it for me whatever "they", the company bosses, said as we were kindred spirits and he knew how tough things were for me. He even suggested that meet up in a pub somewhere when I finally arrived in Florida. Nice touch. Evidently I was in the sucker's trance again because I found myself paying out having convinced myself that I was going to travel this time - despite the indicators to the contrary over the previous 12 years! Now, no doubt you are thinking PGR have done nothing wrong in this story and are just taking advantage of the fact that a fool and his money are easily parted and that part of this scenario is certainly true. However despite many requests, I still do not understand and have never received clarification of the full details of the contract but clearly remember being promised by Tony Martin at least three times during telephone conversations that I could travel at my leisure without penalty and that they would leave me alone until I contacted them myself because he fully understood how irritating it was to be pestered by them year after year. Accordingly, now that I have finally awoken from my trance I can say with some confidence that they are running a scam because no way are these holidays a good deal even if they actually exist, which I doubt, and they must be able to see that after all these years they are simply taking money from me without delivering anything in return. When I mentioned this to them I never got an answer, although Shannon did like to tell me I was being a rude mysogynist to deflect any criticism back to me. In the UK this approach would be called mis-selling and of course loads of people got scammed in the eighties over here with pensions, mortgages and bank insurance frauds by slick salesmen doing a Wolf of Wall Street schtik. Clearly Shannon and Tony work the scam together in a variation of the good cop bad cop routine. I'll bet they have a jolly good laugh every time I foolishly cough up! Well, congratulations to them for being good at their craft but dear friends you don't have to fall for it. Avoid Preferred Guest Resorts or prepare to be ripped off.

Phillip Krouse
May 19, 2019

one time fee

"A one time fee of $498.00 and you pay hotel taxes" Ten minutes later "We will pay the taxes now so you won't have to later" and then the "one time charge of $598.00" and again a different total for a one time fee of $ 637.00. They took $ 1183.00 out of my bank and left me with a mere $45.00 and no way to pay for food, car insurance, electric bill, medicines for her cancer treatment and three other medical conditions that may never have a cure. We are living on Social Security Retirement and my military retirement and barely make it through the month. Imagine the shock, disbelief terror when at 3:15 am when I checked my bank balance and found $ 1183.00 GONE, yes, gone on a Saturday morning and the Regions Banks are closed except for one if you can find it. Luckily I did and froze my accounts so the transfer of funds was blocked. My next phone call was to LIFELOCK. I hope they are as good as they say they are. As of right now this issue isn't over and I am not done with them either, the B.B.B. & Consumer Affairs will hear from me. I told the wife they are criminals and to hang up. "But we have the deposit for the travel already paid" "NUFF SAID"

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