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Consumer reviews about Polygroup Pool

Jul 6, 2012

Trying to buy replacement parts

2 years ago we bought an 18x48 above ground pool and we had no problems at all. This year we set it halfway up to spray it clean and a gust of wind broke 2 t fittings (completely our fault). I called the customer service line to order parts from them and I have been on hold now for 30 minutes!! I am literally writing this as I'm waiting. I have searched for other companies that might sell replacement parts but I have not found any. I really regret buying this particular brand of pool because they don't seem like a reputable business. All buyers beware!!

Jul 9, 2012

Pool pump from polygroup + intex brand

This brand is worthless POLYGROUP, INTEX, WALMART. These companies is why America has nothing to stand by poor production I bought a swimming pool on 05/31/2012 the pump is now dead purchased it at walmart bought extra warranty and guess what we got the run around?!?!? Walmart claims brochure number transfers you to intex then intex says thats not there product then u call back to walmarts claims then they say to call polygroup and at this point polygroups phone lines will give you a busy signal the number is 18009190070?!?!? These are worthless companies I should have just bought and had a real above ground pool installed which i am now doing because I'm not going to spend anymore time for crap people who work hard follow directions always get screwed I will have a link for people to not waste there money with these worthless companies?!!!!?!!?!??

Jul 17, 2012

Poor polygroup customer service

I purchased a summer escapes pool from Walmart on 5/25/12. It was fine out of the box and was wonderful. The skimmer and pump were powerful and cleaned the pool well. We had an intex pool last year and that pump was horrible! Unfortunately, the summer escapes pool pump just died and I thought, no big deal, it's under warranty since the warranty is 90 days. I tried calling the number on the pool and the manual (888-919-0070) two times yesterday and never reached anyone. I was on hold for 1 1/2 hours total! I tried again at 9:00 this morning and I'm still on hold 37 minutes later. I found another number online (800-813-0206), but it gives the same prompts and hold BS. Always heavier than normal call volume! Wondering if I'll ever get through. If I can't get through I'm going to go to Walmart and make them give me another pump. This is absolutely ridiculous. I will also complain to the better business bureau and would ask that everyone else do the same!

Lorin Evans
Jul 17, 2012

no service from this company

This pool that we purchased less than a year ago needs new legs and a new pump already. I have tried the internet address and it directs me to the 800 no. I have called this no. with all my part no.s in hand to order and there is never, NEVER anyone answering my call. I have never seen such a worthless co. in my life. The answering machine has you go through steps and tells you that a customer service person will be with you shortly and no one ever answers. I just want to purchase new legs ans feet for the pool. what a worthless purchase.

Aug 14, 2012

Pool Pump -Warranty

We purchased a pool (17 x 48) on July 1, 2012, on July 28, 2012 the pump quit working. I called the customer service number (which I was on hold for nearly 45 minutes) and talked to Camron, he stated I needed to fax my receipt where I purchased it to make sure it was still under warranty. Of course it is, it is less than a month old. So on July 30, I send my receipt in he calls me back and tells me everything is good, we will ship the replacement pump right out to you. I called again on the 6th of August (again on hold for around 45 minutes) was told by a woman that it had been put in their system but takes 24-48 to process it. I told her if that is so it should be processed because it was 7 days later. She informed me she was taking notes and would have a supervisor call me. Which NEVER happened. I called back on the 10th of August (again on hold for around 45 minutes) and got the run around again, this time the man stated no notes where in the system where I had called on the 6th and that part is out of stock. I told him the man I talked to on the 30th of July stated it would arrive in 7-10 days. He said it does not happen like that. I again asked to speak with a supervisor and he gave me the run around, how they are busy, and would have him call. Also stated once it is processed, it is out of their hands. It goes to another company. But he couldn't tell me anything about that. This is the WORST company I have EVER purchased something from and got the run around. Here it is August 14th, 2012 and I still do not have a new pump. I will NEVER again purchased anything from this company. If I could get my money back I would.

Mar 11, 2013

liner separates at seams

We bought the pool in September 499.00 (had to save to do this) but with the bad weather and winter we did not get it out of the box or put it up until this weekend March. *yes I know what it says about the 3 month or 90 day warranty but these liners should last at least 10 years. Despite what the warranty says. We were so excited, it is put together so beautifully, we had someone come in and prepare the ground, put the mats down for protection, etc. and then we filled it with about 3 inches of water and noticed water coming from the seam on one side and went around the pool and noticed it coming from both sides now. It has patches with it but I do not know if they will hold or not by it being on the seam. but we are going to try now since we called the company this morning spoke with a guy named Brent who was no help at all, just kept saying "I'm sorry", so I asked to speak with a supervisor and he said he could not give me a supervisors name or number??? I asked where their offices were located and he stated "we are in the north west" .As being in management myself I thought that would be the first person or step I would take to try and resolve this issue!! Brent stated "they would not give us a new liner (due to the warranty) but we could buy one for 369.00" can you imagine? A liner should LAST!!! And by being on a seam that shows defective workmanship, if it was something we did I would be glad to take responsibility, but we are not for a defective product. I have pictures and I have witnesses and I have a brother in law who is an attorney....so I am taking it to him to see if anything can be done. Companies like this should not be able to hide behind a 90 day warranty, and shame on K-Mart for not trying to help solve this problem. I should have took it as a sign as the day I bought my pool a lady was and did take a pool just like this back to K-mart..but the box was not opened so not sure what was wrong there. I will NOT shop at K-Mart anymore and will tell EVERYONE NOT to buy one of these pools, and I will put it on Facebook, my space, twitter, million moms, etc. everywhere I can think of so people will not buy these pools.

Apr 7, 2013

frame pool

purchased a 26x52 framed pool. Follow instructions on setting up on a firm hard clear surface. Because of the extreme weight of the pool, The legs started to sink now I'm faced with draining the pool to install some kind of cement under the legs. Pool took 15000 gallons of water and 5 days to fill. So I'm looking at another large water bill and a lot of wasted time. Instructions should have informed you that legs could sink, even on a hard surface, instructed you to install some kind of footing under the legs..

Apr 27, 2013

filter pump

we have had the pool for one year and was in process of getting it ready for this summer ,the pump quit motor is turning but not the impeller is not so on this web site motors are aroung 200 dollars way out of line i am ready to trash the whole mess

ken g
May 13, 2013

very poor customer service

i bought a summer escapes polypool about 2 years ago have had no problems until now set up to get ready for use only to find a crack in the skimmer. I after hrs of searching finnaly found the part. went and ordered the part only to find even though they are an international company they do not ship or accept credit cards from canada. I got redirected to a 3rd party site to get temporary U.S. address to have it shipped there and forwarded to me from there at about 3 times the original price of $12 dollars for the part. only to find out from them that it takes 2-3 days to activate account then order part then 7-10 days shipping then forwarding so in total about 15 to 20 days to get part. all this took 6hrs of on hold back and forth on hold back and forth with both companies

May 13, 2013

polygroup pool

need to replace motor and purchase spare parts, called Polycorp at number 1 888 919 0070, they said I have to register at Bongo before they will forward parts. Now it seems a $65.00 part is going to cost me over 250.00 to get it to canada, are we being exploited???? YES YES YES. If you sell a product in Canada you should have parts available in Canada. What a rip off. Ordered parts last year and no problem, came right from them, now they are trying to make another company rich off a product they sold and will not support unless you pay three time the value of the part. May 13th, 2013.

Jun 10, 2013

polygroup pools

I have had 2 of these blow up ring pools and the pumps have gone out on both of them within the season. I called the company to get a replacement and I was told to PURCHASE A NEW PUMP (another $55) because the warranty is 180 days from date of purchase, problem is I bought this bigger pool ($250) at the end of last season (when everything is on sale) now that I set it up and the pump will not move water at all ..(and the pool is now green so ill have to spend more money on chemicals not to mention a water bill...) The company will not stand behind their product. if I had the money to keep doing all this I would have had a real pool put in.

Jun 11, 2013

pool came with leak cant reach customer service

This company is bullish. We just bought the damn pool and it not only came with damaged boxes but also with a leak at the bottom. We got the above pool 13'x33' summer escapes.
it may be cheaper but its DISPOSABLE!!
go and file a complain at the better business bureal like I did, let's at least stain their reputation!
fucking Chinese company no customer respect!! its like throwing your money in the trash!

Jun 11, 2013

Tube on top of the pool won't hold air

My husband had just bought our pool last year for my grandchildren and since I am a nanny for them to swim in as well...The ring around the top of the pool would never fill all the way last year and we only used the pool for only a couple of months...This year we put the pool up and the ring on top will not hold air at all...We fill it and within mins the air is out...We are not really going to be able to use the pool this year which really stinks since the weather here is hot.....I have tried to call the 1-800 number and no ones answer's the phone...This is like the third products we have bought from this company in which anything you have to put air in does not hold air.....It's not like we have extra money to just be throwing away on a new pool every year.....Does anyone know a good site to buy a pool that will hold up longer then a few months.....Just fed up......

Jun 25, 2013

poly group pools a piece of dung

bought a pool on 4-20-13.set it up about a week later.
after about a (month and a half) pump motor begin to chater and quit.
tried to call the co. to order a new motor and after being on hold for about 20min.
gave up.ordered one from another co.with the price of the motor and shippin cost it was half the price of the pool iself.
i will never own another product from this co. again.
its a shame companys or aloud to operate like that.

Kelly palicki
Jun 28, 2013

poly group

bought an easy set pool made by this company, before the end of the summer the pump motor broke, called prod support, actually got a very nice woman who was helpful and sent out a replacement motor asap. set the pool up this year, it's up for about 3 weeks, the motor quits again and because the pool is out of warranty we have to buy a new motor for 89.99 u.s. I am in Canada so there will be exchange and shipping costs right, okay, I want my son to have the pool for the summer so go ahead. I am online trying to order the needed part and get a notice that a second party called Bongo will be responsible for the international delivery, okay, register, continue with my order, Bongo informs me there will be a 10% charge for them to purchase the replacement part for the replacement pump. no way, sorry I know there's a sucker born every minute but I ain't one of them so I cancelled everything my husband and I made a working pump out of the two broken ones and we will keep our fingers crossed that it holds for the season. I understand that my warranty is run out and I actually don't mind paying for the part and shipping etc. so my 9 year old can enjoy his pool but to add more charges on top is just adding insult to injury. maybe if these multinational multi billion dollar companies would put as much effort into making products that last as they put into ripping people off the land fills wouldn't be filling up so fast. it isn't human nature to dispose of everything on a whim, human nature is to invent and solve the problem. it is massive corporations that have created a disposable society by supplying us with products that are garbage fresh out of the packaging.

Jun 28, 2013

trouble with replacement order and a refund they say they sent us.

Last year we put the Summer Escape without footings,they were never available for 4 months, Dec-March, so we used wood blocks, I ordered Jan 3 rd, the foot pads, told the lady we had round pole, I ordered 2 full sets, thinking I wouldn't have this mess again next Spring, got the package, they were for square poles! Called them, got a return request, was told I had to pay $30+ for returning and reshelving, they made the mistake. But what can you do, so paid the shipping, and reordered the right ones, separately. Got the right ones, now they said they sent our refund to out Master Card. No refund has been deposited in over 4 months and no response by email, now no address to write my pissed off letter to them. l'll be damed that they steal my $71.88 return too now. How do I mail this with no address. I have searched the online sites! Also, their pumps are crap! We got a new one within the first 2 weeks and last week it died again. Once a year we replace it. I went to our pool store and we will be getting an all fiberglass one next Spring! At least I can call the owner of the pool store if there us a problem. We need to report these people !!! I want my refund! Tina

Jul 3, 2013

Terrible company...I'll make sure not to buy from this company ever again

Don't buy! Poly. It's All about the compgroup pools
Polygroup limited, MCO
My pool was defective from the min. I took it out of the box. Top ring won't hold air. both pump tubes leak, pump leaks. Tried dealing with the Company...The worst I've ever dealt with. Talk about ring around the rosie....Won't give you any info....if you want to talk to a supervisor...oh they'll call you back in 24 hrs. Mean while they want you to throw out the more than 100 gallons of water so you can cut out the patch to send back to them. So then they can (maybe) honor the warranty....weeks later.
This pool was less then 24hrs old. brand new, no one had even used it. I expect that when I buy somthing to get at least one use out of it. Terrible company...I'll make sure not to buy from this company ever again. There name Polygroup limited is seared into my head..they'll never get a penny from

Jul 3, 2013


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Jul 8, 2013

Polygroup Pools

They will not even answer there phone so i can discuss my issue. i bought mine and rite out of box there was 5 spring clips broken, i spoke with several other people who had the same problem. i just want them to send me some replacements but the # provided is worthless(1 888 919 0070) just like the spring clips. Terrible customer service....

Jul 9, 2013

polygroup 700 pump

Purchased a Summer Escapes 14x42 metal frame pool in April, 2013. Installed pool and filter beginning of June, 2013. After 2 weeks, the 700 series pump began making a grinding noise, but was still pumping water. After another week, the pump was getting louder, GFI plug was hot and pump would shut off and not start for hours. Contacted this so-called customer service and was on hold for over an hr. Finally spoke with a customer service rep and explained what was happening. She advised before she could send any parts, Polygroup would need proof of purchase. Rep also explained she would not be sending the complete pump, but just the rotary as she felt that was the only part that was bad. Faxed proof of purchase 6/27/13 - still have not rec'd replacement part. Now entire pump quit running and cannot filter my water. contacted customer service and was on hold for 2 hrs. Spoke to a cust serv - said they could not ship out a new pump until they rec'd the defective one. I was very upset and told them I wanted a pump expressed shipped to me and as soon as I rec'd would return burned out pump. CR advised this was against Polygroup policy. I then asked how I was to filter my water since this process of returning and receiving took approx 15-20 days. CR didn't know, but she couldn't ship out another pump until the other one was rec'd. I then asked to speak with a supervisor - was placed on hold for 15 minutes. Same CR came back on phone and said all supervisors were at a meeting and someone would call me back within 24hrs. Rec'd call back 23hrs later and was told the same line of crap. I asked this so-called supervisor how I was to filter my water without a pump/filter. This idiot told me to place a floater filled with chlorine tablets and stir the water around and this should be fine until I rec'd the new pump. I told her the weather was 90 degreees and how would she like to swim in a pool with no filtration. Again was told Polygroup could not send any replacement parts until the defective one was returned & rec'd. I advised her that I would be contacting Atty General Office in PA and reporting this company.

Jul 16, 2013

customer service

I have called 5 days in a row and have not spoken to a live person yet. i have been on hold an average of 2 1/2 hours each day.
As i write this i have been on hold 1 hour on day 6. i paid alot of money for this pool for the pump to stop working on day 3. I will never buy from this company again and will advise others on my blog.

Jul 16, 2013

recieved a replacement pump

recieved a replacement pump in august of 2012 , now the switch has gone and will not turn the pump on . the pool pump is not even a year old and trying to get some one on the phone is absoulutley inpossible . it took one year to get a leaf cover that is not accecptable with a major company . I would like to get this pump changed or a replacement switch .

Aug 3, 2013

pool liner burst on Summer Escape Pool

Used Summer Escape pool 1 season, just set up yesterday, seam burst and water exploded everywhere and flooded garage, carport, yard, etc.

Aug 12, 2013


I purchased a 16X48 pool on June 20, 2012. The pump went out by the end of the month. I called warranty and they instructed me to cut off the GFIC plug on the pump and mail it in with my sales receipt. I did as they instructed. Then, I waited. I was told that it took 7 to 10 days to receive a new pump, but hardly ever took that long. After two weeks, I called the company to check the status. They never received the outlet. I was instructed then to copy my receipt and take a picture of the pump and send it. I emailed on my receipt and picture of the pump on July 29. I spoke to Oscar, a supervisor and was promised the pump would be shipped. I did not hang up the phone until I was told that the email was received. The email had to be sent 6 times before they could find it. I called back last week to check the status, and was told the order was not shipped. The lady I spoke to graciously offered a pack of filters in addition to the pump for my trouble. Which I really need because, the pool is green due to a lack of pump for a month.

I am waiting on hold now to further discuss this issue. Here it is August 12 and no pump, no pool I can use, two angry kids and a wasted summer.

Nov 20, 2013

christmas tree

Very poor customer service.

I bought a christmas tree in January, 2013. Attempted to assemble the tree only to discover I am missing a piece of the centre pole is missing. I called customer to order the missing piece only to be told I cannot order the missing oiece without the original receipt, even though I am willing to pay for the part. I spoke someone by the name of Benjamin who said he was the supervisor, advised I cannot order the part and that I can do what ever I choose to do with the tree. I asked to speak to his Manager, he advised there is no one above him, i ask to the CEO to which he advised he did not know. What kind of company are you running here, where customers are not able to purchase parts. I will be sure to inform my friends, family members not to purchase your product. YOUR COMPANY IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER DEAKT WITH

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