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Consumer reviews about Outdoor Adventures

Dec 13, 2011

Outdoors Adventures is a scam!

Outdoor adventures is a huge scam. They say the are all about family fun and all that. That is untill life's miss fortunes may happen then its give us our money now or we will take you to court and ask for all of the money we can and then more. My wife and I filled out the win a truck slip in the mall and a few weeks later received a call and heard we were one of the luck ones picked to receive a key and packet to come and check out if our key fit. So to Davison we went got there and figured out what this was all about. We listened to all what the salesman said and it didn't sound to bad then the price came out I thought it was steep but then they started to give some discounts and such to sweeten the deal. Well we were suckers plain and simple. My only real question that the salesman and the manager ( whom was there to back up on the deals) would tip toe around was what if we run into problems financially and can't make a payment or we need to get out of our contract. As they tip tied around they both said it is with out a dout a possibility to resolve any problem. Hahaha. Three months into our contract my wife lost her job. Yes things we're tight I called and explained my dellemma so one of Oa's wonderful office people handled my case. He said can you make a half payment for a while and get back to me when things look better. I said that would be great. About three more months go by and I get a call from some one from AO they ask me if I can take my payment back to the original amount as I was only paying seven dollars on our premium per month I ask why so little and he told me with interest and FEES that's all I was paying. I went from 160.00 per month to 80.00 and 73.00 was fees and interest???? I then ask if there was any way out of my contract as that was just stupid. He said no but we can sue you for the money. I was in shock by his answer I was not being aggressive or anything like that on the phone but he then became a complete ass. I said I owe six grand on the contract have already payed on it a grand and gave them one thousand cash the day we signed. I said Im not asking for any money back but I seriously want nothing to do with you people if this is your response. His reply was I don't care we just want the money. So I ask again what can I do to get out of this contract. He decided to be nice I guess he began telling me they are giving people a break if they pay the amount they owe off early so he said he will check my balance and send me a letter of the break and final cash I would owe. About two months go buy and bam he comes a lady across my lawn with a summons to appear in court. Holy shit I thought we are being sued. I picked up my phone and called the wonderful asshole I spoke to on the phone he answered I ask what happened to the letter of the deal you were giving if I payed it off early. His reply just figured you were not gonna pay and this would be easier to get our money. WTF ???? Yep got sued got a lawyer the contract was written with a win win for there greedy asses in mind and a year later I settled out of court for money I just wanted to throw away (not). Lesson learned read all contracts and if ya can go to a lawyer and have them read it first. They were suing for over 10 thousand plus lawyer fees and court cost. According to my lawyer they have a lot of these cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor Adventures. Not your family there's!!!

Jan 31, 2012

Outdoors Adventures is a scam!

Now I know where my "monthly maintenance" fees go. They go to clowns sitting at a computer and putting in positive comments about this scam operation to refute valid complaints. And don't tell me about how many HAPPY PICTURES you have. I'll match yours any day of the week as I am in RV parks all over this nation for at least 5 months of each year. On my first "guaranteed trip" in Davison I couldn't find an open site. When I thought I had one I asked the guy sitting on a picnic table to move so I could set up. He said "I'm saving this site for my buddy". I tried other sites but they where too small or in mud a foot deep. When we left and told the Moron at the entrance we couldn't stay due to a lack of location and people holding sites, he said " We'll tell someone". Ha Ha guess what -- Outdoor Adventures has me logged in their "Data Base" as having a happy 3 day stay. NEVER HAPPENED.
Next trip was to Rifle River. What a Joke this Park is. I was told by campers leave before the weekend because the noise from young drunk river rafters was terrible. I took my Granddaughters and they quickly and correctly named the pool "LIFE GUARD?" the pool Nazi. Which leads to my next complaint -- All employees (Except 1) require customer service training. Except for one, any employee I talked to was rude and confrontational. Oh buy the way, I will take the suggestion from one of the email clowns and submit this to the Better Business Association.

Mar 13, 2012

Outdoors Adventures is a scam!

I am so happy I googled this Outdoor Adventures today! They called me last night and told me I won a chance at a truck. My BS detector was set to high so I googled this place and surprise, surprise it is indeed a scam! What I cannot figure out is how Outdoor Adventures can get away with this. As well as how people can be so naive as to drive so far for a chance to win . For me I live in Grosse Ile, MI and the drive would have been roughly two hours. Better Business Bureau should really investigate complaints about this company. What a shame:(

Mar 17, 2015

Outdoor Adventures still at it

Its 2015 and Outdoor Adventures is still at there key to win a truck scam. Went to an RV show in Grand Rapids and filed out a card to win a truck. Well heard nothing for 2 months then I got the phone call everyone else has received. I was told I was in the running to win a truck and they were going to send me a key as a "finalist". Gave me the whole spiel and how we both had to show up on a specific date and time of our choice hmmm. Well, we had to show up an hour away at instructions to be sent along with the magic key. Checked the internet reviews on Outdoor Adventures and found out it was a BIG sales pitch for timeshare scam at a campground. Well nonethe less, we never showed up and its been 3 weeks and we have heard nothing more. Thank goodness for sites like this, that let others know what Outdoor Adventures is really all about.

Aug 10, 2015

grand haven

I stayed 5 nights at the Outdoor Adventure park in Grand Haven and I know that they had just recently took over this park and the park itself was pretty nice, but there were a couple things that needed to be improved on. One of those were that we saw many breeds of dogs such as Great Danes, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds, just to name a few that were at these park and in the welcome handbook these dogs are excluded. Do they actually check to make sure the owners carry a $300,000 liability insurance policy. Some of these dogs were quite big and barking a lot when people would walk by them. Then the bathrooms should be cleaned everyday which we saw a bottle of water in a stall on the floor for 4 days. Eck! Hire more help if you need to but clean the bathrooms everyday. One last thing the people next to us had their music up and playing until 3am and security didn't come around to tell them to turn it down.

Jan 19, 2017

They want your money!

As a young family camping adventures through their facilities looked so exciting! As I was soon to retire and told them that, the price was greatly reduced to fit our needs. (WOW, able to just slash the price in half, interesting). We were planning on using their cabins, as we did not have an RV. Long story short, we finally got a RV (cheap through grandpa). Needless to say, as busy as life is, we only are able to camp a few times a year.
So, we spent roughly $5400 on something we will never use! Yup, lesson learned. Plus the $500/yr maintenance fee.
I did negotiate with them to settle my remaining 3yrs of maintenance fees ($1500) to almost a third of that (but I'm still paying......) to get out of the contract. At least they missed the second year of my contracts maintenance fees.
We no longer use credit, so the threat of going on your credit record was not a threat to me, and I told them that. I told them they will not get anything, they seemed a little more eager to negotiate, but you have to play them HARD!!!!! And again, I'm still paying to keep it off my credit. I guess you call that a "pride & integrity" thing on my part.
Certified letter going out today, to end the contract. We will see if they keep their agreement! If not, I will add more to an additional review!

Jul 20, 2017

A guest abused..

We were inviting to go to the standish camp ground, as we just got a pop up we decided to go.
We checked in on a Friday received no copies of the rules.
Just told quiet time was after 11pm , reasonable.
Saturday we rented a Golf cart..200 bucks for the week..ok.
Golf cart was in bad shape so we swapped it out for a better one, after that the we were marked all of a sudden my dog was in trouble for barking, we were supposedly written up for a clothes line and, we were told we had noise complaints.
Then we were asked to leave because the golf cart was being abused.. No write up's no stops at the camp site ;(except for the cloths line)..the worst experience ever..a huge bunch of lies.
If u don't have a fifth wheel or a diesel pusher u are looked down upon from the time of check in.

Aug 21, 2017

Complete scam

Whatever you do, please do not sign a membership with this company! They will tell you what you want to hear to get their money and you will never get a campsite. I paid my membership and have not been able to get a site this year! They are scamming people out of their hard earned money in promises of fun times

Jul 9, 2018

Rules out of control

Been a member of Outdoor Adventure for several years. We have actually enjoyed it for the most part but they have swallowed up so many campgrounds that lawyers are now making the rules for this Corperation. Some of the rules obviously make sense but some are just ridiculous. Can’t tie a clothes line between two trees because a kid might run through your campsite and not see it? That is dumb but understandable. It would be better if Outdoor Adventure would screen some of the people they let join instead of signing up anyone that comes by. That might even help some of the issues with members not being able to get a lot. We tent camp so we usually don’t have a problem finding a lot. Just about since we’ve been members my kids have had a couple ENOS hammocks. I even have one. They’re great. The kids have actually put them up and slept in them instead of their tent for years. Suddenly some lawyer from Outdoor Adventure decides we can’t put these up for the same reason as not being able to put a clothes line up. Ridiculous!!! There hammocks on stands all over at campsites some kid with no proper upbringing could run into tied to a tree or not. Maybe the lawyers for Outdoor Adventure should review the laws of public sanitation. My wife is building a photo album of pictures of how delapitated the shower houses and bathrooms are at the campgrounds. We just stayed at Grand Haven and it is sad to see how far down hill that’s gotten. I’ve stayed there back when it was a yogi bear campground and it was very well kept. Sad to see what Outdoor Adventure is letting it turn into. Maybe they should worry a little more about maintenance, cleaning, mowing, pest control, etc rather than have three employees running around in one “security” cart playing hammock police. We have a few other campgrounds to stay at this summer so we’ll wait to share wife’s photos at the end of the summer.

Coach H
Jul 20, 2018

Poor service and no calls answered

Stayed in the Arrowhead Lakes campground for the very first use of the membership. Went fine at first but then had a teenager drive up in a golf cart demanding that I move my trailer - at 9:30 at night. She said we were not in a proper spot. Nothing was marked and it sure seemed like a good spot. She huffed off and said she would get her manager when I told I refused to move. Manager comes up, looks at my location and says I am fine. I insisted she have the teenager apologize she asked her to do so and the girl refused. I emailed a complaint that night - no response - ever! Called the Tuesday after the holiday to speak to someone about getting my money back and after 3 more messages and four days someone called. It so happens it was the manager's last day and there was nothing to be done. The service manager, I guess, offered me a gift certificate for a cabin stay as compensation for my bad experience. Three weeks later - nothing. Called the cell number given to me by the manager 5 times and left a text message and 3 weeks after those no answer. DO NOT BUY THERE! Go to a KOA.

bill bailey
Oct 14, 2019

Outdoor Adventure Scam

Don't just post your frustrations on this website. Address the issue with the MI Attorney General.
Let the Attorney General know the extent of your frustration with Outdoor Adventures, Inc. and their practices
Click on this link today to file your complaint.


Oct 9, 2020

No Flexibility

Outdoor Adventures owns all eight campgrounds listed in CCC (Coast2coast) in Michigan, they are nice campgrounds however they have a rule that tow-dollys must be unhooked and under the back of the RV, even if they are not in anyone's way.
Their people can have zero flexibility and will force old disabled people to drag everything around. If the dolly is not in anyone's way why strictly enforce this rule. Why can't the park management be flexible and make exceptions to rules.

May 23, 2021


After being a member for 20 years and paying for the membership and then upgrading membership to lifetime so I could pass it on to my children which by the way they have no interest in now. I can not get a reservation 2 months out. Not only that they are now charging for a reservation which I never agreed to. I am still paying yearly maintenance dues. None of this was told upfront I feel cheated and lied to. I would have never paid so much money for something I can not even use. This is not what I purchased and feel a refund is due.

When you purchase a membership like this would anticipate being able to use it in a reasonable time frame 2 months is not reasonable for camping.

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