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Consumer reviews about NonStop Delivery

Dec 2, 2012

worst delivery company!

This is the worst service I ever received! I purchased some goods from Home Depot and used this company for the delivery and it was a big big big mistake! They delivered me my order 19 days late and then refused me in a partial refund and even tried to overcharge me for so-called problems and holding my stuff. This is ridiculous! I will never recommend this company to anyone!

Jun 10, 2014

Non Stop Delivery

Ordered a patio table and chairs that were supposed to be dilevered on 6/6/14 and got pushed back to 6/7/14 between 12:00-4:00. No table and chairs. Contacted Home Depot that evening twice and no help! All they could say was it was on the truck and it was out for delivery. Sunday I called the number I could find for NSD and was put on hold so they could call the terminal.... The guy came back and said THEY FORGOT TO PUT MY PACKAGE ON THE TRUCK!! How is that when they told me it was on the truck the whole time!! Needless to say Monday 6/9/14 came around and was told it would be delivered on 6/10/14....because the truck for Monday was already full!! Shouldn't my package be the first on the truck for Monday?!?! NSD sucks and I will never order anything online from Home Depot again!!!

May 1, 2015

Worst delivery company

I got a call from the delivery company saying they will deliver my product between 1230 and 430 p. I waited home all day and noone called to tell me they wouldn't. Bbe able to come. When i called them they told me a driver had an emergency. Then i was told the truck broke down. So i was lied to because they didnt want to deliver my shipment so now its gonna be 3 more days before they come in my area. They really really suck!!!!!!

Dec 8, 2015

worst freight company in the world

this company is always late and when i say late i mean a week or longer,i deal with home depot on a daily bases and i keep complaining about their service but they still insist on using them,well today was something else I mean they took their garbage service to new heights they actually left a pallet weighing around five hundred lbs with power tools worth 10 grand six inch from my front door and didn't think to knock or wring the door bell so when i was leaving my office i opened the door and the door smacked me in the face not to mention the pallet was blocking the walk way to the hair salon next door.

Apr 30, 2016

Never crossed the Goalline

Ordered an Item from Home Depot online Shipped from West Coast arrived in Indianapolis IN on time for delivery on Friday as stated.
Stayed home all day Tracked several times no change in delivery time. at 3 checked again. now delivery moved out 6days It was now
going to take as long to go the last 50 miles as it do to come 2000 miles. Called Found out they give it to someone else for final delivery.
I had to drive 50 miles and pickup or wait another week for my item .

Jun 28, 2016

Must avoid ordering anything from HD that requires delivery !!

Waited for the vanity my that customer requested I order from Home Depot for 2 days past the June 22 (3 week) lead-time stated on the HD website, then the fun began.

HD tracking info states the item was delivered, which I later learned means it was delivered by NDS to a 3rd party trucking co. near Cape Cod, over 90 miles from us. Tracking # connected to a dead page on the NSD w'site so that was useless.

Many long on-hold phone calls over the next 3 days I finally learn from the 3rd party delivery service that they cannot deliver the vanity since we're too far from their location. Problem was that NDS hadn't responded to the their request asking what to do about this glitch, yet at the same time I was being told by the folks back at NDS that it would now reach me during the week of 7/11 !

No choice but to drive the 185 mile round trip to retrieve the vanity before it disappeared, so off I went. Workers at the trucking co were very helpful and apologetic about the 2-fist size hole thru the side of the box. Fortunately the only damage was to the removable shelf that shielded the side of the cabinet. Based on this experience I'll strongly advise my building & remodeling customers against ordering anything from HD that requires shipping.

Sep 1, 2016

Rude, Disrespectful, liars

We ordered furniture through Staples and these people delivered it. First of all they delivered a partial shipment and when I called to inquire about the portion that had not been delivered they had no explanation as to why. Then when the next delivery date came and went and I called to see why we had not received the rest of our order they bold face lied and said that they had sat in our parking lot for half and hour because no one was in yet. There is someone here at 7:00 a.m. every morning so they weren't even in the area.
They were supposed to put the furniture together and were rude and disrespectful to our VP of production when they had to COME BACK to assemble the desk and credenzas. They never did put the credenzas together and they put the desk together with the wrong return, it should have been on the right and they assembled it on the left. When they were called and told that it had been put together incorrectly they said that was how it was put together and they were NOT going to come back and correct their error and they were very rude about it!
I will never have anything to do with this company again!

Oct 13, 2016


This is the worst " DELIVERY" company in the world and I feel that's still giving them to much credited ........... I have been waiting on my package for 2 days now and still waiting ........... to start the issue off on a bad note the company lied on the tracking info adv. that they tried to reach out to me and I had not rcvd one call or email ............. when I emailed them to adv. that I had not heard a thing from anyone the contact me back almost a day in a half later adv. that they would let the driver know ............. then updated the tracking to show that my package would be delivered on 10/12/2016 between 1pm - 5pm so my stepdad stayed home from work to make sure I got my package ............. 7pm rolls around still no package so I called in and adv. that I have yet to receive my package ........... 1st they stated that they could not get in-touch with the driver so I waited and then called back ........... and then was adv. that oh its in transit and you will receive it tonight ...........finally at about 9pm the driver calls stating that he ran out of time and that he will get it to my 1st thing in the morning by 8:30am I will be the 1st delivery ............11am rolls around still no package ...........so I called in to customer service only to be put on hold for 10mins for the rep to come back and adv. that the driver stated he called me and adv. that he will get it to me between 9am - 1 pm ..............at this point steam is coming from my ears because this is the 2nd time they have lied on me and two me ............... so as I proceeded to adv. the rep that I had not spoken to anyone he then wanted to tell me 9am - 1pm is the best that they can do and hope that I receive my package ............. I then released the call and called the driver to see why he had lied as if he talked to me or my stepdad he could do anything but apologize and stated I insure you that we will have your package delivered today ...............finally at almost 1pm I received my package only to see that they had delivered someone else's order to me ............. I feel it is ASININE that I placed an order 3 days after I order this package and has already rcvd the 2nd order before I received this package from this company ................ I'm already not a big fan of online ordering and this issue has just shown me why I DO NOT order online ......... this is the 1st time I've ever heard of this company and they have already left a very bad taste in my mouth ................

Nov 30, 2016


My suspicions about how bad this company is have been more than confirmed on this site. The Home Depot/NSD combo is an absolute nightmare. I had the same order for a bathtub lost in transit 3 consecutive times! Home Depot blames it on NSD and NSD blames it on Home Depot but neither offer solutions. Two months later and I still do not have the bathtub

Jan 26, 2017

30 miles left ...wtf

OK so I order a TV thru a website that is linked to my work ..actually ordered 4 items ..received 3 ( via ups ) and the 4 (TV) well I'm still waiting after being told I would receive it today the date has now changed to 5 more days ..the TV came from Florida (ordered on the 19th ) well it made it from GA. To Indianapolis is less then 24 hrs and has sat there for 4 days (now the 26th) and they say the 31st before I get it..I LIVE 30 MILES AWAY.....WTF.. 9 DAYS FOR 35 MINUTES ...I'm beyond pissed ...

Feb 8, 2017


The worst company ever!!! I bought a table from Houzz, they used Non Stop Delivery services. NSD called me on 2/2/17 to scheduled a delivery for 2/6/17. I asked for a day off since they have a four hours window to deliver. They never came never called. I called them back to find out why they never came and scheduled it for 2/7/17, another day off, and they never came never called. Third time, I asked for a day off, called them scheduled it for 2/8/17 from 1 to 5pm. It's 5:20, they never came never called. I don't know what to do anymore to get my table delivered. DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Mar 30, 2017


NSD IS THE SHIPPER HOME DEPOT USES FOR EVERYTHING. They Cant read a MAP or Address. My Home Depot Cabinets were Sitting in local Warehouse for 2 weeks holding up my entire kitchen remodel. Then they lied over and over again and said there was an EVICTION NOTICE on my door! LIARS. DISHONEST. INCOMPETENT. IMBECILES.

First they said the address didn't exist. Then they said there was an EVICTION NOTICE on my door! ( I am the landlord, LOL) It was a NOTE I left instructions on the door to leave the cabinets on the porch! The driver was just too LAZY to get out of his truck and walk 20 steps to read the note !

They gave me delivery dates changing them over and over. One excuse after another some of them so ridiculous it would be funny if it hadn't delayed my kitchen remodel and cost me a Thousand Dollars month rent from a tenant ! Then they sent someone out to take a picture of my front door, ( BUT DIDN'T LEAVE THE CABINETS !) ??

- I sent this email to the MGR of Home Depot; “Whoever took the picture of the front door REMOVED THE NOTE FIRST that I taped to the door for the driver. Then after the pic they put the note BACK ON THE DOOR.
I found the note back on the door with the tape loose. Someone is LYING. IF THEY CAN MANAGE TO TAKE A PICTURE, I FAIL TO SEE WHY THEY CANT PUT 3 CABINETS ON THE PORCH?




Apr 14, 2017

HD needs to make a change- they can do better than NSD!

This is my second Home Depot order that this company has completely botched. I have a patio tables and chairs that were supposed to be delivered on 4/11, and they have been sitting in a terminal about an hour from my house since 4/5. I have called twice to check status and still no one follows up with delivery info. At this point I am ready to just drive there and get it myself instead of going through another weekend without it. I hope soon Home Depot will realize they need to cut ties because this company is really hurting their reputation and is a horrible partner.

Jun 22, 2017


Ordered an outdoor shade for my gazebo on May 21st from Home Depot. It shipped promptly and the tracking information said arrival on June 7th. So, 2 1/2 weeks to ship an item seemed a bit long but I was okay with it. Little did I know that things would quickly go downhill from there. The item did indeed 'arrive' on June 7th to a receiving warehouse about 20 minutes from my house. At that point the tracking number became obsolete and my package apparently fell off the face of the earth. A phone call to NSD the next day gave me perplexing information, saying that my item had to be delivered to yet another warehouse, this one actually in a another state. (???!!!) which at that point the company would call me to arrange a drop off time. However, before this could actually happen, my item would apparently be laying around in the original warehouse for one week. They originally told me my package would be moved to the second warehouse on June 14th. I then called Home Depot to complain about this but they could do nothing to improve the situation. So June 14th came and no package was delivered. I called NSD yet again and was told 'oh, your package was delayed it will now be sent to the 2nd warehouse on June 15th. Well, this was a bald faced lie and I was beginning to think I would never receive this package. (It has now been 3 1/2 weeks since I placed this order).

Finally, on the 16th I called Home Depot and actually cancelled the item and asked for a refund. My husband actually drove to a Home Depot in New Hampshire that had our item in stock to purchase the item directly. On June 21st, I checked my bank account to see if I got my money back and realized that I did not. So I checked the tracking number again and realized it now said, 'In transit'. I immediately called Home Depot back to ask why they had not processed my refund and to try to stop this now unwanted delivery. The person I spoke with said she would take care of it and called NSD on my behalf. She told me everything was taken care of. Two hours later I looked out in my driveway and saw that NSD had actually delivered my now unwanted package (A FULL 32 DAYS AFTER THE ORDER WAS PLACED!) I could ship something to China faster that this!

I called back Home Depot yet again to complain that I now had an unwanted package sitting in my driveway. The person who I had originally spoken with was horrified, because she said she had talked with NSD and they had assured her they would re-route the package back to the warehouse. Well, that's the same experience I had with NSD - they say whatever they need to in order to placate the person they are talking to, and then fail to deliver their promises.


Jul 14, 2017

Never Again

As a family, we shop online often from multiple websites and companies. I have never had this kind of(terrible) experience with any kind of company. We ordered an entry door from Home Depot, as we have redone the flooring in our house and concluded water is leaking under the door. The simplest solution or what we thought would be, was to replace the front door. I was a little taken back the first time we were lied to and now, we have been lied to multiple times, by multiple people, including a “supervisor”.
We have been told it had a new delivery date (because it was 11 days late), it takes 24-48 hours to update. Really? 2 days to update anything is absurd. This was the first clue.
We have been told there is problem at the terminal and they are way behind (then they don’t work weekends or holidays) how far behind can you be then.
We were told it is out for delivery to the last mile service and that will take 1-3 days to update (again multiple days to update) and this never happened, it still has the original date currently.
We were told, it’s not to the “last mile” delivery service so they can’t set an appointment for delivery yet and even though its two hours away and weighs 400 lbs. we cannot pick it up.
We speak to a “supervisor” who can literally tell you absolutely nothing about when it will be here or even where it is. Uses lots of what we deem “shipping catch phrases” to confuse you. Not sure how that’s possible with computerized inventory.
We have involved home depot multiple times…. they call the same 800 number we do and must wait in line (just like we do) to speak to the same lying reps (we do). Hilarious for a Home depot rep to come back on the phone line and say “we have 3 other people in front of us, shouldn’t be much longer” How does Home depot not have a direct line to speak to someone in charge?
In addition, there is nothing custom about our order it shipped 6 days after we ordered it. It has been sitting 2 hours from our house for 17 days, we are just over a month from when we ordered. We are paying credit card interest on a door we have yet to receive. We have received emails from Home depot to review a door we don’t have, give feedback on a door we don’t have.
**It is almost as Home depot knows all this as we attempted to review the product, and the review was rejected “please review only the product, as shipping has no bearing on Home Depot” yes that’s right all those stellar reviews and your not allowed to post about the awful shipping.
We will NEVER order anything from Home Depot again as this has completely soured our thoughts on Home Depot. They should be ashamed for using this company and the way they treat customers.

double ddp
Nov 6, 2017


I ordered a TV through a company that is attached to the company I work for. It was shipped within 2 days. However, once it got into NSD hands everything went to hell. My package arrived at the local terminal on 10/31/17. The tracking site said it would be delivered on 11/02/2017. On that day it was changed to 11/06/2017. I still have not received a call to schedule delivery, so I called NSD. I got the run around from a very rude lady. She told me she would call the local terminal to check on the status on my delivery. When she came back on the line she told me there was no answer. WTF!!! No answer at a delivery company? She told me she would email them with my contact info and someone would call me back. After several hours I called again. Once again a rude customer service person put me on hold to call the local terminal. Once again I was told there was no answer. Still WTF? I asked for the local terminal's number so I could call them myself. I was then told that I was not allowed to have it and that she would send an email to the terminal to contact me. So that is when I contacted the company I bought the TV through for help. They contacted NSD and got the same run around that I did. They told them that I would receive a call from NSD 24 hours prior to my delivery. This whole situation has me angry and baffled. I don't leave in a major metropolitan city and you can drive from one end to the other in under 20 minutes, so why is it taking so long form my TV to be delivered? So I plan on making myself a nuisance until my package is delivered. I paid for shipping and I expect to receive my package in a timely manner. It would be different if MY PACKAGE WAS NOT JUST SITTING IN THEIR WAREHOUSE WAITING TO BE DELIVERED! I will be calling them at least every 2 hours during the day until I get an answer.

Nov 14, 2017


Home Depot assigned NSD to pick up a small appliance from me as a return. The appliance had arrived with damage I could only discover after unpacking it. This item had also been delivered to me by NSD. A week after the pick up order was initiated, and after a call from me to Home Depot to inquire as to why NSD had not yet contacted me, I received a call from NSD late one night. For three days this same person called by voice phone and text message numerous times but never arranged for an actual pick up time. The communications were always some very weird and incoherent rambling about things completely irrelevant to my pick up order, and would only say my item would be picked up. After escalating my concern to Home Depot on the evening of the third day, this person shows up on the next morning. A NSD receipt is prepared for me and the item is loaded onto his truck (which is not an NSD truck), but not before I take a photo of the person with my item in his hands.

On the morning of the very next business day, the NSD online tracking system does not reflect "Picked up", but rather "Exception Occurred". After seeing many other reviews on the internet encountering the same outcome, it's clear to me that "Exception Occurred" is just their way of telling you that your item has been stolen by the delivery personnel. In my case, on the day after that, the entire order and tracking information disappeared off their website as though the Home Depot order never even existed! As I've now found an astounding number of similar complaints online at various websites that date back a number of years, it's obvious that the management of this company is not at all serious about fixing anything whatsoever. This is exactly how a slippery business model is suppose to work!

I am now convinced that this company must be reported to, and investigated by, State Attorney General's Office for fraud, and even perhaps of conspiring with the small businesses that become part of their "partnering" program. These businesses are conveniently referred to by NSD as their "terminals", when in fact these are not properties or vehicles owned by NSD, and neither are they operated by employees of NSD. So NSD has virtually no say over what these independent businesses actually do with your merchandise they're handling.

When NSD's Gainesville, FL, terminal picked up my item, the "terminal" is in fact a one-man operation of a Gainesville business by the name of "Confidential Courier Services", and its owner and person who physically picked up my [now lost] item is Robert M. Alberts (this is publicly available information). So when you have NSD involved in shipping merchandise to/from you, be aware that it's actually a hidden company behind the scenes that's in cahoots with NSD doing the actual work, and you have little/no protection from whatever intentions that independent business may have in handling your merchandise. NSD however, is there for these partners for shielding them from outside scrutiny, and even perhaps the law and legal consequences when people's merchandise goes missing while in their possession.

NSD will make all kinds of promises to you, wrapped around a cornucopia of sincere and sweet sounding apologies. And then they will renege on those promises just as their VP has done to me.

Use this company at your own peril!

Apr 5, 2018


I have never in my life had any dealings with a company this bad!!! JC Penny should definitely find another delivery company to use. My spouse & I purchased a bed from JCP and it was to take 7-10 days to make and then would be shipped to Houston for delivery. We waited 15 days and called JCP. They researched and found out that the order had been in Houston to be delivered for 5 days but no one had called us. So after JCP got involved we were called and delivery was scheduled. On the day of delivery we moved the mattress & box spring out of the house. We waited 4 hrs & finally called & we were told that they were running late so we continued to wait, finally at 8:45PM we rec'd a call saying that we would need to reschedule for the following week and when questioned as to why, we were told that they were busy and the lady hung up on me!!! So we moved everything back into the house and on Monday I started calling again and getting JCP involved. Finally I got a call back wanting to know why I was bothering them they showed that everything was delivered! When I asked who signed for it I was told not to worry about it!!! I contacted a manager that located the mattress and set up delivery for yesterday. Surprise!!! No delivery!!!!!!! So I started calling all over again and spoke to a Stephanie, then a Terry and finally a Bezel at the Houston depot. Again we were lied to and hung up on and they would not return our calls. I contacted JCP and cancelled our order. I am going to file every compliant with the PD in Houston and any fraud agency that will take a report about Nonstop Delivery.........I would advise to never ever use this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dwight Mcclung
Apr 23, 2018

Rowley and sons

I'm a former Rowley and sons employee the company that does deliveries for non stop in Arizona and I just wanna say I'm hear to make a complaint on your third party vendor..... they company do a lot of undercutting on your employees for the longest they have allowed employees to do side jobs and build your product without you getting paid for it...I also have messages of how Robert Rowley talks to his employees on group chat ....and about the alcohol use in ware house and drug use

Dee C.
Apr 29, 2018

NonStop Delivery Bad Business

I was not aware of all the bad reviews on this company had until I got ready to write one. Yes a bad review.

They delivered a treadmill to my house and it had to go down into a beautiful finished basement. On the way down the stairs the bumped the wall and left a few mark's on the wall. I reported it to the company (David Tapua) and provided them with proof (pictures) and they refused to take responsibility for the damage. The reason he gave was the drivers said they did not do it. Really? What would you expect them to say? With pictures they would not take responsibility.

Before you use this company check their reviews. It's a lot of bad reviews. I wish I had checked the reviews before I used them. I will never use them again!

Jun 7, 2018

Delivered to wrong house

Ordered a bathroom vanity from Home Depot. Was supposed to receive on 6/6. Email confirmation said it was delivered. But it wasn't anywhere on my property. Come to find out that it was delivered to a white house and left next to the garage. I live in a gray house. After reading these reviews I am wondering if the employees just steal these things. Company said they are checking into it. Home Depot said they would refund me. I just want my bathroom vanity.

Jun 15, 2018

Bottom of the Barrel service

I hate this company so much. I have never wished unemployment on anyone In my life, but this company with all of its employees need to be shut down ASAP!! RUDEST customer service. They hang up on you, place you on hold for like 20min at a time without checking back in with you. Tell the same lies everyday. The terminal never calls. Tracking information is useless. Everyday I've been calling just to be told the exact same thing as the person before the terminal will call you tomorrow. Well tomorrow was almost a month ago. I had to deal with piss poor unprofessional representation from an Agent named Arlene. I would have never chosen this company.

Jun 20, 2018

Worst Service ever

My TV has been 30 mins away from me for 7 days and they still tell me I have to wait 24 to 48 hrs more for them to receive it.. They wont give me any answers and will never let me talk to a Supervisor... My tv came from Chicago to L.a in 4 days but from L.a to Santa fe springs ( 30 mins away ) 7 days later and still nutin... i was supposed to receive the TV on the 14th and now its the 20th....SMH shame on you NSD

Jul 22, 2018

NSD Is a Deep State-Tied Political Operation

NSD is only part shipping company. NSD is also a political operation. NSD uses a social credit score determined by political allies to decide whether to give you proper service or whether to give you the runaround, tell lies, and/or steal your merchandise.

NSD HQ is located well within the 'Deep State Belt' where no shipping company should be located.

NSD uses Pakistani management personnel (Ahwan Ansari et al) tied to the Awan Congressional espionage people.

I figured this out after ordering a cooler from Home Dump that never arrived and apparently was never shipped based on what HD told me. NSD rep Allison made up a mythical delivery scenario to me out of whole cloth in that case. Throughout the process it became increasingly and abundantly clear that my merchandise would never arrive no matter what.

Home Dump is cooperating with the NSD political operation. Therefore I suggest you boycott Home Dump. I am.

Is this unusual? Not now. In its own way eBay has been doing it since 2012 via its search algorithm Cassini, which is clearly designed to skew viewership towards political allies by use of a social credit score, while purposefully hiding others' merchandise.

Now you know what is up with NSD and why its service is so mysteriously bad. Spread the news! Mention eBay and Cassini as well.

Jul 28, 2018

Worked for me

I recently purchased a TV from Amazon and was worried they would ship it by some bottom level carrier like the last time I bought a TV from them. I live in Western Minnesota commonly referred to as "flyover country". The last time they shipped it via DHL, and it took forever. DHL had it on their doctor over a week before I called them. They said they didn't have a regular run out to my area and were waiting till they got a truckload to make it worth their while. Fast-forward to several days ago and I replaced that TV with a shiny new one from Amazon. I was very disappointed they shipped it by a company that I've never even heard of, NSD. The TV appeared to be coming out of Seattle and seemed to be heading in my direction. A couple of days after NSD received it. I checked and it was now in Kansas City. That evening it showed up in Des Moines Iowa, kind of a roundabout direction to where I live, but it was still making very good time. The next day it arrived in the Twin Cities. My appointment for delivery was rescheduled for the following Monday, a full week before it was originally scheduled. I received notification that it was being handed off to some company named island-delivery, with the scheduled delivery time between 7 and 9 PM the following Monday. Still a week early. I managed to find some reviews on the island-delivery service and was now really concerned. They had just as crappy reviews as NSD did. I was assuming I would have the same issues as the previous time I ordered a TV. Waiting an entire week while it sat on somebody's dock. On Monday I received a phone call from a Robo dialer at island delivery. They were reminding me that the delivery would still be made between 6 and 9 PM that evening. Okay, I didn't have anything else to do but wait for my new TV. Shortly after 6 PM, I received a call from the delivery drivers that they would be here in about 20 minutes. Sure enough 20 minutes later they showed up. They brought the TV in and said: "there you go". I reminded them that it was white glove delivery which means they unbox it and haul all the dunnage off. A little disagreement there but they did find the section on their bill of lading that said it was white glove delivery. They apologized for the mixup, unboxed it, and hauled all the material away.

From store to home I was very pleased with the service I received from NSD and island-delivery. Maybe the excellent service I received was an anomaly, I don't know, but in my case, I was very happy with all experience. NSD and island-delivery from the tracking to the final delivery were very professional. The delivery drivers brought the TV in & hauled away the dunnage without any damage of any kind. In this instance, I give NSD & Island-delivery a five-star rating.

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