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Consumer reviews about NCE UNIFIED HEALTH ONE

May 4, 2013

illegal insurance company

DON'T BUY their insurance!! This company is unofficial and actually doesn't exist! I bought their insurance and I can't use it because all doctors and hospitals don't accept it. I tried to claim for at least a partial refund but I never received any support from this company. Don't trust their offers and prices!

Feb 2, 2016

Unified ripoff

This company NCE is a limited Medical Plan not accepted by any dr or pharmacy and is a total ripoff. They refuse to give money back after they lie and talk you into getting the insurance but not even covered for tax purposes and get charged for not having medical under taxes. Please if you don't want your parents to suffer don't buy this insurance plan they are a total fraud.

Mar 3, 2016

Ripoff Company

This company is not legal. It is not and insurance company. It is a discount plan and no doctors office or hospital take it. They feed you information like people is leaving market place to get their insurance because they are so reasonable and always offering discount. Don't give them your banking information no matter how good it sounds.

Roslyn White
Mar 28, 2016


They are lairs and thieves do not deal with these people they steal Money off your card and want return of they misleading don't trust these people

[email protected]
Jun 15, 2016

unified health one

Total RIPOFF. First charges for hospital was $ 574.00. They paid $ 69.00. Second charge Prescription $ 75.00. They paid 5 CENT !. I am into them for $ 880.00 this year, an Enrollment fee and Life insurance they said I had to Have - over $ 1100.00 and they have allowed me $ 69.05 in Five Months. It would have been CHEAPER TO PAY THE OBAMA FINE. THANKS OBAMACARE YOUR A NIGHTMARE. HOPE EVERYONE GOT THERE CUT BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE I GOT THE INSURANCE. NEVER AGAIN.

Aug 1, 2016


We are just now filing our 2015 tax return. We called NCE to request the form to send in with our tax return. They said they would send it. Two weeks passed and nothing from them. They said again they would send it. A week passed and nothing. Then when we called the third time they said they mailed it to the wrong address. We called back and asked the to email it or fax it to us. That is when they told us they were not Obama Care (ACA) approved. Now we have to pay the fine.
Look somewhere else.

Sep 12, 2016

NCE Unified Health One

Almost got suckered into this scam. Luckily I googled them, saw all the complaints, and stopped payment on my check. I got suspicious when I had to receive calls from about 4 different people with 4 different phone numbers. I was told congratulations on purchasing my life insurance plan. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM. THANKS TO THOSE WHO POSTED WARNING REGARDING THIS GROUP OF CON ARTISTS.

Sep 27, 2016


Thank God I researched this Unified Health One company on here. I was about to sign up with them. The guy's name was Justin. He told me all the B.S. l wanted to hear, on how his insurance was so cheap, and it was because group insurance. I kept telling him that I wanted to get off the phone and check it all out, that I didn't want to sign up till I looked it over. I started looking online for providers on www.multiplan.com. while on the phone with him and it was pulling nothing up and not working at all. He said he was having no trouble and finding all hospitals and drs I could go to. He wanted me to sign up right there and then with him. I said I'm sure you don't mind if I look it over and call you back. That's when I got suspicious. Why was he so adamant about me signing up right then and there. BCBS wouldn't do that. He was reluctant to give me his phone number and name. Another red flag. And when he DID give it to me, he sounded do defeated like he knew I'd find out that they were fake. So glad I waited and hung up then checked online to find out this company is a SCAM. DON'T PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE UNTIL YOU CHECK IT OUT ONLINE LIKE I DID. I'M GOING TO TRY CALLING "JUSTIN" BACK AND TELLING HIM OFF. That's IF he gave me his REAL name and phone number. Thank you to all that posted about this company for you saved me a huge headache. I DID tell JUSTIN that if it sounded too good to be true, it probably is was. I was right for once. Don't be a victim of UNIFIED HEALTH ONE!!!

Oct 27, 2016

Heath insurance liars

This company is a fraud a bunch of liars. They tell you something and don't do it. I'm stressed with company DONT use them

Oct 27, 2016


I left one complaint but want to add. I was told by Dwayne nance that if I paid 800.00 in July I wouldn't have a payment until August but they took the money out of my account in August. I called and they said not to worry they would not take the payment out in September but they did again I called upset and the said okay we won't take a payment out in October and they did. I'm over these people

Oct 27, 2016

Fraud i

I sent a complaint and wanted to change. They told me I wouldn't have a payment until September but took it out in August

Nov 21, 2016

Unitied Health

I just got off the phone with this company because I'm looking for different insurance because its open enrollment, She kept reminded me she is certified in the State for insurance, gave me low premium with NO CO pay on visits, blood work, hospital, Insurance pays 80% on meds. I even get vision and dental. Plus they pay an extra $50 towards the bill. I told her its WAY TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Well she claims they want to help their customers. I told her I never heard of this company and I have to make sure my Dr takes it. and she asks my DR name and a sec later she's says well I have your DR name right here on my screen she takes it.. This sounds way to good. She was very pushy to get my bank account. I did not give it to her. IT really sounded like something I wanted to take. Then I came on here and read the reviews. NOW I'm really confused. WHY would people or insurance companies IF that is what they are DO this to people.. Really $93 a month and I don't have to pay anything.. But she says I might get a bill sometimes. but not normally because the insurance helps pay and then pays an additional $50 .. HUH??? Well thanks to these reviews.. sur glad I didn't give her my bank account. she claims she will call me back for it. Didn't understand why I wouldn't have that info with me at work.. WOW

Jan 13, 2017


I should've looked up reviews before I signed up with this BS company. Luckily I caught on fast before I was charged too much. After so many failed call attempts (no one answered all day, finally got a hold of someone in the eligibility department and they hung up on me when I told them the reason for my call), trying to write my cancelation request and fax/mail it to them (their website has 3 different fax numbers and address so I wrote to all of them) I FINALLY found the cancelation number after digging through the pamphlet. The billing number is: 877-258-8594. There you can cancel with them over the phone. I would also recommend calling your bank to file a fraud claim and get a full refund from them. The billing department woman told me over the phone that they would issue me a full refund, but I highly doubt that will happen. DO NOT BUY THIS "INSURANCE" PLAN.

Mar 22, 2017


Do not buy. Just doing 2016 tax called them for the form. Said they dont fo that and will send email with explanatiion liat of what i paid and the dates i had the plan. Got the email and ther they said they are not an insurance company.
When i was looking for affordable insurance they came up so i called spoke to Lauren. She assured me they were a real medical insurance. Asked how can they be so low in price and still cover 80% and no copay plus more lies.she said they group everyone to get the lowest price possible. ALL LIES. THEY NEED TO BE SUED AND REFUND EVERYONES MONEY

Mar 30, 2017

So lucky that I canceled in time

I signed up with them because I was having the worse issues with my insurance through covered ca. They appeared to have everything we wanted. Well both my kids got sick 2 weeks after getting the insurance with 104 degree Temps that would not come down. I spent 6 hours calling urgent cares, doctors, even neighborhood clinics that take everything. NO ONE ANYEHERE would take it. Was told by everyone that it is a scam that it is not real insurance. I was able to cancel since I was in the first 30 days..... thank goodness!! If my kids had not gotten sick, I would have been screwed!! Ended up taking them to a clinic and had to pay 700. To get them well.... nice insurance!

Apr 18, 2017


I had a "young and dumb" moment, when I was in a rush to purchase insurance. Everything sounded great. $176 a month covers 70% of all medical bills plus added cash benefits. Upon enrolling I also had to pay an enrollment fee. Making my total $340. After a week I still hadn't received an email of confirmation or anything in the mail. They finally called and told me my policy waist effect. I was a bit sketched out so I asked for the full name of my insurance. Unified Health One Insurance. (I know, I should've done this first!! But like I said, young and dumb and just in a rush to get it done" Anyways, I did my research after that and here I am, Finding out everything is a scam. I called this morning to cancel my policy. They were able to refund the premium of $176, but not the enrollment fee. So ive lost $164 and I still don't have insurance. Im just glad I cancelled in time and was able to get half of it back. DO YOU RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING!!!!

Jun 2, 2017

Fraudulent Co/Shady Workers

I wish I had seen this page. I was looking for insurance. This is one that I found. They offered all of these great medical benefits. Small copay for Dr visits and Rx's etc. And yes like others on her of course they found my Dr on their list. (How convenient) The price also was unbelievable. I am sick. Very sick. I am on Social Security Disability. But my Medicare won't kick in until Sept '17. No amount of insurance will stop me from dying. But, many things could make me more comfortable. These people told me no preexisting etc. Pretty much everything you want to hear. They offered Life, Accidental Life, vision, & Dental. I told them "No" to all of these. I honestly don't know if I will make it to Sept. Part of my disease is double vision and blindness. (glasses won't correct this) I don't leave the house except for Dr appointments that I pay cash for. The thought of sitting in a dentist chair is unimaginable. I don't have the energy. When the packet came. The policy is more of a secondary policy for someone who has a primary insurance already. They also signed me up with different companies for Life, Accidental Life, Vision, and Dental. All of these I was very adamant that I did not want. I called the original number back. They said they could cancel the Medical. But, I would have to cancel the others. Then all the deducts started coming out of my checking. I'm on Social Security Disability! I can't afford this! I have been overdrawn at my bank! I tried canceling my ATM card. But, they have set this up as like a loan payment. Not through the card, But.right out of my account. My bank says all I can do is close the account and open another. Last month with the help of my bank we found several phone numbers. I was able to get Life, Accidental Life, Vision & Dental to stop. Today I look and Medical is still debiting. I called them again, They said I have to put my request in writing and they have no record of ever hearing of me before. She emailed me a form. I filled it out and emailed it back. Pray with me that this works. I'm too sick to keep fighting this. I need help. A class action suit is a good idea. But, I'm not strong enough. I'm sure they know that.

Sep 15, 2017

Not Health Insurance!

This is not health insurance and you have been scammed. Here's how I was scammed: My contract states clearly that colonoscopies are covered. When calling for confirmation in advance of my colonoscopy, I was told it would be covered. When my health care provider called for a pre-authorization, they were told 'no authorization necessary.' They were also told, however that outpatient procedures were not covered. As a result, my procedure was moved from the outpatient clinic to the hospital next door. The cost at the hospital was 11 times the outpatient facility. Rather than a $1,500 bill for the outpatient facility, I have a denied claim from 'Unified Health One' for $17,000. That's right - I'm on the hook for every dime of $17,000.

Additionally, I've had to hire an attorney at $300 an hour to try and work this nightmare scenario out for me.

This company has been successfully sued by the State of MA for fraud.

Sep 23, 2017

Fraud !!!

This is not a Health insurance , it is just a BS discount plan. I was dumb enough to sign up with them even though it sounded too good to be true, "no deductible , 80% covered for everything plus $50 added cash benefits ". I was lucky I learnt about them soon enough and I was able to dispute the $308 they charged on my credit card upon signing up. I had the agent Matthew call me next day and yelling at me for cancelling !! I told him off and said they should be ashamed of themselves for ripping off people for services they never provide. Do not fall for their trick, only get health insurance from Marketplace

Nov 7, 2017

Rip off NCE

I got rip off also they said have my doctor call the customer service number and I thought they did but they wanted two visits then said it’s not an insurance card just like my physical therapy they waited 12 weeks to found out it wasn’t a insurance card they told them it’s a secondary card, I changed my debit card so they can not take no more money out, I’ve tried calling and I kept getting the voicemail. They have the nerve to give me a list of doctors to see I past on that and cancelled my card. So please don’t use this non insurance and I wish I’ve could’ve seen all these messages.

James sizemore
Dec 13, 2017

Nce rip off

Was stupid enough to listen to the lies and bs from this fake ins co. Got took for 129.00 here at Christmas. Hope each and everyone of them get what they deserve. were is any justice anymore.

Jan 12, 2018

Why is this able to happen?

As with most of these reviews I too got scammed..I actually thought I was talking to United health care, my bad. I also fell for the great deals and that 80% of doctors and hospitals accepted this insurance wow great deal for 318$ a month right?!? I signed up after I was told I had to pay $318 plus a one time enrollment fee of $90... they took out $577.95!! And in increments of small amounts.. so weird! SO MANY RED FLAGS!!! My bad. I tried to get on the website and of course there isn’t one, just tons of fraudulent and scam claims and reviews of warnings!! I called so many times and was put on hold forever.. I then realized they knew my number so I called from my husbands phone and guess what they answered immediately!! Wow! So fraudulent!! Tried to cancel this was less than 12 hours of joining the girl argued and was so hostile! OMGosh no reputable company would do this.. I called the fraud department of my bank and filed a complaint and they are working on getting my money back! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? Someone shut this down!!!

Jan 14, 2018

I got suckered into this scam company

After God awful Obamacare went into effect, my original plan(that I was very happy with) was no more. Everything he said, LIES! Famous lie was if you like your health ins plan you can keep it. BS! HE completely ruined life for the working middle class.

Anyway. Forced to call the marketplace, got this company which completely blew smoke up my ass telling me this plan was just like my old plan. Which covererd 4 doctor's visits a year, 1 yearly gyno, emergency room and surgery.


They pay nothing! Doc visits they paid about $10. towards. I was having a bad gaulbladder attack to the point where friends wanted to take me to the emergency room. I said no. But called to see if I had to go, what exactly will they cover? Horrible I even had to do that in the first place but glad I did because they only pay $50 towards emergency room and $150 a day if you get admitted. Wtf?

How is this legal? I'm so furious at how we all got mislead by this, the power players in america controlling everyting and how we live etc.... Its bad enough we work for nothing with the gov't in our pockets taking our money before we earn it. Now we are getting robbed from health insurance providers, too. How can anyone afford to live today, if they aren't wealthy? I'm afraid for the people of future America with the UNAffordable NONHealthcare act. Something has to give.

Jan 24, 2018

facebook support page for law suit

Below is page to fight back against these people:


Feb 28, 2018


I’m left with a 20k bill of hospital and other pending bills I don’t know what to do at this point when I got the explanation of the bill the company told me it was just a discount card I was payment for


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