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the ignorance never dies
Dec 21, 2011

Damage to my car

It really makes me SAD to sit here and see all of you bashing Mr. Lube.
Do you not have lives to attend to ?

First of all, If I were to sit here and list off ALL of the BAD experiences I have had in ANY kind of service environment, I would take up this ENTIRE forum. Not to mention the simple fact that EVERY franchisee runs their shop/restaurant/store differently. Do your homework before you start pointing fingers at an ENTIRE corporation.
The girls at Tim's made my coffee wrong today.. Am I going to sit here and blame the WHOLE chain that is Tim Hortons !? No. Because maybe the franchisee who owns that particular store isn't as customer-oriented as he should be. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that's how it goes sometimes !

SHIT HAPPENS, it's called LIFE.
Sometimes, GOOD things happen to BAD people and sometimes BAD things happen to GOOD people.

Secondly, I feel the need to point out that I have had my past two oil changes at Mr. Lube and have had not a SINGLE issue.
Furthermore, when I went to Economy Lube earlier on this year, they racked me up from a $19.99 oil change (all I said was "no, thank you, !!!) to a total bill of $425.00 !
While some of you may have visited a Mr. Lube that you felt was "too pushy, " or "all about the ticket, " there are PLENTY of other lube
shops that do FAR worse than they do. Mr. Lube has only ever pointed out to me what is a necessity to have done, and I have NEVER
had an issue with them. Nor have I had a problem when I have simply said "no, thank you, " to the upper deck tech serving me. If you're too shy to say "no, thank you, " then you're never going to be able to have your car serviced. EVERYWHERE pushes for the up sell because that's how ANY company makes extra money. Clothing stores try to convince you to buy "a nice sweater, " to go with your new jeans, restaurants try to talk you into dessert or a coffee after your meal .. WAKE UP, people.. Almost EVERY company tries to up sell because that's where they make their extra profit.

So PLEASE stop bashing an ENTIRE company, and take into consideration that every Mr. Lube IS owned by a DIFFERENT person, who very well might run their ship differently ! I know for a fact that the 3 brothers who own and operate the Cambridge, Kitchener and Guelph locations are phenomenal men who truly take their customers seriously. I have personally witnessed 2 of the 3 brothers helping a customer with an issue, and PAYING for the repairs when a trainee messed something up.

However, if you're really that unsatisfied with your service, here are three key things to remember:
1) Pick up a couple books on your vehicle or vehicles in general (your owner's manual would be a GREAT place to start !),
2) Read the books,

Jan 12, 2012

Damage to my car

You know that saying " if it's not on the computer screen they haven't a clue" well this definatly applies to mr lube and they still manage to screw up. I've been f**ked with at the brampton hwy 10 location, spent over $600 buying shit that "needed" replacing HEH sure the NO THANK you applies but when they show you gunk on your differential drain bolt ( probably was scraped up off the shop floor) you really don't have a choice. I had my serpintine belt replaced which was put on THE WRONG WAY omg I can't tell you how frustrated I was finding this out after 2000k driven I then noticed that the PVC valve I was billed for never got put in ( it's still the stock ford motorcar black PVC valve) I mean WHAT THE F*8$! Im absolutely done with them my car along with my 3 family members cars won't see another inexperienced mr lube AGAIN! What a god d*m joke

I have yet to verify but if I find out tomorrow that the oil filter is stock or wasn't changed I'm going to hit the roof...

Speedy auto focuses on Need not Greed which is why I've reluctantly made the switch

Stay. The. Hell. Away. From. Mr.Lube! <--inexperience meets idiocy at its finest folks
That being said I've come to the conclusion that I was f**ked with due to the fact that my mustang is nicer than anything those pimpled faced monkeys will ever own .

Jan 12, 2012

Damage to my car

Hey guys, I drive a 3 year old Acura MDX. I've only been to mr lube once, and I have to say I am disappointed. After going there and making a few round of opinions from my buddies, truth be told they have some pretty bad practices. A buddy told me his friend quit working at mr lube because they would pruposely damage cars that go through their shop.
My story was like this.

I had an oil change mid day. All went well got coffee and sat in my seat and waited. Drove home and had dinner and went out later that night. Had about 20 km of driving and then squiky sounds came from the front left turn buckle. This was not something with the brakes. The squeaky sound was cyclical as the wheel turned, and was made louder when I turn left. So I tested neutral and glide and it still squeaked. This never happens before... But after the oil change this problem has since been with the car till now... Almost 6 months later. Now thinking back, I could swear it was something they had done... After hearing about these complaints. So i don't know wha I could do... Im almost at my next maintenance reminder so what should I do? Could it be a wheel bearing or something? Cut the rubber boot or something? I don't know guys...

All I know is not to go to Mr. Lube again. Stick with a reputable place and trying it out may be more costly than you expect. Dot be like me and try it out.

Jan 30, 2012

Damage to my car

i am 18 and work at mr.lube in Edmonton. all i can say is our boss tells us we need to sell products or we are fired we also need to get customers emails and other bullshit. Most people just want a straight oil change and it makes it hard for me to sell stuff making me get in shit. Mr.lube is a corrupt pile of shit stay away. At the end of each night every emplyee is evaluated on their sales, we do not recieve commision but still we are told to shove products at the customer. hope this explains the crappy service

brent babcock
Jan 30, 2012

Damage to my car

l went to Mr Lube and allowed them to change and flush my transmission fluid. Big mistake as the next day my transmission was slipping badly. l went back to them and they told me to go to Canadian Tire and buy some "no slip". l went to a transmission place for their opinion and they said only a fool would flush out a transmission.

Apr 4, 2012

Mr. Lube Tried to Kill Me

I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. I am warning car owners about the DANGERS of using Mr. Lube.

After waiting 2 hours in line because this location was shutting down permanently, it was finally my turn to get an oil change and tire change (from winter tires to all season's). I got the usual bombardment by the tech who proceeded to upsell additional services. I was restless and just wanted to go and so politely said no. I paid my bill and went on my way.

A few days later, I was driving home when my front TIRE CAME LOOSE while I was on the highway during Montreal rush hour. 4 out of 5 lugnuts were completely loose.

This is completely UNACCEPTABLE and not to mention dangerous. It was obvious negligence on Mr Lube's part.

Sadly, I have given up trying to contact Mr. Lube after 3 calls to customer service and no return calls after I was told the regional manager was going to contact me AND after completing the online feedback form. No apology from the customer service rep with whom I spoke and she clearly didn't care to follow up.

I will be posting a YouTube video showing what they put me through entitled "Mr Lube: Negligence Kills"

DON'T GO TO MR. LUBE unless you have a death wish.

Jun 21, 2012

Mr Lube refused to acknowlege my complaint or even me!

I took my Hyundai Tiburon in for an oil change on 9/24/2011 at this Mr. Lube location because I had just driven from Tampa, Fl and I assumed that i would need an oil change after such a lengthy drive. I pulled my car up into the bay. The technician asked me a few questions about my car and then he proceeded to opened my hood and look underneath the car, after waiting for about 5 minutes the technician came back to me letting me know my oil was clean and i was not in need of an oil change, he did, however; let me me know that they would go ahead and top off my fluids for free and wipe my windows. I thanked them for there service and left. I was staying at the Hampton inn suites down the road and was not planning on driving anywhere till the next day. Once I got back to the hotel I parked my car and did not start it again until Sunday 9/25/2011. That Sunday, my wife and I started to drive back to her parents house in Hay River, NT. About 60 or 70 km outside of edmonton we heard a huge exploding sound from outside underneath the car, immediately I assumed it was the tire. I pulled the off and shut the car off without hesitation, as soon as we are stopped the car is filled with smoke. I go out and looked at the tires and they're fine. I looked underneath the car and it's pouring oil out all over the ground. Not being a mechanic myself, I had no idea what was going on. I called the nearest town and had it towed to Uptown Auto Service, in Mayerthorpe. Since this was a Sunday, my wide and I had to stay in Mayerthorpe till the car could be looked at sometime on Monday. After the mechanic looked at the car it was clear that there was no the drain plug was missing. Which was immediately suspicious since I just had the oil looked at by Mr. Lube, but on the other hand I had driven 3,000 miles only days before with no issues with the car at all. So i proceeded to call Mr. Lube. My initial call with them was 9/26, spoke to someone named Doug. Doug gave me the fax number to send in my receipts and the information that was given to me by Uptown Auto stating what the problem was. I faxed the information over and waited to hear back. On 9/30 I called again and spoke to Doug again who advised me to contact Stuart Krause who was the district manager and he would be the only one able to help me, Doug gave me Stuarts number and I called him immediately. I spoke to Stuart Krause and was advised as soon as he answered he would me call back the next day. 10/5/2011 Called Stuart Krause again at 4pm, Stuart advised me that he was moving furniture and he would call me back that night between 7:30 and 8:30p.-no call back again. 10/6 Called store talked to Doug, Doug advised me that Stuart was out of the store, but would leave him a message to return my call. 10/6 Called back again later in the day, still not in store. 10/6 Called again spoke to the store manager Robbie at 3:30pm and was told that he had an upcoming meeting with Stuart and they would discuss this issue, also promised that Stuart would call me back by the upcoming Friday by noon; still have yet to hear from Stuart Krause.

Feb 9, 2013

Worst Customer Service

After they did the oil & filter change on one of my two BMWs & I was paying for the services, another employee who didn't even service my car, comes over & slams the hood so hard that I jumped in my seat. I was on my lunch break & had to get back to work soon. The only mistake I did was I did not get down the carright then to see if anything happened. So I drove to work & as soon as I parked my car, I went around to have a look & I was pissed off to see both the front grills hanging loose. I drove back to Mr.Lube right away & showed them what they did. But all they did was tie the grills around so that they wouldn't fall out & told me that they will have the manager call me latest by the next morning. The manager never called back so I went back a couple of days later. Again the same answer, that the manager will call me. Again, no one called. Again I went back for the third time. Same thing repeated again. Finally I lost it & the next week I went in & when they said the manager was not around I told them that if he doesn't call me to resolve this issue, I will have to take the matter more seriously. Finally the next day he called me & said he will talk to the owner & the area manager & get back to me. More than a week passed by, still no answer. So I called back after a week & all he had to say was "sorry it was not our mistake so nothing much we can do". Without even having a look at the damage, how can someone conclude anything? I have never experienced such a worst customer service & being in the customer service industry itself I am just totally disgusted the way Mr.Lube handles customer service. I told my boss, my colleagues & even my neighbours about it. I will get my car fixed but Mr.Lube lost at least 7 customers & I will keep advising my friends to never bother going to a Mr.Lube.

Mar 7, 2013


I recently went to the local MR. LUBE for a simple oil change - where the attendant tried to upsale an engine oil flush. My daily commute is all highway mileage - 200 KM's per day - I am quite sure the engine gets to full temperature on each and every drive. And the car receives regular oil changes - every 5500 KMs (not at Mr. Lube). And the car is relatively new - under 4 years old. So, I was quite surprised when the attendant shows me the "inside" of the oil cap, claiming that my car engine had a sludge issue, and should be flushed. Really!

Harold Roselli
Mar 7, 2013

sent me a bill I don't remember getting anything from them

I recieved a billing saying I owe the Carta Engorius Society $22.80 for what I don't know. There was no phone number so I could call them and find out what they were billing me for. The letter said that it was my 3rd. payment reminder and that if I didn't send the payment by 2/14/2013they were turning me over to a collection agency, that it would effect my credit history and I would be charged further fines of $60.00 at least. I looked them up on my computer and seen they were a scam Company and there were other people that have recieved the same letter saying they are a scam outfit, I am not payin them the money they are demanding unless they say what I contracted them for. Please advise me on what to do and if my feeling not to pay them is valid.

Harold Roselli
10755 Chisholm Trail
Cherry Valley Ca. 92223
951 218 0132

Harold Roselli
Mar 7, 2013

Illegal charge

checked this co. out on thecomputer and foud them to be a scam org. other people recd. the same letter and reported them a scam. they send a bill saying I owe them $19.00 with a penalty of $3.80 equel to $22.80 a 3rd. payment reminder. I have no idea what tis is for, so I checked them out on my computer and found other people have recd. the same letter and that they are a scam outfit. I can't find any phone number for them so I can call and get answers. The letter states that if I don't pay by 2/14/2013 they will turn me ove r to a colection agency which will effect my credit rating and be penalized $60.00 or more. After reading the testimonies regarding them I am not making any payments until they asure me that I contracted them for something and I agree.

Please advise as to my position with them.

Harols Roselli
10755 Chisholm Trail
Cherry Valley Ca. 92223
951 218 0132

Dec 2, 2013

Mr lube

Went in for an oil change in August and I was told hat I should have the oil in my rear end changed and I agreed to it. I had my oil changed there again in November and later in November a howl appeared in the rear end of my truck. I took it in to find out that there was minimal oil in the rear end and that it needed extensive work. There were no leaks in the rear end as per the ford technician, so where did this oil go that mr lube put into the rear end. They deny any wrong doing and refuse to be accountable for their work and i have to question why they didnt check the rear end level upon my service in November. I am grateful that I never agreed to let them change other fluids in my truck. People, go to your dealership. They know what they are doing.

Apr 6, 2014

Rip Off

I received a coupon from a Mr Lube Manager in a personal meeting
said it only $30 with discount
well not a big deal but just take a tried

not to mention those non-sense selling skills that saying my other fluid and parts are in over due and deadly condition which I was newly changed, even though my engine oil was just nearly 4000km from previous change and said my oil was way over due and need a engine flush and whatever. What I replied is "just do the simple old change"

Yes, the straight forward oil change is $30, but they didn't mention how much my oil filter cost. The shop I usually went were included in the price, but Mr Lube is extra, Mr Lube changed me $15 for just the filter.

This is my 1st time visited Richmond Hill store, I was in Scarborough store and usually charged me around $5, and the Richmond hill store staff said this is the price shown on the computer and they didn't mark up. I said I never paid over $50 in total at the past and now I have manager discount coupon and I paid even more.

1st, they did not mention the price for me before they do anything, not I have no choice.
2nd, I asked to adjust the price and they refuse before they started the job already (this is the trick!), the rip people off once your car already in their hand

but anyhow, they ripped me off $10 this way, they will lose way more than $10 in the future

[email protected]
Apr 18, 2014

BEWARE ! A bunch of minimum waged kids are managing Mr. Lube at Walmart.

Bunch of minimum waged kids are managing the Mr. Lube at Walmart. Poor customer service. Really bad experience for an expensive $65 oil change service.

No appointment necessary made it worst.

BEWARE Of Mr. Lube !!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 8, 2014

Mr Lube"s Upsale Fuel System Flush Ripoff Nightmare

My (first) experience with my local Mr Lube at Commissioner RD East & Wellington in London has been a Nightmare.

I wish I had done homework on MR. Lube before using the $10 off coupon for an Oil Change!

I ended it up with a destroyed Catalytic Converter and a melted O2 sensor which had to be replaced!
All this the tune of $1390.00. And all because I allowed myself to be convinced by the young employee reccommendation that my 2009 Kia Sportage needed an Cabin Air Filter $35), an Radiator Flush($140), a Fuel System Cleaning($90), and a Slew of other Services like EngineFlushes, Coolant fluid change, etc.

I opted out of most services,but agreed them to do the Cabin Air Filter change and the "Fuel System Cleaning" Flush....With the $10 off coupon it came to $210.00.

Which, by the way, in my, 20 year Licenced Mechanic's opinion, should Never be actually attempted by anyone but a fully licence That Vehicle's Make Specialist Mechanic, and even then it is Not reccommended to be done at all.

Immediately after leaving the Mr Lube's shop my engine light (which by the way, in the 5years I have owned this vehicle, Engine Light has NEVER come ON), and I notice that the car had loss of power.
So,I bring the car back 2 hours later, to which the head assistant they tells me this tends to happen, and proceeds to clear the engine light and tellsme that I need to take the car for a "good run" to allow all the Fuel System Cleaner to go out through the exhaust but normal driving would help start the cleaning process.

2 days later Having the opportunity to do so, I took the car for a "good run" on a highway, I could barely get the car to run 80km/hr. after taking the vehicle back to Mr Lube and not hearing any call back from the Manager I had my mechanic look at it and was told that the Catalytic Converter had gotten plugged up by either the cleaning fluid or gases, having no place to escape, ignited, and thereby blowing the Cat Converter and a melting the sensor to it, due to extreme overheating.
Needless to say, both parts had to be replaced, and the cost was $1385.00!!.

When I finally got a response from the Manager at Mr. Lube claiming he never recieved any of the previous 3 messages, I, at this point requested financial compensation for the damaged caused to my vehicle by the service they provided, he then proceeded to open an investigation.

5 Days After I supplied them with my Mechanics bill and Pictures of the destroyed Catalytic Converter, Mr Lube claimed absolute non responsibilty since "VIDEO of the "Trainee" was Reviewed and claimed he did everything according to the training that Run-Rite provided them..."Run-Rite", the Fuel System Cleaner used in the process also dinnied Mr Lube's claim on my behalf.

Not only did Mr. Lube completely denied responsibility for the terrible service provided, but offered nothing in the form of compensation for the damaged cause to my vehicle.

What infuriates me the most, is that when I advised him I will be contacting the Better Bussniness Bureau and I may concider writing my local paper and getting my attorney involved, his response was simply. "OK, Sorry about that" and "Have a Nice Day".



Jesse Davis
Jan 26, 2015

Transmission Scam

Went to mister lube for my oil change. They noted my trani oil was looking old. I decided to get it changed as I had 88,000 K on this oil. I next went to change my oil in Vancouver after about 8,000k. The attendant said the trani oil looked bad and needed to be changed! I looked and yes it was very black and did not look good at all.

So I called in a complaint. They forward it to the shop that did the original oil change and they call me. They said they would have the oil tested, but if they say the oil is ok then I have to pay for the testing!

Have they no shame!! Mr Lube tells me the oil is bad and needs to be changed. So I express my concern and the shop that did the suspect change tells me I have to trust them on the test and they will charge me if the oil is not bad!!!

Wankers, I will never go to them again. They failed miserably.

Oh yeah, customer service never called me back to see if things worked out ok. I have 3 vehicles and for the last 5 years have had my oil changed there. Only 1 other incident where they upsold my daughter in a questionable manner.

I will never go back there again.

Feb 1, 2015

Using Wrong oil and Filter for my Benz ML 320 Blue Tek

My Wife always service her ML 320 Diesel at Mercedes Benz, just once she went to do the oil change and they upsold to change their superior package with a non approved oil by Mercedes Benz, after one 3 days we saw oil leaking from the engine, we have attended in their shop couple of times and just cleaned the pan under the engine and for the 3rd time the manager Gary changed the filter to Mercedes Benz approval which originally they have used a wrong one.
I am taking this to legal now and they have to pay every penny on this loss.

Kevin schalla
Jun 5, 2015

Rip off

Had my oil changed by Mr lube. I heard about up selling other items that you may need. I do not have a problem with that. A person can say maybe next time and take it for a second opinion which I would always recommend. Before going to this Mr lube I marked my oil filter because of the scams I heard of. Sure enough the oil filter was not changed. They had me come back to show them the mark and the manager says it hasn't happened in the six months he's been there. This is a rip off. How many times has this happened before? They are playing with my engine. Never again.

Apr 20, 2016

Never Again on Mr. Lube !

I have known for a fact that Mr. Lube tries to upsell you on just about anything. If you ask for an oil change, they will ask you to change your transmission fluid, too. If you just want to replace your wipers they will ask you to replace your battery, too. And they are very good at it. They tell you with a straight face that you need it to have it done as it is either recommended by the manufacturer or not having it done will damage your car. I went to a Mr. Lube to have my tires switched to my all-season from my winter tires. They were the only one open on a Sunday afternoon and I needed to have my tires switched as I was taking my car on a long drive and I did not want to drive with the winter tires as the weather was already warm. What do you know ? They said balancing the wheels are recommended every time the tires are switched which is not true. I was afraid they might do something bad to my car if I refused to have the balancing so I had it done. It just proved to me that these guys are really trained to skim as much money as they can from their customers. It does not matter which branch you go to. Skimming their customers is a company culture. So never again, Mr. Lube. If you continue doing this , you will eventually lose customers.

Oct 3, 2016

mr lube sucks

> Hello
> > I have a problem with Mr Lube I took my car in to take
> tires
> > off and put new tires on rims
> > in the process they punctured 1 tire costing $206.00
> > dollars
> > the location is in Newmarket 16630 Yonge street
> > , there was no tire sensor fault because they FAILED to
> tire
> > and mount the NEW tires
> > they put the old tires back in my car.
still did not get money back.

> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Lube
> > Feedback
> > The new tires you tried to put on has a
> > puncture in it That is why there
> > was no
> > tire sensor fault (FAILED TO TIRE AND MOUNT NEW TIRES
> TO
> > RIMS) Take responsibility for your
> > services and train your People don't
> > take the tire
> > off with a crowbar I seen
> > you where having a rough
> > time it took more
> > then 1 hour with no results
> >
> > thx
> >

Nov 17, 2016

Demage done to my car

Went to this Mr Lube location to have summer to winter tire switch. When torquing technician broke one stud. Manager refused to take a responsibility for fixing this. Statement like: we are not setup to do this type of work, go to mechanic to have it fixed and pay for it yourself.
Guys do not go there, it is not right place to have any work on your car done.
There are other shops in Mississauga doing the same type of work without any issue and price is lower. I was always using MrLube for a convenience of not making the appointment, but never again, it is not worth.

Damon H
Mar 29, 2017

Mr. Lube = Beware... Read This First

*** HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND MR LUBE (especially the one on Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton). PLEASE look at all other reviews on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google etc. One CBC Article http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-man-s-engine-destroyed-after-oil-change-1.3413778 states they actually ruined and seized a customers motor and did not compensate him So many people have had extremely poor service including myself and family. We took our vehicles to the location in March 2017 and they actually put the wrong oil in one of our vehicles (we asked for full synthetic) and then they did not put on the cooling skid plate assembly onto our other new 2017 vehicle on properly which ended up dragging across the Anthony Henday Highway and eventually falling off! Upon speaking with the general manager Brian he offered less than substandard service and made it sound that these types of mistakes happen often at their locations, he said the owner Kyle was going to call but never did. One can tell the problems start from the top and trickle down. If you value your vehicle you may want to strongly consider looking elsewhere.

* Also please note: The same owner owns multiple Mr. Lube locations in Edmonton!!! To confirm this check the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Here is a link: http://www.bbb.org/search/?type=name&input=Mr.+Lube&location=Edmonton%2C+AB&tobid=&filter=business&source=bbbse&default-source=bbbad&radius=&country=CAN&language=en&codeType=YPPA

Jun 5, 2018



Brought our 2016 mercedes c300 to get it's first oil change at Mr. Lube and the technician busted the oil filter cap and the engine cylinder head blew. They had business insurance as the repair was over $15,000 for a new cylinder head.

Don't bring a nice car there as those dirtbags are jealous and will deliberately to damage to your car.


Sep 12, 2018

Wrecked my car

Brought my car in to have tires changed from winter to summer tires. They did it and a month later I brought it back as suggested for a free tightening to make sure they were done well. A month after that my front tire came flying off while exiting the highway. All 5 lug studs were snapped. Mechanic and tow truck driver said it was from over tightening the lug nuts. Because they did the tightening for free there was nothing in the system so they said it was two months since they did it so there is no proof it was there fault. I had all the lug nuts checked and was told they were all over tightened and we got lucky we were getting off the highway when it happened or we could have lost control and killed someone.

Mr brair
Mar 22, 2019

Over priced tire change

Mr. Lube at the Walmart Clearview.
Asked 260 for changing 4 tires. After I told the guy I am calling Costco first, he came to me while I am talking to costCo and said my manager can take off $100.
Done it with Costco for $63
They even told me it will be $44 + tax if I buy the tires from them.
Bye bye Mr. Rip off.

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