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McDonalds - Canada


Consumer reviews about McDonalds - Canada

Noël Laflamme
Dec 27, 2011

Why are your ordering diet coke?

Bonjour, McDo,
1) ça fait une demi-heure que je cherche votre adresse courriel dans Internet pour vous envoyer un message, mais ne la trouve nulle part. Pourquoi la cachez-vous ?
2) Vous rendriez un très grand service à votre clientèle si vous acceptiez, svp, DE NE PLUS FAIRE JOUER LA RADIO DANS VOTRE RESTAURANT (et dans toutes vos succursales) ET DE REMPLACER ÇA PAR DE LA MUSIQUE ENREGISTRÉE, instrumentale de préférence. On n’en peut plus de supporter le blabla des animateurs des radios commerciales ainsi que l’énervante et agressante publicité alors que tout ce que l’on désire, c’est de boire son café en paix, manger en paix, lire son journal en paix, bavarder en paix avec des amis. Faites-en votre résolution du Jour de l’an 2012. Merci.
Noël Laflamme

Cap'n Hooke
Jan 5, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?

As far as the pros and cons of drinking diet coke go, when you are paying for it you don't need advice from an acne farm in a paper hat. The sense of entitlement of these idiots defy belief. In Brandon if they want to get employees they have to pay $18.00/hr. or they can't get anybody. They can travel 100 kms to the oil patch and take homed over $2000 a week. My last meal at rotten Ronnie's consisted of fries and 2 wraps with a DIET COKE all served room temperature. It took three tries to fix the debit machine and then I had to pay through another till. The food may have been heated at one point but I'm not sure. If you deserve a break today go to A&W it's way better tasting anyway. Their muffin n' eggers are GREAT!!!

The McCook
Jan 18, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?

I am a student and a part time employee at my local store, I work in the back mainly but on occasion I take orders. First of all yes we do laugh at the diet coke thing, but NEVER Up front only in the back or before shift that will get you fired in a heartbeat. Second, if I wear my uniform and then go to KFC and swear in front of a child you cannot do jack shit about it, you can sit up on your high horse and think he got fired, but more than likely he never heard of it because off the clock they don't control you. Also not all stores are the same, I admit I have been to other stores and had a order messed up and I have messed up orders in the past but I strive for order accuracy so if you get the wrong food POLITELY inform us, of peole are kind we help the. Out and they'll get the meal for free but if you are a total ass who thinks you are better than me just because I work at one of the most demanding jobs then all I have to say is sorry you already took your food and ask you to leave, because we will miss the $5 a day but of we lose the attitude, then it's worth every penny. So next time you go to a McDonald's or any fast food joint, try to be respectful some of us are full time students working 40 hours a week to try to succeed in this world so we can do without your attitude and try to be polite you might notice we make your visit a bit more enjoyable whether it's faster service or a free coffee when you look like you've had a rough day, if you treat us like human beings we may just return the favor.

Eric Bodell
Mar 1, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?

This is what I found when I went into the downtown McDonald's in Vancouver's Tinseltown Mall. These photos were taken during operating hours and only on the single visit. One photo shows the workers sharing cell phone photos with each other while another clearly shows an employee STANDING on trash. the pile up of wet floor signs suggest that employees chose to put a new one up rather than bend over to pick up the dropped one...Despicable.

Eric Bodell
Mar 1, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?


Mar 8, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?

So, you order a Double Big Mac, a super sized combo, and a separate Mc Chicken sandwich...And you wonder why the general public (and Mac Donalds crew members) are disgusted with your choice of a Diet Coke? (Do you really think that coke will redeem your glutenous ways?)...It's an ignorant move on your part. First, Diet Coke does not taste better than regular Coke. You're just used to it, and probably the aspartame will get you long before the sugar would. ...You are killing yourself !...Your food addictions are related to unresolved conflict(s) in your life...So, why don't you man-up and get the help you obviously need and stop trying to make others responsible for your problems...Mac Donalds is not required to cosign your bullshit.

McD worker
Mar 29, 2012

Why are your ordering diet coke?

McDonalds at Port Union road rips off the employees and dont pay for all all our hours we work. They dont hire brown and black people.Ali and Nandan treats us like slaves, and in fact thinks we are slaves. We are told to use out of code products so gross because they over order and is too lazy to move stuff around. If you are a girl dont work there the male managers will harass you and feel you up.

Jul 26, 2012

Big Mac

I work on the road a lot and am forced into eating fast food, therefor eat a lot at MacDonald's anyway got a big Mac the other day looked at the meat on it and it looked like they took one Paddie and cut it in half. I would have taking it back but I already got on the highway and couldn't be bothered, is this something they do to save money. I have one more complaint MacDonald's seem to be the only restaurant that don't make their workers wear gloves well preparing the food, I think this day with so many germs they should have too.

Dec 18, 2012


why is mcdonalds waging a war on christmas ?
Is it too much trouble to have sign that say's merry christmas rather than happy hollidays ?
I will never eat your junk food again and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Oct 30, 2013

bad food

I'm 67 on a 3 hr. drive and because I like your fries I stopped in Summerland. when ordering she said "large" and I replied "I guess so; if that what it comes with. The order came to $8.00. my bad. At the window I had to wait 5 min for fries and she gave me enough pop to feed a family. I thought, well they got me when I said yes to large. I started eating the fries out of the bag and found enough fries to feed a small family. I opened the burger box to see 1/2 of the cheese hanging out of the bun. I opened the bun and saw that only 1/2 of the bun had sauce on it and of course, the other half of the cheese. The burger was a shrunk up dry and hard piece of meet that I wouldn't feed to my dog. I guess it was to much to ask for a freshly cooked juicy burger while I waited 5 min. for the fries. The Burger was cooked at noon for the rush that never came and you still served it at 4pm.

1001 rick
Apr 8, 2014


Purchased $ 28.00 of food at drive thru they missed 1 burger 1 nuggets and no straws .drove back through and was greeted with "you forgot your nuggets" i said also a burger and straws and the fries are cold . they wanted my receipt like i was a liar . then again asked what i had received . i felt like i was the bad guy for asking for my order and this was not the only time the order has been wrong. i live 40 minutes from there and find my order wrong when i get home to feed my family . after working and traveling i cant travel back to complain. so this time i give all the food back and demanded my money. rose the manager was only happy enough to return it, with a snicker like its just normal. HOW COME THE CUSTOMER ISNT FIRST!!!!!!!

Jan 16, 2015

McDonalds SE Calgary

On Tuesday January 13,2015 at approximately 3:15 PM we visited our local Mc Donalds on Macleod Trail South Calgary to find the business looking totally in disarray,the floor were absolutely filthy (needed washing ) tables needed to be cleared and wiped off
,garbage containers were overflowing ,the counter where soft drinks are dispensed needed wiping (Ketchup and soft drink spills ) There was no one on duty to take care of these issues,a regular customer advised us that the management had cut back the maintenance persons hours. When we stepped up to order a coffee and muffin which we like and have on a fairly regular basis, but they did not have a single muffin for sale . Another customer ordered chicken nuggets and when he received his order ,he commented to to the clerk that they looked disgusting and the clerk advised the would make a new order,upon receiving new order he just shook his head and promptly placed them into the waste container.The restaurant did not appear to have a manager on duty at this time. This McDonalds had a major renovation approximately one year ago and it is a shame that it is going down hill fast. We are not sure whether this is a Franchise or a Corporate store.but would like to see this location have a thorough audit done to get this back on track. We love our McDonalds and don't want this to go out of business

sad one
Jan 3, 2016

bad service

your mcdonalds at { eglinton sq. my family have use so many times.. we have come accross bad service and also other customers as well.... " asking for ketchup"--- we are give ketchup in cups--- my daughter always looking forward in the happy meal and getting the prize.. asking if it's a boy or girl.. we say girl and then theey give her a boys toy... my daughter so up set because each and every time they always give her a boy's toy.. as she throw's it in the garbage.....waiting for so long to get our order half comes little warm and the other half is COLD.. i ask why and they tell me they have to wait for the other food. i tell them then why do you bring out the food and have it waiting untill the fries are done.. today food COLD....... NO toy for the happy meal.... NO HOT CHOCLATE for the three of us....asking questions to the incharge person and telling me that it's not there problum. i think they are so very rude i said sorry but i don't have to put up with the disrespect that i'm getting we have desided to take our business to BURGER KING just about 3 mins away................. so now instead of going to mcdonalds 3-4 time a week we are going give BURGER KING a chance.... "GOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK

Doug Phillips
Aug 26, 2018


Ordered couple of Bagels BLT breakfast sandwiches August 23/18 after waiting for 10 minuets in parking lot (they only have 2 wait spaces) I had to go find my order.I drove away and when I went to eat them they were cold one had no bacon and the other one no egg or bacon just lettuce and tomato.In my books that’s stealing.Never again 👎🏾

Jul 17, 2019

Witing too long

July-13-2019 I visited McDonald restaurant 2810 Major Mackenzie Drive to order two Fruit Smoothies, one ice cream cone and one Ice coffee.it took more than 20 min to be ready.Restaurant was quite I looked at screen order list there was only three orders were waiting. When I was waiting for my order two customers walked in right away placed the orders than picked up and left. I complaint to store manager she apologized and told me my order coming up and mentioned that the staff just waiting for raspberry.I told her why taking too long so she offered my complementary fries,I rejected the French fries and told her I just request faster service nothing else. Also my Ice coffee I requested earlier with less ice came in with no ice at all.my order was screwed up.

Dec 5, 2019


This evening, my wife and I went to McDonalds, Store 40131. We both ordered Quarter pounder combos. The server handed us a device which she said would buzz when our order was ready. I took it back to our table. It was then I noticed that it was extremely dirty and greasy. It was so bad iI felt like throwing up. I had some hand sanitizer and gave my hands a good cleaning before
our food came. The pager Number was 116.
Then whilst eating our food another customer with a bad cough when up to the ordering panel and started to select from It. Then he started to cough into his closed hand, then carrying on ordered. This made us feel grossed out and we wondered how often are these panels cleaned of bacteria If the pagers were anything to go by, probably not often at all.
The reason I am now starting to notice filth in restaurants is because I have just got over a bout of C DIFF, was hospitalized and had this very unpleasant malady.
I have never before seen anything so discus ting at a McDonalds before. there should be a hand sanitizing dispenser by these ordering boards and when before these plastic covered buzzers are handed to a customer, they could at leased be wiped with germ killing spray and again when they are returned .Please take this seriously before someone gets very ill or even dies.
Thank you. W. Osmond

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