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Consumer reviews about McDonald's malaysia

Mar 9, 2012


You all need to listen to my story!!! I went with my sister to McDonalds outlet at Sunway Pyramid this evening. We bought a happy meal as usual we were allured by the Happy Meal Collectibles... it was spongebob. How can anyone miss that right? So we got a chicken nugget set and brought home. Hours later when we were hungry we opened the pack and I saw a cheeseburger wrapper. I was surprised. I told my sister she couldnt believe it as we were looking forward to the nugget so much. Anyways after few minutes of munching our fries. I finally asked her to open the wrapper. I couldnt see cheese on the sides of the burger so I guessed they forgot to add in the cheese. When we lifted the top piece of bun, guess what we saw or to be precise we didnt... there was no patties nothing inside just a dash of ketchup and a piece of pickle. I said to myself isnt it too early for an April Fool?

angry angry bird
Mar 28, 2012


a incredible delay of m.d service even repeated reconfirm by phone. we had order through phone at 9.30pm and till now 10.55pm still not arrived. calling fr the md staff that the technical error, what it technical error? it human error. it really disappointed the old folks who waited and waited until... now the stomach fill with angry angry words on mc donalds. never never order thu phone... it a bad experience to everybody... i feel regret to order the md delivery... poor services

angie swee
Apr 5, 2012


I order through phone @ 12+pm and till now still not arrived!!! This is 2nd time i encounter this problem!!! First time I order at 1pm and till at 4pm still not arrived!!! Then the team manager called us and informed that is FOC!!! Later when the delivery is here.. they asked us to pay for it.. Then my bos asked them to take back!!!
What kind of service is this???? If they unable to take the order, just say it!!!
Really regret to order the md delivery.. damn poor services and every time called, they will just say.. refer to team leader!!!

Apr 8, 2012


I have waited for my mcd delivery order for one hour then i called to make enquires about my order. mcd attender told me he will give me a response in 15 mins but i waited for the response for 45 mins. After waiting for so long, i decided to called to ask about my order and cancel it. then the mcd attender just happily cancel it and say there is no compensation. MCD delivery sucks to max! no compensation, long delivery time, 3 dollars charge for delivery some more! I will never use mcd delivery again!

May 14, 2012

McDonalds Mutiara Damansara Drive-Thru.

I would like to complain regarding McDonalds Mutiara Damansara Drive-Thru.

In the drive-thru -
I ordered 2 Horlicks McFlurry and paid MYR10.60.
When I wanted to collect, I was given a wrong order of 2 Oreo McFlurry and wanted to change it to my right order.
McDonalds staff demanded I Pay an additional MYR1 for the Horlicks McFlurry.
I did not want to pay and wanted a refund but they did not refund me.
So I am out RM10.60 and no Horlicks McFlurry.

I then proceeded to Mcdonalds drive-thru Centrepoint, Bandar Utama and Ordered 2 Horlicks McFlurry and only paid MYR 9.55 for it.

This brings up the question -
Why is Mcdonalds Drive-thru Mutiara Damansara prices are higher for the Horlicks McFlurry (because I paid MYR10.60 vs. MYR9.55 Centrepoint Bandar Utama) and also was demanded to pay an additional MYR1.

Sep 22, 2012

Dirty dinning area and slow working attitude

McDonald's Kuchai is really a disappointed outlet where only 1 counter open for customer to place order during the peak weekend hour for breakfast. The whole area was very very dirty, most of the empty tables were covered by the rubbish and the walk way area is dirty. Cigates butt was everywhere at smoking area with dirty water stain on the floor. Even some of the customer decide to clean the table themselves but the rubbish bins were full they have no place to throw the rubbish or left the tray! Staffs were slowly refilling the empty sugar, creamer saches, spoon etc but not cleaning the area. It was happen at 9 am+ 22/09/2012. The condition turn better only when the cleaning staff turn to work at 10am.

Very disppointed that McDonald is a very big company but not enviroment friendly at all. Those recyclable items like paper boxes, paper plates, paper cups and plastic utilities were thrown into the gabbage just like that. Several times I saw the staffs cleaning the table by throwing everything. I believe by setting up the recycle bins, customers will be happly categories those recycleable item accordingly even that outlet is short of manpower to clean the table.

Nov 29, 2012

Mc Donald's Poor Delivery Service

I'm always a big fan of Mcd, wherever, whenever.
Unfortunately today, I had the worst delivery service i have met so far.
It takes 1 hour ++ to deliver, even within the hub of urban-klcc.
My mc flurry melted, fries have become cold and soft, the required 5 packs of pepper were mistranslated to 5 packs of chili sauce I got in my paper bag, coca cola has been poured, the water started dripping from the bottom of the cup etc, in a mess.

I'd say that that's the worst macdonald meal I had in my life.
It isn't my first time trying mcd delivery service (with my friend's account), it is the 1st time I ordered myself by using my own account, however it makes me pretty disappointed, sort of like ruins my though of ordering mcd again when i'm hungry in future.

But overall, the most serious problem isn't the delivery time and the food quality, I do understand it's not easy for a staff to delivery food with a motorbike, under big sun while still considering the food's taste at the same time.

The first order confirmation email I got S077-29/11/2012-130531 shows a failed sign in my track order, hence I ordered second time and got my second confirmation email S022-29/11/2012-242792. Then only I got my In Transit Order Status Email regarding my second order S022-29/11/2012-242792. I didn't receive any email update on S022-29/11/2012-242790 although it was in only 'Order Received' stage under my track order.

Thus, by right I should only get 1 successful delivery order since there's only 1 email about 'Order Status' - with 'in transit' status.
So, when the second delivery man sent the same thing to me 15 mins after I received my 1st order, I was like 'What are they doing!", a little bit pissed me off with further disappointment. My mind told me a strong message that ' I'm not gonna pay for the extra mis-order! '

Luckily, the second delivery man has a very good attitude & service that he never ask me to make payment. Instead he immediately apologized to me after listening to my explanation and it actually makes my bad mood gradually calmed down.

To prevent any misunderstanding and claim that I've never stated any unreal information above, I have proof of the transactions like emails and pictures of screen shooting the track order. I'm sure that every one has discovered other companies (competitors) that provide better and faster delivery service in Malaysia, for instance Domino,pizza hut, etc. Hopefully Mcdonald Malaysia get to improve the system and prevent this kind of mis-order happen in future again.

Apr 27, 2013

operator/customer service

another bad xp with mcd. Did u hire a deaf operator or something? kulim isnt anywhere near klcc or johor. Geography a bit off huh? Really pissed off coz after literally spelled out every details of mine, he said the line was busy n i cant place an order and will call back after 10min. Are u kiddin me? very bad service.

Jun 13, 2013

Poor Services Delivery

Dear Sir

Regret to informed you that my wife made an order through phone @ 8.30pm (13.06.2013) and until this complaint made the delivery were still not deliver. This is 2nd occasions my wife encounter this problem. This is the coupon no. 3241.

Hope the management can look into this matter since this matter frequently happen.

Jun 21, 2013

Not Complaining..

: Asking For the Missing running number for McDonalds Run 2013
Hi uncle M :P... erm.. i just want to apologize that if is it possible that can you send the number of the McDonald's Run to me..? I have missed one of my friends number.. i really feel so sorry for her, as i have helped so lots of my friends in my class to pay and take their t-shirts.. and hence this causes me to have one of my friends' running number to be dropped out.. So pls.. can you tell me what to do? I hereby actually have a suggestion: Can you e-mail me the running number of the friend of mine ? I will tell you her information if you are glad to lend me a hand.. And sorry for taking your time.. Oh ya, I am 16,from Smk Sinar Bintang, a secondary school in Taman Sri Bintang which is a very far school from my house at Selayang :) ~ ban zhang

Michelle Sarah lim
Jul 13, 2013

All team as poor Customer service

This morning ( taman Sri gombak ) when there is a waitress at 10:30 poor service attitude, she is an Indian colleague, (only one Indian colleague)and she have name tags but she didt show it what as a name ,and I asking another person is Malay colleague still as same stand over there never answer me what she Indian colleague name ,all team in Sri gombak staff McDonald look like didt sleep well ,never wake up yet in the morning,what that the customer service (OmG)She did not listen carefully to what I want is a requirement it soon turned me down, I just want the same for another supporting families is also supporting it, but also stressed and I have always said the food has been cooked, and (can not change), this is the attitude of your so-called right, there is the manager and I did not go completely solve the problem, just standing there in the corner quietly silent side. did not ask us what happened to understand the situation did not, and if you method to improve your attitude so I will reflect Your head office. simply throw McDonald's brand.

Jul 18, 2013

unpro. action by the branch manager

Early in the morning(18/7/2013) today is the new release of Minions Toy date, due to promise to my daughter i went to McDonald's about 7.15am. But when i step into the entrance i saw all serounding the glass panel and the counter was stick with A4 size paper with a memo that "Sold out' and next stok will be arrived about 6pm same day, and i was told by the counter customer service that only 200 pcs will be available n pls come bit early.... so i have arrange all my work load and about 4.45pm i reached counter.. but there was full of people Q up and at the same time i heard some customer said "ai.. go back , no more, only who got the token will entitle to have..." oh ! what !!!!!! so i go near to the group of people n there is a manager call "RAZAK' whose is the person who distribut the token at 3pm to 40 of the people in McDonald's , and shouted that who was not getting the token u can go back.... WWhat !!!! he is not inform in advance that will distribute token at about 3pm n we all come 4pm..4.15pm...4.30pm 5pm... all we got is Nut! Is not fair ! If he want to give up token should he inform last night or early in the morning when we arrived there so that we will arrange time to come at 3pm!!!!!!!!! So is unfair to all of us !!!!!!!! what a stupid Manager who make such decision !!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully Mcdonald Malaysia can check it up and review the incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 13, 2014

puchong gateway dt bad service

13/5/14 around 15.35pm I walk in this [email protected] gateway. 1 female worker the name is assyura, we just stand other counter just look menu.but she rude and scold:ini kounter tak boleh oder! Diri sana !
I never get mcd got service like this! First time! Very very rude and no respect! If she never get any punishment or improvement attitude! Next time we also in public rude to Treat her!my contact number 0197724311 mr wen

Jun 5, 2014


This is not the first time i ever feel bad about McDonald's bad service and here i try to emphasize on my experience.McDonald in Quensbay Mall Penang really has a bad service.No smiles,bad attitute,way they treat customer not only staff but also the supervisor.What happen dude! We as customers have no problems with all of you.If you(staffs) have problem or very tired to work,resign! We as the customers already tried to smile and asked politely to the staff if we have any doubts but the staffs treat us like want to "makan" us.Please try to repair these bad manners or you will get more and more comments that always saying bad about you.Besides,McDonald is a restaurant.Really huge name.People know it not only malaysian citizen okay! Very shameful to the tourists if the staffs keep on going in this way.

Jul 3, 2014

take away orders are incomplete.

This is not the first time we placing order thru drive thru n let me tell u whats my issue here.
1) always order to above rm 20 we get a fries free after 12 am..
But we didnt get like how we used to get.
2) we ordered MC nuggets usually they get us 2 sauces but I return sweet n
Sour n asked for Bbq. N I always do get but there is once I didnt get a bbq sauce. N I only request for another one the cashier as the MC nuggets comes wit sauce the cashier who gave my meal
Is telling me need to charge. I got really mad n I asked politely if I got my sauce
For nuggets than he gave me.
3) today I juz arrive home n it's my bad today I did not check my food as usual
Notice that my nuggets set n MC chicken should get 2 sets of fries but we had only 1 .. Obviously they still
Fail to give my free fries as well. I believe 2 person in charge are preparing the food. N my bill cost rm 35 for. Large sets of MC nuggets
N MC chicken plus ala carte MC chicken.. Wit only 1 fries given. That is so the bad. This time I gave up n wanted to submit
A complain my experince at titiwangsa MC donalds drive thru.

Jan 15, 2015


Hi, today was the first bad day with McD. The incodent was at Pandan Mewah outlet i know it was busy even though it almost midnight. Ive ordered through drive thru, operator was quite moody and sounds hes really hate his job. When upon pick up the order, we are aware no pie was given even it stated rm20 above you will get crunchy pie, we also have McD drive thru sticker and yr staff should AWARE!!!! Then after went home we bring all food out of the packaging, my spicy chicken mcdeluxe was burnt and not the normal golden fried color. The fries over salty and also our chicken they only gave us wings. I know sometime we have to req for certain part but your staff also can think logically, their service were never good. I dont give a damn if they hate their job or having a bad day, the company pay their staff to do the job.

Cat C.
Apr 2, 2015

Hussein Onn's Mcdonald's crew and service

I am a senior citizen who very seldom goes to Mcdonald's for breakfast. This morning I went with my son, in my clumsiness after finished I forgot to take my handbag, and left it at the place where we sat. Nearing home only then I realized that my bag was not with me. We managed to locate your customer service's telephone number and asked to be transferred to your branch at Tun Hussein Onn. My son related to them about my bag, and were told to wait for their call. Within five minutes we received a call informing us that my bag was with them. What a relief!That is not all, your staff were so faithful to the goodness of the name of Mcdonald's, the Manager even refused to take my offer in cash to buy them drinks as my appreciation. The loyalty and efficiency of your crew deserved to be shared as my gratitude to them. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

Apr 22, 2015

McDonald's Vouchers

Dear McDonald's,

It has been a great dissapointment that whenever I need to purchase vouchers in bulk my calls are unattended.
I could only manage to get through twice out of 20 times calls to reach the person in charge.

I have no choice but to go to their office to get the vouchers. I will need to wait for them to prepare those vouchers which is not necessary if the calls have been attended. Why do I need to waste so much time and with uncertainties? There was once where the whole office has went off site and no one to attend to.

There's no where to place my complaints in mcd websites or Facebook because it doesn't have an option to select McDonald's Malaysia head office, only available are outlets complaints.

How can such a MNC company provide this kind of service? I really think that u guys needs to attend to this problem urgently.

Thank you.

willie jakarullah
Oct 11, 2015


I would like to lodge a complaint and show my dissatisfaction on one of the staff works at McDonald's Taman Sri Andalas.

I wish to lodge the complaint against the manager named Parakesh A/L Pawadeh, because he tear apart my brothers medical certificate in front all the staffs. This incident happened on 3/10/2015. My brother wasn't feel well where he couldn't attend for the work but the next day when he submit the medical certificate to the manager he behave like a small kid. If he suspects or not satisfied, he should have call the clinic that gave the me bydical certificate. Is this the way a manager behave and treat a worker? I wonder how he runs and control while attends customers of the McDonald's when he has such a low mannerism. This incident affects my brother mentally and I really frustrated with the manager. I will bring up this case towards labour department.

And I also hope the lord be able to consider and take immediate action for this case as well.

Jul 29, 2017

Bad service from bad staff

My husband ask me to go to kfc but I choose McDonald's at Sri gombak, Selangor 29th July 2017 around 4.45 pm.
I am asking Korean set burger. With sour face the staff key in my order and I pay for it with others meals. Then she gaves me coke not like in set. I really dont drink coke because of some unhealthy reasons. When I say I want same like what they advertise in front, without say sorry she said don't have means out of stock AFREE PAID . And ask what other drink I want. B4 leave she asked me to pay extra. I don't mind to pay extra but really hate their services..,so bad with dragon face to me as customer. PLSSSS TAKE NOTE WITH THAT OR U RECEIVE OTHERS COMPLAINT FROM MANY CUSTOMERS. SAY SORRY IS A VERY BIG PROBLEMS TO THAT STAFF.

Jul 18, 2018

Calls not answered

I have been trying to to call Mcdonalds next to Centrepoint Bandar Utama, PJ at 0377265099(this number was given by their One Utama staff from 3.00pm till 3.00 - 3.20pm continuously but no one picks up the telephone.

I am trying to get them urgently as I had misplaced my tag on the 1st floor but looks like they do not care about customer service

Sep 30, 2018

No quality control on food in mcd bandar puteri Klang branch

I had a very bad experience in the bandar puteri klang mcd branch..order mix and match but the porridge is cold and not nicely done with clumps of porridge and the apple pie is cold....tastes shit...told the staffs theyl cannot charge service charge unless you have the stickers at the counter or at the glass panel outside informing customers there is a service charge..it is against the law to charge service charge without have any stickers or sign informing customers... What is happening to manage.ent of mcd now...not even checking and looking at the quality of food and the requirements of the finance Ministry ? With this type of food and service I think mcd is gonna fail in fast food industry in Malaysia...plz do something to improve your image of mcd...

sweet pie
Nov 24, 2018


hello ,i want to complaint about delivery service at mcd gombak kl very bad service very slow and then my order not complete 😡please improve your service !!!!

Jan 10, 2019


i bought two capucino from mcd at skudai road, near petronas station.

i found out that the capucino that they gave is very very cold, not hot.
i assumed they prepared to other customer, when they rejected than they gave it to me

pls advise me how to get the money back

Aug 13, 2019

Looking for new branch

Looking for a new branch MacDonald at sungkai Perak .,..there is no nearby MacDonald branch around this area....we are eagerly waiting for tat...

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