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Consumer reviews about MASTERCRAFT DOORS

Jan 23, 2012

Bad service

My husband and I bought an entry door with 2 sidelights. After being picked up from the Kokomo, IN Menards store, they were installed the next day. Before installing we had to repair the brick molding that was damaged. We could have lived with that! Door was installed and that night it rained. Door leaked around the glass on the door and the lights as well as under the threshhold. we understood that we needed to add caulk, but the door had only been installed 24 hours. I went to Menards and talked to the gentleman that sold us the door and he told me what to do and assured me that they would wan to make the product right. Sent Menards the paperwork and pictures that was needed. told hubby to stop payment on door on credit card and his response was that Menards would make it right and he wouldn't stop payment. BIG MISTAKE. received a letter back from Midwest Manufacturing approximately one month later. Louise Fox from Guest relations (which she should be fired!) said that the door was not installed properly, that it needed finished and they would send me the windows to replace in the sidelights. Did I mention that we paid $1700 for this door? I did not spend this kind of money to have to rework their product. I have always been a fan of Menards, but this transaction has changed all of that! I need to buy 2 more doors, a kitchen and bathroom. Not sure where these products will be bought but I do know that none of it will come from a Menard's store!
If you are considering the purchase of a door from Menards, think twice and know that there is nothing they will do for you once you take it off the lot! Menards...I am a salesperson by trade and I would be embarassed if I treated any of my customersif they had the complaints that I do. Buyer beware!!!
Mrs. Lewis A Hedges
Camden, IN

Unhappy with Mastercraft
Jan 27, 2012

Bad service

I also had the misfortune to purchase a Mastercraft door from Menard's. I was installed (by a proffessional who has done quality work several times for me in the past)and the door will not seal. Since it was installed I was told to deal with Midwest Manufacturing. I too dealt with the infamous Louise Fox.(I would agree with the assestment of her efforts in the previous post- they don't exist only' the Corporate kiss off'') Mastercraft contended the door was "improperly installed" I had the installer and two other contractors look at the door and all said it was not the case.The installer actually came back and spent 2-3 hours trying to shim and adjust the door, attempting to get it to seal, he acknowledged It was poorly made and possibly out of square perhaps due to poor storage, or other defects. My local Menard's did contact Midwest on my behalf but with no sucess. It took a complaint to the Attorney General's office to get Mastercraft to even look at the door. Again "not properly installed" When the door was initially unloaded at my home my son-inlaw helped unload it and said "why did you buy such a cheap door?" When I told him what I paid he commented "it's not a cheap door just a crappy one" I wish I had listened and returned it to Menard's at that time!. I tried weather stripping and 'corner seals'(made by Mastercraft-so non sealing Mastercraft door must be common) I am stuck with a door that leaks cold air with my next option to file a small claims suit-suggested by the Attorney General's office. The Attorney General's office does keep a file of complaints against faulty manufacturers so others with similar problems might contact them. When I can afford to replace this door it will NOT come from Menard's but from a local business that stands behind their products. Perhaps a better name for the door would be Mastercrap. I will work to help others avoid this product and problems. BUYER BEWARE.

Sep 19, 2013

Bad Service?

If you did not complete the installation per the installation instruction why would that be the manufacturer's problem. The Mastercraft warranty is for replacement or repair of defective parts. Mastercraft offered you replacements for the defective windows. I do not see how this should reflect badly on Louise Fox or Mastercraft. They did what they needed to do based on the terms of their warranty. I dealt with Louise Fox on a couple different issues during the remodel of my house. I found her service to be prompt and in accordance with the warranty that I agreed to when I purchased the doors.

homeowner 1484
Apr 23, 2014

No customer Service

I ordered a steel door replacement glass window from Menards which was a Master craft unit. . Upon installing it and to the point all I had left was filling the screw holes with the plugs I discovered I was shorted (1) plug. I did not loose any of them because I was careful to the point I opened the bag on the kitchen table. Twice I contacted Midwest manufacturing thru their website. Neither time was there any kind of response.
Because of their poor customer service I decided to take the window glass back out and return it to Menards and purchased another brand from another retail outlet.
That is and will be my last Mastercraft product that I will ever purchase.

Apr 4, 2016

Do not buy from this company!

I'm wondering how you could have possibly had a good experience with that company. I am absolutely disgusted with them and will never buy another door from them. I'm leaving my review everywhere so that, hopefully, I can save someone some time and money.

My experience with Mastercraft was absolutely awful. My husband and I bought a new front door from them for the house we purchased in January. There were issue with the door itself so I contacted the company. Here is my original email to them:
"My husband and I ordered the door on Saturday 1/9/16 and picked it up on Friday 1/15/16. Upon pick up, it was discovered that the door was missing the sidelight kickplate which was ordered, verified by the sales person and paid for. At pick up, my husband brought it to the attention of the sales associate and was told it would be sent Fed-Ex to us. This is unacceptable as the sales person we ordered with on 1/9 stated we were much better off to order the kickplate installed from the factory as it would be more resilient. We still have not received a kickplate.
We ordered the door with a handle and deadbolt bore. The holes were made through the door to accommodate the handle and deadbolt but did not allow for the door to close properly as the interior closing edge was not bored to house the locking mechanism. Because of this, we had great difficulty in finding hardware that would allow the door to close, and ultimately had to use pieces from THREE different kits.
We are very disappointed with the construction of the door. The trim on the door is haphazardly installed. There are a few places where is is not even flush with the window. On the upper pane of the sidelight, the trim is BENT in a concave manner. There is also glue/adhesive on the window framing.
Lastly, many of the holes drilled for the screws on the frame of the windows are drilled in a manner that does not allow the plugs to obscure the holes. It appears that the bits used to drill the holes wore in the trim on an angle that was not intended.
We wanted to buy local as much as we could and were excited about being able to tell guests that our door was made in Wisconsin. For spending over a thousand dollars on a door, we are extremely disappointed. We spared no expense on this purchase and were expecting better workmanship.
I am writing this desiring to hear what can be done."
After over a dozen emails back and forth (I'll spare you the gritty details), them telling me Windex would remove caulking (um, ok) and me filling out a measurement questionnaire (when none of my complaints had anything to do with the measurements of the door), I ended up with two new windows. And, yes, they expect me to dismantle my $1200 door and install them myself. I don't even understand the logic in that. I STILL do not have a kickplate... you know, the one we ordered and paid for...?
I was told that the kickplate "wasn't part of the warranty" even after I described many times that it was already paid for and not a warranty issue at all.
Mastercraft's customer service is bottom of the barrel. Don't expect anything out of them... including common sense.
They could have sent me new trim and plugs for around the windows and a kickplate (you know, the one we paid paid for?!) and I would have been happy. Instead, they sent me $800 in windows. Because that makes sense.
Worst company ever. If you order a door from them, you're doing so at your own peril.

Widow ripped
Sep 14, 2016


Menards aka Midwest Mfg. Says lifetime warranty....not even six months and my French doors are falling apart and fiberglass door is warped! Menards will not give me a refund even after contacting the BBB. I spent nearly$5-grand on doors and within a year they are junk. Menards will not back its products! I wish I would've googled "complaints" before getting burned!

[email protected]
Oct 20, 2016

Bad Product, Bad Service

We have been to hell and back with our Menards Mastercraft French doors. We were 'sold' on the company by a sales person and also bought $6000 of hardwood flooring the same day that we ordered $3000 worth of doors. The doors leaked the first rain and my beautiful oak flooring is warped. Mastercraft sent new windows (which didn't fit) and then new doors, not once but twice! I am still fighting with Menards and Mastercraft over the floor. There is no customer service, no pride in product and Louise Fox (customer service rep) won't get on the phone. We are retaining an attorney. I won't buy from Menard's again.
Kenneth and Kelly Maskey
Wellsville, Mo

Apr 27, 2017

French Exterior Doors

Not even 5 years and entire frame rotted out. Now have to replace entire
Door. What kind of Junk is Mastercraft made by Miidwest? Never
Will shop at Menards again.

wooly bugger
Aug 1, 2017

poor design

Bought a Mastercraft Mission fiberglass front door and found out the hard way how cheaply they are constructed. My contractor had an incident with a piece of lumber that fell and broke the crisscross piece on the window. I stopped by Menards to order another one and they said they could not find the replacement part number. I called Mastercraft and they said I would need to buy another door, because the part I need is not replaceable and part of the entire door. I asked them what I would do if I needed a window and they said I would need to buy another door. What an ill designed door! Don't buy Mastercraft doors, unless they are for someone you really don't like!

Aug 18, 2017

Mastercraft doors

I recently ordered a Mastercraft door from menards with two sidelights. When I got it home and unwrapped it, it had damage on the frame and door on the exterior. It was clearly visible. was assured it could be repaired. No big deal. I had a crew here to install it. When they got it in place and tried to open the door it was extremely tight. No amount of squaring or leveling would fix it. We checked both square and level inside the jam and it was right on. Upon measuring the door jam, it was 36 inches at the bottom, but only 36 and 13/16 on top. Nothing could be done to fix it on sight. Midwest manufacturing informed me that I would have to just order another one and they would be sure to quality control it before it went out......apparently a step missed in the initial door. I was also informed that the costs I incurred are mine to bear and that the new door would be regular priced. also I will have to wait to have it made, then remove this beast, leaving the opening, trade them out at the Menards an hour away, and return with the new one and hope it works this time. Not at all impressed.

Oct 4, 2017

Mastercraft or Mastercrap?

Bought a mastercraft exterior door at Menards and had it professionally installed. People installing it had to replace hinges immediately as they were all bent and the door wouldn't close. Once installed, they worked for hours to put shims in so door would seal properly. Now that cold weather has arrived, I've noticed how badly the door leaks cold air in. After reading the reviews and the difficulty with customer service, I won't even try to return it. Will just chalk it up to a poor decision to buy from Menards. Won't make that mistake again. Will purchase a new door (not at Menards and most certainly not a mastercraft!) Neither practices integrity! Sad!

Dale mcKain
Jan 23, 2018

45 yrs of experience

Bought 3 New doors for a house I’m building for my parents. Been in construction professionally since I was 14yrs old. Started helping my father when I was 8. I’m now 58 and been doing this most all my life. of 2 entry doors and 1 aluminum clad sliding door w/wood interior.... 1 of the entry doors was trim damaged which I fixed but the double hardware holes was misaligned to the jamb. Fixable but poor quality of workmanship. The patio door was as aluminum flashed on bottom “1 pc” and up walls as I’ve always done. Four lines of chalking and soils in corners. Also House wrap under flanges and sealing tape over flanges.After fighting it now for four months I’ve come to the conclusion that their threshold joints have been leaking. Installed wrong I don’t think that’s it. I’ve installed over 36 patio doors at condo job in less than eight days with no trouble or leaks. Very poor quality of “Workmanship” in my opinion of mastercraft doors. It what do I know with my experience being so little.

Little Brat
Jul 10, 2018

Disappointed in Quality and Workmanship

I do not normally write reviews, but my husband and I both agree that Mastercraft doors are not of the quality that they are advertised to be. We will not buy another Mastercraft product. We needed to replace our front door and the sidelite so after looking at the different style of doors and sidelites we special ordered a fiberglass door with the small oval accent with a design that we both liked and then the sidelite with the same design. It is pretty and looks very nice on our house, but we've had issues with the door and sidelite from the start. The rubber weatherstripping on the bottom of the door had a small hole, which had to of been done at the factory. Anytime it rained from the West, Northwest, or North and was windy we had to lay towels down to keep the water soaked up in the entry hall. We have a porch so we did not want to put a storm door on since this door is pretty. We could see day light coming through this tiny hole in the weatherstripping when we would come up the stairs to the landing.The sidelite had issues also. The wind was coming in at the top and I tried to tighten the screws after I had talked to a representative, but ONE of the screws would not tighten, the frame was stripped out. The problem with the screw not tightening had to of been done at the factory also because I didn't strip it out. I contacted the company and had to explain in detail what was wrong. They did send a new weatherstrip and a new sidelite frame free of charge which was only right, but some one from the company should have had to come to our house and fix the problems since these issues started at the factory. This experience has been very irritating and time consuming. We have better things to do than waste our time fixing someone else's mistakes. DO NOT BUY MASTERCRAFT DOORS UNLESS YOU LIKE FIXING ISSUES!!

May 17, 2021


I was taken by Menards also. The doors in the showroom LOOK so nice. We ordered doors for our new build. Very excited with the features and design. Not two months after installation and only two weeks after moving in, not one, not two but three of the doors were leaking. They were installed by professionals (the same professionals who installed skylights, bow and bay windows, atrium windows, sliding doors) and not one problem with any other door, window or skylight that was installed in our home. Seems extremely strange that the only items leaking are from the same manufacturer. It seems there is a regular theme going on here and you don't want to recognize it and take responsibility. We got the same runaround. What is the idea to have us measure and you then decide it was installed wrong. That is your reply to every issue. That is a loser's way out. Can't stand behind your product so make it the customers fault. If you had decent customer service and were pleasant to people you would probably have so many more people buying your products. Word of mouth gets around and you don't seem to care.

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