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Lucid Group Of Companies

Canada, Alberta

Consumer reviews about Lucid Group Of Companies

Jan 14, 2012


I am one of those suckers that actually invested with these crooks. Now I am screwed. The Lucid offices in the SE have been locked up for weeks. Actually managed to track down Blaine Kennedy who gave me a bunch of BS. Lucid was a Ponzi scheme, nothing more. I would guess alI investor cash is now all gone. I don't know if there has been a criminal complaint made but there should be. These scum bags need to go to jail!

Jan 15, 2012


These crooks no longer have an office, here is where you can find them. They only live a couple of blocks from each other
Adam Drybrough 718 24 Ave SE Calgary
Blaine Kennedy 2232 Alexander Street SE Calgary, AB. T2G 4J6 (403) 998-0173

Jan 16, 2012


Blaine Kennedy from Calgary has been doing that for years, and laughing all the way to the bank. I guess Adam Drybrough is Blaine's new puppet, it used to be Conrad Cini till he went to jail...lol. Blaine's credit is so bad he couldn't borrow 25 cents to make a phone call, so he uses people like Adam Drybourgh, Tracey Forest(His Wife) as a front to make things look legitimate. Don't do business with these people unless your willing to make their Car Payments, I'm sure they all have really flashy rides so it won't be cheap.

Jan 17, 2012


very true

Feb 1, 2012


Blaine Kennedy and Adam Drybrough should both be in jail, They are criminals that know the system well, Blaine Russell Kennedy has got about 30 years of experience as a con artist, I've seen him laugh about how easy it is to take other peoples money. Adam Drybrough is just another thief following in Blaine's footsteps. When doing business with these people you can only guarantee one thing you lose. When you invest money into any of there Businesses all you money is going towards if to pay someone else off . Blaine Kennedy is a pro at "Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul".

Feb 12, 2012


My husband and I are also victims of these criminals, it took them 2 years of trying to convince us before we fell for their lies. Blaine Kennedy and Adam Dryborough should be held accountable. I agree with all the comments above , Blaine is the brain behind the business, but that does not mean Adam was not 100% part of the scheme.
I am trying to contact every one who have money invested in the Lucid Fort McMurray Hotel project and the Ramsey Crossing project, if we put our efforts together collectively we can make them face the law.
We may not get all our money back but we can surely make them declare bankruptcy, and face criminal charges. Apparently Blaine and Adam have not heard of Bernie Maddoff.

Not sure how this platform works but I am pleading to eveyone who have money invested to contact me!~

Feb 20, 2012

Lucid Group of Companies

Feel free to contact me regarding these crooks. I am currently in a legal battle and 20k deep trying to get justice against the two schemers........ADAM DRYBROUGH AND BLAINE KENNEDY. Please read the net for info on Blaine Kennedy and his car part scams before he took on bigger fish.

Feb 21, 2012

Lucid now has a new name

Looks like they have bankrupt Lucid so they could move all the cash to Harrington Capital Partners Inc. Lets not let these Crooks ( Adam Dryborugh and Blaine Russel Kennedy ) take anymore money for hard working people. They have many business names registered so they can hide their crimes, if you know of or hear about any more Post it here:
Don't do business with these crooks unless you get paid first. Don't invest with them either cause what your really investing in is Blaine and Adams flashy cars they can't afford.

Feb 24, 2012

Adam Dryborugh and Blaine Russel Kennedy

A bunch of us have also been defrauded. We all invested $20,000 in the Florida project, never received any correspondence, no returned phone calls etc. Count me in to try and get these guys behind bars!

Feb 25, 2012


We are forming a group to take legal action against Lucid specifically on the Ramsay Square project. If you are an investor in this project send me a message [email protected]

Feb 26, 2012

Crook is on the move

He is on the move
Google "2232 Alexander Street SE Calgary"

It is up for sale by handful of real estate agents

Feb 26, 2012


Blaine Russell Kennedy / Adam Drybrough / Harrington Capital - Alberta Securities Commission Rejection

Feb 27, 2012

He's running to the USA

Someone should stop the home sale before he sells. Cause I'd be willing to bet he's running down to the USA he has Dual Citizenship and will be running to escape the law. I bet a lot of the investment money went into the remodeling of that home.

Miranda Birks
Mar 1, 2012

Adam Drybrough and Blaine Russell Kennedy

It surprises me that no one has tried to reach to Adam Drybrough through Twitter. His Twitter name is @AdamDryb (www.twitter.com/adamdryb), and it is on Twitter that he attempts to socialize with big wigs - politicians, magazine editors, local celebs, etc. I don't see why links from the GrantThorton website can't be posted on Twitter with Adam's name attached so that his reputation is more accurate to those near and dear to him (find links here http://www.grantthornton.ca/services/reorg/bankruptcy_and_insolvency/lucidcommercialbarlow). Sure, he could block you, but Twitter isn't that secure for anyone.

Mar 2, 2012


Follow me on twitter

Mar 2, 2012


Twitter account adamdryb is now blocked. Too bad adamdrybfraud printed off adamdryb followers. Selected followers will be followed by adamdrybfraud.

Miranda Birks
Mar 2, 2012

Adam Drybrough and Blaine Russell Kennedy

At least we know Adam is reading this. Kind of like a one way conversation. Hi Adam!

Just because Adam Drybrough has blocked his Twitter account, doesn't mean you can't tweet @adamdryb or use the hashtag #adamdryb. Granted, it will mostly be Adam checking it but at least he'll get your messages. If not, maybe his girlfriend will pick up the tab.

It would probably be slightly more awkward for Adam Drybrough to unpublicize his other Twitter accounts, so please don't forget:

You can also leave your thoughts for Adam Drybrough on one of his Facebook pages:

That is, until they become one-way communication as well. And please, do not spend your money at these places.

That's just the basics. More contacts to come.

Miranda Birks
Mar 3, 2012

Adam Drybrough and Blaine Russell Kennedy | Flatiron | Chiasso

Adam Drybrough's personally signed bankruptcy documents. Looks like LUX employees will be looking for work elsewhere. Legitimate public info:


Short url for Twitter: http://bit.ly/yCOZxw

Mar 3, 2012

More Adam Dryborugh and Blaine Russel Kennedy fraud revealing

You are doing a great job! Little more digging and connecting dots:

They also own:
http://www.burgerbar.ca/ in Fort McMurray

Katie Gallagher, Lucid's Brand and Marketing Director

Ongoing bankruptcies with Grant Thornton:

1. Lucid Capital Barlow:

2. Lucid Capital:

Adam Drybrough
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581410242

Amy-Dawn Anderson - Adam's GF (registered massage therapist according to twitter)

Blaine Kennedy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541467014
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/bubbayyc

Michelle Van Ree (Blaine's wife - google/youtube says she is a Vegas and cruise ship hypnotist)
Twitter: @msmvrk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hypnock

If you look at the below link it says Adam "owes" Blaine (aka Lucid Capital) $1,176,371.00 - Peter pay Paul

Keep up the good work people! Knowledge is power. This two can't continue doing what they have been doing when their trick is out there now. Who knows maybe their close circle might make them do the right thing and return what they stole.

Source - Adam's tweets, google, facebook public pages/events, youtube

When you are posting make sure you are posting "public information only". Anything private is not good. Anything they wished to reveal publicly is fine to share.

Mar 5, 2012

Adam Drybrough and Blaine Russell Kennedy

It's to bad they have already hidden or spent the money and are on the run! These guys have been screwing people for years they need to be put in jail, but the Police and Courts in Canada allow them to continue to rip people off and laugh about. If you steal a loaf or bread to feed you starving family, you can be assured the police would arrest you and the court would punish you, but Adam Drybrough & Blaine Kennedy can Lie, Falsify Financial Documents, Steal, Cheat, Commit Fraud, and Embezzlement and the Police and Courts just turn a bind eye and let them continue to defraud people of their money, all so Blaine Kennedy and Adam Drybourgh can act like big shots and drive their fancy cars they can't afford. Blaine Kennedy is a pro at Falsify Financial Documents so he can get loans for cars, houses.......... mmm isn't that a criminal offense in Canada.

Mar 6, 2012

Lucid Group of Companies

The rhetoric and slander being posted on these sites is not helping any chance these projects have to survive. Yes, Barlow is bankrupt. Do you think any of this had to do with the economy or market changes?? These are very high risk investments. I invested borrowed money and if I could go back I wouldn't do it again. I am sick to my stomach about it but using Blaine and Adam as scapegoats is not going to get our money back and it hurts any chance they have to try and right the ship. These are not ponzi schemes. They are not backed by fake assets. Blaine and Adam are not using new investor money to pay old investors except for what was stipulated in the Offering Memorandum; of which was backed by the Alberta Securities Commission.

Mar 6, 2012

Stop the Slander lol

If everything is legitimate as you say about Blaine Kennedy and Adam Drybourgh then answer these questions.
Why Do they Avoid phone calls and make excuses for each other?
Why on Blaine Bankruptcies is one of Adam's Companies named the Largest creditor?
Why on Adam Bankruptcies is one of Blaine's Companies named the Largest creditor?
Why do they hide and avoid people?
Why did they not give the books and records to the court when requested? " because Blaine was/t done doctering them yet?"
on who's dime have their Restaurants operated? Investor Money has kept those restaurants operating by not collecting the rent
Why did the ASC deny Harrington Capital Partners Inc.? The executive director concluded that Blaine Kennedy is unsuitable and objectionable as a registrant in Alberta on the grounds he has demonstrated "a lack of integrity and competence!

I know it's either Blaine or Adam that have responded in their defense calling this slander. This is not slander this is opinions from people you have ripped off or lied to. I hope people read this before deciding to business with either of you.

Mar 6, 2012


I am an investor with Lucid in the Fort Mac Hotel project. It is too bad that things aren't going as planned but before I signed the Offering Memorandum I tried to understand how risky these types of investments really are. Unfortunately some of those risks are coming to life. However Blaine and Adam are not criminals or fraudsters. If you believe they are, call the police and fill out a witness statement but stop using social networking sites to spread this type of rhetoric. Believe it or not, these projects are backed by assets and the slander hurts any chance at all they have to be refinanced by bigger lenders.

Mar 7, 2012


Adam and Blaine are quite the pair

Mar 9, 2012

Adam Drybrough and Blaine Russell Kennedy

You can be sure your money went to support other business ventures they have, that usually fail cause Blaine Kennedy has no skills to run a business, He's only good at conning people out of their money to pay for his car's and houses that he can't afford while he sits on dating sites all day tiring to find girls so he can cheat on his wife or girlfriend. Adam is a high school educated kid with daddies money, and no business experience.

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