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United States, Wisconsin

Consumer reviews about LogistiCare

Dec 29, 2011

volunteer mileage oay

LogistiCare PAYs their volunteer drivers less than half the federally subsidized allowed funds. ISN'T THIS ILLEGAL????? I want to know if Gov Walker or Doyle signed this out of state company-DOES anyone know or care??

Mar 20, 2012

transportation gas reimbursement

I was admitted to the UW Hospital in Madison WI on 3-14-2012. I was released on 3-17-2012. I had a scheduled ride both ways. Sunday night, I ended up needing a ride to the ER in Fort Atkinson Hospital. I tried calling on Sunday and was told I would need to call back on Monday. I had all plans on calling, but once again, got taken by ambulance to UW once again. I needed a ride home and my son came to get me with my car. So, I called today to get reference numbers for gas reimbursement for Sat. for Walmart Drug store in Jefferson WI for prescription, Sunday for K-Mart in Fort Atkinson WI for prescription, gas reimbursement for ER in Fort and ER ride home from UW. When I made this call today, Logistic told me that I had ample time yesterday to call for the rest of the numbers. I tried explaining that I did not. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one was available. The rep told me, I have your name and phone number, the supervisor will call you back. It is now over 3 hrs and still no call back. The rep also told me that I can not be reimbursed because the hospitals should have called Logistic to release me. I have never had to do this before. I don' t know why the rules are changed now. I would really like to hear from someone.

[email protected]
Aug 23, 2012

gave them 5 days notice

I called them monday cause I have an appointment to discuss my surgery their are 5 days in a week. I told them that every month last year i was left either at my apartment or at the dr office... My pickup time was 3 i was home at 8pm that night. this happened every month and a couple others they just failed to show at all. they told me that i had to make another app. which I would have to wait 5 more days. so I told them that this apointment was important cause I need to see how long i have before they are going to operate. this is a new dr. I am so sick of you all. The lady told me on the phone that it was not her problem and have fun finding a ride. Logisticare are a bunch of people who are nothing but bastards.

Jul 29, 2013

Ride was late/ manager was rude when I call to complain and ask for a specific driver

My name is Jeremiah Robinson and I am a dialysis patient, I have diabetes and high blood pressure. My ride call after the scheduled time he was suppose to pick me up and said that he was running 20 to 25 minutes late, he turned out to be over an hour late. When I call the transportation office to complain and ask for a specific driver the manager over transportation attitude was very nasty and rude. She was not concern about my wellbeing or health. I then ask to speak to the owner and she rudely told be that she was the manager and I can't go over her head because she makes the schedules for her drivers and the manger will back her up that's why he put her in charge. She said that she do not have time to listen to any complaint and the owner don't either.

Dec 5, 2013

gas reimbursements not paid

Scheduled a transportation appointment in December 2012, for an appointment in January 2013. After getting the run-around about paperwork from the insurance company, I was refused payment stating that the claim was not filed in time.

In July 2013 I filed a claim for a trip that was scheduled for that same month. This time I was told that the address that I had submitted to them was different from what they had on file. I asked who had changed my address and was told that I did. The address that they had on file was an old address from 10 years ago. I know that I have never given that address because I did not
use any transportation services until my grandchild was born in 2006, and we lived at the same address until 2012. They told me
that I would have to write a letter to correct my address. I asked who wrote a letter to change it in the first place. Each time that I called about the problem, every person was very rude and acted like they didn't want to be bothered.

Jun 3, 2015

the worst

On April 30,2015,I had a 12 noon pick up, but my appointment ran over. When I came down I asked the guard, he knew me, if anyone had come to pick me up. They said no,so I waited until 12:45 to call logistic care for a ride. I was told it may take from one to three hours for a ride since I was at fault. I said okay and waited. At 4:45 I called again. I was told I was a no show so they would try to find me a ride. I took a cab instead. I am so happy I have guards on two shifts to back up my story.
. . ..On April I had an appointment and my pick up was for 11:30. I was waiting for my ride by11:20. I asked the guard if anyone had come looking for me. He said no/ so I proceeded to wait. The guard, another patient,waiting for logistic care ,and me. We started talking and after about the other patient and I called logistic care and we're told the ride should be there soon. Her ride came and since we were going the same way I asked if he was for me too. No he was not. I called logistic care again and was told my ride was there at 12:59 and I was a no show. I am so glad I have two witnesses to this lie. This was on April 29th. I turned in a complaint. I received a letter from logistic care saying there was insufficient evidence for this complaint.
I am going to do the second step for complaints. If I don't get any satisfaction, I will take this farther. I tell people logistic care "free rides" ,are not free. Our taxes pay for this and they need to do better. I will let you know the outcome of this situation.
' Tip. Always cancel you trip,because if you are labelled a "No Show" they still get paid. At one time the cost was 16.00 each way

Jan 26, 2016

Logisticare crooks!

I have 2 seperate case-workers trying to help me get re-embursed for mileage but, I keep getting denied for stupid reasons! Logisticare is a scam!!
Its like flipping a coin whether they will do their job or not!! They get 2 sources of information to 1 appointment & they still cant even get it right!!
This time I had my case-worker call & fill out paperwork, well, the professionals got a taste of how they make complications because I got denied again.
Guess I'll stop going to my counceling sessions cause I cant afford the travel

Feb 23, 2016

Scam operation!

I see a counceler weekly. Every month I go through the procedure to get re-embersed gas mileage. Well its been a year and, still waiting to get re-embursed from trips made up to a year ago. They always say they sent form back for correction,..but they NEVER do that. Seems all patient & client reviews claim to be denied re-embursement. They owe me over $200.00 to date, ..still fighting it. My counciler took over paperwork 4 months now,...still getting denied for the STUPIDEST reasons!! Fact is, I am at every appointment except 1 because of a snow storm, well, they replayed that cancellation recording for every un-paid appointment. I finally was transferred to someone who claimed will re-emburse after she called my counciler to verify,...still not getting re-embursement. I cancelled my counciling sessions cause I cant afford the trips anymore. But, I did find a number to call to complain, here it is people, wake them up on this fraud help; Maine equals Justice 207-626-7058.
Most crooked outfit I witnessed in my entire life at 50 years old. Sad part, its provided by the state of Maine, who claim to help disabled get to their appointments

Jun 21, 2016

Send Strangers to Pick Your Toddler Up

We will do our best to keep this simple and short of the long story of the many details as the report is titled along with calling the police for requesting medical records. You can follow the link below this article for more details on the incident that encounter when requested medical records. Regardless to a contract or doctor's order, Logisticare will send anyone loosely with your address area and not offer the option of mileage reimbursement if not have the assigned company to take your underage child to medical services without parent. You can have any given of Logisticare's thousands hired to call at any moment that they are picking up your child without against proper orientation arrangement with Logisticare & parent. They will have at least 5 companies scheduled in one week to pick up and deliver your child (without parent) for rides. You may not know until it's pick up time and Logisticare have this reply of be grateful to get there, mentality!

There was an incident on a 30 minute ride where a child (under the age off 10) didn't arrive 1: 45 hour to get there medical appointment "school". "Logisticare" claim it was traffic but it was these guys that must or claim to took long route. The school stated the child was in ok and well condition upon arrival. There was several incidents even after a signed contract of the subcontractor that agreed they wanted the contract, there was changes with "he said/ she said and they said". Logisticare refused the two options to select a company and interview of 2-3 steady drivers or if have to use different companies, then pick me up as the parent with a dropoff and pickup of a reasonable distance or nearyby medical facility as offered by the parent. The parent, had to seek and interview companies on their own that would meet the agreement to not delay medical services for the child. There are more details and updates that need put with this illogical Logisticare. Let's speak to the sole responsibility of Logisticare in regards not to communicating ahead of time of who is picking up my child or offering options of a responsible company with consistent drivers to pick up the client, a mnor child. Logisticare "supposedly" was gossiping with this (subcontractor) how they not wanted (the subcontractor on the contract and by doctor's order) to take the child anymore and wanted them to move to another region. We really feel this may have turn into or may be a cover lie by this subcontractor. We going to speak on that subcontractor at another time. Regardless of what that matter of the he said/ she said, Logisticare should have contacted the parent for mileage reimbursement, the child's mother as soon as Logisticare got notice that subcontractor wasn't able to continue schedule and not loosely have her address available.

There are more incidents that occurred in recent such as the report being notated in the account of the "school" reported that the child no longer attended on a day of alleged incident between the subcontractor and the parent, coincidental. The parent went to request her medical records at Logisticare. Logisticare had referred to the wrong address and that address sent parent back as that parent state it was the wrong address. The parent went to inform Logisticare of what they were told by that address along with a party at that company state to have them on the phone while there, Logisticare called the police on this parent. There were two parties on the phone with the parent for the time was there as the parent was polite request with hand written notice to them. If you have further care or your similar situation, do look under the local news section under Maine in Craigslist, to further contact.

Oct 13, 2016


My name is April Campbell and I have been scheduled with a cab company that I NEEDED BLOCKED from coming to get me because the company MED QUALITY have had men to come pick me up who have their friends riding with them and they have had drivers come who were perverted towards me and they have STRAIGHT UP LIED ON ME, saying that I refused a ride from them but they never even showed up to my house... Anyway I live in the woods and it is scary when a unmarked vehicle comes pulling up... So I need this company BLOCKED.... I was riding with a very very responsible company called CHECKER YELLOW CAB and they were ALWAYS ON TIME AND NEVER LEFT ME SITTING AT THE FACILITY FOR HOURS. AND THE DRIVERS ARE SO SWEET AND THEY HAVE BRIGHT YELLOW CABS. SO I KNOW IT'S AN ACTUAL CAB COMPANY PULLING THROUGH THE WOODS TO MY HOUSE. ANYWAY, SOMEHOW I KEEP GETTING MED QUALITY EVEN THOUGH I ASKED SEVERAL SEVERAL TIMES OVER AND OVER TO BLOCK THAT COMPANY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME IN THIS SITUATIONS!?!?!

Oct 27, 2016

Logisticare don't care

Logisticare left me at the doctors all day and never picked me up, I had to walk home 2 hours it was a living hell.

Feb 15, 2017


Logisticare never picked me up at the hospital in Portland, Maine after my surgery despite me calling FIVE times to ask where they were. I was waiting in the lobby and EVERY time I called, I BEGGED the person on the phone to tell the driver I was in the lobby and not in the ER, and EVERY time they snapped at me " I DON'T HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT, HE ALREADY KNOWS" and refused to relay the message.

Well, FIVE HOURS LATER, the driver FINALLY finds me in the lobby and tells me he had no idea I wasn't in the ER because no one told him.

Horrible service, rude af representatives, just complete a-holes all around.

May 19, 2017

Ride service at your discretion

I made an appointment with a new provider for mental health I have a dual diagnosis and where I made the appointment is the closest to me offering what I need. I was referred by Huskey D. But because it went over logisticares mileage limit by 11.6 miles they refused to transport me. No explanation or anything. Not to mention they are never on time or they just don't pick you up. Most of the people that drive for them are dirty unkempt and smell. I really think they need a overhaul. They'll transport a junkie 50 miles for their methadone but not someone going 36.6 miles for mental health appointments. What's wrong with this picture

Jul 11, 2017


For months I've been taking my son a hour and a half back and fourth to the doctor and everytime it's something wrong with my logs even when I call them and ask for it back the supervisor even is nasty because her workers make mistakes ok that's fine to make a mistake but not everytime, it is ridiculous because I'll be waiting until next month for money owed from may and june

Just mad
Jul 14, 2017

Just Horrible

Every single time they send out the ONE COMPANY I told them to NOT send. Again missed an important appointment because of their company, Elite transportation of NJ. Trust me there is NOTHING ELITE about them!. They are horrible! Even scheduled my ride 45 minutes ahead of the appointment and they STILL f*&*$d up!

Already submitted BBB complaints, next stop is the General Inspector of Health and Human Services for Medicaid/Medicare services. They need to understand the importance of providing quality service. Also looking into other corporations to lobby for the ride share account with Medicaid. Maybe when Logisticare loses the account they will actually LISTEN AND ACT on consumer complaints.

May 16, 2018



Sep 11, 2018

Unimaginably unprofessional people

Started to use this company last month; sofar missed two appointments due to last minute cancellations. They do not even have the courtesy to call and let us know about the cancellations. We keep waiting for the car and it never arrives. It is also not that; we arranged appointments two weeks in advance only to know days later that our appointments disappeared from the system. On instances, they confirm the ride in the morning, but that same ride then disappears from their system. I wonder how they still are receiving government contracts???

Oct 4, 2018

All mess up

I made my reservation a wk ago for my dentist appt today ,remind me they telling me they finding me transportation, I ask why wasn't I notified 24 hrs and I could made other arrangements, they try too throw me off I ask for the corporate # she gave me a bogus email ,they have the most nasty attitude towards people ,I always write their name (s) when I'm talking also record our conversations, I need a # in the state of GA,i can report this I am missing too many Drs appt cause of these people. I can say this LORD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS,for how thry treat people and not making more than minimum wages

Oct 5, 2018

Logisticare Joke

Well we just got them here in this State. We had a great MTM company that really was good. I mean they weren’t perfect, but they paid us, and we always had a ride. Now I have been through hell just trying to set up a gas mileage reimbursement trips. Then we get our card over a month later. We can’t activate be cause we don’t have the code. They put it in a separate letter that explains the trips. We never received the letter. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have Lyme disease, now I’m sitting here really sick from having to deal with of all of this. West Virginia has to always go and screw something up when it was already a great service. I’m going to complain to Medicaid, and whoever I have to. Even if it’s the governor.

Oct 25, 2018

Blood high rocket

My husband had brain anuerisym last january 5. Since he can able go back to work we lost our insurance so i apply medicaid everything went well but the transport give us problem all the time...everytime i make appointment go to doctor visit or test done my blood pressure rise like a rocket cos. Im worried the transport not gonna show up or 7 hour late. Yesterday my husband need to see a pcp n cardiology to get clearance for coming operation .appointment @1030 but they told me no ride for him i schedule this last week then they said they can see it in the system. so I call several time. Answer no ride yet ..prior for that dis original appointment is last week @ 17 that no show up so i need to cancel make another one. To make the story short after 6time calling n bugging for them they gave us a ride @ 515 but of course they come at 545 so the doctor can able to finish the test so now we need to go back again for another appointment...I dont know why this people behind this system is no heart for all sick they put a life in danger..now i need to schedule n go to t he same process again heart attack....how many complain we need to do to solve this big problem of neglecting...I wish i can carry my husband in my back to bring it down in our apartment so i dont need to fight n bugging for logistics care... so help me God..

Nov 9, 2018

Never picked me up from Dr. Pffice

This people will pick you up for your doctor's appointments and never pick you up to take you back home it has already happened to me 5 times and it's enough.Last time the doctor's office close and I jad to wait outside then at the end they call me to say that they were not going to be able to pick me up needless to say I'm talking to a lawyer now

Mar 4, 2019


The WORST company, that's right, I said, THE WORST company to deal with!!!

Nov 14, 2019

They are a joke! And the staff and supervisors are rude.

I had two rides set up for Wednesday 10/30/2019 to two different doctors appointments. They gave me my time of pick up and a confirmation number. On Wednesday, they were late like always so I called to see where my ride was. The lady Maria I had spoken to told me my ride was cancelled. I couldn't believe they could just cancel your ride and not tell you anything until 15 minutes before your doctor's appointments. I hung up on her because she refused to do anything for me. I called back and spoke to Milly. She told me the same thing although she said I never had a ride. That I needed to schedule it 3 days in advance which in my mind, Monday to Wednesday is three days! They said that it wasn't scheduled early enough and I was very confused! All of the operators, including Michael, all gave me inflicting stories and kept trying to cover up for their mistake. Michael told me it wasn't a "confirmation " number. It's a reference number. Which idk what the difference is! He just didn't want to admit that they messed up by giving me a confirmed number which is what the lady told me when she CONFIRMED my ride. The staff is all very rude. They tried to blame me for not scheduling three days in advance. Why would your employee schedule a ride than if it wasn't allowed?? That is their fault if you ask me! I ended up being late and missing my appointment and spent 40$ on am uber. I contacted the supervisor and corporate and they both told me the same thing that they will not refund me because it was my fault. That is YOUR fault for not telling me in advance I may have been able to figure out another ride if i knew you weren't coming. They are so unprofessional and seem like they don't know what they are doing or know anything about customer service. LogisticCare Sucks!! I will be contacting a lawyer because you will not continue to play with people's lives like this.

Feb 7, 2020


Could any company mismanaged things worse? This company needs to be restructured or replaced immediately

Mar 27, 2020

Logisticare lies n wont pay drivers

Logisticare mileage reimbursement to personal drivers is a joke. I reported them to the BBB n they were doing well for a month then went back to not paying. I drive my friends to Dr who do not have a car and have had bad experiences with booking a ride. There drivers dont show up and blame the rider that it's there fault so I drive them but they pay when they feel like it. At this time they owe me over $500.00. Forget calling billing because they NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE! I want to know what they are doing with the medicaid money they are receiving because this is medicaid mileage reembursement? I am at the point where I am going to call my legislature. Then maybe they will listen and pay me what they owe.

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