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Consumer reviews about Limos.com

Dec 9, 2011

Outrageous service charges

this is my e-mail to limos.com, I am now closing my membership.
I am e-mailing you to let you know I am completely frustrated with the way limos.com is set up
now. You have found new ways of charging limousine operators fees from e-mails leads, phone leads,
one click reservations that is costing my company more then the value you provide. I have phone lead charges
from telimarketers talking to my answering machine, why am I paying for these? I am now going to look back at all of these fraudulant charges and will persue reembursement . not only does
limos.com charge for e-mail leads but if the customer does call our company thru the number you provide we get charge
an additional fee for phone lead that can amount to more than $ 13.00 just for simply answering a question from a customer before any reservation is even made. Not only has the cost of doing business with limos.com gone way beyond excessive, we have only received maybe 2 reservations in the past 3-4 weeks thru limos.com these limo runs have not even come close to paying for what my limos.com expense for that period. My phone traffic is almost none from
limos.com leads as compared to the way it used to be, not sure what is going on with your new system but it looks like I am going to discontinue use with limos.com and look at other better ways of spending my advertising money.
Its unfortunate since I have spent many thousands of dollars on limos.com and have been a member since 2008. Your old system was a much better system and you will soon realize that you are pushing limousine
operators to pursue other options.

Dec 9, 2011

Outrageous service charges

Limos.com has become TOO BIG! They are on every page where a limousine search takes place. Then, they added their generic phone number to my business so that nobody can call me direct anymore. No, the calls go to limos.com first $$$ they get $9.99 and I get the call. Like you said tidelimo their new way of doing business is criminal (or did I say that?). But it's true, $2.99 for email lead and $9.99 for phone lead from same client -= double billing. Because limos.com is SO BIG I feel they are somehow protected by Google and Yahoo etc. cause they generate SO MUCH revenue for them. Who do we turn to? The BBB only has seven complaints this year. Will the attorney general get involved on our behalf--at least for the bouble billing practice? Or is the only answer to quit doing business with them. I, like you, am OUT. And I have also spent thousands of dollars with them.

Jan 11, 2012

Outrageous service charges

I just found this complaint board. TG I knew I wasn't the only one. I have had all the same issues with limos.com Over billing, double billing less calls and bookings but lead costs have gone way up. I have spent many hours on the phone and many emails with my limos.com reps. Every time I bring up a billing errors to limos.com, everyone I talk to acts as if it the first time they have ever heard of this type of billing error and will bring it up in the next meeting. After their so call meeting I get the same answer, the system is working properly and you were not billed or doubled billed incorrectly. Really?? I say. Even if I show them the proof, they stick to that answer. In my last email I said how can that be, why are we the only getting doubled billed? I'm not that stupid if it happening to me it must be happening to others. So happy I found this site. And besides the double billings they are doing now, limos.com has been doing some type of over billings for years. I would only ask for credits when it got out of hand. Back then each leads was only .99 cents so not worth my time to chase $5.00 but now with the double billing and each lead costing at least $13.00 I'm calling every day. My company has been with limos.com since 1998 and has spent 10's of thousands with this company. I like the ideal of going to 1 or all 50 attorney generals ( I think they do business in all 50 states) we only need one to take the case then the others will jump on board. It's just plain theft. In conjunction with or separate, if anyone knows a good lawyer, I think a class action law suit would be fitting. With the millions in lawyer fees and the millions they'd have to pay back to all current and past limo companies, I'd think it would put them out of business.

Feb 27, 2012

Outrageous service charges

To all above. I totally agree with you on this issue, I to have been with Limos.com since 2005. The rate per lead was .99 cents, I had more business then, then what I do now. I call my Account Manager and he never seems to call me back. What really sucks is if you have an issue on the weekend there is no one there to help you. You have to wait until Monday and then hope they will call you back. If not you have to call them back and hope they will answer there phone. I sometimes get billed twice in the same day, No way do I get that many leads in one day! My fees are 3 times what the used to be and my business is less than half what it used to be. There new way of doing business as we all can see is for them to make a fortune and for all limo companies to make less. If you all have the original emails they sent out when changing to this new system, with those in hand, I think we do have a case against them for false advertising, they said it would make us more money and it has not! I am game to file an official complaint with the AG of my state. Lets see how they like getting screwed!

Nov 28, 2012

Everything about Limos.com

I have been with Limos.com for several months. I cannot get customer service call backs. My set up was not doen correctly and my phone number does not even appear. It forces people to not be able to get quotes but they have to purchase/choose based on the deliver of what is available and put in their credit card. No opportunity for free enterprise quotes. Has to go through obne-click. In two months I have not gootten one call oe any business from limos.com but they are still taking from my account each month even though I cancelled. It is a fight every month. I found that the second email I send post auto reply doesnt go anywhere.

I joined limos.com to make money and yet it just cost me every month not only money but a lot of frustration. Sad to say I opened the business thinking that limos.com would be a good source of revenue stream that was respectable. I was wrong. I may have to close my doors becasue they did not live up to their promises of forwarding legitatmate leads.

The most disgraceful part was that I was sent a phone lead and when I called I got the widow of the person who was looking for a quote (he was dead). The lady just started crying on the phone and begged the calls to stop. That is in-excusable! Many of the leads are fake, we are unable to communicate with the person we are given a quote to and customer service is non responsive. Never get a call back, get promises that are broken and feel neglected.

Limos.com is ripping people off and taking advantage of the people that are trying to make a life in this business. It is a horrible company and a they should have to pay. They are crooks. I would definately join a class action suit. Count me in

Feb 3, 2014

Limos.com almost ruined a bachelorette party

I am not a limo business partner, but a person simply needing a limo.... what an experience with Limos.com. NEVER AGAIN!

As a maid of honor for my good friends' wedding, I booked a 26 passenger beautiful white Hummer H2 stretch limo for the night on the town. I paid $580 for this limo, which seemed to be a really good deal, a little over a month ahead of time. This past saturday night was the big night.... I had 16 women extremely excited for this night. 4 hours before the limo was SUPPOSED to arrive... I get a phone call from Chris at Limos.com uncaringly telling me that the limo I had booked (with Jet Limousines) had a broken alternator and he'd spent "all day" looking for a replacement limo for us, but none were available. Why did he wait until 4 hours before the limo arrived, two hours before my party started, to tell me this?? Why couldnt a simple mechanical fix be fixed before the night started? There was "nothing" he could do. They refused to go out of their "network" to search for a limo to replace the broken one... they would have to "pay out of their pocket the additional expenses on a credit card and upper management would refuse do to that." Chris, claimed to be the supervisor, couldnt do anything for me... but told me he was going to transfer me to customer service so that they could handle any requests I may have. I get swtiched over to this LOVELY lady named Jessica. LOVELY is complete sarcasm as this woman was beyond the biggest b*tch I have ever come across in a company that is supposed to be professional. She laughed at me while explaining how horrible this was and how she couldnt believe this was happening to us. LAUGHING! This was by far NOT a funny moment...as at this time, while on speaker phone, I have the bride-to-be by my side absolutely shocked, upset, and almost in tears hearing how Jessica was handling this situation. As Jessica told me, "we would have to spend money on our company credit card to pay for a limo outside of our service and upper management wont do that, I can not contact them and from what it sounds... you dont have the money on a credit card to front up either". Jessica, you should be FIRED for your inconsiderate and unprofessional attitude. I have worked in customer service for over 15 years and I have NEVER in my life been treated this way nor could imagine treating someone that way. My money they took out right away from my account, wouldnt even be deposited into my account for 3-5 business days and the best they could do for a "future ride credit" was $50. Unbelievable! Thank god for another limo company having a back up ride for us at the last minute... we bought another limo and paid $700 on top of what we already spent, just so the bride could have the night she imagined. Thank you Accent Limos for your generosity and caring..we had a great time.

I'm now awaiting a call from "upper management" to speak about this incident. I will be demanding the $200 I had to pay over the cost of this limo for another limo to be refunded to me... as well as a ride for the bride and groom from the hotel to the airport the day after their wedding for their honeymoon.

Never again will I use Limos.com for their services. I have informed Jet Limousines of this incident as they have then had the same attitude from this Jessica person while trying to resolve this issue. Hopefully they'll make some business changes and not pay this company for their crap services.

May 29, 2015


I booked online days in advance, gave my debit card information, received an e-mail confirmation, saw a withdrawal in my account, but apparently there is NO RESERVATION!!! I happened to call the night before and was told it wasn't officially confirmed and there is no car available!! I guess I'm left to do damage control in less than 24hrs!!!! Terrible!!!

[email protected]
May 1, 2016

Limos.com driver

Hired Limos.com for sons prom. Cost of limo included gratuity. Was told by driver when he arrived we had to pay him tip. Co did not pay him. Called co they said do not pay him. Tip was included. Driver then informed us we only had him till 11-prom did not get out till 11-We had him booked till 2! He was extremely rude and unprofessional. It cost us $50 more so that he would to take them to another students for pictures. Then the kids informed us when they got out after prom that someone else was in the drivers seat driving them to Denny's which by the way was 25 miles opposite of dropoff point. We have a Dennys right around the corner! He would not let them have snacks in limo did not want to clean the mess. The kids tried to turn the air up it was hot was told to leave it alone. Tried to change music channel was told to pick one station and leave it. These were seniors going to their prom. Supposed to have a good time and fun. Needless to say they were a bit upset Will never recommend this Co.

[email protected]
Sep 22, 2019

Fraudulent Limousine Online Company

Limos.com company is an online base Limousine company who owe my company around $5000 for Limousine service we have provided to their customers. They have collected the funds from the customers, but they'd kept all of the funds, and refused to pay us as the service provider.

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