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Leon's Furniture


Consumer reviews about Leon's Furniture

Feb 7, 2012

Never again will I deal with Leon's!

I was sold a red leather couch for $1500. One year later it started to peal land split. I called customer service and there response was sorry you were told the couch you purchased was leather but its NOT! and The manufacturer is out of buisness so TOO bad for you! Yes I paid $1500 for a plastic couch!!! buyers beware !!! They told me lies so this made me sick!! I shopped at Leons for years before this happened but NEVER again!

Feb 7, 2012

Never again will I deal with Leon's!

I purchased a couch and tv from Leons in Edmonton a few months ago. The sales person followed me and my boyfriend around in the store, adding absolutely no information about the products. He kept following us until we got to the counter to pay after my boyfriend gave me more help than the salesperson did.

The man working there rushed to get behind the computer and put his name on what I can only assume was comission. I decided to use their financing plan. Everything seemed fine until a few weeks later when the furniture was supposed to be delivered to my home.

First, they were late in delivering my couch and tv but no one contacted me to let me know. So, I took a day off work to be there when the furniture was delivered and no one at leons even tried contacting me to let me know the furniture wouldnt be coming that day as it was planned. I had to call them and finally after being put on hold for almost an hour and being transferred several times to different departents they told me they would have to get it on the trucks and deliver it all next week.

At that point I wasnt upset. I understood mistakes can be made. A week later, when the couch and tv were delivered the two men carrying the furniture scraped the walls and the furniture on the way into the house. And then, when I had to take the wrap off the couch and tv I noticed that Leons failed to put the stain guard on my couch. It was worth a few hundred dollars and I wanted to get the product that payed for. Leons wasted my time and ripped me off so I called their North Edmonton office to set things right.

Everyone on the phone was extremely rude. They either had no idea what they were talking about or transfered me to someone else before they even took the time to hear what was wrong. Some of the representatives actually told me they couldnt help me because they said that the account was under my boyfriends name! They put my boyfriends name instead of mine making it so that half the representatives were too incompetent to understand that it was my account. So, I asked to speak to one persons supervisor after another until I could speak to someone who could help me fix this problem. Finally I talked to the manager of the north edmonton leons and she was not only unsympathetic but completely rude. She told me it shouldnt matter that there was no stain guard on my couch, that my account was somehow put under my boyfriends name, or that I took another day off work just to get what I paid for and had already been on hold at that point for over 2 hours.

She even started arguing with me that I should have no problem with a couch that wasnt stain guarded (something they charged me about $200 to have on my couch) I explained to her that because it was not stain guarded it was not the couch I ordered and I wanted it to be sent back. The manager refused to help. She didnt seem to understand that not giving a customer what they paid for was wrong. She laughed at me told me I was being unreasonable and completely refused to be accountable or make any steps to correct their mistake. After talking with her for half an hour I suggested that I just keep the couch because I couldnt afford to take another day off work to deal with Leons mistakes and that she refund me the amount I paid for the stain guard. She refused and instead offered to take $10 off of my order.

Purchasing from Leons was a BIG mistake. Every level of staff I dealt with were completely incompetent. No one had any idea how to do their jobs and when they were approached after the mistake they were only rude and impossible to deal with. For anyone out there looking to make a future furniture purchase save yourself the stress and time and purchase your furniture elsewhere.

If any Leons employee wants to post in a response to my post saying their company cares then I challenge you to ACTUALLY care about your customers. I propose you refund every person their money as an apology. If you really want to be a company that cares, then you would do right to all of the customers you have lied to, treated poorly, and ripped off. I think Leons sucks and so do the others that posted here. If you want to continue your sales you would know that all of these peoplewho are saying Leons sucks will tell their friends who will tell their friends and that the first step to providing good customer service is making sure your unhappy customers will come back to the store again.

Its your move Leons.

Fredericton NB
Feb 24, 2012

Never again will I deal with Leon's!

We had purchased a leather sofa and love seat. Our sales representative had stated that if we buy the extended warranty that is would cover any issue we would have within the time period, and it would be a full replacement. Less than two years into the agreement we have requested our set to be replaced, but the customer service representative stated it would only be replaced if the couch was torn or ripped. Does this mean I have to intentionally destroy my furniture to get manufacturer defects replaced. The seams have split in places which do not have contact (Ie: under the cushions) It is a beautiful set, and our sales rep was great, but now I feel it was all lies to get our money, and now we get no respect, and no warranty. On top of the set, the warranty was several hundred dollars as well.
Do NOT buy from Leons. Spend more elsewhere, and save in the long run.
Fredericton, NB

Aug 10, 2012

2000 couch in the trash

I bought a couch from Leons 2 years ago. I was told that my couch would last me (a single girl in an apartment) for years to come. Wrong!!!!!!! I have had nothing but problems and Leon's won't help. I was told that the couch can not be fixed because the company that they dealt with in china has closed and they have no assess to another couch or parts to fix mine! The couch is in the garbage 2 years later!! When I bought my couch I didn't realize I would have been paying 1000 a year for the couch that lasted 2 years. Thanks Leon's. You sure are the number 1 company for furniture in Canada!

Jan 27, 2013

Worse Customer service and support EVER..

Purchased a Sectional in Nov 2012 and when they delivered and fixed it in place the pieces of the sectional are running (slipping) and not getting attached together. we complained after a week or so and a furniture "expert" came in to inspect it and came up with a partial solution 4 weeks later.. and the expert was behaving very unprofessionally (typical to that type).

now when I call the customer support they have no solution for fixing it but just continuously discussing with the expert technical who knows nothing about fixing furniture...

My advice to anyone buying Furniture from LEONS "STAY AWAY FROM LEONS" they don't care a **** about it once the commission is cut to the sales person. that's all they care..

Jan 27, 2013

STAY away from LEONs. Service and care SUCKS.

Purchased a Sectional in Nov 2012 and when they delivered and fixed it in place the pieces of the sectional are running (slipping) and not getting attached together. we complained after a week or so and a furniture "expert" came in to inspect it and came up with a partial solution 4 weeks later.. and the expert was behaving very unprofessionally (typical to that type).

now when I call the customer support they have no solution for fixing it but just continuously discussing with the expert technical who knows nothing about fixing furniture...

My advice to anyone buying Furniture from LEONS "STAY AWAY FROM LEONS" they don't care a **** about it once the commission is cut to the sales person. that's all they care..

Jul 24, 2013

Return policy

BUYERS BEWARE - Leons does not have a return policy! We purchased a sofa which looked grey in the showroom, the salesman said it was grey, but when we got it home, it was brown. We called immediately to say we wanted to return it, only to be told that furniture cannot be returned. Apparently, it is not "sold on approval" and we had initialed the bill where it said that. The salesman did not explain that this was what that term meant, nor did he tell us we could not return it. After many phone calls and several hours wasted, the floor manager "agreed" to let us return it, but would be charging a TWENTY FIVE PERCENT restocking fee, since it could now only be sold "as is", even though it hadn't been fully opened and had been in our house less than 24 hours - IT WAS STILL IN ITS WRAPPER. The response from Leons staff and supervisors was "that's our policy", a line that obviously had been well rehearsed. The bill says "buy a piece of furniture, buy peace of mind". This is absolutely untrue. We will never shop there again, and would advise anyone thinking of purchasing from Leons to check what it is you are signing for, and go somewhere else where they at least have some sort of return policy.

Dec 17, 2013

Customer services

I bought a hide a bed, bunk beds, and kitchen chairs with Leon's. When we where in the their north Edmonton store, I told the sale person that we lived in Westlock. That by the time we got the furniture my husband would be back to work. I would be by my self by the way I am 53 years old. He said that he would see what he could do for me. He went and talked to his boss, then he can back and told me that his boss said they would deliverer the furniture to my house and set it up for me. That never happen I myself had to go and pick up the furniture, at their depo move it to my house. Then I had to put it together by myself all with in 42 hours. The thing that I did not understand was Leon's and the brick or the same companies. Why did they not just send it throw the brick. Only 1/2 of the stuff showed up, some of it was broken and cut up they told me that they would correct it on November 19 it is now the 13 of December. Now I am being told that they can not do anything until they get their stuff back, so I had to paid to have the damage items return to them. They could of told me this stuff in November instead of waiting until the middle of December. I believe that they will tell you anything to get your money, but they want no responsibilities to treat you with any type of respect. This is the first time we have bought anything from them but it is also the last time, we will never purchase anything there again and will let everyone we know to beware!

May 5, 2014


We bought a washer at Leon's 2 years ago an also bought the warrenty which is bull cause they don't do a darn thing about it if the product you buy needs it, my washer don't get the clothes clean the way they need to be cleaned they come out just as dirty as when I put them in, AN THEY REPLACED A THING ON IT TO MAKE IT SPIN FASTER, I DONT NEED IT TO SPIN FASTER I JUST WANT IT CLEAN MY CLOTHES, so much for customer satisfaction garrentied NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LEONS ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

Jul 9, 2014

I will never shop at Leon's again

I just moved and my parents insisted that I buy most of my furniture from Leon's
The purchase initially went off fine, they had no problems taking $5000 of my money
The delivery has been a complete nightmare. The first day they arrived, the driver destroyed the stone wall on the edge of my driveway and ran over my lawn. They didn't say a word, I didnt find out until the next day. There's no way they didnt know it happened since they knocked over a solid stone wall
Most of the stuff arrived but the drivers were unable to bring my couch inside. I find this most unusual since the previous owners had a couch much larger. The drivers said they would have to unpackage the couch, but it was pouring rain and I told them it was unacceptable. I still had an item to be delivered at a later date so I asked if they could bring the couch then. They elected to leave the couch in my garage (with the package opened at this point)
It took over 2 weeks for my other piece to be delivered despite it arriving only days after the initial delivery
They brought it, I mentioned the couch and the driver REFUSED to bring the couch in
I had to speak with his manager who WAS RUDE AS HELL and said that only the original drivers could bring the couch in. What absurdity
I demanded they bring my couch in immediately and the managers response was, we'll send the guys in a couple hours. I WAITED 8 HOURS AT HOME AND NO ONE SHOWED
I'm about to head to Leon's now and lose it. They have lied to me multiple times and destroyed my property with zero accountability. I am debating filing a lawsuit for the damages

Nov 28, 2015

Please contact me

Look at all theses reviews ,I am furious with this ##%££%%t hole of a company,I will be launching a lawsuit!!!call me if you are interested in joining the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 3, 2015

Do not buy from Leon's. No returns even on non working items

Wish I would have seen this first. Purchased a tv. It was delivered and once we set it up it stopped working. They will not replace or refund!! They will repair but if I wanted a refurbished tv I would have bought refurbished. I bought a new tv. I want a new tv!!!

Dec 8, 2016


BEWARE NO RETURNS!!! STORE SCAMS CANADAWIDE***************************
Purchased 50" Uhd Led TV labeled as LG
LEONS.ca I used their website on November 30, 16' placing the order, the delivery date was set to December 14, 2016. I stopped by the Windsor, ON LEONS because of two reasons. 1. No confirmation email was sent after making the credit card purchase online, I had no receipt of purchase. 2. I had never actually seen the product, so I wanted a salesman to show me before finalizing the purchase as pickup in store. The salesman was pushy, I already made the purchase, tried to sell extended warrenty that are useless when the store has NO RETURN POLICY.

At home, unboxed an OEM Manufacturers Chinese copy of a LG TV. The plastic casing is loose, speakers rattle, back casing is thin and flimsy, backing of casing also is indented, making the wall mount INCOMPATIBLE. The remote control was flimsy design, Jingjiang batteries even! This does not look or feel or sound like an authentic LG KOREA product, it's cheaply constructed. In store, the salesman also said they had no floor model to show me, it was NOT ON DISPLAY.

7th of December, 2016 returned to Windsor LEONS Furniture store to return product. They were rude, prick attitude from the old bat in "Customer Service" that probably never took a return or actually helped anyone in her 40 snotty years working there. Manager was a bitchy 30 year old woman up front, telling me to send it to the manufacturer! In China?????



Oct 8, 2017


I bought a mattress and I got a warranty. I called because the bed is bad no one can sleep on it. They told me that I cannot change because I have to wait till 6 month when the bed is very very bad. When they told me to buy the guaranty no one mentio that and they told me to call the people that make the bad. I got the bed from leon I don't have to dial with anybody else. They make me so mad because I see many people and complain about their service and policies. Is someone want to call the news to expose them. Please let me know because I am going to expose them.

[email protected]
Feb 21, 2019


Leons like most other places likes to sell you product, but try and get some after sales service or warranty from them.
We bought a high end sofa loveseat ( Erik Church ) sponsored model which is not cheap. The reclining mechanism is failing on one of the recliners and the back seems to be wearing out already. The two pieces are 1 1/2 years old and are not being abused as we are a family of 2 and both over 60. Seems like cheap hardware under a fancy leather. When we phoned them about it the first thing they said was sorry but you did not buy the entended warranty. We can order parts for you at n/c but the install you have to pay for. Now let me remind you again this was not cheap furniture. Eric Church should take his name of it. Buy from Lazy boy as they have a warranty and will look after there customer.Would not recommend Leon's for anything right now until they stand behind what they sell. Read the reviews from this sight as well.https://homestars.com/companies/214015-leon-s-furniture
Seems they are all the same. If your reiews are around 3 or less this states a very poor company. stay away.

Oct 26, 2019

Warranty most of the time is a waste of money!

Warranty companies always tries to find a reason not to Honor their warranty. Sales associates will also feed you false information to sell you the warranty and when you attempt to use the warranty your left disappointed that you spent the extra money for a fake warranty.

Because of my recent experience where the warranty refused to fix or replace my 10 month old dishwasher that is no longer working, I now refuse to make anymore future purchases with Leon's and any warranty from other retailers. I'd have to research in advance before purchasing any warranties again.

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