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Feb 11, 2012


Upon viewing the youtube on the KCF icity outlets incident. It's disgutsing, unnessesory & tanished the KFC Malaysia image 2012.
When sudden in demand arise and long Q from customer, the leader incharge and manager shall observe the stock availability and decide to make a cut-off order to those affected, so that customers is inform an advance of the limited stock, with this innatiative taken in first place, the customers is more than happy to accept . I opinion the icity outlet Manager shall take the responsibility and accountability for failing to act inadvance and also intervence the staff behaviour.
I would suggest KFC Malaysia to re-look the current recruitments policy for the middle & entry level staff, there is needs to redefine the current policy where the new staffs shall be trained on customers services with basic knowledged of handling sudden crisis through the courses and examinition inorder to qualify the staff competency with the job requirements. this will enchance higher standard of the KFC staffs like Mc Donald & others.
Regard. TBY (S'PORE)

Tarisih Alya Syafieya
Sep 24, 2012

3 times failed to make an interview

this complaint is not about a food ,services or anything. it's about the attitude of your training officer names mahinun whointend want to interview me about a vacancies at kfc. for the first time she asked me wait at kfc bandar puteri puchong at 10am but then after 2 hours waiting I decided want to make a call and she asked to interview at kfc puchong prima at 8 pm and she coming at 10pm for filling a form. for the first times it's okay for me and i still enjoyed eating kfc for that moment. at the second time she asked to come to kfc puchong prima at 10 am. after half and hour i give a message to her about the interview and she said she really forgot for my interview and she asker to come at 12pm. i asked to her if u are busy let's make it for another appointment. she said 12pm at the same day if I'm free. i said what about tomorrow then she said ok confirm at kfc puchong prima 10 am. the third time same mistake that have she made. 10 am means nothing to her. she asked please come at 12 pm after 1 hour she still not coming. what kinda interview is that? the biggest company have a low attitude just for a small task still cannot make it done what about a food that u already served to consumers? is that REALLY quality? or in your mind just said IGNORE THAT SHIT. THEY DONT KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING. Please do your job before i lost my appetite with kfc thanks. oh i forgot it happened at malaysia.

Mar 24, 2013

clealiness at toilet and slow counter service

i came here on 24th mac 2013.around 4pm .then entering the rstrant. the q-up line is so long till the entrnce. i saw many staff there and some of them are "chit-chat" at the back. then after 10mnutes only they open another counter. . second is about the toilet cleanliness (gentlement)..so smelly . no tissues are provided and the floor is dirty. then i hope the person who incgrge this restrn wll take action, to manitain their service,quality,and maintain the cleanliness in this restrnt. tq

mohd shah md hassan
May 17, 2013


I have 3 kids working in KFC restaurant, i think that their pay is too low compare to commitment, hours worked, responsible requested.
I think this is the cause of your problem 'Satisfied worker is a happy worker and happy worker gives better services, commitment and responsibility'.
You should review what you are giving them not only expect what they can give you

Mr. Red
Jun 28, 2013

Bad services

Today morning around 1130hrs, I went to KFC Restaurant at Balok Kuantan. When I went inside the restaurant I have to que about 30 minutes to wait until my turn due to only one counter opened. Then after taking my order the attendant with a "not welcoming face" ask me to wait another 5 minute. Just imagine have to wait again.

So I spent my time inside the restaurant for 35 minutes and maybe more just for nothing and just wasting my time. If you in my shoe you must think that better you go to kampung restaurant to have your lunch. This should not be happened in the biggest fast food provider in Malaysia.

Oct 30, 2013

Penghantaran Lambat

Pada 30 haribulan October 2013 pada jam 12.40 pm saya telah membuat pesanan untuk penghantaran ke pejabat di jalan duta tetapi penghantaran tersebut telah sampai pada pukul 2.00 ptg. Ini amat mengecewakan. harap dapat memperbaikinya

Jul 5, 2015

Rude Employee

What a rude employee i never seen before! I have ordered a meal by around 6pm and the estimated time is around 6.30pm. I have waited the delivery for almost 45 minutes, but the delivery was just arrived after an hour! Fine, the delivery was late but i have no any comment about this issue. But one of your employee blamed me just because i no wait for the delivery and he was shouted outside my house like hell. If he is deliver on time but i am no wait for the delivery, i admit that is my fault. But why i have waited him to deliver but the fact is he was LATE!!! How come he can scolded a customer just because let him shouted like an idiot. Please improve the quality of your employee.

Mar 14, 2016

Rude deliver boy

Today(14/3/16) after my ordering in KFC a guy ringed me after 20 mins (I suppose) telling me wait downstairs I'm coming in 10 or 15 mins. Now I came out of my room 5 mins after that and I was on elevator it took more 5 mins to go down. Now this guy name " SYAM" "rider no- 6581" called me and started yelling at me telling off rudely " I told you to come down 10 mins before here". I was shocked yet I kept saying I am in elevator just will take 1 min. He kept nagging on that. And when I reached it was almost 2 mins. He again stared to shout and argue on that. I said I was on elevator but he was really being rude.

I am really disappointed with this kind of attitude. I have been having KFC food through delivery for quite a long time but have never seen this type of behaviour. I wish I could sent back the delivery that moment right away. It was pretty harassing.

Is this really difficult for anyone to wait only for 2 mins?. And without understanding the situation how can someone just shout on someone else that way.

That was really really disappointing and I don't think I am ever going to look back on KFC when I will be looking for food.

*****KFC should be aware before recruiting any person like that.

May 18, 2016


Morning 11 am I went to order 1 dinner plate and chicken original breast and thigh piece. When i asked the counter guy if i can have . He said v just have drumstick in a rude way and one fat malay girl packed the drumstick for me without answering anything. She was damn rude .I said i dont want they said thats what left out they have. I said for the whole day you dont have chicken.then they said if you want wait for 40 min. They are so lazy, got no basic manners, so rude. They took there own time and made me wait for so long. No smile no greeting nothing. Ppl want to eat also dont feel like eating. Pack and threw the food as if im a dog. What kind of service is this. LEAVE YOUR JOB IF YOUR NOT HAPPY BUT DONT TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS SO BADLY.This happened in BUTTERWORTH .(JALAN BAGAN LUAR BRANCH) PENANG MALAYSIA.

Wee Chin
Jun 1, 2016

Rude Service

Today I was told to be the opening day on KFC in Maran. So I took along a client for a breakfast treat as privilege of the first day customers.

Upon reaching there, were fantastic decorations of balloons and ribbons. The time written there was 10 morning till 10 evening. That's it. No other indication that it was yet to start its business, not even a piece of cardboard to notify so.

To my surprise, as we approached the counter with quite a large number of uniformed workers and thinking of placing an order, I was being rudely reprimanded by one of them for for coming in and asked us what do we want. He also told us to come back at 2.00 pm. After recovering from the daze of such a rude treatment, I advice them to put on a sign at the entrance to indicate the delay or cover the wordings of the opening time (10.00 am - 10.00 pm). Once again he rudely told us to wait for the 'welcoming' sign which has yet to put up.

Look, we are only the customers, how do we know when to enter or not when it is not clearly stated at the entrance. We know we are aged but those of your young workers do not have to treat us so rudely. I don't know others, but in business, it is very 'suei' (celaka) if one should turn away any customers like this.

Hopefully the manager or any other more sensible senior could advise those workers of their manners. There are many old people in Maran and they are the power buyers here. What they want is a just decent service and a place to enjoy their meal peacefully.

Thank you,

A Put Off Chatter Box

Jun 12, 2016


saya telah membeli makanan dekat kfc subang parade, saya memesan pada staff nama NABILA 2 set makanan tetapi dia salah ambil order dan menyalahkan saya sebagai customer. bukan sekali saya datang ke sana, tetapi banyak kali saya datang dan dapat layanan yang sama dan tidak menghormati pelanggan yang datang, dia siap menyindir saya bahawa "TAKDE DUIT UNTUK MAKAN TEMPAT LAIN, HARI-HARI MAKAN KFC". staff tersebut juga telah menghentak2 makanan di kaunter dengan tak senyum dan berlagak. mohon pihak berkenaan dapat menyelesaikan masalah tersebut untuk menjaga syarikat sendiri. satu pesanan dari saya "LEAVE YOUR JOB IF YOUR NOT HAPPY BUT DONT TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS SO BADLY".

Jul 10, 2016

Staff tak mesra pelanggan

Selamat petang,
Disini saya ingin memaklumkan bahawa saya amat terkilan dengan salah seorang staff kaunter kfc tadi. Antara pukul 2pm -3 pm td saya telah ke kfc 24jam di kangar berdekatan cimb bank. Saya telah memesan dinner plate, set zinger burger dan chezee wedges.yang amat menyedihkan saya staff dikaunter tersebut buat kerja seolah2 dalam keadaan marah.muka masam dan tidak senyum lepas tu makanan yang saya oder di ambil dan dicampak-campak saja dalam plate. Lepas tu chezee wedges yg saya oder masa dia nak letakkan dlm tray tu terjatuh dan salah satu wedges tu terkeluar dari bekasnya.dan dia ambil wedges yang jatuh tu buang dan tidak menggantikan yang baru. Sepanjang kfc 24jam itu di buka tak pernah saya terima layanan sebegini.ini 1st time saya jumpa pekerja yang badmood macam ni.yang sempat saya baca nama dia atiqah dan trainee kat situ. Saya ingat saya seorang saja yg kena dgn dia..rupanya ada beberapa org lagi yang komplen benda yang sama. Harap pihak kfc dapat memantau pekerja yang macam ni sebab kami ke sana kami bayar bukan ambil free makanan kat situ.kalau agak tak boleh bekerja dengan orang ramai jangan duduk di frontline. Tq.

Aug 19, 2016

Workers Details

SIr ,i Am Indian ,I am Working SMall Concern,Searching Part Time Job,So that Time Mohamed Sidiq Firdous he is KFC Incharge he saying all over.Requiremnt Foreigners He saying,Also he collecting 460 for insurance,dress all he saying..he collecting many person from bangladesh nepal,india.So i have Doubt so ,i just asking doubt to clear,foreigners are taking ur KFC ?..can we pay money please help to us

Thank you

Sep 15, 2016


1- I received MY FOOD LATE

2- delivery guy -RUDE!! he even tried to put the blame on me because of the address and my phone number was wrong. Seriously dude, ITS YOUR JOB TO CHECK THE DETAILS BEFORE MAKING DELIVERY.

3- SINCE the delivery was late I called your hotline and talk with the person in charge and HE SAID MY ADDRESS IS OUTSIDE DELIVERY AREA but this RUDE DELIVERY GUY WAS SUDDENLY APPEAR IN FRONT OF ME WITH UNFRIENDLY LOOK. Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY? that is the best excuse that come to your mind FOR BEING LATE?



Jan 26, 2017

Serve first come first serve

Service need to improve and training need to include.
Customer who comes in first must be serve first even if another counter is open.
The customer who is waiting in line was not happy and decided to leave the outlet KFC sulaiman on the 27.1.2017 at 7am.

Feb 21, 2017

complain about the staff KFC peringgit Tesco Melaka

hi ,my name is Yvonne , i just buy the KFC in Peringgit Tesco Melaka and take away the order. when i was order the KFC , the staff(man) was keep talking to the other staff(girl). and i repeat more than 3 times to order that i wan but he still focus on that girl . i have no time to see ur staff talking in love and chat . its make me feel angry and uncomfortable . when i say can u pls faster take my order , the man staff seen like didnt take action with this matter and keep talking laughing with that girl .At there ,no customer ,but every staff seen like very busy ,busy playing phone ,talking ,chit chat , laughing . i wait at there more than 25 min . I no sure whether is the man staff is angry or what , when he finish packing my order , he seen like dun wan pass to me my order .i gt receipt .i rarely give complaints but this is far far beyond my limits. please do contact me back for any clarification and i want the management take SERIOUS ACTION about this unforgettable experience staff (man and girl).TQ
*if no i will take action in social media

Jul 9, 2018

gaji staf kontrak hari raya

why i still done get my salary for hari raya contract staf. I have work as contract staf for hari raya at kfc jenjarom selangor. I have call the outlet and they ignore call. I am very disappointed. hope the management will take action.

Adila Aziz
Sep 7, 2018

Kfc delivery

The worst service ever..few times order from kfc delivery..everytime they came with no money changes..do you expect every customer to prepare the exactly amount everytime they are ordering..stupid! Today i bought a lunch set, the rider came and said no changes..he just smilling without any effort to change the money and give return to me.. I will wait for 24 hrs..if still no money return..I’ll report this to tribunal..keep my words!! KFC sg.besi..pls be alert!!

Sep 21, 2018

Bad customer and delivery service at skudai

I ordered KFC around 9.10pm and they told me I will receive food around 10.12pm.i waited until 10.10pm and call csc,they asked me to wait another 10min and food on the way.and they told me thier manager will call me within minutes.i waited but no food received.call them around 10.30pm,again customer service told me rider on the way and thier manager will call me.i was so angry and disputed regarding thier service.staff apologised and told thier manager will call me.u waited another 10 min, call them again this time I told them I wanted to write in thier bad service and ask them to cancel my order.the guy who talked to me seems doesn't interested to talk to me and hang up without asking any reason.manager seems so busy shaking legs at office and doesn't want to call me.if any delay in delivery they have call me earlier but nothing happened.such a bad service.rider reach my place around 10.55pm,and I told him did cancel order earlier.such a lame service.will give my order id here.(ASVI8N)

patrick lee
Dec 24, 2018

Run out of original recipe chicken

Is it possible for KFC outlet to run out of original recipe chicken so early in the evening and for more than one occasion?

Endah Parade KFC outlet

Last month at 8pm the outlet run out of original recipe chicken
Previous week run out of original recipe chicken at 7.30pm
Yesterday [23/12/18] run out of OR at 7pm

How can this happen or KFC is not customers sensitive?

Jun 7, 2019

Makanan tak masak, segar, perangai staff tak bagus

Tadi saya beli 20 ketul nuggets di KFC kepong tesco, tapi nuggets itu tak masak, masih boleh nampak daging merah di tengah, jadi kita ambil balik mintak tukar, tapi staff itu macam tak sabar Dan tak gembira, dengan itu dia hanya tukar 2 ketuk bagi kita shj, saya boleh faham sekarang ialah raya mereka, if tak Ada pilihan mahu kerja, please don't bring ur bad attitude to work...... I paid for the food, OK.

ah sam
Aug 9, 2019

SService staff's attitude is driving away your customers

ada ke tengah hari pukul satu tutup satu kaunter tengah line panjang dan suruh orang join satu kaunter saja yang tinggal dgn queue yang panjang. Ini berlaku pada pukul satu tengah hari! di KFC Danau Kota KL. After i pointed out that it is LUNCHTIME i got bad surly service like missing serviette, plastic utensils.
You better do better hiring. your current staff do not care about your business, KFC!
Suggestion: Diversity hiring!

Aug 12, 2019

Makanan diberi tidak mencukupi

Complaint saya ni untuk KFC BHP TG.MALIM..Beratur hampir 30 minit sedangkan tak lah panjang sangat barisan..sudah macam perhimpunan sekolah..then,order lah 3 set full up yang RM8.90 tu..stuff kata coeslow habis,dora0ng nak ganti whipped potato..Kalau orang tak makan whipped potato macam saya macam mana?? Seterusnya,banyak makanan habis..tak tau chef dia menari dulu ke ape..ayam kosong,,nugget habis..Saya tak dapat seketul nugget..bila tanya,,stuff buat bodoh..kfc ni nk minta lebih 20 sen utk coselow tukar nasi tak bole..tak bagi aku punya nugget stuff korang buat bodoh..baguslah tu..pelanggan lari baru tau..tolong alert lepasni

Sep 19, 2019

Careless attitude of staff

I went to the USJ 20 outlet to take away my dinner. The person who packed my order was very careless.
First, he put out one of my orders on a plate for dine-in, then only realized that it was a take-away, then packed it.
After I arrived home, I discovered that my order for original flavoured snack plate was hot and spicy, and my dinner plate had only 2 pieces of chicken.
I live too far from the outlet to go back and change the items, so I had to make do with whatever was packed for me.
We customers trust your staff to get our orders correct without having to check every item at the counter. This shows the poor and careless work attitude of your staff.

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