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Consumer reviews about Justfly

Jun 30, 2016

Avoid Justfly at all cost

Justfly promises the most economical ticket. I booked the flights and soon got an email that my credit card was declined and the reservation would expire at midnight. To wit:

So I went directly to the airline's website, booked the same flights at the same price (WITHOUT the service fee charged by Justfly, so it was actually about $15 cheaper!), and went to bed.

Today I get an email from Justfly that says the ticket has been confirmed! I call and they say they will cancel, but there will be a $75 fee. Unbelievable. Long wait on the phone in the first place, no supervisor available. It is "my fault" because when I got the email last night I didn't call them to confirm the declined reservation.

I don't think Justfly will be in business much longer; join me in helping them to a merciful and justified demise.

Sep 27, 2016


I flew Justfly today. DON’T USE THEM! They are incompetent. I should have hung up when they didn’t know Maine was a state. They also do not have a customer service number.
I made a reservation for my husband and I to fly to Maine to pick up our son. I made another one way ticket to fly our son home. I made both reservations over the phone with the same agent. When I got the confirmation I checked the dates and airports and they were correct. I did not know he was on a flight leaving two hours after our flight until we got to the gate to fly out. I tried calling them and got no where. The flight was leaving. We had to pay Delta $50 to change the flight to the same as ours. I also paid extra to get aisle seats for my husband because he is tall. Turns out you can do that free thru the airline. I didn’t know that they did not give him aisle seats until we boarded. Just fly refused to refund the cost of either of these expenses despite their obvious mistakes.
I rented a car at the same time I booked the flights. I found out that the car rental place closed long before our flight came into the airport and that they weren’t even located at the airport. It took me two hours to cancel that reservation. They do not do it on the same phone number as Justfly. You can’t just call them back to cancel despite being told when I reserved that you could just call that number I was given incorrect phone numbers to call, transferred from one person to another, cut off, it was s frustrating. I finally called the car rental place directly and they straightened it out. Justfly’s reservation numbers did not correspond to any of the car rental numbers either.

Nov 22, 2016

company should not operate in usa

Justfly is worst company i have done business and i regret to get a ticket with then in 7/6/2016 i got a ticket with them to cali colombia 4months later on 11/20they sent me an email saying my trip itinerary has been change to a longer trip a full night at airport at bogota which was not my plan when i did reservation when i call to customer service lady not want to provide her full name neither let me talk with a supervisor also not know how to pronunce a number in english number 40 pronunce incorrectly as fourteen they charge to customer $250 however when they did a change to my travel they refuse to return me any money this is a miservice and they should not be allow to do business in usa

Nov 30, 2016


SCAM!!! People please do not use this company, warning please avoid this site at all costs! I paid for a round trip ticket for me and my husband to fly to Miami from Tennessee. Upon purchase I check my itinerary and found that they had changed our return flight to new orleans!!!!! How this possible, I have no idea??? Called customer sevice the representative kept talking over me as well as manager and was very rude. They have a very condescensing way of address you. kept insisting that I this was not what I originally purchased and they offer no... resolution what so ever other than to purchase a new ticket entirely. I called within the 24 hours not to mention sent them a screen shot of the original ticket I purchased but they said that was the only option was to buy a whole new ticket. This was the 1st time we was ever going to use this site, will stick to priceline in the future. This is a SCAM!!!!! They are even reported on Better Business Bureau as I investigated after this occurrence will never use them again!

Justfly.com Justfly.com

Apr 11, 2017


I booked a flight for September 2016 and within 24 hours went to cancel because the date changed of the event They said that the airline said if I paid another $450 I could rebook on top of the $400 I already paid. California to Florida round trip. After three very horrible phone calls with someone with poor English, sounded from India, I am still out my $400.

Book directly with airlines these companies are CROOKS!


May 27, 2017

Do not use JustFly

We booked on JustFly and thought we were saving money. We booked our tickets 8 months early and had our seats assigned sitting together. 3 weeks before our trip, we received an e-mail saying our flight has been changed. We spent hours with the JustFly agents, and many phone calls to confirm another flight home from Dublin for the 4 of us. We then had to spend another $220 more to have assigned seats together, even though we already had assigned seats together before. They basically canceled our flight and we were at their mercy to get home on the same day, and sit together. We only could afford to pay to sit together on the first flight home, we were separated the 2nd flight home. They said there was nothing they could do and they were sorry. They gave us a number to call the airline directly. We called the airline, they said JustFly had to make all the arrangements and they couldn't. JustFly said they wouldn't help us. Do not book with them!

Aug 25, 2017

do not use Justfly

I have never been so mislead by a company..said if I would book with them I would get to send one suit case free...not...When I called United for another reason they advised me I was not entitled to a free luggage check. and to call justfly back and ask them to explain...well, the explanation was I should have read the disclaimer or called the air line to check. l told the supervisor that I shouldn't have to presume the agent was lying. after keeping on the phone for an hour she said sorry we are not going to do anything about it, we don't get that fee the airlines does. NEVER USE them!! they do not tell the truth and expect the customer to guess what is true and what is not.

Nov 30, 2017


I purchased 2 tickets on Black Friday with Justfly on Monday I tried to talk to someone to cancel my trip because the government has the island under emergencyafter the volcano eruption but I can't talk to anybody. Help pls this I paid a lot for this. This os a natural desastre😖


Dec 4, 2017


Worse company I ever dealt with. Bought the wrong flight and also paid extra for cancellation insurance. Guess what, still cost $150 for a $280 purchase in 15 minutes. I called and said I bought the insurance and Veena said, it was not the kind of insurance I thought it was. Still Was going to cost $150. This is FRAUD. I also filed a complaint to the BBB and will be following up with the credit card company. Too bad they do not know how to take care of their customers. PLEASE do not fall for their schemes.

Alexandra Garces
Jan 23, 2018

Avoid Justfly!!

I planed my vacation one year in advance, I want to fly to oct 3 , but hurricane Irma comes and I wasn’t able to fly with all disaster of my home and car,I louse almost everything, all companies help in such nice way , Delta( return flights), progresive insurance, government FPL .I canceled my trip and this people in www.justfly.com don’t want to let me use my ticket or don’t let me get back my money. I’m a traveler but first and last time I used this cheap company with the worst customer service i had ever had.
At the phone is difficult to understand the way it’s call centers works. It is a completely nightmare the experience with this pleople. They jshould been name www.justatif.com

Avoid Justfly!!

Feb 17, 2018

Do NOT book with justfly they are fraudulent

JustFly is a scam!! They will tell you to buy insurance so you can change your flight without being charged!! WHAT A LIE!!! The lady in Korea yelled at me and even mumbled stupid American. The BBB has a warning they wrote about these people on their site. I will copy and paste.
Your BBB urges caution when dealing with online travel sites, specifically ones offering discounted airline tickets.


Akron, Ohio - BBB of Akron is warning consumers to be cautious when dealing with justfly.com, a third party web-based issuer of low cost airline tickets.
BBB has received 37 complaints and 1,449 inquiries about justfly.com. Complaints are primarily from customers in Ohio, Missouri, California, New York, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Illinois, Montana, Differences in the quoted price as opposed to what is actually charged on the consumer’s credit card after booking.
Mistakes being made by booking agents, such as the name and spelling of the passenger’s name. Adjustments to the booking results in significant fees to the consumer from both the airline and justfly.com.
Differences in the time and date of travel from the original booking.
Not receiving email booking confirmations as promised.
Reports of being on hold for excessive periods of time when calling into the customer service department. Some have , North Carolina, Georgia, and Oregon, but complaints have also been submitted in Canada.Based on a similar business model, a similar pattern of complaints, and the same name of one of the people responding to complaints, BBB believes the company is connected with FlightHub, which had its accreditation revoked by another BBB.

On February 10th, 2014, BBB initially identified a pattern of complaints from consumers which were brought to the attention of the business. The complaints are concerning advertising, billing and refund issues, as well as customer service issues. Consumers allege that when booking a flight online, through FlightHub's Web site, there is often an increase in the price of the fare, even after receiving a confirmation of the reservation.

Consumers have also On February 10th, 2014, BBB initially identified a pattern of complaints from consumers which were brought to the attention of the business. The complaints are concerning advertising, billing and refund issues, as well as customer service issues. Consumers allege that when booking a flight online, through FlightHub's Web site, there is often an increase in the price of the fare, even after receiving a confirmation of the reservation.

Consumers have also advised the BBB that an insurance, or best price purchase guarantee, is automatically added to the purchase, without it being requested. Furthermore, consumers allege that when they call the company, they experience extended hold times and often receive conflicting information, when speaking with various agents at and often receive conflicting information, when speaking with various agents at FlightHub. BBB further contacted the company on October 3, 2014, and December 1, 2014. Although FlightHub indicated a willingness to cooperate with BBB, the company failed to eliminate the underlying cause of the pattern of complaints and their Accreditation was revoked on March 3, 2015. The business presently has 323 closed complaints since April, 2013 and 29 complaints that are still pending.
BBB offers the following advice when booking online travel:

Buy flights directly from the airline or a local travel agency and start your research with www.bbb.

THAT WAS WRITTEN BY the Better Buisness Bureau!!!

Jun 6, 2018

Horrible costumer service

My experience with the justfly tickets agent has been the worst so far ,the put me on hold for a hour ,they never answered and they couldn't help me to get me a solution and will not recommend it or buy it from this web side,please be careful

Jun 15, 2018

Justfly is dack company

The justfly .com company is a liar, and every staff member has to answer questions inconsistently, trying his best to deceive customers' money, and concealing a lot of facts. They will try their best to destroy your ticket and ask the customer to re-book. Please pay attention to this as a fraud company.

Jun 24, 2018

mission trip- terrible company

Horrible and misleading. I booked with them with all of their wording on site saying NO CANCELLATION FEE plus extending policy. They charged me for extended cancellation at 99 per ticket. I go to cancel just one of the flights after just one week of booking. They want to charge me 350.00 plus still charge me the 99.00 for the cancellation insurance even if they are not honoring it.

Do not use this company. It is a scam and read the other reviews and do not take my word.
They use people hard to understand on the phone to try and reason their decentful practices.

Jan 21, 2019

Horrible Horrible Horrible

I booked a flight through Justfly.com and took both the travel insurance and cancellation insurance. The day I was supposed to fly, my elderly dog escaped the yard, and we had to institute a search, causing us to be delayed, and knowing I would not make the flight, I called an exercised the option to cancel, for the cost of $150. Later, CSA insurance would deny my claim for any trip reimbursement, telling me my dog's disappearance was not a legitimate reason to miss my flight. I have issued a flight credit for the original amount of the flight, minus $150 for the flight itself.
A few months later, I went to use the flight credit. I went back to Justfly.com and found a comparable flight (it had to be to the same destination, via the same airline). I did this and went to purchase the flight, but when the time came to pay for it, I was directed to another webpage, where the flight was now $325 more expensive, and I was forced to pay this out of pocket if I wanted to be able to use the flight credit. When I called Justfly.com, I was given to a clueless person named Yuri, who was barely able to speak English, let alone explain this discrepancy. I requested to speak to a Supervisor, and I was connected with female, also barely able to speak English, called "Louie" . We went round and round and she kept telling me "these are the rules." When I asked who's rules, whether Justfly or the airlines, she stated the airline. When I pointed out to a clause buried deep in the Fare Rules (that I had to dig and dig for) stating that a flight credit can be used for a full flight credit, and it MAY be offered at a higher price (not hard and fast MUST BE) she basically hung up on me. My take: Deceptive practices throughout the whole process. I would definitely be VERY wary of Justfly.com and their associate "insurance" company CSA. Just my advice based on my own bad experience.

Mar 16, 2019

Scam company with bad customer service

I did a search for Sacramento airport and a flight with a good price popped up. I booked it and as soon as I did, I discovered that it was for San Francisco instead. I immediately tried to cancel it but it said it was in process and I couldn't do anything. I rechecked that the airline had a 24 hour cancellation period, which they did so I waited and tried again, When I was finally able to, they charged me $75 to cancel my reservation. When I called them the guy went on about that it was my fault that I made a mistake and it is their policy to charge customers who make mistakes (not as nicely). Plus they will take up to 10 days to refund my money. I fly extensively and have never had such disrespectful customer service as I did here or an organization that doesn't allow flight cancellation within 24 hours..

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