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United States

Consumer reviews about JustFly.com

Cady Ray
May 4, 2016

DO NOT USE JustFly.com!

Justfly.com is the WORST place you could possibly book!!

Do NOT use them! I booked my flight and received all the confirmation codes and emails verifying it, only the next day I received an email saying my reservation was cancelled.

When I called to ask why I spoke with a lady named Green who I could barely understand and she told me only my returning flight was cancelled, but my flight outbound was still there. She said it was due to insufficient funds and that I should call Frontier airline.

I called Frontier and they claimed they had no record of payment and it was Just Fly's fault, when I called back to Just Fly I got a different guy named Joh and he informed me that both my flights were now cancelled.

I told him "Green" had said otherwise 30 minutes earlier, he just repeated they were both cancelled. I then asked if Green cancelled my flight then and he said he didn't know. I asked him why both of my flights were cancelled from two different airlines even after my bank confirmed they never even received the transaction and he said he didn't know, all he knew is my flights were cancelled and I could rebook.

......... This doesn't even cover half of my frustration with these people, horrible service, horrible website, just a huge scam- spread the word and save innocent people the hassle. Worst experience I've ever had.

Jul 31, 2016

Customer Nonservice

Justfly.com has the potential to be a viable and thriving travel agency. I went to the website as a new customer yesterday. Rather than building a good foundation where I would come back to them again and again, they created an immediate rift. I will never return to this website. Buyer beware!!! They are not concerned with customer service. They are kneeling at the alter of the almighty dollar, and will stoop at nothing to take your money for no reason. There is more fine print than you can comprehend and customer service's only goal is to take you for any fees & penalties they can...DO NOT buy their services!

Aug 4, 2016


Don't believe that they will do anything for you by using them. Their Customer Service is terrible and no one speaks english as a first language. In fact, I had tried talking to one person that wouldn't even speak at all. I would say something or ask a question and have dead air and have to repeatedly ask if they were still there. That just made me mad and that was before completely disregarding my request.

I was calling because only 6 days prior, I booked a flight and then got an email from them that reads "Your prices to Bozeman are changing!" So I looked it up and my EXACT SAME itinerary is $85 cheaper per ticket. So I call them up and I get this horrible customer service. Even though these prices are the exact same flights, from THEIR website (not another site) they will not adjust the price. I was not even asking them to match the other flights that would work that were $200 cheaper per ticket. This is just poor business to not even listen or offer any solution or even talk at all! I can't believe I am stuck with this company for my trip when I don't even trust them anymore.


Aug 11, 2016

Beware SCAM. On hold over 4 hours - never got help!

Yesterday I checked Travelocity and Kayak for flights between LAX and Atlanta, and got pointed to flights offered by Justfly.com. I booked them online (for Sprit Airlines and American Airlines), then AMEX texted me that it looked like a fraud attempt so it didn't go through. (Evidently they have had other complaints?) I immediately notified AMEX that the charge should be okay and was made by me, but shortly afterward Justfly emailed me that my itinerary was canceled, and that I should call immediately to straighten it out. I immediately dialed their 800 number for help. WOULD YOU BELIEVE I WAS ON THE PHONE FOR OVER FOUR HOURS?!!! Waiting for someone to help me straighten it out! The musac played and the voice kept saying "there are eight people ahead of you, then seven, then six, etc." THIS TOOK FOUR HOURS! I couldn't hang up because I had to have this reservation to make a business trip, and I didn't want to be charged twice. The one time I did reach a live person, I made her take down my phone number, and she promised to call back, but no one ever did. Turns out my credit card WAS charged for one of the legs of the flight, but was canceled for the other. In the meantime after about 3-1/2 hours, I was forced to purchase other flights to make sure I could fly out the next day. Then I found out that even though Justfly.com had said my itinerary was canceled, they still had me booked on one leg of the flight and had charged my card! It did not say that in their email - only that my whole itinerary was canceled. I finally resolved it by hanging up (feeling absolutely scammed and stupid for hanging on the phone so long) and I called the American Airlines directly to cancel the extra flight and after hearing my story, they refunded my money

After all this happened, I looked up the reviews for Justfly.com on the internet. I was shocked to see that my experience has happened to so many other people too! This company should be shut down. I will be posting on every site I can to warn others.

One other thing. I can't believe that Travelocity, Kayak, and other flight booking sites still have Justfly.com listed on their sites as options. I will only book flights on the AMEX website from now on!

Oct 15, 2016

Do not use this site

Justfly.com. is an absolute scam. They are under review by the better business bureau - they are a former travel company that got sued and changed names. Do not use this site. You will regret it. Too good to be true. Spend a little more for true honest reliable travel. There is no customer support- the airline wont help you if you buy from a 3rd party. Justfly wil only refer you to the airline co. You are dealing with. We lost our tickets because the airport was closed- hurricane- they got us a flight 3 days later. Why 3 days? Who was on the hook for a place to stay- us. How about connecting flights- yea sorry- if the airline cant help you neither can we. Horrible horrible horrible.

Rubayet Russell
Jan 16, 2017

Need Help to get back full refund from Just Fly.com

Dear Sir,
Due to the medical condition of the passenger, MD. Nazrul Islam is not physically fit to travel at this moment, Since I have been calling to Just Fly.com from last two weeks to solve this problem by changing the departure date only or cancel this booking. They said they are not able to change the trade date, I gave them multiple choice of dates from February, 15th, 2017 to March, 2017 any day of only to change flight departure date. They denied to make the change however they are no cackling the booking with full refund. They are demanding me $450.00/passenger.
Viewing above circumstances, I therefore requested you to help me get back my full refund.
Flight booked for January, 25th, 2017.

Total 4 Passengers, they are:
MD Nazrul Islam--Date of Birth— 06/30/1952— Medically unfit to travel at this moment(Certificate attached)
Fahmida Khanam—Date of birth—12/02/1989
Shirin Islam—Date of Birth--11/07/2013
Alveena Shirin—Date of birth—09/15/15

Just fly booking reference number: 032-312-302
Airline confirmation: L3MVD6—Emirates Airlines

Thank you.


Rubbaitul Islam
Date of Birth—10/24/1977
146-27 106th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11435
Phone: 718-662-1238

Need Help to get back full refund from Just Fly.com

Davis Hoejack
Apr 5, 2017


United States

Justfly.com - Heartless and Sketchy

Horrible and disappointing story this morning. This company charged a family with a cancer patient to cancel a trip due to illness. They wanted $150 per person and would not refund. Heartless and bush league.

Other travel agencies and airlines were thankfully helpful to my friend as was their credit card company.

Jun 12, 2017

Fees are not legit!

I feel like booking a flight through justfly.com was a scam. Horrendous customer service, rude, and pretty sure they are lying to me about fees. My last name is missing a letter on my confirmation, however I didn't notice until about 1.5 months before my international flight. When I called the airline to see if that could be fixed, they let me know that there was no fee, and it wouldn't be an issue if I had booked directly through them. However, because I booked through JustFly.com, there was nothing they could do about my reservation. Long story short, I called justfly.com's customer support about 13 times on separate occasions over the course of that month and a half. Each time, they let me know they would get back to me about the name spelling error in 1-5 business days. Never heard back a single time thus the reason I had to call so many times. Finally, received an email a week before my international flight saying to call immediately. I did, they said they had to charge a fee which I argued the first few times I called, noting that the spelling error took place on their part and that the fee they claimed was from the airline didn't exist. After spending hours upon hours on hold over the course of various phone calls, I finally said F-it, I will just pay the freaking fee!! Once they got me to agree to paying that fee, they placed me on hold to re-confirm the fee, and came back saying I now also had to pay the difference in the price of the flight. I originally paid $835 round trip. They were now telling me that the flight was $3000. So, an extra $2165 + the $125 name change fee. Absolutely not. I found an article from the Better Business Bureau that reported these types of issues being common (do a google search for "better business bureau just fly" and it should be the first article that pops up).
Don't even get me started on how rude and unhelpful the customer service people were. I'd need a whole other review just to write about that...

Jun 20, 2017

Rip Off

Just Fly will charge for a lap baby without explaining what that means; Just Fly is only interesting in gaining bigger airline commission. I did NOT know i did not have to pay for a airline seat for my granddaughter who was under 2 years old which is truly unfair of the customer phone reps! I called yesterday asking why I was charged for my granddaughter and was told by Ronal Mali that United Airlines is the blame... this makes no sense since I booked the flight via Just Fly # 025-637-671!!! CONSUMERS BE AWARE OF THIS RIP OFF CALLED JustFly.com

art schnabel
Jun 22, 2017

Avoid at all costs

This is a terrible company. We booked a flight to England from the United States and selected seats. This was 6 weeks in advance of travel. A week before we were set to leave we decided to check all the details to make sure everything was okay to go... only to find that one of our seats was, according to the airline, still available (for a whopping extra charge of course).

After waiting on hold for 20 minutes with Justfly, we finally got a customer "service" rep, who - again after 10 minutes of searching - told us that the seat couldn't be assigned in advance after all. I read her the seat number that was printed on our Booking Confirmation (emphasis on that second word). She replied with the same strange boilerplate non-explanation.

So basically they lied to us up front, leaving us several days ahead of an international flight with no seat selection during crowded summer travel. Sure hope we make it.

Minus 5 stars for these bozos.

Aug 22, 2017


JustFly.com is misleading and has terrible customer service. Our flight was changed by the airline and they offered no assistance in rebooking. I was charged $300 cancellation fee by JustFly plus $230 airline fees deducted. The first agent kept telling me to call the airline that didn't make the change and then hung up on me. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE.

[email protected]
Jan 5, 2018

Unacceptable. Predatory charges.

Unacceptable. Worst flight booking website I have ever used. Predatory cancellation fees even 10 minutes after booking even though I made it in error. I booked on this site because of a very low fare quote for our family’s trip to Jamaica. When I entered my credit card to finalize the booking a message appeared saying the cost had increased by $200 and whether I still wanted to proceed. I clicked yes. The booking completed and I found out that the increase was $200 per passenger and not the total. JustFly.com didn’t provide a final cost quote until the transaction had been completed. I was horrified and tried immediately to cancel. The website said to try later. After a few more attempts I got to a cancellation page that said my flight was fully refundable but I need to pay JustFly $225. I tried calling their customer service number and after navigating through many layers of phone menu I finally got through to a live person. She told me that I had to pay the amount. I complained and she reduced the charge to $25 per person to $75. As a matter of principle I said this was unacceptable and I needed to speak to her supervisor. After a long period on hold, a man introducing himself as Mr Leo (staff #3913) answered and said I had to pay ithe charge if I wanted to cancel the reservation. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said that there was no one else that I could speak to. He essentially stonewalled me. I did a time check during that conversation and realized that this was all within one hour of accidentally making the booking. I asked for the USA address of JustFly.com and he said it was 403-175 Capital Boulevard, Rocky Hill CT 06067. As a matter of principle, I will be following up with them to express my disgust at such shoddy customer service and their predatory charges.

Jan 23, 2018


I booked a flight to Honduras. On the connecting flight from Mexico City, the flight was cancelled due to political unrest. News showed riots and looting. It was unsafe to travel to Honduras on my planned trip so I tried contacting customer service to get my flight changed. I spent an hour on hold on the phone only to have my call dropped. When calling again and waiting for another hour on hold, they told me there was nothing they could do. After paying for an all new flight home, I left email after email with their customer service email address and it was completely ignored. Then, I tried contacting kayak to see if they could get anything moving. Over a month after the complaints were started, I finally have my answer and that is nothing can be done. If anything goes wrong with your flight if you book it through justfly, you're out of luck. WORST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!

Jan 25, 2018

Justfly.com's terms and conditions

I know, I should have read the reviews before booking with Justfly.com, but I was foolish. I am writing this to hopefully prevent others from doing the same, or at least help when things don't work out and you are stonewalled by by their agents when you can and try to resolve a problem and they hit you with cancelation fees.

First, they will quote a high fee and "agree" to reduce it to $25 per person. That's a start, but if you cancelled within the first 4 hours, tell them that their Terms and Conditions say that they will waive these fees.

When Justfly.com tells you that their Terms and Conditions allow them to charge you the cancellation fees, send them a copy of the following link to a page that has a link to a copy of their T&Cs that still show that if you call within 4 hours you will get a full refund AND they will waive their cancelation fees.


Unfortunately, they will not admit that they have a discrepancy and they will only read off of the T&C that they have in front of them.

I have to call back again tomorrow during business hours to fight this some more. If I don't get any resolution, I am going to dispute the charges through my credit card company.

Justfly.com's terms and conditions

Feb 9, 2018

Is It a Scam

I booked a flight and when I went back to look the day and time were wrong. I went in to change the flight and the initial fee was $275 to change a $175 flight. I called and they offered to cancel the flight for a $75 fee. I told them I thought this was a scam and that they had intentionally screwed up my reservation. They then lowered the cancellation fee to $50. I figured I'd just pay the $50 and cut my losses?

Now I'm hoping that I get my $175 back?

Jul 19, 2018


DO NOT book anything with justfly.com. They are the biggest ripoff!!! If you have to cancel they have an insurance scam which is misleading and is for 25 hours after you book instead of 24 hours before actual flight. They are not accommodating and their answer to everything is “this is a no refundable and no change flight” I couldn’t believe it!!!! Most companies
Charge at most a change fee or will accommodate you. All I wanted to do is change my flight to see my daughter because she was flying home the same time I had booked to fly out and see her. Well she’s a reporter so this will be a great story for justfly!!!!

Nov 15, 2018


United States

Cancellation policy a joke

DO NOT use JETFLY. Their cancellation policy is a joke. They offer a 100% cancellation policy insurance, however if you try to use it then you need to pay $250. This policy is not stated on their website and they try to make it seem as if it is your fault. The truth is they lie about the true cost of cancelling a flight. DO NOT USE THEM.

phil p
Nov 24, 2018


United States

We will never book with this company again!

Booked 3 months in advanced to save money and ended up having to book a new flight for double the price (+$1,500) 3 weeks before vacation. All due to a change by the airline for which JustFly could not offer any alternative solution other than cancelling with 90% refund.
Very frustrating!

Apr 21, 2019


They changed my flights stating that the airline change it. I called as per their request. We found a flight, they said they'd confirm it within 72 hours, never confirmed so I called back, each call I made, they'd put me on hold 3 - 5 mins or longer many times, which made each call close to an hour due to all the hold time. I had to call 8 times ( 8 hours) trying to confirm my flight, every time they said they'd confirm it within 72 hours. I finally called Virgin Atlantic themselves and they were wonderful! I THINK it might actually be resolved but I still have to wait 48 hours this time...which I think it's already been 48 hours. Ive been dealing with this crap since Aug 2018 and today is April 2019 ugh...HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!! The few dollars you save is not worth it!!

May 16, 2019

Took my money and ran!

I had booked a ticket for my son to come home to visit for a short 2 days, when I paid for the ticket the times switched on me and it was NOT the FLIGHT I picked! I cancelled it right away, they said they would give me a refund right away and i did not see a charge on my card. Then the next day it showed up and charges were on my bill! I called and said I cancelled that flight! I was told it takes two to ten days for my refund to show up in my account! That was April 19th and now this is MAY 16!! Almost a full month later! I keep calling and they keep telling me it is processed and should be there and day! I keep asking to speak to a supervisor and they will not let me! Today is the 16th of May the final day they had to get the money in my account and when I called they said if it is not in there by the end of today to call tomorrow and they will have to do an investigation because maybe something happened with the airline! I FLAT OUT called them a liar because I had talked to the airline and they refunded just fly the money back on their charge card on April 22 to refund back to me! She had nothing to say after that! I will be contacting every news station I can and every person and friend I can about this company, so NO ONE will have to go through this aggravation like I have, I am extremely sick and to get upset makes my illness worse so Thank you for that Just Fly! I hope your company JUSTFLYSTHECOOP for good!

Extremely Aggravated Consumer!

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