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United States, New Jersey

Consumer reviews about HYDROXATONE /BELLAPLEX

Mar 31, 2012


I sent for the $1.99 postage, got the order and then noticed two lots of $75 gone from my account. The bank got this back for me but i kept getting this stuff sent to me. Got about 6 of each product now, it does absolutely nothing. I am 57 and no difference at all. They rang me and said i owed $200 odd dollars and they would get it out of my account, i said ok [it was cancelled long ago], kept ringing 3 times a day, i never answered. They seem to have given up now. I am in Australia.

Apr 4, 2012


From Australia. Ordered the free trials a couple of weeks ago, must have been sleep deprived or something. Stupid me did research after placing and order. Got a call last week at 7am from some guy claiming that my order for the Bellaplex hadn't gone through. He wanted my details so they could "complete the order". I told him that I don't give details out over the phone and he got really rude and arrogant about it but I refused to budge. After this and reading about other people's horrible experiences I changed my mind about getting these rip off products and called to cancel the order this morning at 5:30am West Aus Time. Waited on hold for about ten minutes. Spoke to a man called Jordan who was very helpful and cancelled the order/account for both Bellaplex and Hydroxatone. Asked him to send an email, he confirmed email address and said there should be a cancellation confirmation in my inbox [or possibly junk folder] within 24 hours. So we'll see if this solves the problem of the recurring payments [for the beauty program]. He told me my samples had arrived in the country and he extended the payment date so that when I recieve them I will have time to return them without being charged. But I have to wait until I receive them before I can organise the return - which I need to call them back about. So we'll see how this goes and will let everyone know. I won't be so stupid as to fall for scams again [can't believe I fell for this...I'm the most skeptical person out, about anything...wtf?]. I'm glad I found out about the fact they charge you for your "free" trials if you keep them. Best of luck to everyone else.

Aug 7, 2012


I ordered bellaplex and done the month trial. I am not happy with the results as it didnt do anything. It didnt even feel nice.
I wanna cancel my order, i dont have there number to do so? I have been on google trying to find a number to ring.. I have had money taken out of my account. I Wanna get this sorted before i get ripped for even more.

please let me know if you have the number on hand?

Oct 4, 2012


Despite my numerous emails to Hydroxatone support to cancel all debit orders, THEY DID NOT!! They assured me they will and they havent! Last month they took 2 X $69.99 from my account,(despite my emails telling them to stop) AND I HAVENT even received anything for it, and again TODAY, they taking out money and the bank cant even stop them!

What can I do? Do I have to close my account?

Nov 5, 2012


I am also from Australia and having the same experience with this combined Company of Bellaples and Hydroxatone I even phoned my bank and stopped payment from them and still it went through last week. I did email then,with great difficulty and their phone numbers do not seem to work. I see my only answer is to cancel the card.My Bank also sent them a fax and still no reply. Surely this Company's ethics are well below all professional standards. A message on Social media is next which may also help to bring their lack of standards to the surface. I will cancel my card if this is the only way to stop payment.

Princess Zsa Zsa
Dec 5, 2012


Within 10 minutes of placing order for products (after quick google search), I call the Australian phone number, repeatedly, to cancel. Can't get through. Send a cancellation email, receive automated response. Check online account - 2 payments of $1.99 debited. Continue ringing, no luck. Send second email withdrawing permission to make any further debits, another automated response. It has still only been half an hour since placing the initial order and it is late Saturday night in New Jersey. Finally after 2 days of continuous ringing, phone is answered. I say that I wish to cancel, he hangs up on me. I send email asking them to call me back. Another automated response. Over the next couple of days, my phone rings numerous times but always only one ring which I never get to in time. No number shows and I suspect it is them trying to show that they have made repeated attempts to call me back. Then it rings while it is in my hand and I get to answer. Surprised person identifies himself as being from Hydroxatone. I say I want to cancel, he says he will have to get someone to call me back. Never happens. Try ringing, number now disconnected. Inbox bombarded with daily emails advising of how to use the products when they arrive. Block emails. Cancel credit card. Fifteen days after placing the order a package arrives which I don't open. I email them that I am going to the media and the law. Receive email back immediately apologising, agreeing to cancel, saying I can keep the products for free, account now zero balance. On the thirtieth day after placing the order I get a call. They are having problems processing my payment. I know, I cancelled my credit card. Shock, horror, indignation! He defends company, denies shonky business practices. We argue. I hang up on him. That was 2 days ago and I have just received another package from them. Unbelievable!

Jan 23, 2013

Hydroxatone & Bellaplex

I first ordered the trial pack of both Hydroxatone & Bellaplex on the 30 Sep 2012. I received the trial pack (a double up of it for starters!) & proceeded to use it. It has not agreed with my skin and on the 19 Dec I contacted the customer service line and discontinued my order. In this time I HAVE RECIEVED ONLY 1 DELIVERY other than the trial lot which I returned unopened on the 2 Jan 2013.
I have noticed that more charges have been taken from my bank account after this date & I have received emails stating that more deliveries are on their way?!? Why is this?
I contacted the customer service line again just half an hour ago to question this all and the lady I spoke to dismissively and arrogantly told me tough luck basically as you haven't received the returns back - NOW GIVEN I HAVE ONLY EVER RECIEVED 1 PACKAGE FROM YOU IN ALL THIS TIME I questioned this more with her to no avail and when I asked to speak to a supervisior I was rudely told to call back in 7 hours!
I DO NOT APPRECIATE THIS LOW LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE - especially when you have taken money unfairly from my account numerous times and when I have not received any more than 1 additional delivery since the trial pack & your reputation has faltered online significantly since I first placed my order with you back in September.

Robyn L
Feb 10, 2013

Bellaplex /hydroxatone

I too, like so many others, got caught with this company's underhanded business practices. I just cancelled my Credit Card. End of story. Funny thing is that I liked the product - but will never again use it unless I can buy over the counter in Australia. Even then I'm not sure I want to give this company any more of my money.


jannette hazell
Feb 13, 2013


I unsubscribed to bellaplex 2 months ago and they sent me out two more and I do not want them. You have taken another payment out of my account._I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE. It does not work. I want my money back that you have taken out of my account. My Customer ID is OSO552C60BB8CD.

May 6, 2013


I ordered the so called to free samples from this company and they have recently taken $69.95 from my account without my permission. I have rang them and they say I owe them over $300 for their product which was meant to be a sample that I paid $1.99 postage for.

I called their numbers for Australians and the one to Sydney. Both were calls to America. A rude woman told me it was my fault because I ordered the product and should have read the invoice statement that if I am not happy with the product to return it within 30 days. My invoice never stated that and I never kept it.

This was a promotion on FaceBook. So beware of all ads on FaceBook.

Apr 16, 2014


I have had all the problems the same as everybody else, so now have put a permanent block on them with my bank. I still haven't received any products since the first ones for $1.99, but continual amounts keep being debited fro my account. Everybody BEWARE,
I thought I was too old to be caught with scams but got "sucked in"!

Jun 17, 2014


Thanks to all those who posted comments above. I have just received 2 more bottles of this product after only being 7 days on the trial. The product does not agree with my skin. I can't believed I've been scammed. I will try to ring them but I too will contact the bank to bar them or change my credit card.

yvonne conlon
Mar 14, 2015


I am getting worried I just cancelled and told them that ill send the lot coming, that I have just been billed for; back I expect to get my $190 back. I can not afford it. I was shocked when checked my account this morning. I want to stop my card but want my money back first. I am usually more careful I was only reading something on movie star's secrete on skin care not really taking it all that seriously. I go of line hours later I get a phone call and jumped into this a bit silly and I can't believe I just did that. Next time I will research first.

Gloria Jean Thompson
Mar 16, 2015


I am totally disgusted with these people we trust that a trial is just that not a formal invitation for them to take our money , They say after 30 days they will deduct the cost , more like 30 min or less like the rest i am getting rid of my credit card or at least having it changed as i dont trust these people.Fed up with this sort of thing happening. For two tubes of bellaplex it has cost me just over two hundred and forty dollars.Now i know how Americans make there money robbing from the likes of the ordinary everyday people i live in New Zealand

Mar 29, 2015


I really have to thank everybody that came forward and shared their experiences. If they did not, I would most definitely have fallen into the same trap. As soon as a person see 'DR OZ' u wanna buy what is advertised becoz we trust him, but fakes and fraudsters use celebs to sell their rubbish to unexpecting victoms. God Bless. Jackie

Apr 3, 2015


Ordered the cream as told it was " Free Trial" no need to return. Cancel within 30 days if not happy.
Cancelled as not happy as reacted to it and thought it was expensive as 75 dollars for each and that was every month. Who can afford 150 dollars a month for skin care. No answer to phone no supplied. Tel Aus no and got hostile American woman who said it would cost 150 dollars (even though it was before the 30 period) told her I would return it but not at $20 per item. Although I don't think I will return it till I see if my credit card is charged. Load of crooks and I think Fair Trading should ban advertising on our social media

May 20, 2015


I ordered free trial and did not expect to get two months supply of Hydroxatone/Bellaplex but just a trial sample. It does nothing for my skin in fact it makes my nose itch and eyes run.
The Hydroxatone is very greasy and they say to wear it at night, why would you want a cream with 15% sunscreen at night. I rang company and explained that I did not agree to having product sent every two months, how could I, when I had not tried it. I mentioned to the guy I spoke to that this seemed like a scam and he agreed to make the 30 day trial longer as I had not received product. He told me that if I don't want further orders I must sent back the product I have received whether empty or full and PAY FOR POSTAGE, I will not be doing this but I will certainly send all this product back ASAP

cheryl andrews
Jun 4, 2015


I am having trouble with the debits that keep coming out of my credit card. I have sent back products with messages all over them. I only ordered free trial.

How stupid of me

Jun 23, 2015

Cancel card and send everything back

Happened to me, lucky I hadn't opened the product. I called them and was VERY demanding about what I wanted, didn't let her try and sway me at all. I also blatantly accused the company of fraud and she barely said a thing back to me. I received return authorisation numbers and sent the items back at my cost, with tracking and with this letter below. FYI - I dealt with Hydroderm but can bet they are all one and the same! I then received a credit to both transactions (minus original "FREE" triall cost).

Face Serum
Order #738785
RETURN NUMBER: 7823651422292852

Eye Serum
Order #738787
RETURN NUMBER: 7823671422296993

PO BOX 7574

To whom it may concern,

I spoke with Natalie on 6 December 2014 who assisted me with return numbers, advised that I could return the abovementioned unopened items (boxes missing) and advised that any direct debit to my credit card will be cancelled (however no confirmation email received to date).
The reason I decided to return these products is because I noticed I was charged $195AUD (in two separate transactions) for these products, which is clearly not what I signed up to with the “free” trial. There were no obvious terms and conditions link on the page, nor did I receive any subsequent “direct debit” confirmation via email, although I did receive the “free trial” confirmation via email.
I am disappointed your company has chosen deceptive conduct to sell your products, which to me suggests you have no confidence in what you are selling.
I will reiterate for the record here that I do not wish to receive any further correspondence from your company, I expect a full refund of the $195 unauthorised transaction, and that any future unauthorised transactions to my credit card are to be cancelled.
I will also report your company and its conduct to the local consumer ombudsman as I believe you have been deceitful and fraudulent in your sales strategy.

A.N. Janscak
Dec 15, 2015


I also have been scammed by Hydroxatone/Bellaplex, now a few years older and hopefully better equipped to deal with people like them, I came by chance across the familiar advertisement, virtually identical to H/B, only with a different name, everything else is exactly the same. Free trial, two products you have to use together etc, even the same old testimonials. I am absolutely dying to let you know the name of their new products, but because I don't have any experience with them, good or bad, I am worried about getting sued. But on the other hand, the public needs to be warned. I personally was out of pocket well over three hundred Australian dollars, and never even received the eye serum. Plus all the hassle of closing my account. So, I know how all these people feel. Please keep an eye out, the scammers are back, renamed and repackaged.
Kind regards,
Anna N.J.

Pauline M O'Rielley
May 12, 2016

Unauthorized charges

I had much difficulty trying to CANCEL any products being sent to me by this Company. Finally got ORDER CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION by email dated 6 May 1.24pm
Cancellation invoice number A1449EADD47FB99FB stating NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES ARE DUE and signed by ROBERT WOLF Director of customer support.
Now, today May 12th I find my bank account has been "raided" for the sum of $98.25!!! This, I feel is a SCAM Company which gathers victims around the world. My bank will no
longer accept your business.

Lyn Roberton
Jul 18, 2016


I am the same position i have been receiving the product for months and don't know how to stop the order, i am on a pension and cannot afford to pay , Help please

Jul 10, 2018


I had ordered a FREE TRIAL of the skin cream and eye serum. It only said to pay the shipping and handling which i did. then i chekc my bank statements yesterday... THEY CHARGED ME 4 TIMES WITHIN THE LAST TWO MONTHS!!! Unbelievable... I called in multiple times only to hear that i cant get a refund.... My bank tells me that they cant do anything because I, in a way authorized the charges by signing up for the trial... WHAT A LOAD OF BS!!! I searched for ways to get a refund.. no luck...
until i stumbled upon a book online a couple of days ago. I wrote it down as a last resort (in hopes of finding a way via bank or lawyer etc) after trying to find any possible loop, i ended up getting the book. I paid only $5 to get my money back... Best investment i ever made!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING THIS BOOK! www.trialbusters.com.


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