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United States, California

Consumer reviews about HireRight

Dec 9, 2011

Company lies

this company no longer cares about quality. they are off shoring all sorts of sensitive information and searches to india, finances are soon to be sent to poland. india does the sex offender searched for the clients now! OMG!! the safety of our children for goodness sake!! since hireright took over usis all they care about is numbers, not accuracy. they are dishonest and will do anything to make a buck no matter how many false clears they push out. it's all about the benjamins

Dec 16, 2011

Company lies

The facts:
HireRight does have poor business ethic, however MOST other screening agencies these days do. They are becoming too large and now everyone (candidates/employees) is just a number, as most other larger corporations treat their customers.
Screening agencies do not have access to the IRS, as one commenter mentions. The government does not help in as many ways as one would think. There's no "mega database" that houses every one person's criminal records, employment history, etc. To date, employers still rely on a lot of the information to come from the employee to give them a head start with regards to the background check.
HireRight only asks for 7 years of employment history, and verifies that far back - unless their customer [insert your prospective employer's name here] asks for HireRight to verify more than that. They will do many things for their clients, even if they can't properly deliver their promises.
Screening agencies report what is given to them; we cannot blame the screening agency for reporting inaccurate information if they have reported the information as it came from the source (school, employer, court, credit bureau, etc). We can blame the screening agency if they report information inaccurately through a typographical or other error. What is given through the credit bureaus is not altered by a screening agency, as one commenter suggested. This is 99.9% automated (ok that number is made up, but it's incredibly rare that someone has to manually intervene when it comes to credit checks).

I completely agree with the post by "hirewrong". HireRight now outsources a massive percentage of their work to India & the Philippines - which wouldn't be a problem, except those individuals are not accustomed to the American culture nor are they familiar enough with American English vernacular. This comes off as incompetent, uncaring, and ultimately really angers the people they are calling to verify information from. Makes sense. Their criminal records are even being processed by individuals offshore, who are not properly trained - which has caused many inaccurate reports and (IMPORTANT FOR EMPLOYERS) missed records. And if their customers thought that was bad enough, wait till they have to call in over invoicing issues and have to speak with someone in Poland who won't be familiar with the billing system.

This company is not founded on integrity any longer - they really are looking to cut back in any way that they, which is why they've outsourced and let go of several US employees this year. Just another organization aiding in the United States unemployment rate.

Jan 4, 2012

HireRight Cost me a Job

In the middle of a HireRight nightmare myself. The report came back with court issues stating that I was convicted of a Felony in Virginia (A state I have never even been to). I have never had any trouble with the law. On the report I can see that the gentlemen in Virginia with the Felony, actually only share a first and last name with me, our middle names are different and that is even on the report. I don't understand how this company could confuse me with a different person who has a different full name, social, drivers license number ETC, but this does explain why they needed me to submit all my pay stubs and W2's since they were apparently mixing my report with AT LEAST two different people.
I am lucky that the company that I am applying for has employed me in the past and noticed this on their own, contacting me informing me that I need to contact HireRight ASAP. After contacting HireRight, apparently the process will now need to start completely over. Here is to hoping they can read this time. On top of this, I am moving 1400 miles to relocate for this job. So I get to move 3 states away with all of this up in the air. If this pushes back my hire date at all, I will be suing HireRight for slander and compensation for my move as well as stress involved with their huge mistake. If this turns into a lawsuit, which I have the resources for, I will keep this thread informed on how it goes so that maybe others can be compensated by false claims against them from this company (HireRight).

Jan 4, 2012

Costing me a job

I am a truck driver and I've also gone through a similar situation I have 12 years of experience and now I can not find a good job, all I can do is drive I destroyed an ankle 13 years ago . I've never had accidents. but I changed jobs many times in the past 3 years. I get started working for FedEx ground 3 years after that I spent 7 years at FedEx National LTL and in late 2009 the company fired me for reporting 3 incidents in the same year.2 scratches in front of the trailer, with the fifth wheel and a scratch on the hood of a truck with the hook of my truck. I worked with them for 7 years, 14 hours a day I think U.S. is destroying itself I do not have a choice but to claim SSI as a disabled and move aside while others do my work. good luck

[email protected]
Jan 15, 2012

HireRight Cost me a Job

I am also caught in the Hire Right Sprial Of Death. Hire right claims i committed assault and terroristic threats apon someone in Pa. Based only on name and dob. I have never set foot in Pa and 100% positive that the report is in error. Hire Right also claims my DD214 didnt back up my claim that i Obtained a GED while in the Marine Corps. Box 16 of dd214 clearly states i have a highschool diploma or equaivalent..I think i have someone by the BALLS and if they dont correct the report . I am sure a lawyer knows how to handle it. I am still under consideration for the Job and wont disclose employers name at this point..Any know a good lawyer for this kinda of thing?

Robert Calvert
Feb 6, 2012

HireRight Cost me a Job

It is clear to me why Hireright doesn't act to fix bad information..they make money everytime you put in a job application..Especially with truck drivers, upon learning our dacs are messed up, the first thing we all do is apply to 100 different trucking companies getting turned down time and time again..They prosper off bad reporting in a very big way, just another corporate idea to make big money at the cost of starving children and destroyed lives

Hard Worker Screwed by Corporte America
Mar 1, 2012

Company lies

What you all need to do is file a complaint with the FTC at this address https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?lang=en. When they get enough complaints, they investigate the company and its practices. You also need to send a written letter to HireRight disputing their background check and demanding that every time they release information on you that they release your dispute as well. By Federal law, they must do it.

Mar 10, 2012

HireRight Cost me a Job

can someone please tell me if HireRight checks current employment too? I think they should check only past employment. Please let me know because they will be doing my background check for a recent job offer. Thanks.

Mar 20, 2012

HireRight Cost me a Job

I am undergoes the background check with HireRight now. I am very worry after reading all these. I submitted the information 3 days ago and I do not hear anything from them. Could we review the report after they have done the checking? I do not want to lost my job as I needed this job badly. Any advice?

Apr 29, 2012

Hire Right Cost me 3 Jobs

In the last year I have been turned down by three jobs after receiving information that I had the job pending a background check. The first two jobs just didn't call me back or even ask for information from me to even try and verify what was on my background check that they received from HireRight, The third jobs at least told me that my I failed my background check, which is when I decided to contact hire right and get my background file from them. I did not know it at the time but the had done the background check on me for all three of the companies that I was trying to work for, When I received my file from them i was shocked to learn that the had me listed as a convicted sex offender. The person on my background check that who's information they used instead of mine had the same first and last name as me but a different middle initial and is actually in the Indiana state child offender registry. I have never been arrested or in any kind of trouble , but my background check from Hire right said something different. Hire right should be held liable for not properly verifying information before submitting it to hiring companies, I disputed the background check and am still waiting on a conclusion, but the sad thing is that it could take up to thirty days and those jobs wont even give my a chance to prove my case.

Oct 5, 2012

Hire Right cost me a job

I hate HIRE RIGHT, or I should say HIRE WRONG.....they did a background screening for a place I applied, and now because they suck I lost out on a really good paying job! They were supposed to do a 7 year background check, and went beyond that. I had an issue back in 2003 with a check, never went to jail, never arrested, never convicted. But because they went past the 7 years on their end, the company I applied at called me a liar and revoked their offer. F'YOU HIRE RIGHT because you are a bunch of idiots over there. Every place I put on my bg check they couldn't get information from, they were bugging me everyday for phone numbers, w2;s and other personal information. This place sucks, they don't know their asses from their elbows and employers side with them!

Jun 6, 2013

Background company??

For a background check company they dont do much on there own. I have had more background checks then I can count and none have had a problem with the info on my resume.Y should I have to do the work for them getting all the w2's if I can call up the company i worked for and get that info. a company that all they do is get background info should be able to do the same{ i might be wrong}. I'll just do my own background check and send it to hire right.

Dec 12, 2013

Hireright: reporting first offender discharge

This company reports things they are not supposed to. They routinely report criminal cases that have been reported as discharged(dismissed) under georgia first offender. They are not supposed to, that is a georgia law. They need to reported to FTC on this. Its a crime to punish people that court has already let go. First offender discharge for employment purposes is not reportable, it is like things never happen - this is one time mercy given by court to otherwise innocent people.

May 26, 2014

errors on mvr

I am so upset by the things that they have put on my report. They have stated that I have 3 dwi's when I had 1 in a personal vehicle also that I am a habitual offender, which does not correspond with the original report from the State of Missouri. I spent the money to get my report from the state so I have the proof that their report is false. I was denied 3 jobs because of their inaccuracy.

Jan 18, 2015



City woman
May 13, 2015

Completely incompetent

I am undergoing a background check by them currently and it is a nightmare, I am getting multiple requests for the same information. They apparently keep losing it or do not know how to enter it into their system -- e.g. I provided contact info for a former employer over a week ago, but they failed to contact them, repeatedly saying they did not have a means to do so. Then I provided it twice again, each time via email, connected to the email stream showing the previous submittals -- and yet they blatantly dispute receiving it. All total, I have spent about 5 to 6 hours on the phone with them on this and other matters -- and another couple of hours emailing them, trying co get them to do their jobs. I have already been offered a very lucrative position by a major corporation, and was given a start date pending the completion of a background check by Hireright. But I am unable to begin work because I am lost in la-la land. Am now considering hiring an attorney as they are causing me loss of income. I decided to do some Google research on them, and found they were under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and fined over $2 million for reporting inaccuracies to employers! We should all beware and should file complaints with the FTC.

Aug 11, 2015

Always a Hassle to Deal With

I'm the HR manager for a large company in Philadelphia and I hate whenever I have to speak with anyone from this company because of their ignorant and rude employees, and after years of having to deal with them, makes me not be so nice to them. Most of the people they have calling to verify employment can't understand the information they are given and want to constantly argue with me. The fact that they cannot comprehend the English language is a huge problem, but that's what you get when you outsource your employees. Most can speak fairly well, but trying to get them to understand is a big problem. No wonder they have so many complaints against them. For instance, if I tell them that we no longer have record of someone, they want to challenge me and even after explaining that we don't keep employment records older than five years, they don't want to believe me. Many times I get multiple calls about the same employee in one day, so obviously they don't communicate within themselves and when this happens I refuse to give the information again. Get it right the first time and stop calling again and again. I wonder if the companies who use HireRight know what the are actually paying for?

Dec 25, 2015


I thought that when companies send off for a background check that, the company they go with, does the background check???? Why do I have to keep faxing and scanning documents to these people? The crazy part is, your looking at my history on the screen but, still need me to supply you with information? ???? Huh????? I don't understand ... I feel like I should be getting a portion of these people paycheck because I did the majority of the work.... now I gotta fax more stuff to these folks.... smh ..... something ain't right with this company....

Feb 9, 2016

HireRight Employment Verification

Hoping to get some insight from anyone with similar experience or knowledge.

I am in the process of having a background check completed through HireRight. I indicated I worked somewhere longer than I actually did because my time with the place I was actually employed with was short, I was let go and I didnt want to have short stints of employment on my resume. Hire Right has asked for a T4 verifying employment which I provided for 2014 but the 2013 T4 will indicate a different company. If I edit the 2013 T4 to reflect the employer and dates indicated on my resume, is HireRight able to verify this or will they take my submission as proof? Have they already pulled my full and accurate employment history and just waiting to see what I send?

Leelee C.
Feb 8, 2020

Incompetent, Lazy, Disorganized

On January 09, 2020 a background report was requested for an employer. on January 16, 2020 the request was completed and HireRight reported my education record as Closed - Unable to Verify. They attempted to request my high school transcript from my school, although I graduated prior to 2013, meaning the actual school no longer has the record, but the school board does (record retentions). As per their investigation, they were given a turn around time of 72 business hours by the school board, but they closed the investigation prior to that timeframe. I then proceeded to submit a copy of my High School diploma by email on January 23, 2020, which was received. I also requested an OFFICIAL COPY of my entire high school transcript to be sent by expedited mail to HireRight's Tulsa, OK address directly from Broward County Public Schools. Fedex confirmed the package was sent, and received by HireRight on Tuesday 1/28/2020 at 9:21am, signed by A.Duff. On January 24, 2020 they modified my report and deemed the documents received as “Unacceptable”. However, after receiving both my High School diploma AND official transcript, with dates of enrollment AND graduation date confirmed, HireRight closed and reported my education as complete but with a discrepancy on dates of enrollment. Seriously? The dates of enrollment are all clearly listed on the transcript which covers all four years of my High School studies. Dealing with HireRight has been a complete and utter nightmare. My job offer is now at stake due to HireRight’s incapability to thoroughly complete their investigation and report ACCURATE information. If any reputable business is considering using HireRight, please don't. They are incompetent and make hard working and honest individuals miss out on job offers, undeservingly.

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