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Feb 3, 2012


My husband and I filed through HR Block this week, even paid for their "peace of mind guarantee" . The very next day, we were contacted by the region office of HR Block letting us know that there was an issue with our return and they will call our local office to inform them...(?????...) ok. We were then contacted by our local office and was informed that apparently there was a previous filing under my husbands social and so the IRS kicked our return back as rejected. She then told me we were going to have to file a paper copy and mail it in, but since we weren't filing it electronically anymore there was no way to remove their fees and so we needed to pay the fees up front BEFORE they released our paperwork to us to file them ourselves... Are you kidding me???!!! When I refused to pay anything up front the lady said she would contact IRS to see what the deal was. She called the next day to let us know that it was just an accidental duplicate entry from HR Block and that the first entry was accepted and processed and we would see our money in the expected time frame... then a few hours later she calls us and tells us that the first filing was still showing as rejected and she need us to come into the office. At the office we were on the phone with IRS and it was explained by the IRS that we would have to file our taxes by mail afterall and that it would take 10-12 weeks at this point to verify the validity of our filing since this would be the 3rd filing under my husbands social!!! WOW!!!What an incovenience! There were no apologies from HR Block at all, and even went as far as stating this was not an error on HR Block's part and that we were still responsible to pay the fees for their services. We adamantly disagreed, especially when she let us know that she found through her system that it was an accidental duplicate entry in their office that caused this whole mess in the first place.( She must have forgot she told us that) HR Block again attempted to collect fees from us up front and also attempted to have us sign an agreement to be responsible for paying the electronic filing fee once we received our return. We were so pissed off we could not see straight!!! After telling us that your office screws up and we have to do this ourselves you still intend for us to pay you for servcies you could not provide???!!! Finally my husband demanded our W2's and paperwork back from her so we can leave and she hands them to him and telss him that it would be wise to act as if we never came in there at all...we took that as do not publicly slander HR Block for this... We were prepared to pay for convenience and peace of mind, neither of which we received! CRazy! I will never return to HR Block! Turns out filing your taxes by yourself is very easy and unless you need the convenience of getting your money in 7-14 days, HR Block is a rip off and a waste.

Oswald Badresingh
Mar 16, 2012


I filed my 2010 tax returns with the H&R Block, Rain Forest Pkwy branch and I was satisfied with the service I received. About a week ago I filed my 2011 returns online using the At H&R Block @ Home software. I called the office (Rain Forest) sometime after 4:00pm today (Friday, March 16) to ask about purchasing the software from H&R Block. The person whom I spoke with offered me the poorest customer service I have ever received anywhere. I do not remember her name but her voice indicates she was an older woman. She said " I use the company's software so I have no reason to use the one for sale, therefore I do not know the cost". That was very rude, therefore, I will purchase another company's software and have nothing more to do with H&R Block.
If, however, my complaint is investigated and the woman reprimanded, I may reconsider my decision.

Jacque Speck
Mar 20, 2012


I have going to the H&R Block office in Brady, Texas for the past years. In 1908, I went in and have my taxes done. As I was leaving, the accountant stated that I was to get the first time home purchasing for that year of $4500. Then the next year when I had my taxes done, she informed me that I had to repay the $4500 at $300 a year for the next 15 years. This is the first time I had heard of this. I did not need another payment of any kind, as I am 75 YOA and may not live another 15 years, leaving my children to repay this. Had I known this, I would not have taken it. Of course, again, this year she took out another $300 for this LOAN. i am so mad about this. When I asked her if other people took this and did they understand they had to repay it, she stated "yes, but they were kinda confused". What does that mean. What can I do about this. I feel she is reponsible for the payback not me. Please inform me. This is suppose to be a reputable company but with actions such as these, I fear not. Thanks for your time.

Mar 2, 2014

Unconscionable fees and lack of disclosure HR BLOCK

On Feb 11 2014 I returned to the same HR Block location in Grafton WI that I had been to the previous year. I am a low income single mom with a small cleaning service and both years filed a schedule C EZ , EIC and homestead. In 2012 I was surprised that the fee was over 400.00 but I needed guidance since it was my first year filing head of household, my refund was quickly returned so I could perhaps justify the cost. I had no knowledge that this was 250.00 more than most accountants would charge for simple forms with just a few deductions and no accounting whatsoever. I spent countless hours preparing that year, organizing receipts, etc. Of course no documentation was required which is odd and the "did not rely on documentation" box was checked. For added credibility shouldn't Linda Van Sluys of HR BLOCK have taken the time to look?
This year I sat down and a little box with a check pen was put before me, I was to sign multiple agreements that I could not see before me in writing and when I kept asking she would mumble that it was just the "usual" thing or give an opaque explanation.
The entire process took 40 minutes. There were a few small changes ( address, added a dependent, made less money) but other than that it was simple pimple. At the conclusion I was told that my refund with federal and state combined was approx. 2,500.00 but my fee including the bogus PIECE OF MIND was 600.00!!!! Are you kidding me?? The accountant knew I was very unhappy but never once did she tell me that I had the right to refuse. Her response to my shock was "Well, at least it comes right from the refund". Little did I know that among the things I had signed was an arbitration clause. I asked for an itemised list of what cost what and they would not give me an answer. I spoke with the manager a day or two later ( after discovering average prices of such work was MUCH lower anywhere else) and she evaded every direct question I had in spite of very simple direct questions any consumer has the right to know. Terry (manager) said she would contact corporate and see what she could do because I threatened to take action if some of this money was not refunded. An entire week later I had to call her myself and was told that my fees were correct, no refund of fees was happening, no itemised list was possible, no explanation was required...goodbye. In addition, my state taxes are delayed for some reason and since my ADDRESS WAS SPELLED INCORRECTLY how will the IRS promptly contact me??? These people are sleazebags.

Apr 24, 2014

Peace of mind guarantee

Went into H & R block to have taxes filed to 2011 and 2012. Paid over $700.00 dollars to have the returns completed. Six month later received a letter from the IRS stating the filing was incorrect and that we owed an additonal $2000 in taxes.

We went back into H & R block and after reviewing the letter and our taxes admitted to the filing error. Was told by our tax consulant that they would correct the return and would cover the fine and penality which was an additional $567.00 dollars.

You can image our surprize when we received a check from H & R block for $37.00 dollars. Went back to the H & R block and was told that we would have been fined anyway and that they were not responible.

If you plan on having your taxes done, either pay the extra $175.00 to guarantee H & R blocks work or plan on being left hanging to hang in the wind when they screw up.

lewis smith
Jun 26, 2018

copy of tax return

I filed my 2017 taves with you elec. I have not heard from you . I also have not received my refund. I contacted you branch in Ramstein Air base, the lady there was not very helpful. The only thing she said was I can not help you because you filed elec. I told her I was not able to acess my acount with my computer. Her answer was I cannot help you. I asked if she could acess my account or send a message to the office that could help to contact me. Her answer was I can not help you. I have tried many way to contact your office but could not. My son in Tavres, Fl also tried to contact you office. I tried to call IRS but the number from Germany is not tool free. The lines were always busy. My son tried to call them also and it was the same Please contact me at my phone number or e-mail address listed above. Thank you. Lewis Smith

lewis smith
Jun 26, 2018

sent review

I sent a review and was told an e-mail was sent to me. I did not receive an e-mil

Jun 28, 2020


We have used H&R Block for our taxes for many years with no problem. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 our taxes were filed incorrectly. we purchase peace of mind each year. As I received notices from IRS or State Tax departments it was taken to H&R Block immediately. As I trust them to handle my tax notices appropriately, I find out after finally taking my taxes to a CPA that I owe thousands in back taxes with penalties due to my taxes being filed incorrectly. I applied for Peace Of Mind and was denied twice. We or at a loss as to where to turn now. I do not desire to deal with the same office that has put me in this position and I am having difficulty finding a corporate number to contact. I expect H&R Block to assist me with this being as I paid for this service.


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