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Filtropur Commercial

United States

Consumer reviews about Filtropur Commercial

Jan 15, 2013

waste of money

Avoid buying from this door-to-door sellers! These people are liars and scam innocent customers! They advertise high quality product but actually they sell junk which is damage in half a year and warranty doesn't cover such damages! Dealing with them is just a waste of money, beware and avoid any business with them!

Jan 15, 2013

avoid any business with them

This door-to-door sales company is unreliable and doesn't provide customer support service after you made a contract with them. Their main aim is to sell junk stuff to people and then they disappear as soon as problem appears. Buyer, beware and avoid any business with this company!

Mar 28, 2013


Just wanted to give you a testimony about the sweeper/cleaner that we purchased a couple of months ago... This product you have shared with us is magnificent!!! We have tried other, so called cleaning systems in the past, only to find out that our money was wasted on some machine that cleaned no better than my own sweeper. But this product you have sold to us is wonderful. It cleaned my dining room screendoor better than taking it off & spraying outside!!!!! My window screens also look brand new, & the window sills are so nice that I didn't have to get a knife out to try cleaning in the little cracks & crevices. Our carpets & furniture look like I just got them cleaned professionally, & the dog hair that nothing would pick up, this does. Thanks for sharing it with us, & we have no regrets, whatsoever, in our purchase. Have a great day!!!

Mar 28, 2013

Filtropur commercial vacuum and two SFS Air Cleaners

I have year-round allergies, two of which are household dust and mold. As a result of these allergies I have suffered with chronic sinusitus and migraines for twenty plus years. After two sinus surgeries I continued to have sinus infections and bronchitis every six to eight weeks, and the migraines had become almost constant. To complicate matters I am an animal lover and have two small dogs and one cat.

Two months ago we purchased the Filtropur commercial vacuum and two SFS Air Cleaners. After thoroughly cleaning my house with the Filtropure vacuum, running one Air cleaner in my bedroom and the second on the main floor of our house, my migraines have disappeared, and I have not had a sinus infection. I am a true believer and devoted fan of the Filtropur air cleaning system.

Mar 28, 2013

Filtropur Commercial

When the commercial was demonstrated to us, we were skeptical. However when our representative, Stefany, vacuumed with the commercial after we vacuumed extensively with our current vacuum, we were sold. To this day, it amazes me every time I vacuum. I certainly do not miss the nasty smell from our old vacuum.

We also were demonstrated the air cleaner, and were again impressed with the clean air test that was used in our own home to show how powerful it is. I no longer purchase air fresheners. There is no need!!

Our rep was very pleasant and professional, and took the time to answer all questions that we had. We didn’t feel pressured to purchase anything, and felt very comfortable deciding which package we wanted to purchase. The rep wanted to make sure that we understood what we bought, and was helpful in designing a plan that would fit our needs and out finances.

It is a very comfortable design to use and is easy to store. The maintenance is foolproof. I love being able to go from vacuuming my living room carpet to my tiled kitchen floor. The attachment works much better than any standard attachments on vacuums and I believe the air flow that is demonstrated with this machine is the reason for this.

I have called a few times with questions, and I have been taken care of immediately. We just had our one year maintenance visit, and was impressed by the information the tech had. We even learned a couple of “quick tips” when operating the machines that he was willing to share with us. He also did some upgrades for free that were new since we purchased the machine.

Mar 28, 2013

I LOVE my Vac

I am just writing a letter to the Allergy Relief Center to tell you how much I LOVE my Vac.

I have a little story about how good it is. I know I’m not supposed to use Scentzys, and I don’t any more, but when I did have one out one of my grandson’s accidently hit the table and the Scentzy wax went all over my white carpet!!!! What a mess. I took a hot iron and started trying to get it out. A lot did come out but a lot didn’t. So the next day after it had hardened I vacuumed it a few times that day and all of it came out with the vacuum. I was so excited. This is just how powerful and wonderful this product is.

I would recommend this and have to a lot of my friends. Wonderful machine.

Thank you again for all it does. Saves a lot of money not to have to have my carpet professionally cleaned.

Mar 28, 2013


I like my vacuum and it amazes me how much dirt I pick up each time I use it. The canister is always full of dog hair. I have never been as happy with a vacuum as I am with this one. The carpet fibers are not as matted down as it was with our old vacuum. The filtration system has helped my son not wake up so congested in the mornings. It has definitely improved our health as we feel like we are breathing in cleaner air. I would recommend these 2 products for anyone. I have called customer service a couple of different times and they have been outstanding at helping us.

Juniata, NE

Mar 28, 2013

Great Service, great product

I just wanted to email you to tell you how much I love my Filtropure vacuum. I previously had a Kirby and I hated it. It was big, heavy & clunky. It was awkward to change between using the floor/carpet head to the attachments. I have had my Filtropure for several years now, and it is light and very easy to change between cleaning my carpet and using the attachments. It makes my carpets feel really soft. In fact, about 22 years ago we replaced the carpet that had originally been installed in our house 35 years ago. My husband took the original carpet and pieced it together and put it downstairs. This past summer, I was showing our senior pastor and his wife and our associate pastor our house, and our senior pastor's wife couldn't believe the carpet downstairs was 35 years old. She said it was incredibly clean looking and soft underfoot. She asked me how I kept it in such good condition, and I told her it was my Filtropure vacuum. It really gets all the deep down dirt out and our carpets look and feel wonderful!
Also, I really appreciate the great service I get from you, April, and your technicians. I bring my machine in for regular check-ups as recommended, and they always take care of any minor problems I may have. The employees are very friendly and the technicians always do a great job, are efficient, and take care of things in a very short time. Today, I brought my Filtropure vacuum in because the beater bar was making a grinding noise and not working properly. I went to your new location and found the building but I wasn't sure where your office was. I phoned the office, and a technician came out to my car and carried it into the office. After the repair was completed he carried it back out to my car. The parts that were not working properly were replaced with updated parts and it is working great again. Keep up the great work and the great service!
Thanks so much!

Mar 28, 2013

Filtropur vacuum cleaner

I am enjoying my Filtropur vacuum cleaner. It is light weight, all the attachments are right on the vacuum. When I am using it I know I am not putting dust particles back into the air. It does a deep cleaning not just surface. I also purchased the filter for my furnace. It will save a lot not having to purchase that paper ones. I also know that it is doing the best job in blocking dust before it gets to the vents upstairs.

Vinton, IA

Mar 28, 2013

Filtropur Sweeper

We’ve had our Filtropur sweeper over three months. We have a dog who sheds and the sweeper collects all this hair plus deep cleans the carpet. We feel the whole house feels fresher and cleaner. An added feature is the extra- long cord and hose. Along with the sweeper we purchased 2 Filtropur air cleaners. The freshness is amazing.

Mar 28, 2013

SFS Air Cleaners and a Filtropur Sweeper

A Month or so ago I purchased two SFS Air Cleaners and a Filtropur sweeper from your salesman, Jason Jenkins. He is such a pleasant young man; so well-versed in indoor-air quality. I would venture to guess that he is the perfect salesman- knowledgeable, young, but with the smoothness of a seasoned sales rep. I never had the feeling that he was parroting a scripted presentation.
I want to tell you how much better we sleep and how much more refreshed we feel each morning. My husband has dust-related allergies with the usual sneezing, coughing, and snoring that accompany them. Now, there is only an occasional sniff, which is more habit than need, I think.
We have indoor/outdoor cats, but between the room units and the Filtropur sweeper, no one would guess if they didn’t notice the presence of an actual cat. (No, cat dander had never bothered my husband.).

Apr 6, 2014

Too heavy, awkward to handle.

We purchased the vacuum from a door-to-door salesman. He was very persuasive. However, neither my husband or I used the machine at all. We have since learned the machine weighs 22 pounds. We are 87 and 76 years old. I have spoken several times with Midwest Allergy in Fargo over the past year but get no satisfaction. Eight weeks ago I had Lumbar Spine surgery and will not be doing any vacuuming for awhile. Do I have any options at all or do I just try to sell it on a garage sale? Could I trade it in for an Air Purifier? HELP. We will have to go buy another vacuum since we traded ours in to purchase this one.

paris collins
Apr 17, 2014

Happy in OHIO

We are very happy with vacuum and purifier.. I could not believe how much dirt and grime came out of my carpet. I breathe so much better. Eric was so informative and knowledgeable when it came to both machines! He answered all my questions I had regarding the products. He did everything he could to help us get the machines for a price we could afford! Thank you folks again! We are truly happy in Ohio!

Feb 22, 2015


They promise this vacuum that is suppose to be so great and it is more maintenance than any vacuum I've had. It cost you thousands of dollars and then on top of that you have to spend hundreds yearly to replace filters and cones. it ridiculous. Total rip off. They say it sucks up dirt best of all vacuums. NOT!. There is dirt always on the front of my vacuum and it does not seal well cause there is dirt by the canister too. My Oreck works better than this vacuum and so did my Kirby which I gave them for a trade in and I'm still spending over $4000. for this vacuum with interest The worst mistake I made ever!!!!!! I feel they should supply you 2 years of filters and cones for this problem better yet take this vacuum back .

Mar 16, 2015

Air filter

Anyone have any trouble with the smell of the filter.
Ours smells of bleach which I can't handle and get sick from it.

Apr 3, 2015

Filtropur Vaccum

The Filtropur Commercial is a VERY GOOD vacuum, BUT it is way way way overpriced!!!

Apr 5, 2015

Getting sick/chest pains from Air Cleaner?

Getting sick from air cleaner? Reply to ydnas: about your question about "anyone have any problems with the smell of the air filter?"
Yes. I just bought this Filtropur Air Cleaner vowed to do wonders for "people with allergies, and purify the air" one week ago. After they left, I let it run, and noticed an odd odor or smell to it. I only noticed it when I was passing by it within two feet of it. Didn't really notice it in the room. That night I started to experience sharp pains in my chest. I started holding my breathe each time I had to pass by it. The pains started to increase so I turned it off. The pain slowly subsided through the night, and by morning there was alot less pressure on my chest. I'm still testing it on and off, to be certain these pains are directly related. I will also call the distributor and question him. The concept sounds great and around here in the desert, it may do wonders, but I wonder what chemicals or electro-process is used that might cause these pains. Stay tuned.

Dec 12, 2015


I had a sinus infection since I turned on the air cleaner for 6 months also pressure on my chest. Took antibiotics and did nothing until I turn off air cleaner. Even went for a stress test for heart as I had a stent put in last year. All was good. If you had chest pressure or sinus trouble turn it off.

Apr 26, 2016

Local service

We purchased the vacuum in 2011 and although it does clean fairly well, it is not worth the price we paid for it. The plastic parts break easily and the warranty they offer is of no use to us as you would have to shell out another $50 or so to ship it to the company for service. We were assured at the time we purchased the machine, there would always be local service! I had been trying to contact the company recently because of new problems with the vacuum. I received a call from a representative who was only interested in selling me additional overpriced filters!! Do NOT purchase this product! My daughter has a Dyson which costs about 1/3 of what we paid for this one and it is much better product and does not require you to purchase the high priced filters! I paid almost $100 for paper filters!! Beware of these "fast talking" salesmen! They sure won't be around when you have a problem!!

Jul 2, 2016

Filtropure vaccuum

Never been so unsatisfied with a vaccuum! Bulky & isn't very light weight! I spent lots of hard earned money on this thing & all the filters & cones to maintain this & it broke this morning. Now it's going to cost me more money to send this into see what's wrong with it & how much to fix. They told me anywhere from $100-$300 or more to fix. I can go out & buy a new vaccuum for that & still spend less if I would have to buy anew cleaner every year for what it costs to maintain this thing. The guy I talked to was very hostile, rude & defensive. Wish I would have read all the review complaints about this company. Ohh & the guy hung up on me! Real good customer satisfaction. I am now stuck with a bunch of new cones & filters because I won't be getting this fixed any time soon. My arm & upperbody is always so sore after using thing & it also creates a lot of heat when it is ran! Also the guy accused me of abusing the machine & that's why it broke!

Jul 4, 2016


This is the Yugo of the vacuum world.The machine works well and should provide years of service providing you NEVER use it! Filters are insanely priced. The warranty sucks. It is the biggest piece of cheesy plastic crap we have ever purchased. Brittle plastic parts are breaking all over this thing including the rear wheel support. It is now unusable. We are NOT hard on this machine and actually have only two small rooms with carpet..... There should be a class action suit against this company. Our Kirby was big and clunky but I'll bet it is still running perfectly somewhere. STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the air purifier is a piece of crap too. All low grade plastic junk.

Jul 15, 2016


The vacuum worked fairly well and we routinely bought ($545 per year extra) the filters and changed them as needed . We were told repeatedly that our manufacturer's warranty would be null and void if we did not purchase the filters every year. The air purifiers (3) have never worked properly. 2 of them shorted out within a month of the purchase. We repeatedly had to send them in for some type of repair which never was resolved. This is a blatant misuse of power. I will n

Sep 14, 2016


feeling pissed off I dislike the products they do not do what we was told they would do and NEVER told how much the filters would cost to replace each year you can buy a new system each year for what you have to pay to replace the filters that are not that great to begin with SAVE YOUR MONEY JUST SAY NO TO THIS COMPANY

Dec 15, 2016


Here is an update from my previous post. I am completely embarrassed by my inability to identify what this thing really is.The left brush roller just ate itself. It got hot and melted. If you think this pile of crap is cheesy on the outside, just open it up and look at the inside!. Plastic on plastic. The brittle cheesy kind. There are two little bearings jammed into the outside end of each roller. Then a rubber cap between the roller and the shaft. Unbelievable. This thing should have never lasted the 20 hrs of use it received. I've literally seen kids toys with better engineering and build quality than this.Complete rip-off when you figure in the filter prices. You might as well take a couple thousand bucks, put it in a bucket and light it on fire. Same use of funds. It's going to the curb. I'd put it on E-Bay for parts but I doubt if there's any decent enough pieces left, or anyone wanting to repair these nightmares....I REPEAT. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!

Dec 13, 2017

Not worth the money & horrible customer service!

I didn’t have the vacuum a month & it started blowing dust everywhere! I have 4 dogs & I constantly had to unclog the bottom. I had a bissell that cleaned circles around this crap. Salesman constantly talked about everything in his life. Not worth the money & they won’t offer any kind of a refund or return! I agree with the person who said that there should be a class action suit! Customer service is rude, don’t return calls & very defensive. I was told that maybe I wasn’t using it correctly! Stay away!!!! Biggest scam around!

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