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EverPet Cat Food

United States, South Carolina

Consumer reviews about EverPet Cat Food

Amanda R Johnson
Dec 19, 2011

sick cats from eating this cat food

My mother inlaw bought everpet cat food as well .. And it killed her cat and before they know what happened they feed some to there chickens and it killed some of there chickens too... So they are very very upset and the grand kids have been crying because of this... I THINK THEY NEED TO PULL THIS OFF THE SHELVES SOON!!!

ms nirple
Dec 19, 2011

sick cats from eating this cat food

Report it to the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Jan 20, 2012

sick cats from eating this cat food


Apr 4, 2012

sick cats from eating this cat food

Yes, this food is TERRIBLE!!! My cats won't hardly even touch it. My wife bought a bag of it and even when the cats are starving they won't eat it. I guess that is why none of mine have died, lol. But when a cat is starving and it won't eat the food, you KNOW it is bad. Don't waste your money on this junk!!!

Jun 3, 2013

everpet basics canned cat food

I just wanted to speak up for Everpet. My cat has been eating the canned food in gravy ever sense she was a kitten. She is 2 years old now. The Vet says she is normal weight & healthy. Kitty loves Everpet so much she get on her hine legs & twirls for me at feeding time. She has normal stools & has never been sick. I am upset because the Dallar General near us no longer sells her favorite flavors & I have to go to a Dallar General in another town to get what kitty likes. I have a question instead of a complaint. Is there any way I can order Everpet Basics? If so from where? I will check back in a couple of days to find out. I just bought 12 cans in Abbeville Ga. Thank You

Feb 3, 2014


We have been buying Everpet Catfood for over a year with no problem,
until 2 week ago.
Our cat who was almost 10 years old became very ill and 2 days later, she died.
We didn't understand what had happened because all of our other cats had eaten the Catfood and was fine.
We stupidly kept feeding Everpet to our feline friends not know the damage it had done.
This morning, we woke up to 2 throwing up cats (one who is almost 2 and the other who is also about 10)
I came to this page for answers and found them.


May 8, 2014


HOLY CRAP ON A STICK PEOPLE!!! This stuff is god awful--a plague from God himself to punish all those innocent kitties! I'd rather starve my cats or have them put down rather than feed them this trash cuz quite frankly it will happen inevitably anyways! They will starve themselves to death, or eventually die anyways because of it. I know from experience. My cats refused to touch this crap all last month. One of my cats almost got the case of liver disease cuz of it and my vet told me had I waited a day longer it would have turned into liver disease. Another cat DID GET LIVER DISEASE AND DIED ANYAYS!!! And my third cat has a urinary blockage. For 3 years now they puke this food up and i always thought it was cuz they ate too fast... but as I think about it, DUH, cuz this stuff doesn't even provide any nutrition anyways they're starving the next day when I wake up, even though they stuffed their faces with this stuff the other day. So I guess after 3 years of eating eat they finally turn up their noses to it and refuse to eat it anymore!!! If you love your animals dog or cat, don't feed them this, wet or dry, just don't. Don't be stupid and think your cats are crazy for the wet food of everpet, cats will be crazy for wet food no matter what cuz the smell is so strong and enticing. You may as well take a knife and saw off your cats head while its still alive if you plan on feeding them this unholy trash from hell !!!!! You may as well just tell your cats every day you hate them and wish they were dead! Cuz feeding them this is the same as leading them to a slow and painful death with a tremendous deal of health problems when they get older.

Feb 25, 2015


I have a very sick cat and its from him eating the everpet cat food I don't have the money to take him to the vets so I am doing the best I can for him.
I would toknow hoe how to get in tuch with the people who make this food ti think they are trying to kill cats.
[email protected]

Apr 20, 2015

Deadly Kitten Food

I recently bought a bag of EverPet Kitten Food for my kittens. About two hours after feeding my kittens one got up and started pooping and throwing up the food. I set it in the floor because it was in my lap on the couch. Then it started meowing very loudly for and fell over. It then started having seizures and feel into a comatose state. It died about an hour later around 4:15 am. I was told by a vet that it was probably hypoglycemic but today I fed my other kitten not realizing it could be the food and now it has done the same thing. Also the kittens were from two different litters so I know it is not something in their genes. I have contacted the company and the store in which I purchased it at and told them it needed to be pulled from the shelves. I will now be contacting the FDA. I hope something is done soon about this!

May 16, 2015

3 sick cats after eating Everpet

I picked up a bag of Everpet Pals Cat food at Dollar General in Cape Charles Virginia. After 3 days, on all stopped eating it. One cat, who had access to other food as well vomited for a week. Another, who did not have access to other food, appears to have kidney failure. Questionable survival. A third, who had access to other food, ooks ill but will probably survive. This food is contaminated and deadly and it is a disgrace that it is sold in our country. This will kill your cat.

Jun 30, 2015

Everpet Harmful to Cats?

Although we kept feeding it to them, the last two bags of Everpet dry cat food were absolutely rejected by our 7 outdoor cats. Being so hungry, they kept trying to eat the food. But we noticed that after a few bites, they would leave the bulk of food untouched. One morning it looked as though one of them had swatted half the food off the tray and on to the ground, as a strong message to us. We also saw that they had been throwing up the food. At first we thought this was their way of asking for better food. I finally decided to investigate online and found this website.

We are so sorry to everyone who lost precious pets, and now I'm worried if ours are now suffering a slow painful death. I don't know if there is any course of natural healing to provide them since we cannot afford any vet fees.

Shouldn't this be reported to the FDA or some consumer advocate group? What can be done to stop the sale of these dangerous products. Thanks to anyone who can help. Alma & Tony

Jul 21, 2015

Ever pet cat food

I started feeding my then 16 yr old female cat Diamond everpet dry n then can food about a yr ago because it was cheap n fit my budget never thinking it would make her sick . Then just about 2/3 months ago she started getting terribly sick she was vomiting had diarrhea n I saw blood in her stool . She couldnt hold anything down or in n she was pooping everywhere because it was just coming out of her . I thought it was because of her age I thought she was going thru the dying process . I could afford a vet so I just tried to take care of her but something in the back of my mind told me that it was more than her age . So I went on the internet n looked up ever pet n when I read all the complaints n tragic experiences of people losing their cats n how so many were getting sick with the same symptoms that my cat had especially reports of blood I immediately took her of that garbage pronto n im so glad I did because she is slowly getting better her stool is normal again but she still vomits occasionally im sure after all she went thru it will take a little time but at least shes getting better n not dying I feel lucky I stopped it in time she will b 17 in sept . I could hav lost her . Shes been with me for a long time id rather lose her to age than something I gav her . Im so sorry for all the people who lost their cats because of this poison called ever pet . If u r feeding ur pet this food STOP now before u lose ur cat or cats . I read it comes from china but canned here I dont trust ANYTHING from china nor should anyone . If u luv ur pets take them off this garbage n I too dont understand y its still being sold in the stores I bought mine from the local dollar general in my neighborhood y is it still on the shelves . Even 9 lives is better than ever pet please stay away from ever pet. To all those who watched their cats suffer n die n who suffered their loss im deeply sorry .

Sep 4, 2015

I lost my baby...😢

We were in between paychecks and normaly my babies eat frisky indore or happy cat. And now all I will give them is Newman's own after a LOT of reserch. We went to dollor general and got a small box and than a bigger but small bag of ever dog food. Mr schmee has had stomach issues a little so I bought it early enough to mix in and make his food last a little longer and not make his tummy upset. He started vomiting and had blood in his stool and stoped eating refused to eat if everpet was the food. We made a vet appointment and we got paid so I switched back to happy cat in wich he loved and all his issues cleared up and he seemed to get better so we canceled the vet appointment I am in between jobs and can't afford it unless it's necessary. And even than can't afford it but do what I can to make it work. Well slowly he started having bathroom issues when we moved to a new house having accidents on my clothes and couch. I thought he was just protesting the move and worked with him gave him more attention, I didn't know that a few times eating a tainted food could have such long term dammage. And eventually when he was eating happy cat even tho the review pages didn't seem to agree it being one of the better foods my dog and cat loved it. My cat would even try and eat his cat and Sams dog food (that never happens he looks at dog food like it's not food at all normaly) well a year went by and we got a pay cut switched back to friskies, and he seemed still to be ok we had a short few checks from weather and I sent someone to pick up the food for me while I was working and they forgot I had said friskies, went to dollor general and bought everpet. And fed him breakfast and dinner. I got home saw the box and just threw it away and went out and bought his normal food. I wasn't chancing it after the blood last time. I didn't mix just switched back. It had only been one day on the everpet that time while they were watching my baby. But he went right back to being crazy sick within the day after him being fed that the next day he stoped eating any fry food, the day afyer stoped eating wet food, I went out and bought formula for cats senior and baby cats. And a calorie paste I saw just in case the bottle didn't work.I had to dropper him watter and formula and he wouldn't eat that so I had to put the calorie paste on his cheap so he would eat it. For 2 days, and I made a vet appointment but it would be a few days to get in.I just sat and held him, he got so week in just the 3 days. And within that month had started losing weight like crazy. And my husband came home and he just held him and we sat on the grass with him he's an indoor cat but loves outside so I wanted him happy and comfortable cause I cold tell how sick he had become so fast after that stupid food! He had a seizure in my husband's arms and passed away...and if I had only reserched foods earlier before he got it thw first time....mebe he would still be here...I will find out how to report them than print a copy to give to the manager of he local store of my report and this page and they better take it all off the shelves. I can't believe with all this common problems that there ok still producing and selling this or any food that could hurt a large amount of animals that eat it. Or any realy...

Jozette Hayes
Dec 20, 2016

Ever Pet Kitten Food

Ever Pet kitten food was purchased few weeks ago and kittens began vomiting, diaherra and laying around. Purchased some Purina Kitten Chow and the next day they were back to playing again and doing much better in couple days. So will never buy Ever Pet kitten or cat food again, it about killed our kittens. Was purchased at Dollar Store in Danville, KY Please let others know that these brand of kitten food or cat food in not good for any cats.

Tori H
Apr 17, 2017

Thanks to everyone who gave a review on everpet

I just got my cat from my aunt who said she wasn't eating the everpet food so when we got her she was under weight but we gave her fancy feast and she's more active now so she's healthy. My mom saw you guys reviews and said we may have just saved her life and we probably did. so again thanks.

Jun 11, 2017

kitten questions

I did not know about Everpet problems and fed my new 7 week old kitten dry kitten food. He seemed to like it and I didn't know. Now after 3 days of eating it he just wants to lay around and is not playful. I have sense then stopped him from eating it and given him other food but he is very reluctant to eat or drink. What can I do?

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